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Joomla/Jomsocial Experts Needed.

We need a customized plugin extension that fits our needs for our jomsocial site. We need a music gallery where users can do the following

1.- Option for Registered user to upload songs
2.- Option for registered user to download songs (can be activated in backend)
3.- Able to arrange songs by categories, titles and artists
4.- Search box
5.- Embed code/share on other popular sites such as facebook-twitter etc.
6.- Option to make playlist (also embedding code)
7.- Option to add image/thumbnail to mp3s
8.- Option to rate and vote for song
9.- Option to comment on songs
10.- hit numbers (how many times a song has been played)
11.- show uploaded music on users jomsocial page in gallery format
12.- jomsocial music player plugin
13.- Support many music formats
14.- Option to sell music
15.- Music gallery module on profile
16.- Latest Music module
17.- Most listened to songs module
18.- Charts that showcase the most popular songs ( that integrate with ratings)
18.- Highest rated/voted songs module
19.- Selling module
20.- Option for Selling or Sharing music (to be activated in the backend)

Wed like a simple video gallery plugin with

-Slideshow of the users uploaded videos on their profile
-Rate/comment capabiities
-embed code
-Option for Selling or Sharing original videos (to be activated in the backend)

Also we need someone with expertise in jomsocial and joomla who can fix any bugs, install paid membership and virtuemart on users jomsocial page allowing them to sell their work directly from their own profile and other small custom programming.

Our budget is between $0-2500

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Joomla Auction Component

I need a joomla auction component which allows registered users to post auction items. The main page will also have Todays Bids,Featured Bids,and listing of cateogories on main page. I have low budget.

Bidder having an existing component will be preferred. please mention sites/URL if you have done similar project.

Also, component should also be able to integrate with Community Builder and AlphaUserPoints.

This is an urgent project as we are preparing to launch the complete portal by mid of October 2010 latest.

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Groupware / Online Collaboration Suite – Integrate Into We

I am currently designing, and will launch html pages for . Your job will be to integrate an online collaboration suite of my ultimate choosing (note that I am willing to consider any suite with which you have had past success in deploying for customer(s)), that must be compatible with supported programming languages mentioned below:

–, hosted by Lime Domains (FTP, CGI, PHP, Python – all supported; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc)
– There will be a login gateway for an online collaboration suite (my personal server will handle all receiving/sending of data through this suite). The gateway must support a client-server encryption protocol (e.g. PGP, GnuGP) through whichever transfer protocol is decided upon.
– online collaboration suites currently being considered: Shareflow, Pygowave/Google Wave, ResourceSpave, Alfresco, KnowledgeTree, Group-Office, LibreSource

I am willing to allot up to 40 days for completion.

Looking forward to your bid!

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Excellent Joomla Programmer

I am looking forward to get programmers who have complete sense of how joomla works at core programming level .

e.g. : you would know why Jroute_::: is used

Looking for long term relation with different tasks .

Current Task :

depending on community builder Gender field .Change layout for Male / Female members.

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