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Email Creative Design

I need someone to re-design a html email creative for me.

I have one ready that needs to be changed to look more like the landing page that it points to.

Please get in contact if you are able to do that.

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Landing Page Hebrew + RTL


I need a pro do create a landing page with RTL support.

the page will be in hebrew.

it will be with a video we created as well.

please provide examples.

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Building Seo Optimized Landing Page

100% conversion at google adwords by analyzing keywords and writing keywords friendly landing pages.

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Adult Ad-content Landing Page


one of our clients needs a adult (porn) landing page with no special content except affiliate links,banners,ads. this landing page is needed for all his typo domains that attracts average 100 landing hits a day. (goal-key traffic). he will redirect all the domains to this particular page/website.

no special design methods are required. of course, it would be nice if the site looks good. but the main objective is to get income from the ads/clicks. therefore our client repeatedly asked for affiliate programs with juicy banners and links.

any of the links, popups, etc should be part of a adult commision or affiliate system on which the client will create an account.

all of the typo domains are either popular domains with .cm or 1 letter missing. currently our client receives about 5 to 20 clicks a day. for this click he will get a single price without any further commission to member signups. this needs to be changed.

our own research tells us livejasmin. com would be the ideal affiliate program, but we leave this up to your ideas and suggestions.

most of the domains are currently parked with a domainpark program, but the ppc and commision for clicks are too low. therefore we are specifically looking for people that are experienced within the adult website scene, especially affiliate/commission systems.

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Landing Page And Booking Form

This job is for a simple landing page based on a PDF design we will supply. The page should then click throught to a booking page which collects the users details and emails them to the specified email address.

Please send examples of your work via PM.

Full payment will be made via Escrow.

We need this job complete 12 hours after bid is chosen.

Thank you for reading this post, happy bidding.

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Inflexi – Beauty Landing Page

Beauty landing page

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Clickbank Landing Page

Were looking for an expereiced web developer that can put together a simple site that enables us to sell downloadable content through Clickbank.

Previous expereince with Clickbank is vital. SEO expereice is also essential.

We will provide all copy and content. We will register a .com domain name for the site. The site will needed to be hosted in the USA.

We need a turn key solution from the Clickbank site perspective and from this new site so we will need input on how to setup and test the Clickbank side of things.

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Inflexi – Master G. Landing Page

Inflexi – master g. landing page

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Inflexi – 4th Version Of Landing Page

Inflexi – 4th version of landing page

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Landing Page Creation

Dear All,

A good looking, Eye-catching, landing page required urgently.

The page design, pictures and content is all your job, we will give you an idea of what we need.

Landing page size should be same as normal screen sizes.

Wording and pictures should be catchy so that when customers see the advert their mind shold go on clicking it.

We nearly wants it done in next 24-48 hours.

Please include your previous landing pages, not the website designs or anything like that. Just good landing pages.

Please keep in mind "Landing Page Design, Photos and Eye-catching content is all your job"


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Sales Copy & Landing Page

I need a sales copy and a landing page to be created for a product (New WordPress plugin). If you have experience in writing effective, killer sales copy then please contact me. Please also provide some samples of your work and fee. Also need you to create a landing page for the sales copy. Need this work done as soon as possible. Contact me with any questions you may have.
examples for landing pages i like:

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Landing Page

Landing page

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Landing Page Design Only


Looking for a one page landing page that is laid out like ( va funding fee dot com ) where it looks like a traditional landing/squeeze page Above the fold and there is more content area below the fold.

Give me your best and we can do hundreds of these…

the domain we will be using for this is:FREDDIEMACRELIEFREFINANCE.COM

the key word target is: Freddie Mac Relief Refinance

this is a real estate mortgage landing page. Please do your best to make it compelling / emotional and a good call to action….

All the best!

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Tv SHOW Landing Page

I need someone to build me a website from a popular USA T.V. show thats airing now.
Let me know if you are interested ,then I will give you further details.

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Customized Landing Page

I need someone to create a landing page for me specifically for CPA offers. You would need to include the following things.

1. I need the landing page to use flashing colors.
2. I need the landing page to mention the CITY the person is visiting the website from.
3. I need the landing page to have a countdown timer saying "120.0 seconds left to complete offer" and this would continue counting down to 0.0. After it hits 0.0, nothing happens, it just stays there.
4. I need a "Continue" button that directs them to the CPA offer page.
5. I need you to autoplay an mp3 I have on the landing page using flash.

I need someone to create this page for me as well as teach/show me how to edit it and make some changes. It should be fairly simple. Let me know what you can do and show me examples. Thanks.

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Landing Page – Property Management

Private job for Medi

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Need A Moble Optimized Landing Page For Smart Phones

Looking to get a simple mobile web site designed for a simple landing page.

Here is an example of what I am looking for:
like this one you will need to visit this from a cell phone to see the landing page or a cell phone preview page.

The first page will ask them for their first name and e-mail. E-mail will be linked to That is something we can do.

Then the second page will ask them what degree they are interested in and have a drop down box.

Once they chose their degree from the list they will be taken to a page to make a phone call to an education provider. I will provide the number at a later time.

I am looking for an expert in mobile landing pages.

Please send samples of mobile landing pages or sites you have built. Do not send me your entire profile.

My budget on this is less than $200 so if you are looking for more than that please dont bid. Should be a simple site with little graphics mostly just text.

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Website Landing Page

I would like someone to create a landing page for my website that captures the user attention and make my company stick out from the competition. Im currently 90% done with the site and just need someone with an eye for perfection and quality. This landing page should incorporate slideshows, and a rate table and it must be presented in a modern / contemporary style. Drop me a line if your interested. The site is

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Mortgage Lead Capture Landing Page

Looking for a Landing page to be similar to
my present website is built on wordpress, so if the site can be a page that i can stick in my wordpress theme that would be great, if not i could just have a separate domain name for the landing page.
the sample i supplied makes the client hit next to go to two additional pages, if it is easier i would not mind them hitting next, and then the remaining fields needed just get expanded on the same page. whatever is easiest.
page should allow me the ability to edit the bottom text (disclsoures) and possibly some Bullet points about my company on the side. once the client inputs the data on i would like an email with the info.

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Landing Page For Criagslist


I place ads on Craigslist, I am looking to find someone who can make be ads that rotate
like this. I might need several a month

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Install Facebook Landing Page Template

Would like to install landing page facebook

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Attention Grabber Landing Page That Sizzles

Artistically hip landing page that draws attention and gets the leads. I need 3 landing pages creating for a local moving company site that will be landing page for a Google ad campaign. The page will have a form that collects basic information so the mover can provide the lead a free moving cost estimate. The form will need to store the information sent by the form in a MySQL database and forward the submissions to up as many as 3 different email addresses.

I would like the landing pages to rotate with each ad click and information captured through Google Analytics to determine which landing page of the 3 is the most successful at getting completed form submissions.

Colors in the landing page need to match the two basic colors which are in the main website, which are green and red.

The successful bidder must prove they know Flash and provide examples of landing pages theyve created in the future. They must also have previous experience working with PHP, MySQL, Flash and creating CSS stylesheets. The landing pages must be compatible and viewed without errors in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera — completely W3C validated without errors.

A professionally designed company logo will be provided for incorporation into your 3 designs. Each landing page will need to include a hyperlinked button or graphic that will take the user to the sites home page, should they opt to visit the site. We will provide examples of similar landing pages used for capturing moving leads to the winning bidder.

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Experienced Landing Page Writer

I need an experienced landing page writer to write 1 landing page.
The landing page are selling a weight loss product
landing page must contain
1, 100 words product introduction.
2, 5 sentences of the product key features.
3, 200 word product info and why product should be bought

All of them must pass copyscape

If you are really an experienced landing page writer, please bid for this project with your sample work attatched.

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Landing Page

I want someone to design a landing page similar to my other website [Removed by Admin]
I need the identical layout with similar graphics and identical literature and testimonials. I would like Emma Watsons pictures instead of the generic model I have on the top of my other site. I want the same color scheme.

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Real Estate Landing Page

I am a real estate agent in Australia looking for a 1 page landing page that will promote my property management division. I will need to be able to edit the page myself once in a while and be able to upload it to my current website hosting provider.
Im needing something professional that has a contact form, Follow us on Facebook, a few pictures and of course text. Can you please provide some examples of landing pages youve created previously.

After this build we will have an additional 2 landing pages needing creating.

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