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P2 Theme Javascript

I am currently using the P2 WordPress theme ( but would like to add the following few customizations:

#1 Add the ability to play a sound (Ding!) when a new post/comment is added… I presume that should be possible since there are a few actions that appear to take place after the Ajax posting (number count increase on the tab for example), but I dont know how…

#2 Enable posting by just hitting Return (or if not possible, another easy shortcut like Ctrl+Return) instead of having to click on the "Post It" button. You could still add forced line breaks in your post by using Shift+Return for example, but it seems a shame to have so many keyboard shortcuts available, and not this quick posting one.

#3 Be able to upload images at a minimum (video/music/files/etc if possible, but not crucial) directly from the front page without having to go to the back-end Dashboard, by integrating the upload buttons functionality you can find on the Dashboard QuickPress area directly into the front-end quick post section…

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Update My Site With New Features

Update my php site

1: .Install a blog on the same server with a good blog system without any advertisements from others
possibility to manage future affilators,ads rss feeds etc

2: Possibility for registered user to have a link clickable (opens new window)to theres homesite

3:.Audio file to save and play ,by clicking on the button and listen to audio file so that visitors can listen to
the service of the profile

This is urgent
I want the blog first installed!


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