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Need Articles Written In Several Languages


I need five articles written or re-written in the following languages:

* German
* French
* Spanish
* Italian
* Japanese
* Chinese

You will get a few keywords, previous press releases and our website to see what we are all about. The articles will be used for press-releases and to submit in article directories and databases. They should be very seo-friendly using keywords, bold, underline and so on. Please send me one (1) example of your earlier work to check.

In your bid, describe which languages you are bidding on. The articles should be approx 500 words each.

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Translate 40 Articles To Dansih, Swedish, Norwegian, German

After some failed projects I do a last try. I have 40 articles written in english, the articles are between 350-420 words and they need to be translated to Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Germand and Finnish. This must be done WITHOUT USING GOOGLE OR MICROSOFT AUTOMATED TRANSLATION. It needs to be done by one who knows the languages and know native writing.

Before you bid, consider this: Before any milestones or anything is done i want you to send me the article attached here to me after you translated to all five languages. When this is done, if its done correctly, I will pay milestone and offer you the job.

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Looking For An Experienced Website Designer

I need a website done, I need some one very experienced to do it for myself.
I also need to design the logo of our company.

I need a very good looking websites. Let me know which all languages you will be using to design the site,
will you be able to add some flash designs on it?
I need some one who knows all the web languages to build a great site.
All the details will be discussed on PM.

Bid only if you have several reviews. I need some one who has great knowledge of webdesign.
If i like your service, i will have many project to do with you.


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GUI/Software Translation To Various Languages

(this project is reposted due to mistake in previous budget)

Software GUI translation to:

We need to update translations for a software product in the languages specified above.
You must be familiar with web development and web design terminology.
We will select several winners for this project, so you can offer translation service for any language.

There are about 900 new phrases/lines of text (2000 words) to be translated.
Most phrases are 1 or 2 words like "color", "border", "activation key", etc.

Please also plan 1-2 hours for testing your translations and adjustments.

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Software GUI Translation To Various Languages

GUI translation to:

We need to update translations for a software product in the languages specified above.
You must be familiar with web development and web design terminology.
We will select several winners for this project, so you can offer translation service for any language.

There are about 900 new phrases/lines of text (2000 words) to be translated.
Most phrases are 1 or 2 words like "color", "border", "activation key", etc.

Please also plan 1-2 hours for testing your translations and adjustments.

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Translation – 48-hour Turnaround – 5 Languages

We need native Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish language speakers to translate an approximately 2,400-word document (in Microsoft Word) from English. We need this document translated within 48 hours.

We are looking for someone who can work with us over the next few months to translate about 50,000 words of similar text. This document can serve as a test of your abilities. If you can translate any of these languages, please reply ASAP.

1. Native speaker of Dutch, French, German, Portguese, and/or Spanish
2. Excellent knowledge of English language + native language
3. Fast working

We will NOT accept any automated translations for our project – ONLY HUMAN TRANSLATIONS!

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Dear All,

at this stage I am looking to expand my base of freelance translators for the below mentioned languages. Next to fluency in English you should have a perfect command of your mother tongue i.e. correct grammar etc (some may say that this would be natural. Trust me it is not 🙂 ). You should also be available on messengers (preferably Skype) as well as email. When sending a request I would like to receive an acknowledgement and a simple "yes i can do it" or a "sorry i am busy with another project" within 24 hours.

I require native speakers in the following languages:

French (France, Belgium and Switzerland)
and Danish

Please send me a description of prior translation work, details of experience and education. Are you a certified / legal translator? I would also like you to state your price per word for the following categories:

1 – 1000 words
1001 – 10000 words
10001 – 50000 words
50000 – 100000 words

I am only looking for individual translators. I will not consider any agencies.

Should you have any questions please use the message board.

Thank you

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Website Translation – 8 Languages

I have a website that I need translated into the following languages:
1. Chinese – Simplified
2. Japanese
3. Korean
4. Chinese – Traditional
5. Portuguese
6. Spanish
7. Russian
8. Turkish

There are approximately 500 words on the site (mostly words like "upload" "edit" "follow us on twitter" etc.)

The project can start on March 16.

Please indicate how you will do the translation (human, software, etc.). A human must review any computer translations.

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Fashion Brand Web Site

New Website for our Fashion Brand.

It must be full flash(CS3 with actionscript3) website, CMS(PHP).

I like this template. and I am open any suggestion.

It must be in four languages. Arabic, English, Turkish, Russian. I will enter the text content for these languages by CMS. I can enter products picture,code,size,contact information by CMS.

Candidates should show the best five websites in this category.

I give more details by pm.

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Forum Posting Job + Bonus For Foreign Languages

This is a long term job.
You will post on about 5 to 10 different forums daily.
You must have multiple IP addresses also, so you can run multiple accounts.

You also must create the accounts at the forums with my instructions.
You have to read the forum posts (this can take 30 seconds!) then you will write GOOD forum posts that are logical.
Please tell your price per 1,000 forum posts (this can be over 10 days) as I will buy in bulk. If you have a second language, please tell me. Special forum posting jobs are available for Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and many or other languages.

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Translate Website In 56 Languages

Please check on the top right hand is the english and arabic translation of the website,
I need someone to translate the website in 56 other languages, a total of 58 languages, please check for the other 56 languages.
keep in mind, there is alot of internal translation.
when you translate with help of google, Part of the site will disturb the structure/design.

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Website Conversion To 3 New Templates/Websites

Current website of 10-12 pages, already available in 4 languages, to be divided up into 3 different websites using basic PHP templates/stylesheets already created. Domains are registered and hosting accounts are setup. English version of first website is already finished to use as a guide.

Original website was made with proprietary software and contains "extraneous" code and internal styling. New templates should be cleaner code with external stylesheet,

The core of this job includes transition of current content in 4 languages to new templates, so that new websites can be created from current content. Each of the 3 new sites will contain content in 4 languages in the new templates.

Current website is at Specifics of which pages will go to which of the new templates will be provided to the winning provider.

Nothing complicated here, except for extracting content and pasting/formatting it into new templates. This job needs to be done quickly and accurately without a lot of corrections after the fact. Provider will be chosen based on experience, speed of completion, and cost.

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Online University Website, Videos, Animation, Languages,

This is a new international online university website, we need the following tasks completed:

Website design with flash components and playback video
E-commerce, 50 products/services
Load 22 languages each with anywhere between 100,000 – 200,000 words
Post production on 22 videos, supplied in HD format
3 on location shoots TBD, 1 day each (travel and lodging paid separately)
22 animations 3 minutes each, 2D – with 22 language voice overs 2 minute segments
2 animations 2 minutes each, 3D

DO NOT place a bid if you have no feedback

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HTML Languages Expert Needed

Hello. I want to convert a HUGE web portal from old HTML into something more modern. Only experts are invited

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Website Translation In 60 Languages

Dear translators, for 1 of our clients we lare ooking for translators in 60 languages.
This site operates worldwide (so almost all languages are needed)

The website it self has about 100 pages.
so please let us know your languages and price.

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SEO Joomla 1.5 2 Languages Englich And Spanish

Hi everybody i need a proposal for SEO. And of course i need to know how fast you can do it.

It is a Joomla 1.5 Webside, this webside is in 2 Languages (english and spanish) and should be bether ranked, Our aim is Europe, USA.

The webside is in Google on the third page so it needs a litle bit more optimised.
I will give you more information about the project over the pm. and because i do SEO as well,
i need to know whats the production plan for this webside.

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Translatione Few Languages Availble Here

Hi@ hope you all will fine.well i can do that provide few native languages trantiones.

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Organize Som Data, Dictionary

I need you to organize some data into excel files from open-source dictionary projects and other databases that Ill provide you with.

My goal is to make an extensive dictionary between the following languages:

NO Norwegian (Bokmål)
NB Norwegian (Nynorsk)

EN English
IT Italian
PT Portuguese
IS Icelandic
FR French
RU Russian
SV Swedish
ES Spanish
CA Catalan
LA Latin
TR Turkish
NL Dutch
PL Polish
RO Romanian
DA Danish
EL Greek
SK Slovak
BG Bulgarian
FL Finnish
CN Chinise
JP Japanese

Your task is to download the dictionaries from the open-source site: URL (Ill give u this link later) and organize the data into excel files. Attached youll see an example of the NO part that I started on. It translates from Norwegian to the other languages. There are 4 different dictionaries for each language pair. Ive attached the Norwegian dictionaries in a .zip file.

To begin with, the Norwegian part can be made, to see the result. Then, if everything goes as planed, you can continue with the other languages.

Im also preparing Norwegian BOKMAL to Norwegian NYNORSK (The two most important languages in this project)

As there are a lot of data to process and this is going to be used in an on-line dictionary, it is really important that it is done with high accuracy and it would be an advantage if you have worked with similar projects before.

I also have some databases in (norwegian, swedish, spanish and english) that I want to implement in this project. and I can provide you with these later. As there are more languages to consider, this dictionary have to be built from scratch.

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How To Build Websites Such As…

I would like to know, how the following websites have been built:
I would like to know:
1) Which program languages have been used to create these websites?
2) The Pros. and Cons. for using different program languages for creating these kind of sites.
3) How can I use application such as facebook, twitter and iphone for these kind of websites?
4) How much is it going to cost (money and manhours) to create these kind of websites, including development, using servers and maintenence?

( I can recieve proposal for Fixed Price and Hourly)

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50,000 Word 20+ Languages Translation Of Online University

We need to translate a new online international university with an approximate 50,000 words into 18 languages, the website must be translated in its entirety (complete) including all pages and downloads (including flash files), please confirm which languages you plan to translate into and the realistic timeline to completion.

(*) Example of languages (not a complete list):

Chinese (Mandarin)

We will issue 3 milestones, 40% against first draft, 50% after the translation has been uploaded and final 10% after online proofreading is complete and verified. We will absolutely not accept a machine or software based translation.

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Translations From EN To DE, ES And NL

Theres 4100 words / ~22k characters worth of 12 poker news that need to be translated to the following languages: German, Spanish and Dutch.

To be considered for this job, you should be fluent in one of the languages (preferably a native speaker) and have at least some kind of experience in translating stuff from English.

The winning bidder will get an .odt / a .pdf with the text to be translated.

For more information just PM me.

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Translators To Different Languages Needed!

For huge project (translations to Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, Finnish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and etc more than 1000 articles 1800 characters each) translators or translators teams needed.

Quote for 1 translated article – 1.4 USD or 1400 USD for 1000 articles.

Payment by Moneybookers.

Preference will be given to teams.

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Private For Sehgals

Messages 400k will be send:

so 200 k to korean people (in english languages first)
and 200k to chinese people (in english languages first also)

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Website Project. Drupal Expert.

One of our websites has few problems and it cannot display the languages correctly. We are using Drupal as our CMS. We are looking for an expert that can 1) fix the website theme, 2) upload the translated content (languages) onto the CMS. It should be a small project and we need it fix asap. Please bid, if interested. I will send you more details then.

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Thechaniavillas Minor Fixes

I need for my site some corrections in lang,class. i use 2 languages en and gr. If someone types ny other character like gr1 or anything else then the system returns with a fopen error because cant find the lang file. i need this to be corrected so the system will ignore anything else except the 2 languages. In addition i need some sql corrections so the system will be able to translate via my cms admin system a the gallery part that now is not included.

My budget i 5 dollars.

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Google AdWords Campaign


We are an IT Service company based in Thailand. We are looking for someone who can manage our Google AdWords campaign. Please we are not interested in SEO work as we have someone doing that already, only interested for AdWords.

We would like to have a campaign to cover local and global (Excluding Display network). We don

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Progam Creation

I need a simple program coded for me . I have listed some programming languages above but skilled programmers in other languages are more than welcome as well. My budget for this program is $50 usd. Please contact me to get specific details.

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Need Developer To Create Lang Files For A Site

We have a site and its multi-language. But 20% of texts are not in language files (variable texts) but are real texts inside the code.

We need you to make those text lines as variables and collect them in one file = language file (so its easy to translate into various languages).

The site is

Please bid listing your experience and languages you speak in every day life. Its important for us so you could join our development team easier.

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Software Translation Work Into Several Languages

We are looking for software translators for the following languages:


Preferably native translators.
Please contact us if you are interested. Let us know which language/languages you are bidding for. Thanks.

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Contacts Directory


I am looking to build a website almost the same and similar to the following ones:

More links & details will be available after I choose the right bidder.


1- NDA will be required to be signed.
2- The website would also have to be suitably secure to avoid the theft of funding credits, and to protect private user data.
3- Options to share user data on Facebook, Twitter and others.
4- After purchase, an email or SMS is automatically sent to buyers of this service.
5- ERP & Financial / Accounting system should be included.
6- Samples & Templates should be available for the users to choose and inter there data.
7- Ability to create accounts as many as I want for agents.
8- Designing a unique business logo for this website.
9- Advertising area must be considered while designing and developing this website.
10- Smart phones platforms should be available and integrated with this website.
11- Prototype must be submitted before the deal.
12- This website will be used globally, languages must be available to users specially Arabic and English languages.
13- Other necessary descriptions and features will be sent later in a file or while audio discussion.
14- Overall, the website should be flexible in terms of functional amendment / update.

Please let us know if any other features are essential for a satisfactory functioning of the site and submit your business, designing and technical proposal including development technology tools, duration and final bidding price.


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PSD To HTML [2 Pages -same Page Different Languages]

Hello. We need someone to convert a psd mockup to html.
Its Homepage only!

Divs & no Tables!

The project will be paid after we see the html files to see if it works without problems.

Budget: up to 60$.

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Translators – Multiple Languages


I am looking for multiple persons for translations in following languages:

– German
– Spanish
– French
– Norweigen
– Danish
– Swedish

Please I am looking for native person that are from each and every country.

Work waiting right away.


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