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Bei Is Back In Biz!! $1200

200 articles – minimum of 50 per week needed this month.
2 milestones of $600 (100 articles per milestone payment)
Shoot for 150 articles by Feb 27.
Batches in increments of 25 ONLY.

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$40.000 For Any GAF Member (SEO, Scripts, Web Pages)


First of all I want to say Im not a newbie in making money from the web so dont even try to BS me in PM

I made $24402 and generate over 6 mln visits to my sites with Black Hat SEO

I have over $40.000 I can invest in any web related business you will propose

So in your bid please explain IN DETAIL:

1. How you plan to do that and how?
2. What resource you have to achieve this goal?
2. Show your portfolio (web pages you made, scripts you wrote, income you generated …)

Here are some ideas I know will work because I try them before on small scale:

1. SEO any web page for less competitive keywords (long tail) and then park them in SEDO – I will pay for domains, servers

2. Index my black hat pages (I have on my HDD over 1 TB (YES Terabyte) pages ready to upload to server – your job will be index them ASAP (its over 300.000 pages) – I will pay for servers and domains

3. Search profitable niches in Clickbank and Amazon and made lenses on squidoo, hubpages … – I will pay for your time and experience

4. Made self grooving websites (search engines like which grow in search engines without our input

5. Made any other sites which will bring good return in relative short time

Of course I not give one person $40.000 and wait for miracles Im not so stupid

If in your PM you will prove that you are master in any of the above fields I can give you money to achieve what we agree

Im open to your even crazy ideas – who know which will work – so dont be shy – surprise me


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32 500 Word Articles For Sales/Landing Pages

I need 32 unique 500 word sales pages written for a landscaping company.

I will provide you with 8 cities (to be provided) and 4 Topics:
lawn care
lawn mowing
lawn service
lawn maintenance

Each page will list our related services and encourage the reader to sign up.

Here is an EXAMPLE:

You must have prompt turn around times and excellent English skills. Articles with incorrect grammar will not be accepted.

Please send examples of you work.

I am looking for someone I can use regularly for all my SEO content. If you do well on this project I will ask you to write all my articles in the future.

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49 Landing Pages Batch 3

We require 49 lead capcha pages

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Multiple Landing Pages

We need multiple landing pages created. This is on-going work so you will be our guy for creating landing pages for our advertisements etc. They will all be simple landing pages promoting free signups, dating sites, credit report offers etc.

Web 2.0 designs needed.

You can either get paid per project or get paid bi-weekly.

If you can also market, we will pay you 50% of the revenues generated from your landing page.

WE NEED SOMEONE ASAP. Bid your Best landing page rate. Please keep in mind that you will be doing multiple pages not just one, so price accordingly.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Skilled Writer Or Journalist

If you are journalist or a writer with an excellent English, this project is for you.
If you don

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SEO Clothing Pages On A Website


Onsite and Offsite SEO for the clothing pages of my website.

Please provide a $$ quote and detail of the type of SEO strategies you would use for the money

Please also include the type of reports you would provide to prove what had been done.

Keywords would be

Kids Clothing,
Childrens Clothing

Project would last for 3 months and then be reviewed for its benefits. If working well project would continue into future.

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Local Seo Serivce Provider

I am a local seo provider. Growing a sales force, selling to local service business who are trying to attract local customer leads, (calls and or e-mails) from their website.

I want to pay $50 per month for you to get 3 long tail phrase with local modifier in the top ten organic results in thirty days. You keep getting paid as long as the customer stays with us, years hopefully.

Also will keep expanding offerings, i.e. PPC, Gooogle Places, Face Book, Twiter, landing pages etc…

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15 Pages Onpage SEO+Link And Images Fix+light Scripting

We have a site we need:
15 pages +/-

on page seo
light fixing of php scripts
image manipulation and fixing
text fixing and updates
PDF uploads
etc..light stuff to make site ready to be live


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Build 8 Landing Pages For FTC

Build 8 Landing Pages for FTC

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Project Advance: SEO For Five Web Pages

I currently own five websites (three that are over a year old, one that is six months old, and another one that hasnt been developed yet) that I would like to have SEO taken off my plate and have someone else handle it. My previous experience with SEO was that I was disappointed. The good news is that the structure of the industry appears to have changed a bit and firms are making fees contingent on results. This will be the sort of agreement that we set up. Im also not sure whether I will be performing SEO on all five companies or merely just one or two for the holiday season. So, please for any price estimate include that in your breakdown (that is, you might be optimizing five or you might be optimizing one or two). The way this process will work is that I will give you the names of the websites, and you will come back to me with suggested keywords, the traffic associated with that keyword, how much traffic I could expect to get, and the time it will take to reach a particular search term. Please also render an opinion on well each of the websites is SEOed, that is, does have good content, keyword rich text, does it appear to be spamming, where are its weakest parts etc. The names of the websites are;;;, and

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Product Landing Pages | Sell Pages Unique Content | SEO

S | Web Search

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Product Landing Pages | Sell Pages Unique Content | SEO  

Product Landing Pages | Sell Pages Unique Content | SEO is project number 721140
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 06/23/2010 at 18:44 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

07/23/2010 at 18:44 EDT
(29d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (35 reviews)



I need someone to write some SEO enhanced product pages for 15 products on our site.
I will supply the template to work with.

Im looking for someone with SEO experience and Landing page experience.

Id like to see a minum of 1000 words on the landing page…. again we will provide the template and the Target keywords.

Id like to see some graphics on the landing pages, however it doesnt matter to me where you get the images. there are dozens of them availablle in Google images.

Once Again heres the criteria

15 product landing pages
1000 words on the page
Emphasize the keywords we provide
Use a template we provide

Can be done in a word document if thats what youre comfortable with.

Do a good job and youll have steady work.

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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

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Looking For PPC Expert

Hello, Im looking for a PPC expert to setup, run and optimize campaigns for my services, provide me with tracking codes…

You must be an expert with proven track record as i will work with only one person for my PPC needs

I can setup landing pages, everything… I have designers and coders at hand. Im also very familiar with on-page / off-page SEO.

****Please do not send me packages of any other kind, all i need is quality PPC advertising***

Thank you

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5 Landing Pages

5 landing pages

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FB Open Graph, Google SEO – Add Code To 120 Plus Pages

I need someone who is meticulous, cautious and knows FB, Google, Analytics and SEO. There is quite a bit of cut and pasting….and changing of descriptions.

We are implementing the FB Open Graph and need the new "meta property" code added to our pages.

At the same time we want you to make sure our pages are optimized for Google SEO.

Also, we want to be sure our Google Analytics works with FB.

We have 120 pages or more to be done.

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Sales Led Copywriter(s) Required For Landing Pages


We are looking for a proven "sales-led" copywriter to assist with improving our click through rates to basket from our various landing pages.

We promote our natural health and book-related products on TV in the US, so have a large volume of direct hits to our various websites and landing pages (approximately 200,000 visits last month).

The initial task is to take our existing copy and aim to improve the click through rates through any means (legitimately and ethically) to basket.

The initial task is for 2 landing pages that feature long copy and we have a future need for up to 40 different campaigns which will be available to those with success on the first task according to availability of the writer. Id anticipate we need between 2-4 writers in the long term.

The successful bidder will have demonstrable experience in sales-led rather than brand-led writing and the ability to turn the work around quickly. They will also be expected to discuss how the copy is presented on screen via discussions with in-house and external US-Based designers.

The main briefing for the successful bidder will be provision of the 30-minute TV show that the web-users will be responding to as well as existing landing page content and I will be available as well

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me via the message board

best regards


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Service Oriented Landing Pages 2 For Nikole

As discussed.

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Duplicate A Site

Sample sites to immulate.

the theme will be on B2B offering business loans, working capital, FAQ, Landing Pages, etc…

HEre is the sample of material that will be use.

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Beverly Maniago

Hi Bei,

I would like to hire you after you finish the giant ebook, to write 5 articles per day. $4 for 400 words.

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remove website from sandbox and bring it on first page for 3 keywords

My client has a realestate website and now it got sandboxed. I want to get it out of the sandbox and bring it at least on the first page for 3 keywords. The site is from Romania.

Money will be paid via GAF escrow when the site will be at least 10 days on the first page.

More SEO projects to come for the winner of the bid.

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