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Add OPT-IN Area That Allows You To Place (Aweber Code)

ject. Basically A PopUp That appears with a list of social networks. I want to add in an Opt-In Box After They Click A social Network. Please PM me for more details.

Skills required:




Script Install

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var protocol = (https: == document.location.protocol ? https : http);

OX.addVariable(job_type, -HTML-Javascript-PHP-Script Install-);

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resizable: true,
height: auto, // set height is not working in IE 6/7, will cause the popup squeezed. –MZ 17/10/2010
width: 400,
autoOpen: false,
modal: true,
buttons: {
“No” : function(){
“Yes” : function(){

function getDateFromTimestamp(timestamp) {
var dateObj = new Date(timestamp * 1000);
return (dateObj.getMonth() + 1) + / + dateObj.getDate() + / + dateObj.getFullYear();

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I Need A Simple Image Script!

I have a background image that is tiled. It is an image of smoke at the top of my website. The image shows in the background and the content of the page overlays the smoke image. I want the smoke to scroll horizontally so the image looks like its moving. This script should work on any browser and should be html/javascript/css only.

Budget is $30. If you have a demo please share it in PM so I can see.

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Javascript Image Rollover Effect (May Also Use Flash)

Im looking to do a effect similiar to an image map with Javascript. Basically, the picture is an overview of a hospital roof and when the person hovers their mouse over certain features on the roof a larger detailed picture will appear- preferably inside the image frame, although Im open to suggestions.

I know this can be done with Flash or Javascript, but my attempts a Java have not given me the detailed subshot Im looking or.

It must be compatible with Hubspot CMS.

Looking to get started immediately. Future projects with same backend are likely.

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Script Modifications Required

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Do not bid over the estimated budget or your bid would be ignored.

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Modify A Script

I need someone to modify a classifieds script, do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Please see attached file for details and then provide your price and time estimate.

Bids from cost effective countries/bidders prefered.

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Script Modification

I need someone to modify a php script to do some fixes and add some features to it.

You should be able to work with procedural php code and produce good quality code(commented, secure and readable)

You will also need javascript/ajax skills.

Good to know svn.

Please begin your message with "read and agreed when you bid.

Details will be provided to shortlisted bidders so that you can provide your time and price estimates.

Work is ready to be allocated as soon as a bidder is finalized.

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PHP Developer Needed To Fix Bugs On App

Looking for a PHP developer to fix a number of bugs in a popular PHP app. Please PM me to get details of the app and what needs to be done.


* Strong PHP and Javascript knowledge. This app uses a lot of javascript, some quite complex.
* Ability to use Git and Github.

If work is done well, ongoing work will be offered.

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JQuery Interactable Map


I am in need of a map like the browsergame Tribalwars has.

The map should show 8×8 in the Y and X line with 56×56 images.

I want to have the interactive map and a sort of mini-map on the right side. Users can hold down the mouse in the mini-map and scroll faster over the map. There must be an animation that shows the scrolling on the real map.
Data must be loaded from MySQL out from a table of 100.000 rows.

The map must be exact the same as It must have a slide effect when users goes to another section.

Screen of the map: – or take a look at the map.

Map must be made with plain JavaScript or jQuery framework.

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Java Screen/Screencast And Audio Recorder Applet

This remote usability screen recorder applet will be delivered by a webpage and will perform the following functions communicating via Javascript. (see attached file for accompanying dialog sequence)

1. Embed into a webpage and initialize
2. Get system information and return via Javascript.
3. When launch function called, launch a new browser window to the initURL and always-on-top controller window.
4. Locate and test an operational microphone or fall back to no microphone.
5. Prompt the user to start and then change the browser window to the testURL and display the first task.
6. Record the window and audio (if available), highlighting mouse clicks in the recording with a yellow circle and showing time and audio level on controller along with a pause button.
7. Wait for user to click "Complete Task" or "Abort Task"
8. Call back via Javascript the button clicked, task time and click count.
9. Display the next task and repeat until no more tasks.
10. Change the browser window to the completeURL and upload the file via POST, showing % complete progress.
11. Close the controller window.

Must work with both Mac and Windows, IE, Firefox and Safari. Finished product must include applet ready to embed with HTML/Javascript webpage demo and all source code.

It should have the following applet embed parameters


And Javascript methods:

returns: freeDisk,freeMem,totalMem,CPUName,CPUSpeed,OSInfo,NumOfScreens

launchController(initURL,testURL,completeURL, scenario, tasks, cbTaskComplete):
returns: taskCompleted, taskTime, numClicks

And any additional parameters, methods or callbacks needed for operation and error handling.

Bonus will be awarded for great work exceeding expectations. Additional projects and future work available.

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P2 Theme Javascript

I am currently using the P2 WordPress theme ( but would like to add the following few customizations:

#1 Add the ability to play a sound (Ding!) when a new post/comment is added… I presume that should be possible since there are a few actions that appear to take place after the Ajax posting (number count increase on the tab for example), but I dont know how…

#2 Enable posting by just hitting Return (or if not possible, another easy shortcut like Ctrl+Return) instead of having to click on the "Post It" button. You could still add forced line breaks in your post by using Shift+Return for example, but it seems a shame to have so many keyboard shortcuts available, and not this quick posting one.

#3 Be able to upload images at a minimum (video/music/files/etc if possible, but not crucial) directly from the front page without having to go to the back-end Dashboard, by integrating the upload buttons functionality you can find on the Dashboard QuickPress area directly into the front-end quick post section…

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Horizontal Scrolling Webpage Coding Javascript

I want a web developer skilled in javascript and css to work with me on completing a single webpage that has the following:

1. a UNIQUE Content slider that scrolls content horizontally using mousewheel and graphical left right buttons across all browsers and overflow is not hidden with html content inside, see examples.

Scrolling example – This works only on Firefox, mine must work on all browsers.

Overflow and Buttons example Example: – press ctrl+ minus button and see how when zoomed out you can see all the products.

2. Compare 3 slides on slider using checkbox – refer to website.jpg and PM me for more info. There will be around 50-60 images in the future so I want this feature so the user can compare 2-3 by selecting checkbox and clicking "view comparison"

I have a half made site already but its buggy and I dont want to use it but i can show it to the winner as example.

My budget is $60 because the need is small – but unique. This means if you have done this kind of content slider work before and, show me examples or make a demo of content sliding and compare 2 images out of 10. If you know your work then you realize this will hardly take more than 1-2 days max to do, if you dont then you shouldnt be bidding.

I am a communication designer so I work hard and know my way around code so shortcut techniques are not allowed.

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JQuery For Imagemap Web Page

Convert an imagemap designed webpage written in javascript to jquery

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Javascript. Change Div’s Class On Browser Window Change


I have a basic problem i need solved. I believe this should be quite easy for JavaScript experts.

I have a website, two divs. Left and Right
The right div is fixed position.

However when the user browser window, is less than the height of the div, i need it to be no longer fixed, but to scroll with the rest of the page.

I imagine the logic to be the following:

-detect div#right height

-if window-height is less than div#right height. change div class to xxx
-if window-height is greater than div#right height. div class stays at yyy

(must update window-height everytime window is resized)

BUDGET: <$20
DEADLINE: 24hours

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RAILS3 Developer


Project: multilingual web search application
To write MVC code for a multi-model form with javascript (framework) for embedded models.
Based on e.g. formtastic, accepts_nested_attributes_for,
To extend above form to allow for batch entry of same multi-model objects via table/spreadsheet like form (a la MS Access) or spreadsheet upload

Please contact for more details!

Rails 3
Deployed to heroku

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We are making a Team, to create a big Browsergame.
We looking for:


You need to work 5 Days/Week with 8 Hours/Day .
Please make the Bid for your Fulltime Price and what you Skills are!
We ONLY need HIGH SKILLED Persons..

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Javascript Background Bug On A Website – Need To Be Fixed


This is an easy, and quick task for you folks,

You just have to fix a background bug on a website.

Details in the file attached.



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Ruby Gem To Connect And Upload File To A Website

I need a rubygem in order to log in and upload file to a website that share videos content.
May include javascript convert to ruby for the login part (token, etc …)

The gem would be work like that :

– log into the site
– fill informations from .txt
– upload the files
– return the url of the new video uploaded

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Flash CS5 » ActionScript » JavaScript » ASP Classic Work

I am in need of an EXPERIENCED Flash Designer for editing a Flash slideshow banner. The site is built in ASP classic and needs some JavaScript development work as well.

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CKEditor Google Maps Plug-in


Im looking for a coder to develop a plug-in for CKEditor to insert Google Maps in websites.

You need to get the Google Maps Plug-in and add the following features:

– In address user will be able to enter the address or GPS coordinates.
– Type of map (image or Javascript Google Maps)
– Custom pin-point
– Type of view (Satellite or Map)
– Preview

Please check the attachment to see how the layout of the plug-in will be.

When bidding please include your price, time to complete the project and your portfolio.

Thank you

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Javascript, Css Pro Needed For Architecture And Dev Needed

Web-Developer(in) – JavaScript, (Grails) – 20-40 hours per week in Berlin (German/English)

– agile young Team / home office
– (Javascript (Prototype,, CSS) || (Grails, Groovy)
– extended Git knowledge is very welcome
– Knowledge about API Integration of any kind (GoogleMaps etc with REST SOAP) with grails
– flexible payment with invoice / cash on a step by step basis
– code examples require, high quality is a must

this is just a request on who has time beginning from 1 May for about 3 Months programming
i need 1 awesome javascript guy one designer and one grails, groovy specialist

04/01/2011 at 16:32 EDT:

i am away until the 12.April so i can not contact anyone until then.

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Fix Javascript Image Cycle Feature & Add Preloader

The javascript image cycle feature works fine with only one set of images, but when multiple sets of images are used, there are bugs and when viewed online because the image array is not preloaded there is significant delays.

The page should load the logo image first and preload the image arrays so that when the user does mouseover on one of the images it will cycle instantly.

This is page where fix is required: greenfootprintdesign[dot]com/portalpage/

I want the preloader to happen discreetly in the background. I do not want any kind of loading.gif used unless it is the logo that is currently there.

Essentially this page is duplicating the effect found at joelfitzpatrick[dot]com with js instead of flash.

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ActiveX Wrapper For Chrome

We have an activex and we need to develop a plugin for Chrome Browser, that is a simple wrapper of all methods. The activex is already functional in IE browser. We need those methods to be visible from javascript. You can use FireBreath ( for this task.

Im attaching the full cab file with all the dll dependencies. The interface object is the .ocx file (we need a wrapper for it).

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Job Website

We aree look for a developer that can build a rich media website that utilizes the following technologies, processes.js, html5, flew, javascript, CSS, CSS3, JAVA and .net. The site will consist of 7 pages with each page containing 5 accordion panes and one main pane displaying dynamic content. In additional to the site we will also required integration of APIs and sign in functionality from Facebook, Linked-in, Google, etc…

Upon request we can provide detailed technical briefs and wire frames.

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Javascript Problem Within Mobile Website

Solve javascript/jquerymobile problems

We are working on a little and simple content webpage for mobile.
We use HTML/javascript/jquerymobile as basic technic.
Because we are novices in this kind of things, we have a few beginners problems/errors/difficulties.
The solving of them is the task of this proposal.

We guess all the problems result out of our incorrect use of javascirpt/jquerymobile.

In principle the site consits out of a navigation and single content files (HTML).
We build a sample (attached to this proposal, starting with the index.html) which is based on our work. The solving of the problems can/should be done within this sample, so we can copy the solutions to our original data. The sample also reflects/shows all the problems described below.

The solutions have to be done with javascript and/or jquerymobile!!!

List of the problems/difficulties (with aditional comments):

1. Within the single HTML-files there is a javascirpt which resizes automaticly the images.
– When the files are opened the normal way (thru the navigation) the script doesn´t work.
– When the files are opened directly with a browser, the script works.
– When the files are opened thru the next-Button, the script works.
– It seams, that the scirpt is not triggered correctly.

The provided solution needs to work offline!!! without any help/contact to a webserver!!

2. At the top of each page there is a navbar, followed by a header.
We want a space between the navbar and header (dynamic or fixed hight need to be discussed) where ads are shown.
The ads come thru a javascript. A sample javascript ad is in the bottom of each html-file.

3. Edit hight of the navbar and header
The hight of the navbar and the header need to be sized down to minimum but reasonable hight, in fact just a few pixel less then the standard version.

Last note:
The solutions have to work on actual devices and I want prove of it. If its on an android and/or an iphone is equal to me!!!!

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Replace Perl FormMail Script With PHP & Install ReCaptcha

ace Perl formmail script with a PHP script. Add email validation and reCaptcha to existing form.

Need PHP script and Javascript to have functions commented so they can be modified to use with other forms. Can place some comments in separate text file where needed,

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Chennai Based PHP MySQL Javascript Experts Needed

Need very experienced PHP programmer to work on part time basis. May need to visit our Chennai office occasionally. Programmers from other places need not apply. Experience in Joomla is desired. Thanks.

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WordPress Theme From HTML, Reposted

I have completed HTML for a website, however we need it to be converted to a wordress theme. Im going to be customising the post page slightly after the theme is complete (slight tweaks using custom fields), so it is important that the code is as readable as possible. This must be a wordpress 3.0 compatible theme. Using widgets would be preferable but not essential (the existing HTML does lend itself to their use.)
JavaScript is also required as there is some customisation required on the archives part of the menus.

This project is more than just converting HTML into WordPress, the menus must be customised to include javascript, however the bulk of the HTML is done.

Winnering bidder will be provided with all assents required for the project.

Please note that this project is being relisted as a previous winner was unable to complete it due to personal issues.

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C# ASHX Image Handler For Png’s That Are Created Runtime


I am currently working on a feature that allows a user to print a screenshot from my web application.
The screenshot and application side of the feature is already done and I have already had a
web developer work on parts of this and all work so far will be supplied.

I have a web application that sends a png as a byte stream or a base64 encoded string in chunks to a javascript. After everything is received a popup is opened where the png is to be shown through a ashx file.

The problem is that it is not displayed correctly or at all in all browsers. The feature must work in all major browsers, IE 7/8/9, Firefox, safari and chrome. So far It only works in IE 7 and partially in chrome.

Most of the code is in C# and a little bit of html/javascript. There is approximately 130-170 lines of code across 4-5 files.

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Javascript/HTML/Ajax To Create Tables Using TaffyDB

The goal is to create a script function that can be called by on onclick event. The function (with necessary parameters) will perform an in-memory search using the TaffyDB library and create an HTML table of the search results. The database contents for TaffyDB will be loaded using any simple AJAX call.

For example:

<body onload=load_taffy_data();>
<button onclick=mysearch(para-id,dogs);" />
<div id="para-id"></div>

Upon clicking the button, the <div> tag is populated as follows

<div id="para-id">
<tr><td>German Shephard</td></tr>

Please review the following links before responding.

Sorry for the difficult-to-read encoding above. This posting software is what it is.

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Two Small Javascript Tasks

I need two small html/javascript jobs for a free blog I run:

one is a daily total in a small panel that says: Follow Dining in For £ess and you will have saved: £XXX.XX – this sum in British pounds to increment daily by 7.85714285714286 but to show two characters after the decimal point. I should be able to stipulate the starting date – so after seven days the total should read £55.00 and after 14 days it should read £110.00

the second is a simple calculator that should read:

[1] How many in your family? [user input] ##

[2 ] How much is your current weekly spend on meals? [user input] £###.## (British pound sign)

[3] Your dininginforless weekly budget should be: £##.## [calculation that divides [2] by [1] and multiplies by 1.40625

[4] Making a weekly saving of £###.## [calculation of [2] minus [3]

That is, per year: £###.## [calculation of [4] divided by 7 and multiplied by 365


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Website Review And Documentation

We have a website which was written a long time ago by consultant, who didnt leave the documentation. Pages of the website are using css and java which have more stuff than pages really need.

We need a freelancer who will do following:
1. Review css and javascript files and will find what is not used and can be removed.
2. Check existing pages for errors and proper usage of html tags and javascript.
3. Document existing website pages and will come up with the recommendation on how to create consise html framework – currently the site is written using CodeIgniter.
4. Recommend on how to compress javascript to make download of the pages faster.

Freelancers bidding on the project will have to commit to a quoted deadline and price. We will send all the urls to freelancers whose response rate and price range we will find attractive for funal determination of time / price.

Please accompany your bids with examples of your previous work.

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