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A Tourist Map For The City Of Cairns In Queensland Australia

This project is to design an original map of the City of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. The map is designed for independant travellers and backpackers under the name Cocky Guides – a relevant, quirky and humourous map that can be relied upon by travellers. The style is to be fun but functional.

I envisage an A3 size map with room for 25 advertisement spots categorised into 5 groups of 5, within the A3 size. The groups with be Eat, Sleep, Party, Thrills, & Adventure. Each group will have a unique colour and a reference to the map (ie grid location and colour coded spot). Up to 15 major landmarks are to be portrayed in the map as a mini cartoon/caricture image.

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Blog Articles – Real Estate Neighbourhoods And Landmarks

I need someone to write 40 articles about neighbourhoods in my community, using and as resources to collect statistical data. Approximate article sizes should be between 400 and 500 words. Each article should also include photos found online.

I also need articles about 8 area landmarks, using the same criteria as above (size and photos). Resources for these landmarks can be more far reaching.

Excellent english language writing is expected.

So, in summary… thats 48 articles at about 400-500 words each.

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Illustration For The Background Image Of A Website

We are currently designing a website for ESL students. We want to do a site similar to (namely ) and and would need you to do the illustration of the background image. Since the site will be targeted towards ESL students, the main theme should only incorporate prominent landmarks of English-speaking countries. These should include:

– Mount Rushmore (at the top)
– Big Ben
– Stonehenge
– Sydney Opera House
– London Bridge
– double-decker bus(es)
– red telephone booth(s)
– The London Eye
– Statue of Liberty
– Hollywood sign

Other notable landmarks that you can include depending on whether you believe it fits into your composition:

– The White House
– Golden Gate Bridge
– Washington National Monument
– of course, your own ideas are welcome too

The width of the complete background should be 1600px; the height should be around 1600px; the contents of the page will have a width of 900px (background is centered on screen, like That means that you will place the landmarks around this area (similar to the mentioned sites).
We need you to provide us with the original files you used (.ai or .psd or .svg).

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Travel Writer Urgent

We need a travel writer who is available to start off immideatly. We need someone panctual. Need few articles on travel (destinations, events,landmarks). Article length should be 500-600 words. We will pay upto $4(USD) per article.

Payment will be made on every 7 articles via PayPal.

Need someone with good English, no grammar, spelling mistakes. We wont tolerate such errors.

Will require 1 article everyday( first article tomorrow). You should be able to send article on time.

Please submit your previous work to review. Bids without sample work wont be considered.

Person of any nationality can bid.

All The Best

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Redesign A Small MAP To Antique Pirate Style

Redesign a SMALL Tourist MAP into an Antique Pirate Style using Photoshop preferably, or illustrator and photoshop.

Have an existing small digital island map and would like it redesigned into an antique pirate style on parchment.
Using symbols such as the compass rose, and fun things like a treasure chest, graphics of pirate ships etc. Map has landmarks, and some names but not too complicated…

Need the original files in photoshop as well as jpeg which will work on a website. Parts of the map need to be clickable with links. NOt many links, maybe 4.

Please send me your quotes along with proposal for the design. Want to see examples of your work as well as to have references if possible. Please also tell us your time frame.

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Write An Essay About Salt Lick Trail In Summit County CO

First of all the essay must be at least 4000 words or you will not be paid. If youre the type of copywriter that likes to copy, borrow, or paraphrase stuff from other websites then move on. We want original content that is not borrowed from others. We are very good at researching whether content is duplicate or similar so please, do not try to slip one under our nose.

We are only interested in English speaking writers with impeccable writing skills.

We want an essay written about Salt Lick Trail in summit county CO. Tell the audience everything about it including its geographic significance, where its at, how people hike it, what ski level of hiking is required, and what wildlife/landmarks can be seen while hiking the trail. The article should put Salt Lick Trail in a favorable light, answer questions the reader might have had, and excite them about visiting Salt Lick Trail.

We will be using the essay as content on our website to try to attract hikers to use our townhome as a place to stay on their hiking adventure to Salt Lick Trail.

We want this article written within 2 days of your hire date.

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