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Web Designer For A Motorbike Joomla Project

Hi all,

I am currently developing a french social network on motorbikes using Joomla and JomSocial. I already installed the website a few months ago and I need someone with design skills to work on the graphics.

My needs :
* A banner with the text "Facebike" and a logo reminding the motorbike world. This is not about old or classic bikes, but more about new bikes. Im a fan of my suzuki gsxr 600 K9 ;-).
* You should start from the Dominion template I installed (copyright RocketTheme) and get rid of the "glossy" effects. I would like something cleaner.

Website designs I like :,

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Quick & Easy Joomla Wokd

Have 8 really quick things that need to be done – hours work tops

1. delete a script
2. upgrade guard XT
3. explain autopost in wordpress
4. add a field on registration form
5. fix a flipping book pop up method
6. fix 3 links
7. get a chat component to show in 2 other spots and explain how backend works
8. put new component on right page

Max budget $15
Need done NOW

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POG Updates

Update website with
calendar script for calendar page

create form with list of contacts for contact page

add additional page with links called resources

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Fetch Links From The Web

I need someone to collect links on the web. I will provide a list of sites and the person has to go to each website and navigate to a particular section and provide that link. Rate: for 5 links that are submitted, the person gets 1 US cent. I will review the data provided daily. There will be approximately, 10,000 such links. If the person has some experience in education, that will be even better. Thanks.

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Market Our Reports By Posting Links To It On Web

We prepare real estate research reports on various projects and upload on our website. we need someone to help us popularize these reports by posting links to them on various real estate forums / discussions etc in India.

You can also upload these reports (pdf) on various sites. You will be compensated on the basis of links / upload that you create.

Please bid with details of what all you can do and the cost for the same. Our budget is $30-50.


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Joomla Intergration To Site – Amended

Require a small website intergrating into Joomla to give access to edit all current pages and add new pages

Budget is $75-00

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Joomla Expert And Website Developer

We are an Australian company that caters to Filipino nurses who wish to study, work or migrate to Australia. We

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Collect Links For Our Web Directory


I have a fairly easy one-off project for someone. And if we get on well, it will turn into a long term on-going project.

Basically Im building a web directory that is a little bit different from the usual ones.

Please have a look at this page: It should give you an idea of what we are trying to do.
As you see, on this page we list almost everything that is related to snooker and then organise the links into sections.

Your job will be to collect these links. There are strict guidelines though.

Ill provide you with 10 topics. Within each topic there will be sub-topics which I will give you as well. For example this is one of the page you will be working on:

Audi (main topic)
#Used car dealers UK
#Global official websites (list non English as well)
#Audi A3
#Audi A4
#Audi A5
#Audi A8
#Audi R8
#Audi tuning UK
#Audi garage UK
#Audi related motor sport

You will need to collect relevant links for these given topics and sub-topics.
About 200-250 links per topic and around 15-25 links per sub-topic.
Links should be UK focused, but credible and quality links can be sourced from outside the UK.
Links should be useful and relevant to our visitors.
No dodgy websites only credible and useful.
Maximum 3 links from the same URL per topic.
English language only (unless stated otherwise).

As an initial project you will do 10 topics for us, then if you do well we will carry on working together.

Before I pay for the project I will review the link collection and if its OK, Ill pay you your fees. So the best thing is, when you are ready with one, you send it to me for a quick review to see you are on the right track.

Quality, Relevancy & Quality! This is what should be in mind when you are collecting your links.

Project budget is $40.
Completion time 2 weeks.

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Social Bookmarking On Humor And Organic

I need 2 people(or one if they can do both) to run these social bookmarking pages. The humor page will need about 100 submissions initially and then 3-4 a day for as long as we need your service. The organic page will need someone to just submit daily about 3-4. These must be quality links and have quality descriptions, titles and tags. No rss fed information is allowed. I will pay you per submission.

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Drupal edit

I am needing a Drupal Master to edit my Drupal site. I need this person to find all the Drupal extensions or ad-ons to take care of the edits I need done. Or I need theses functions programed / designed for my site. I need a Super Drupal programmer that know Drupal in and out.

Here is my site that I will need my edits to:
www myservicereview com

Here is a list of what I need done to my Drupal site:

Compare businesses (side by side, Check box next to business listing to

Save a business to phone book (check box next to business listing to

Able to show business listings Alphabetically, Highest Reviewed, most Reviewed, (always show businesses within 50 miles)

Search bar needs to include more broad searches (misspellings, Businesses in categories searched for ex. Restaurants all restaurants need to be

When registering a business, you must be sent directly to the add a business form. A more professional registration must be implemented

Find a something to go on the front page after a user is signed in. (in place or Why register Block)

A way to have a list of the emails of all the users to simply select the mall and send emails.

Fix recent user reviews block. (add the category they fall under, add a teaser of the review)

Pay pall needs to be set up (we already have an account)

Pay for Pictures, Web link, attachments, coupons, top spot sponsored results.

Add to add a company form, Payments accepted, hours of operation,

Add a place to map the directions on every listing.

Fix the maps, (some of the maps no longer work, I believe it is because a field in the add a company form was removed.)

A place in the administration area to view all of the most recently added businesses.

Users need to be able to click on other users names in their written comments and have the option to see all of the reviews that they have written.

"""""Only Bid if you can do exactly what we need done""""""""

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