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Require Assistance To Complete Group On Website For Launch


The site is based on the groupon software by ndotdeals and I have set it up on my server.

However, there are a few things I need to edit and finish and some bugs to fix and also add a credit card processing method. If you can help me with this please bid. Some tasks:

– Launch of site
– Todays Deal at the top doesnt display todays deal
– Payment method at this point is only paypal, i would like to add a credit card payment method (not paypal)
-Some basic appearance enhancements
– Assistance with launch of the website – clean up the site
– i will also require the site to be fully tested before launch
– need to be reliable!

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Promotional Launch Video For Retail Microsales Tool (phase)

Hi all,

I am after a promotional video for the launch page of our localised, social buying tool, to be put at

The video needs to convey the concept clearly to the customer, which we consider to be small to medium sized businesses. These businesses will use the too to connect with the ultimate end user via an iPhone app. Its a brand new concept! We want the video to be around 60 seconds if possible and to basically highlight the situation in which a business should use Phase.

You will be required to provide:
– The drawing / animation: I want this to be very simple and clean. Flash or the like is fine, but i want it to be cartoon based with simple characters using one or two colours and nothing fancy. Either dark grey (#3e3e3e) and white or orange, dark grey and white would be ideal, as in the first video below. Here are two videos that I like. I would ideally want ours to be somewhere between the two; and

Please find the storyboard attached, it has rough images drawn by me which merely show the story, not the style I want. I will do my own voiceovers, or outsource those, but Ive included the text along with each frame / slide so that you can bear it in mind when animating and the time required on each slide. Ive also included extra notes to help with some of the animation.

I am open to some design flair and if you could show me some of your previous work when you bid (a link or something similar) that would help me greatly in entrusting you with this project!

If you have any questions, ask them up front and along the way, its better to work together on this as I dont want to get to the end and have lots of nasty surprises!

My budget is ideally < $300.



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Design/Build/Launch 1 Website W/Content & Traffic Generating

Design/Build/Launch 1 website w/Content & Traffic generating a constant monthly revenue.

Domain and Hosting:
I currently have a few domains and unlimited web hosting available for this project.

In short: We are looking for someone to design, build and launch a profitable website that can
generate a constant revenue.

Please see attached for more detail on our requirements for this project.

Note :
This is a Proof of concept project.
Goal is to turn this into a turn key process for our customers.
We would love to work with you on future projects if you can prove the quality of Your work.
Upon successful completion of meeting these goals set above for the revenue generating site.
This may open the door for a longer term work and or the possibility of long term employment.
If the site generates the desired revenue, there could be the possible of commission and or profit
sharing on further endeavors.

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Bookings Pro V2.0

I need a clean design to sell travel online. The inventory in the shop needs to have different pricing options for Adults, students (Backpackers) and children – plus there needs to be seasonal rates – eg. holidays are more expensive during Xmas &amp; Easter holidays.

The CMS should allow 3rd party suppliers to log-in and update there inventory and product descriptions, it should allow payments online with an embedded credit card form (I have a gateway through, and it should offer the choice to send out travel vouchers automatically.

Once the CMS is built to manage inventory – this data should be able to feed 100s of websites – with filters so only relevent product appears on each domain.

Last of all we should be able to launch new websites with ease (I already have 50 sites that I want to launch for different markets).


This is Stage 1 of a multi stage project that the winning designer will be part of.

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OptimizePress Launch Theme Expert

We require the services of an experienced user/graphic design/setup of OptimizePress Launch Theme.

Project requires setup of squeeze page, four videos, header design and copy graphics.

Complete setup for one product launch.

Please only bid if you are an "expert" with OptimizePress Launch Theme.

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Building A Set Of "Coming Soon/Sign Up" Themes

We are building a service for individuals and companies to build out a very simple web presence and work with customers leading up to a successful launch.

Were currently working on the core functionality, but this only works with some themes from a kickass designer that have been optimized to easily match the persona of the customer/brands being hosted. The content in the themes, for V1 is very simple.

They would sit somewhere between a teaser/sign-up page and a single product landing page. You can see a very simple example from our own pre-launch page at The goal is to build 4 or 5 different variations of these launch pages with different options that enable them to be customized.

If this is something you are interested in let me know and we can talk more.

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Pinnacle Cart Launch Needed ASAP

We have Pinnacle Cart that need to be launched ASAP. Design is 85% complete we are looking for installation of Pinnacle Cart on our Server, extremely small project.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Site Upgrade & Maintenance – Melbourne

We are a retail company with a new Australian CMS and e-commerce website built on the Joomla/Virtuemart platforms, that is 90% ready to launch.

We are seeking an experienced web developer based in Melbourne to implement a number of security upgrades and bug fixes in order to get the site ready to launch, and then to maintain the site on an ongoing basis.

The developer will be responsible for:

Prior to Launch:

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Launch Page

The page would need to be able to sign up users and send them a confirmation e-mail and be able to store some data that they will input via text boxes and check boxes. We would also like to do some SEO to help drive traffic to the site, for a brief overview please see below:

Launch page objective:

1. To inform public about the upcoming official launching of the buisness site sometime in next month or so

2. To have as many people register to sign up for our service fro free during the pre launch phase

3. To advise visitors that after the official launch it will be a dollar for a lifetime membership to the site

4. To advise the highs odds of winning each raffle because of the limit of no more than 50 entrants per rafflle

5. To advise that even if entrant did not win raffle they will get opportunity to buy service or product at substantial discount via a coupon for 3 hours after raffle ended.

6. To assure members that their is never any spam sent to them. They can enter raffles in any city , from merchants that they choose, and buy coupons from the vendors they are interested in, but that currently raffles will be limited to the state of Florida

7. PRE LAUNCH Page should have previews of things you could win, ie: weekend getaway for two at Key West, 90 days personal training from XYZ, $300.00 grocery shopping spree, etc.

8. The Launch page will enable users to enter the information listed below and receive and e-mail confirmation that they have successfully signed up and asking them to confirm their e-mail address

Launch Page Back End

Data fields for Form

* First Name
* Last Name
* E-mail Address *
* Zip Code **
* Cuisine ***
* Recreation ***
* Travel ***
* Fitness ***

* Need to have a method to check if e-mail address is valid and that is is not a duplicate record (If they dont have a method to do this I have a temporary method we can use)
** Need to have a method to verify the zip code exists. (I can get a list of zip codes on line we just need a simple way to do a cross check)
*** These fields would be taking values from 1-X in the database, list of the Check Box values before

Cuisine: Barbecue – 1, Caribbean – 2, Chinese – 3, Italian – 4, Indian – 5, Japanese – 6, Mediterranean – 7, Seafood – 8, Thai – 10
Recreation: Classical – 1, Dance – 2, Extreme Sports – 3, Movies – 4, Theater – 5
Travel: Africa – 1, Asia – 2, Caribbean – 3, Europe – 4, North America – 4, South America – 5
Fitness: Baseball – 1, Basketball – 2, Boxing – 3, Football – 4, Gyms – 5, Hockey – 6, Martial Arts – 7, Soccer – 8, Vitamins / Supplements – 9, Workout Equipment – 10


MYSQL or MSSQL Database to store sign up registration info (We have to be able to export this data though either in csv format or a MYSQL or MSSQL flat file)

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SEO Expert Needed

I have a new website that I am trying to rank for an upcoming product launch.

The product launches at the end of March and my website is currently ranking 12, 11, and 6 for three targeted keywords.

I am looking for an SEO expert to get me in the top 2 for all three keywords by product launch on 3/28.

I will not only agree to the price once the goal is met, but I will offer a bonus 20% of the sales made during launch.

Please provide proof of past results.

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Website Design For Consumer Product Launch

We are a consumer electronics company currently working on developing and launching our first product. We need a website. Simple, sleek, modern aesthetic. EXPERIENCE W/ ECOMMERCE STRONGLY PREFERRED.

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Launch Jacking SEO

Launch Jacking:
Subject: *Urgent* – Need Quick Link Building Completed within 48 hours

I need links for a time sensitive project. I need these links within 48 hours. Any bid with a timeframe of
over the timeframe will be ignored.I am looking for 200-1000 links. I may award this to multiple bidders.
Even if you have bid on my other current projects, please bid here as well, as I have many urls and
several current projects on Freelancer.

Send me your best backlink package with a mix of the following:
– high PR blog comments
– article submissions (and accepted url)
– press release submissions (and accepted url)
– high PR profile links
– forum signature links
– blog posts
– blogroll links
– RSS feeds
– Any creative link building methods not listed here (not interested in directory submissions because
they take too long)

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The Launch Of

I wish to start up a website &quot;; which has reviews of bike parts and blogs relating to Road bikes and is linked to Google adds as a form of income.
I will require a logo design and branding for

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Powerpoint Cleanup & Launch Page

Need simple cleanup to three power point presentations:

1) Presentation 1 – clean up text overwritting
2) Presentation 2 – clean up text overwritting
3) Presentation 3 – add standard footer
4) Set auto transition for each presentation
5) Create master presentation with links to launch each ppt separately

Additional details will be provided to selected bidder.

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Website And Launch Party Video "FLY GEENIUS" Clothing

Hey guys,

Im looking to create a video for our new website and launch party for a new clothing line based in new york. The clothing line is described as a smart, luxury hip-hop clothing line.

The video should be made to be website and screen saver ready.
The video would be a cartoon of our mascot FG, walking from left to right with moving 3d background of new york city theme background (such as city skyscrapers or large buildings) The video needs to be 10-15 seconds in length.

Here is our website and black and white image of our mascot, the video will feature a colored version of the mascot.

So I will need a freelancer editor / animator to create something that is watchable, colorful, engaging. This is an introduction of our mascot and needs to be vibrant in color and detail, clean and quick. Music or sound effects are not important at this point in time.

Here is a great examples of the sort of work i am looking for.
Kanye West music video – "Good Morning",

Please only apply if you are able to DEMONSTRATE something like this (with links).
Many thanks!

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Web Application CRM

We are looking to have a web based CRM developed SaaS model.

Reference competitor systems: , ,

Clean Web 2.0 UI and fast loading application.

You will also be responsible for creating tutorial/knowledge base.

The CRM Software must be 100% bug-free and tested prior to launch.

The software will be free for about 3 months for users to do beta testing. Once we are ready for full launch we will need a sign up system so user can sign up for 30 day free trial,etc. Full administrative backend tool,etc.

We are looking for a long term relationship as this is a big project. Please give us your BEST bid, we will also pay a bonus once our company generates revenue.

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KoolBag Website Launch

We have one product to launch, requires a basic ecommerce website – looking for design, and development to deployment. We have the URL only so need web hosting with ecommerce capabilities – happy to launch without shopping cart first to promote site and build traffic, SEO crutial for this project as this and SEM will be the only form of marketing initially. New at this so you will need to be patient 🙂

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Prestashop Design, Install, Launch

Based on example websites, your task is to: design, cut, code and install a Prestashop theme.

The theme should be similar to but the color scheme, fonts and buttons should be unique. product images to use in your design mockup are attached.

Some Design Guidelines:
Scheme 1:
Scheme 2:
Scheme 3:

Layout: 2 columns

Creation of functional elements like the slideshow is not required, as these are Prestashop modules that can be plugged in.

Possible ongoing project opportunities for someone who demonstrates their Prestashop skills. We may require assistance with module customisation.

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Develop Static Website

Build and design static website for leather and bondage wear.
Information and look and feel basically as
Require no shopping cart but with links to

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Develop And Launch A Website With A Rapid Turnaround!!!!

Looking for someone to develop and launch a website for one of my clients.

10 pages total!!
DIGITAL FORMS (sub categories to each form qty 4)

great way to display your work!

max bid 300

Please see the following sites to give you an idea of my needs (site colors will need to be green and brown).
This site does the same type of services my client does. Please pay close attention.

If you can accomplish this task then I currently have several other sites, artwork, media that need to be created! Start today!!

max bid $300!!!!!

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Expert List Builder For Launch Of Online Business

Hello eyeryone I am in need of an expert list builder to drive members to optin to my landing page on the internet. I already have a landing page set up and ready to go. I have an option trading advisory service, and I am adding more services to it, so I want to do another launch of my website business.

My first launch was extremely successful, and brought in an extreme amount of memberships. I am going to charge $399.00 for a lifetime membership to my options advisory service, but will have an early bird special for $299.00 for the people that optin and choose to buy when I enable the buy now button. So they will save $100.00. I have been doing this since 2008, and is a very successful business. I know my landing page works, because it is the same one that brought in all the members before. I am looking for 5000-10,000 fresh targeted optins before I launch.

What I am needing from you is this

1. You will have the ability to drive interested members to the landing page to optin for more info.

2. You must have done this before, and with success.

3. You will know how to use mobile marketing, PPV, PPC, Facebook ads, mass emails, or whatever your method is to generate leads to get the job done.

4. I will verify with each optin upon sign up that this person is interested, to make sure that you are not just adding random people to my landing page. Each optin will be checked personally by me.

5. I would like the job to be completed within a 1 month time frame.

6. You must have all the skills and tools to do this campaign successfully, and not need my help on this unless you have questions.

7. There has to be no funny business at all with this campaign, all optins must register on thier own. I will give you updates daily on how many opted into the list. If you do this well I have several larger projects coming up that will need your skills.

8. I will pay a small portion upfront, and then do milestones for the rest, I will not pay all upfront for a job that is not done. I do not have a large budget for this project, but will pay you 10.00 per person that sign ups once we open the doors to the service. This is in addtion to what you will be paid to do the job, so it will be extra.

That is it. Also please do not bid if you do not have the skills to get a successful launch off the ground.

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SEO And Keyword Specialists

Hi Marketers and SEO specialists,

We are launching a new website company and need internet marketing specialists
who are going to produce results when it comes to ranking for keywords.

For our particular industry, we will be targeting 2 markets.
1. For More contractors to work for our company
2. For More customers to visit our site.

The seo specialists we hire must also understand that we are having a
"pre-launch contest" where the winners will be announced on launch day.

It is our goal as a company to put ALL our time and resources into having a MASSIVE Launch.
Whoever we hire must express this same mentality and focus all work towards driving
people to our site FOR THE CONTEST.


1. 5 keyword suggestions for each target (Over a million search volume combined minimum)

2. identify the potential keywords from which traffic can easily be converted into online sales

3. You will ONLY suggest keywords you are confident you can get FIRST PAGE search results.

4. SEO optimize our web pages for selected keywords

5. CREATE small CPC campaign for branding purposes. We will not be having a large budget for this until after launch.

6. Drive traffic to our registration pages for the purpose of registering FOR THE LAUNCH CONTEST.

Please list any other skills or ideas you have that will help has have a BIGGER launch day.
If you are able to also do other types of marketing please let us know.

We ask that you quote us the price to get started and create the initial marketing work.

Then we would also like you to quote a monthly rate for you to work with us after launch…

We would expect that after launch you are building a minimum of 100 links per month, producing
articles, doing forum/blog posts, reaching out directly to the customers in this industry….
And, driving traffic that converts!

Keep in mind that we already have a marketer that is specializing on the social media aspect.
If it is necessary, you two will discuss a shared game plan that will ultimately produce better results.

We will be launching our business May 1st, 2011

Our launch goals are:
1000 new contractor applications submitted before launch day.
20,000-40,000 visitors showing up on launch day.

Happy Bidding

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Web Development (new Dating/meeting Website)

Hello Developers,

We are seeking a talented Programmer/Developer, who is interested in a unique opportunity developing a site that has multiple functions similar to those found on dating and social networking sites. With the right candidate on board by late January, our current plan estimates us to Beta Test in April 2011, with a launch in May 2011.

You will work closely with a graphic designer who will be responsible for creating the front-end flow and look and feel.

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Magento Consultant Needed For Phase 1 Launch Of Commerce Web

I am looking for Magento expert who is available for Magento consulting. My Magento 1.41 site is nearly ready for launch, but needs a few tweaks in the backend and I need some help.
1. Adding spanish language
2. Navigation tweaks
3. Minor Customizations
4. Showroom (no prices) 3rd party extension
5. Site Secure

Phase 2:
-Shopping cart rollout. Not included in this project
-Multiple site

Please send links for existing sites you have worked on. Must be expert and speak english and Spanish would be a major plus!!!

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Joomla Webmaster Part-time On Going

Our Joomla site, uses Rockettheme Somaxiom template and has some custom PHP integration as well as CB and CB Subs and Alpha Recommend module. We are getting close to launch (end of month target), but needs some finishing touches- including:

1. install of a slider module for feature members,
2. move the CB Login- ideally using a lightbox installation so it doesnt take up so much room
3. an attractive and well positioned headers (font only, not graphic) for five pages, so users know what exchange they are on
4. "beta" in red script font added to end of logo
5. find out why page doesnt finish loading in Safari but does in Firefox and others
6. customize 404 page
7. ensure website is fully backed up before launch.
8. ensure website is properly secured from attacks (think it is, but want to be sure)
9. some additional tweaking and debugging as necessary

Then, during and after launch, I need a go-to webmaster that I can contact as needed for ongoing assistance, troubleshooting, addition of other add on components as needed, and creative brainstorming.

The site is

I would like to find someone that is familiar with the Gantry Framework of the Somaxion template from Rockettheme, which I have been told is a little more involved, as well as someone that can do custom PHP work if and when needed (they may need to modify existing code).

I would like to find someone that has some creative expertise, that can make valuable suggestions for things that should be added, changed etc. to improve the experience.

I am on west coast of Canada, so having someone in a time zone that is in the ballpark would be highly preferred, so that I dont have to work in the middle of the night.

Good (working) spoken English required.

THis person must be able to make quick turn arounds (within hours) in the event of a emergency, but otherwise a reasonable turn around time (day or more) is okay. I like to work on SKYPE, so this is preferred.

This is an ongoing part-time position! Youll be part of the team for as long as it works out, and as the business grows there will be opportunity for additional work and pay.

Please quote on the top 9 items to start, along with a direct message on hourly rate for ongoing basis.

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Soon To Launch Picture And Video Sharing Website Make A %

We will be launching a new video and picture website soon. Not like photobucket or a paid site. This one will be free for everyone, forever. We have myspace and facebook ads ready to go and also google adsense and adbrite. We are looking to get as many unique hits on the website as possible from around the world during the first week to month as well as the user to sign up and use the service. We would like as many visitors as possible around 10,000+ per day. Also, with this being a free site there will be ads. We want to make at least 50 USD per day average or more. The 80% first month income less any fees will be awarded to the winner. We will give you access to keep track of how much site is bringing in. The site has not launched yet. You may bid any price, but the income will be up to you. If this works well we may hire you or your firm/company to keep the visitors coming and ad hits going. Please pm me for any details that you would like. This could be the start of a great relationship. Website should be ready for launch in 2-3 weeks

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Need PHP Programmer For Pre-launch Basic Function Website

Phase One:

Hey I have a pre-launch website that needs to be built. The purpose of this website if to have users sign up and create an account. The only funtion of the account is to generate a unique affiliate ID link. The user can then copy and paste the link to friends. When friends sign up they are placed in the users downline.

**This will be a 90 day pre-launch**

Phase Two:
During that time we sill develop the code for the core launch and open the functionality we promise in the video.

The first phase is the one you are going to bid on. Its basic opt in with member creation, user and password with affiliate tracking. Im getting the pages designed for $50 or $70 so you will have the .PSD design of what i want it to look like. Im also creating an animated video for the front page.

TIMELINE: You have 10 days to complete the job.

Budget: The cheapest but most reliable person will win. If you have skype thats a bonus

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Free Signups Needed

Bellamora is a new patented anti-aging skin care line. It is an online skin care business opportunity very similar to Mary Kay. The company is in pre-launch right now.

During pre-launch, people can join free and they also receive free samples of the product. There is no shipping, handling or commitment.

No credit card is needed to join. We do not require a valid social security number during the pre-launch. People can enter a random number.

The dead line is January 14, 2011.

For the verification process, we will need you to give us the name and address email provided by the people who signed up. No FRAUD or illegal methods.

What we need is the more signups at the lower price. These signups can come from these countries ONLY: United States (USA), Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Panama.

We are looking for an experienced networker.

We will consider the reviews of your past Freelancer employers.

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1000 Paying Signups Required.


I am launching a new membership site.
I am offering 2 months for a trial fee that covers the 2 months. After that it
reverts to the normal monthly fee.

The sit is to form joint venture partnerships, to build your lists and to launch new products or
To sell through affiliate links.

You will get $5.00 USD for every paid referal.
There is at least 8 ways to make money on our site.
Lots of free marketing tools/products.

Announce your posts to every member, no credits required.

New Marketers welcome.

Will send insyructions on how this launch needs to work for this time only.
I need atleast 1000 paying referals.

Thanks Todd

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Press Release For A New Website Launch

We are looking for an experienced writer to write a press release for our new website launch.
We need this before friday.

Send us the examples of your press release writing work. Experienced writers only, Please!

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Website Launch Brochure – Photoshop – Budget – $50

I need someone that can create me a quick wedding design brochure for the launch of our website in an effort to encourage/inspire users to sign up. The design needs to be dramatic and appealing with quality font designs and textures.

I want to be able to email these out so the file should be 8×11 size and in full layered photoshop format. I will be looking for samples of your work and what you can do. I have a general idea of what I want to see but want someone with the ability to show me some designs that will make this launch stand out and appeal to users to sign up.

Interested providers should have samples to view of similar style work and should also be able to get this done quickly.

Because it is wedding related, I want to have the design with wedding related colors, soft earth tones are good or even winter tone colors.

Be willing to suggest something, it could just get you the project if I can see that you know what you are talking about.


Need this completed ASAP….

We will have design idea discussed and general layouts discussed and agreed upon before escrow payment is made. Will release the payment at the end of the project when accepted.

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