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Website Optimization Using Joomla With JomSocial

We have a website that uses Joomla CMS and JomSocial with several plugins.
The performance of this website needs to be improved considerably.
We are looking for people with good experience configuring Joomla and optimizing it to improve the performance of the website.
Please provide examples of websites that you have worked on that use Joomla and Jomsocial with Add-ins for them.

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Simple JomSocial Site Enhancement

We have an existing JomSocial wesite that we want to utilize JomSocials Multi-type Profiles to create two types of users w/ two registration pages. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. We need:

1) 3-4 modules added (see below)
2) and two separate registration pages for two User Profile types . Have a default registration with a dropdown of "individual" or " organization" If they select organization they will be redirected to the 2nd registration page.

The site is for organizations to schedual events online. Any individual(user profile 1) can sign up and register an event for any organization(user Profile 2), but that event must be

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Add Jomsocial Groups Custom Fields

Simple and fast project add 8 bonus fields to Jomsocial Groups page.(Create the 8 forms – 2 textboxes and 6 textfields, not required fields, should be inserted into the groups table. Thats it, delivery within 24hours.

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JomSocial Site Inhancement

We have JomSocial wesite installed and would like to extend and refine its configuration. We are looking for an individual that we can establish an ongoing relationship with. A little background on this project. You have more actual hands on with a variety of Joomla functions and implementations. So please let me know if you have an suggestions or ideas that my be a better alternative to the modules and functions I am thinking of.

We are building a site for organizations to host events online. Any individuals can sign up and register an event for any organization, but that event must be

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Joomla Jomsocial Activity Stream Problem

After installing some plugins (activity comments) and modifying the templates some user actions are not shown in activity stream anymore (frontend and backend)
e.g. new friendship, photo upload, video upload

another problem with "activity comments" is, that comments are not stored. comments are shown after commenting, but not when refreshing / reloading the page.

need a programmer for fixing that problems.

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Add Video Provider To JomSocial

I need the video provider adding to JomSocial as a capable video provider so that users can link videos from this video site and have them streamed throughout the network. is a Chinese based site, so an understanding of the language might make it easier. See below for an example of how a video from this site can be embdedded:

<object width="661" height="390" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="">
<param name="movie" value="" />

This should be a small project for someone who has had exerience with this type of job before.

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JomSocial Configuration

1. I need JomSocial installed and working at its 100% capacity with plugins, modules, etc.
2. The homepage/landing should be very simple. It should display a video and show an rss feed below the video.
3. Beauty of design is very important. The site should look slick and professional.

I can purchase themes if needed.
JomSocial already purchased.

Thank you.

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TIME FRAME: Within a few hours.

PROBLEM: I have a Joomla site version 1.5.22. I recently installed JomSocial component on my site. I am using SEF Advance version 2.4.4. I need the following changed in the SEF, but dont know how to do it.

Current URL with SEF:

Need to change it to:

I am trying to change the URL name from jomsocial to just social. I have tried to change the component name in PHP MyAdmin, but that did not work.

I need to fixed asap, and the changes cannot effect how the current SEF is setup on the site.

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Jomsocial Video Payment Pay Per Download/upload

I have a Jomsocial-side,
I use AEC and JSTP.

I need a payment-system for upload and download videos on a Amazon S3-Server.
For every upload and download i have to take a small fee.

the member has to buy credits(maybe paypal) to upload and download (watch) the video or another payment solution.
or maybe a solution with the jomsocial-addon paytoupgrade.

my budget is small, i want to start asap

best regards


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Jomsocial Paid Membership Solution

I have a jomsocial-side with JSPT &amp; ACE,
i want to have two memberships:

1. membership Gold/paying membership with unlimeted user rights(massages, video upload.. etc)
2. membership test/ with limited user acess(no messages, no video upload)

we have two different user profiles.

i want different payment plans.

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Add Soundcloud As A Joomla Jomsocial Video Provider

We would like to add Soundcloud as a Jomsocial video provider.

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JomSocial (Joomla) Bugs


We have two little problems. We use JomSocial (Joomla) in combination with JoomSEF.
1. When we activated JoomSEF and try to edit an Event, in example event A the non-sef url is:

When we want to edit event B the url is:

When we want to edit event A, with JoomSEF activated the url is:

When we want to edit event B, with JoomSEF activated the url is:

So when we press "edit" with JoomSEF activated, we always see event A (even when we try to edit event B). Therefore every event should get an unique JoomSEF URL like:

2. We have a problem with the PMS system. We use real names as profile names (so not the username/login name). However real names are not unique, in example there are like 10 people named "Hans". When we are friends with "Hans" and sent him message, he will receive an email notification, but doesnt receive the PM in his inbox (in JomSocial). Friend invitation system etc. seems to work fine only PMS isnt.

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Need Help Finishing Website Made In Joomla! And Jomsocial.

Need help with finishing website made in joomla! and jomsocial.

This is a social network and this is innstalled :

Agara forum

The site is started, but not finished. We need new thinking around layout.

This is a site for a dogschool. Main purpose with site is to sell dogclasses. It is also a social network where dog loving ppl can communicate. We need this site to be easy to use, clean and useble for ppl in all ages.

First priorty is selling classes
Second priority is having a great communiy

This is the site :
login : test
password : 12345678

The site is not open yet. We will move from this site as soon as its ready

Must also say that ppl really like the old site.

We hope someone can make layout better!

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Import Non-joomla Userdatabase To JomSocial

We set up a new website for our existing (Non-Joomla website) based on the Joomla CMS in combination with JomSocial. We have access to the old user database and are able to generate a CSV export. However we cant import this CSV to JomSocial. We have tried to use the ARRA user export import component to do this, but the CSV needs some adjustments to work.

We are looking for someone who can do the import.


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Jomsocial 2.0.5 Template And Logo Design

I am looking for a freelancer with Joomla and Jomsocial web design experience.

I will be launching a College Student social network website using Jomsocial 2.0.5. I need a logo and layout design as I do not want to use Jomsocial default template. The template design must look good in blue. Use your imagination to take my website to a new level.

The most important design page for the website is the index and profile page.

The index page must be attractive for college students to want to sign up for an account.

The profile page is very important. In this section, students will provide their contact information, schools, majors, accomplishments, resumes and course work. With all these information, the profile page will need to be re-design to make it easy for viewers or recruiters to look at the student information.

The website is

Usernamer: freelancer
Password: iloveyou


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PSD 2 Joomla & JomSocial

We have a psd file that needs to be made in to a Joomla site with Jomsocial. Please pm for more info.

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Custom Jomsocial Work

Need to customize the fields in JomSocial 2.0 profile. We need a &quot;likert&quot; scale type of field (see: to be added to possible field types. The likert scale is used a lot in surveys to ask a user question that can have an answer on a scale from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10.

The likert-style Field should be displayed on a profile pages and should be editable by Jomsocial user.

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Googlecal 2

Existing Website – addional Works

1. Jomsocial extentions 3th party componenten

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JomSocial Expert

We are a U.S. membership organization and want to use JomSocial to create a Facebook-like intranet, including:
Member profiles
Members being able to join multiple groups
Messages to be sent to members external emails through groups, or to entire membership
Calendar function
Photo and video posting
Search member profiles for specific fields, i.e., city, skills, etc.
Ideally, this would not be a one-shot project but evolve into an ongoing relationship with someone with great tech and customer service skills.
Short timeline on this project. Need built asap.

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Alpha User Points Integraton (JomSocial, Tienda Store, Zoo)

Looking for JomSocial – Alpha User Points – Zoo App – Tienda Store integration.

I am looking to integrate items mentioned above as described below:

JomSocial Points / Alpa User Points
Make the main point sytem be operated by Alpha User Points.

Zoo Apps / Alpha Ponts
When a user submits an article or blog (zoo apps) the Alpha Points must give the user points.
Users get points for reading articles (zoo app articles)
Points for submitting downoads (zoo apps)
Points for rating an article/blog
Points for user when other users or guests read posts

Tienda / Alpha Points
Give users points for buying products from Tienda Store.
Buy points

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JomSocial And Zoo Apps Integration

I need JomSocial to display all activity from Zoo Apps:

Submiting article
Submitting blog
Submitting download

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JomSocial Expert

Looking for someone to set up JomSocial and help us configure it. For this project, please bid on installing the latests Joomla and JomSocial with the common community modules.

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Add & Modify Invitation Design-Jomsocial – Invitex – Joomla

We are currently using these versions:

* Joomla Version 1.5.22
* Jomsocial Version 2.0.4
* Invitex Version 1.3
* and Template is JA Social Version 1.2.1

Installing the invitex component has provided us some additional featured compared to the default invitation system of Jomsocial.

However, the design layout of invitex does not fit to our template design and it shows immediately to our users that we have installed an external component which has not being developed by us whereas all other components fits exactly our template design.

There are attached to this project two screenshots, one is the current layout of the invitex invitation and the second one new_invite_layout is our new expected invitation layout that we would like to create and make available to the website.

Additionally, there are two issues that need to be fixed as well, first one, the invitex component comes with two plugins, one is for user synchronization and another one is that the default friend invitation menu of Jomsocial is linked to the invitex invitation component but this plugin only change one of the invitation menu found in the jomsocial tab but not the one found inside the profile menu, therefore this one will also have to be linked to the invitex invitation component.

Now, the last and more important part, like all social networking website such as or, when a user is registering to the community side, on the final step of his registration, after uploading his photo or skip the photo upload step, he is redirected to the invitation page where he can invite his contacts to join him before he completes the registration process, or he can also skip this invitation step and finish with the registration process.

But Jomsocial does not offer this additional features, this is very important to make the user invites his contacts from the very start of his registration because many users do not do it after they are already registered and the task here will be to add the invitation step in Jomsocial registration process as well.

Thats all, even though the requirement list seems to be quite, its only that we have tried to be as explicit as possible so that the developer who will look at this project knows exactly what need to be done but in fact it is not such a big task as all components and plugins are already there, its only to change the layout and add the invitation step to the registration, thats why we do not have a big budget for this task as we have already invest very much in this project.

Finally, it is very important to note that our website is already active and we already have registered users who are very active on the website, therefore, this update will have to be done in a very quick time frame and available online without disturbing the current users.

For some confidentiality purposes, we are not providing the link of our website here or any confidential information due to competition issues but required information will be provided upon request.

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Joomla / JomSocial AlphaPoints Player Competition

Here is the big picture.

Our site (using Joomla) wants to allow athletes to "challenge" one another in a social network (JomSocial). (example. I bet I can do 100 pushups faster than you can)

Similar site:

Challenges will be won based on fastest time or by high/low score. (time on 100 pushups)

Additionally I want to integrate points (to award winners). (I bet you 5 points).. OR (if you can do 100 pushups in 6 minutes, you get 5 points)

from a systems perspective weve got a few components:
– relationships (follows or friendships): ALREADY DONE VIA JOMSOCIAL
– awards system to account for badges (won 3 in a row, challenged against all 50 states, etc.): ALPHAPOINTS

– challenge pages to allow for challenges on the front end.
– show event details, profiles, photos/video, who won, who lost, the bet, etc. (SEE EXAMPLE WEBSITE)
– email integration to increase viral nature (invite a friend to challenge via email, etc.)
– leaderboard features and ability to explore/find other people by traits
– store functionality to purchase packs of "points"
– payments integration
– accounting system tied to users to keep track of coins purchased,spent, won, lost
– video compare so i can see if you cheated at the 100 pushup example…

Many thanks.

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Jomsocial Redirect Registration Link

We have a joomla website running with jomsocial. The current frontpage "Join Now" link redirects to the jomsocial registration component. We require this to redirect to the joomla registration component. This work requires changing the current link in the code and replacing it with a joomla registration link.

This is a simple and straightforward task,effectively a change of link url.

Payment will be made upon successful completion of work.

Happy Bidding

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Jomsocial Customization For Travelers Community Portal

This job is a complete development, customization and creative design for travelers community portal.

Please relook carefully on project requirement at

The given attached documents is the main reference. You may propose any changes as to ensure the website is fully functioning.

Below is my proposal on the payment milestone

milestone 1: 20% payment when the job is 50% complete
milestone 2: 20% payment when the job is 100% complete and 15 days testing front end and back end
milestone 3: 50% payment when the complete website is transfer to my hosting
milestone 4: 10% payment after complete 30 days after sales support

Below will be provided to successful bidder:

1. Rocket Themes Hybrid template
2. JomSocial
3. K2
4. Kunena
5. Facebook API key
6. Sample of documents and articles that may required for website development.
7. Access to my domain hosting (if required)

Please advice your requirement to start work. Im a little bit concern on the JomSocial. This is a license component. Im afraid that even though I send the component to you, it will not work in your hosting as it is bond to domain.

Please advice in detail any other information you required in order to start work.

Your scope of work included below as minimum:
1. Free issue JoomlaWorks Front Page Slide Show
2. Free issue JoomlaWorks Simple Image Gallery Pro
3. complete customization and creative design


Confident and competent IT expert are well come to bid the job. Together with your respond, please include below detail:

1. Best price and time required
2. Payment milestone
3. How will you do the job (Im concern on the Jomsocial)
4. List of jomsocial reference
5. List of other project reference.

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Private For Sunrei

Jomsocial real time notifications system( component/ plugin) needed for displaying following notifications in jomsocial, messages
2.friend requests invitations
4.some one tags user photos
5.some one posts comments on users wall
6.user joins a group
7.friend request confirmation
8.someone writes on wall
9. some one likes the activity
10.user add wall post in the group which the friend has joined

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Web Site:

Customize Registration :

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JomSocial Components

I need a senior and HIGHLY EXPERIENCED Joomla/ JomSocial component developer to develop components for a JomSocial website. I want to be able to have the same functionality as the Reports, Maps and Catches sections from existing site

For each area of functionality I want to have similar functionality including, Google maps capabilities, browsing, creating, photo and video upload. There are also several small modules used to display things like:
– Latest Catches
– Latest Reports
– Most Popular Locations
– Top Rated Locations

The components must not look exactly like the existing ones for obvious reasons and should be able to be positioned template module positions.
The search for locations and catches with be more advanced that the existing site by allowing for a couple of extra filter options and not just fish. The project will be handled in an Agile iterative approach, one area of functionality at a time.

NOTE: Successful applicants will have analysed the existing website and provided a list of all modules and features that they will be replicating. Only applicants that provide this preliminary analysis will be considered as serious. Applicants must also provide examples of previous work and be able to speak very good English.

If you are right developer for us then there will also be ongoing development work for other Joomla components as this project progresses.

Best of luck – NO AMATEURS please

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