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P2 Theme Javascript

I am currently using the P2 WordPress theme ( but would like to add the following few customizations:

#1 Add the ability to play a sound (Ding!) when a new post/comment is added… I presume that should be possible since there are a few actions that appear to take place after the Ajax posting (number count increase on the tab for example), but I dont know how…

#2 Enable posting by just hitting Return (or if not possible, another easy shortcut like Ctrl+Return) instead of having to click on the "Post It" button. You could still add forced line breaks in your post by using Shift+Return for example, but it seems a shame to have so many keyboard shortcuts available, and not this quick posting one.

#3 Be able to upload images at a minimum (video/music/files/etc if possible, but not crucial) directly from the front page without having to go to the back-end Dashboard, by integrating the upload buttons functionality you can find on the Dashboard QuickPress area directly into the front-end quick post section…

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Convert Flash Player To Ajax / HTML5 / CSS3

We are currently looking for an experienced freelancer who can undertake which may be a complex task.

We are looking to change our outdated flash player which can be seen here:

and convert it into a player similar to these which I believe are coded using ajax, html5 & css3.


Due to the large amount of media we host, the current data which is served out via the flash player must be migrated over to the new player.


The current site runs on PHPFox V1.6
If you have vast knowledge of PHPFox, We will also have additional work for you.

When stating your bid, please do not post your generic messages to us, we would like to know only about skills & previous projects you have undertaken that relate to this project only.

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Javascript, JQuery, And Rails Developer

I am looking for a developer to help me with some small improvements to my web application.

Must have experience in Javascript as my Javascript is a real mess.

Must have significant experience in Ruby on Rails.

Must be able to use git which is my source control system.

Some ability to build valid HTML and CSS would be great too.

Please bid with your *hourly rate*. If you have anything online or any web apps please incldue details.


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Need Web 2.0 Design- Ajax,CSS HTML

Need a web 2.0 design for,add contact page
Requires CSS/HTML
AJAX LOADING for preloading page,page loading must be effective same as in this site

I will send design sample tru PM

Need a reliable provider that will deliver on time

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