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Gif Animation From Video (simple Job)

Hello, I am looking for a custom COMPRESSED Gif animated image made from a video. I bought the video from and I need the gif for a loading section of my website. This should be an easy job but I cant stress enough how much I need the GIF to be a small file size. The smaller the better. I need the GIF about 280px in height.

**Here is the video I want made into the gif:

**I need the word "Loading" added underneath and remain on the GIF in every frame.

As you can see, the video is in black and white, I would love two versions of the GIF, a negative version as well, please include in the comments whether or not you can add this extra version with your bid. The person that can offer the best value on this project and have the best reputation will get the job.

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How It Works Video Presentation

Looking to have a video presentation of our service. This is a " How it works" video.

I want it to be eyecatching and showcase the benefits of taking the product.

Please respond to this with examples of your work.

FYI do not bid if you can not provide the quality work of those video put as an example:

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Need High Quality Video Presentation 10 Min Long


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Need High Quality Video Presentation 10-14 Min Long


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Video Presentation/AD

This job is to create THREE presentation videos for our business (canvas print on demand).

1. One – 30 sec kinda youtube presentation- something like these.

2. One – 30 sec – commercials for American Cable TV, something like these (2 tv commercial), or whatever you think gonna fit out business profile.

3. One – 1min – combination of 1-st one and customers testimonials (3 random person or couples).

Requirements are:

1. US accent voice.
2. You will need to find the actors.
3. Professionally introduce our products/services and order processes.
3. Proper background music is required.
4. Please provide related work examples.

Please provide breakdown.

Thank you for your interest in this project. Were looking forward to working with you!

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Photoshop And Video Editing Job

ProAD prepares professional quality audio/visual presentations for clients in the business community. The present job requires editing abstract images in PhotoShop and placing them in a specified order in a video sequence. The length of the video to be made is 2 minutes. The images should be animated within the video. Our client has provided an image file which will be forwarded to the selected Provider with specific instructions regarding the image sequence and required PhotoShop adjustments. The Provider must produce a video file that is recognized by ONE of the following software packages: Adobe Primer Elements, Cyberlink PowerDirector, or Corel VideoStudio Pro X3.

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Customize A Site Template

I need a programmer that can customize a template site purchased from Template monster.
A template like:

The site will require the following features:

– Administration module, in order to update/add content to the site. (not at the code level)
– multi language support (Right to left and Left to Right languages). – Very important.
– Implement chat feature.
– Login and Register modules.
– Live video presentation.
– Forums support.
– In-site search engine.
– integrate RSS engine.
– Sliding pictures modules.
– Several data entry pages.
– Modify the template module sizes.

The project will require my confirmation of any feature added, and might require adjustments,
Please take that to consideration.

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Create Slides And Voice Over For Video Presentation

I need video presentation for sales page.
You must create slides, record presentation, voice over and video editing.

Software used for slideshow: keynote(preferably) or powerpoint
Software used for screencapture: keynote, screenflow or camtasia

You can use any software you want, this is just suggestions.
Only thing thats important is the final result.

File format for final video: WMv 1280×720
Movie lenght: between 2-4 minutes
Presentation slides: about 30
Language for voice over: english

I will provide:
– script for video,
– pictures for use in slideshow,
– videos that will be inserted in slideshow
– also, a will send you a 10 slides powerpoint presentation with the first 1.5 minutes of the script,
so you will be able to see my ideea about the presentation. The powerpoint presentation is not made
in a proffesional way, but you get the picture.

You will must do the following:
– create full presentation slides ( I think you will show your creativity)
– record the presentation with voice over
– export to WMV format 1280×720

This is a sales presentation so you must have an authoritative but cheerful voice.
Presentation video is porn related, if you have problems with that, please do not bid.

Do not copy and paste your entire portfolio, ONLY respond with
specific examples of your work that match this job listing.

For any other questions please feel free to ask.
Thank you and I look forward to working with you.

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Project Similar To Groupon Video Presentation

I would like a flash presentation video using the same content concept of
I need very similar but different graphics of course; still english.

I need mainly all the videos of Grouponworks but mainly I need two presentations, one for consumer and another one for business owners. From the page we would need Overview, How Groupon Works, Who Uses Groupon, and Who we Are so basically its this 4 videos..
Please check the link below:

Please set the bid price and sample of similar work.

We need this for a presentation and to put it on our website.

Thank you and happy bidding.

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Video Presentation


I need someone proficient at video creation , to better explaining my mlm site. The video is 10 minutes long.

My budget is very low. Send your best video that you have made.

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Urgent Video Presentation 7 Minute

We need urgent experienced flash or after effect or any relevant designer to create video. It should be played in any movie player need in .mp4, .avi format same video. Video is for investment company. We have audio clip ready, script ready, also dummy video ready. You need to get idea from there and create new one with new effects, new background sound.

Im looking for experienced flash designer so dont apply freshers. I need sample of videos you have done so far to allow me to choose you. Budget for this video is $125 and duration is 3/4 days if you do not match this dont bid.

Also write budget amount in your bid and start your bid with "VIDEO" other wise bids will be ignored. Please have a look at attached download video link you need to create copy of it with new effect, new music, and new company name. Audio speech is ready. Its very simple for experienced. please download and see i need something batter than this.

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Make A Video Presentation For A Website

I am looking for a freelance provider to produce a short video demo of a website.

The site is it is a comparison site for outsourcing marketplaces.

I will work with you to define what I need the video to demonstrate exactly, but my initial thoughts are:

Advanced Search Function – a demo of how this works

Filtering function (down the left of each page) – a demo of how this can be used to filter marketplaces according to the users needs.

Comparison function (enabled by clicking up to 4 compare boxes alongside a marketplace) to demonstrate the side by side comparison of key features at several marketplaces.

Ratings and Reviews functionality – demonstrate how buyers or providers can rate and review a freelance marketplace

You must be good at this sort of stuff. I want the video to be slick, no 80s style clipart, slick imagery, production and video editing skills are a must.

Please send me links to samples of your work on youtube.

I will need to upload the video to youtube, but would need it in WMV or another format initially as I will also need to play it from a laptop not connected to the internet for presentations to groups of people on a projector.

I need a sotryboard in place within 24 – 48 hours and the first draft of the video ready by Friday. I then need the completed product delivered to me by Monday 29th November.

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Sales Agents From UK

A reputed software company looking for sales agents who can help us to find clients.

We would like to start with commission (up to 50%) .

We will help you with proper instructions, testimonials, samples etc.

Students too can use this opportunity as a part-time job.

Genuine parties can bid and send me a detailed resume.

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Short Animation (ANI-001)

We require an animation that explains how solar power works when fed back to the power grid.

There is an example of a similar presentation on this web site:

There is a link for "Video on how Solar Works"

We require something similar to that for a web-site.
It doesnt require audio.

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Need Male For Video Presentation


I need a GUY with US/Aus/UK accent (Preferably US) who can do 3-5 video presentations (Around 5-15 min) like

The videos youre doing need you to show yourself with the integration of some power point slides in between.

Well provide all the scripts.

The topic youll be doing is about males premature ejaculation.
Note that within these series of videos, youll discuss about the common problems and solutions for PE.

We are offering $25/hour, while we expect you to take not more than 3 hours to produce a video length 5-15 minutes since well be providing all the scripts.

Look forward for your reply.

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Video Presentation

Hi video experts,

I need a guy with US/Aus/UK accent (Preferably US) who can do 3-5 video presentations (Around 5-15 min) like

The videos you do need you to show face with the integration of some power point slides in between.

Well provide all the scripts.

The topic youll be doing is about males premature ejaculation.
Note that within these series of videos, ull discuss about the common problems and solutions for PE.

We are offering $25/hour, while we expect you to take not more than 3 hours to produce a video length 5-15 minutes since well providing all the scripts.

For those whore interested, please email me at
[CONTACT DETAILS REMOVED BY ADMIN] with some video presentations you did in the past.

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Video Presentation For Website

We need to create a 30 second video introducing some products. We will need to go over this over Skype so be prepared to do a call with a mic (required). You should have experience creating these type of videos (we will ask for a portfolio). You can see a video similar to what we want in

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3D Air Domes Presentation Video

We need a full 3D blue ray presentation video for air supported structures. We are looking for somebody that will deliver a full package project at the end.
The models of this structures have to be correctly modeled and textured and animated. There are 11 domes of different sizes and purposes.
The package has to be delivered on 1st of August.

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Voice Over Needed

Im looking for a female voice over artist for a 400 word script for company IVR and a 600 word script video narration. Send samples of previous voice over work. thank you.

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Yahoo & Hotmail Adder Software Needed!

I need Yahoo and Hotmail Friend adder software. Who have it let me know. If they works perfectly still now you have to show me the video presentation/preview of your software, it will prove that your adders works. Happy Bidding folks!!!

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Video Presentation

Hi, Im looking for a video presentation to explain how our site works, from how to sign up, validate the account, buy bids, pay for won items, support and features… Here are a few examples:

The videos above are a bit more like promotion video and designed to be exciting but it could also be done like a video tutorial like this example:

Please include similar projects you have done.

Thanks you.

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Create A Video Presentation

Create a video presentation like this:

We will supply you with the powerpoint presentation + written script per slide.

Itll be around 10 minutes more or less.

Itd be great if it can have some music and transitions to enliven the presentation and make it more professional.


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I need 5 avi files put together — each is about 30 seconds long. I need it editted so it looks nice.

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Video Presentation

I need two videos presentation similar to and (please watch videos). As you will see, one video explains what the service is and how it works; and the other presentation explains how business benefits from the service.

I have a similar business model website and would like to have a similar presentation to post on my website.I will provide the logo only.

The bid price should be for both videos. Please include time of completion with you bid.

Thank you and happy bidding!

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