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20110405 Format & Design Layout Of Word Document Brochure

I require someone to format a 2 page word document. The person should be graphic design or marketing orientated.

The document is a sales brochure for my company. I need the document to be made to look professional and have some graphics added to it – maybe side bars and reformat the header and footers. Some graphics will be provided, I need you to source the other graphics. You will need to either find free graphics or you will need to recommend the graphics on istockphoto and we will purchase them

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Party / Club Invitation Flyer Design For Print CMKY

Need a birthday party invitation designed.
The layout needs to be done in CMYK.
The size will be either be 1500 pixels x 2100 pixels
or 1200 pixels x 2700 pixels.

I need a highly skilled and very creative person to create a very good layout.
Please be available to start on the layout now.

Please post some samples of some of your club fliers..

The theme is a face off between good vs evil.

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Revision Of Joomla Car Community Component

I am posting this job as I need a revision of an already existing component and module for joomla. The component is a car listing component, basically a directory of my websites members cars with a community element mixed in. In essence its a pretty simple job, removing some functionalities and adding some. It is mostly a job to update the component to current web standards and adding in a flexible communication element (like a simple facebook wall). I guess one of the main points of this assignments is making it a little more dynamic, in keeping with current web trends. So that means there is an amount of jQuery work involved.

All the details are in the attachments, everything that I would like to get done for now. Additionally I added the already existing component and module, so you can see whats its all about and if you can work with the code.

Please remember that the details I specified are flexible, we can talk about it!

Also there is a mock-up of the layout attached, this is how the updated components car profiles should look like. These should also give an overview of the very simple functionalities of the component. Important is that this very simple div design is also picked up for other pages in the component. BUT, Im not asking for difficult layout work though, just make sure the CSS abilities in the code are retained, I do other layout work myself easily. Further information can be had through a private message of course 🙂

I hope this and the files in the attachment explain what Im looking for. Im hoping on a cooperative and honest developer. As I know one or two things about coding and web developing myself you can expect pro-active input from my side as well. If I had the time I could probably do most of the work myself, so please give me a good offer! Remember, the basis of the component and module is there, therefore Im looking for offers around $75-200!

Simplify, update and rework! That are the three main ingredients of this task.

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Website Layout

private for arijit

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IPhone App Layout Design Revamp


I need an app to be revamped completely in terms of layout and design:

-Graphics are provided
-In total only 2 pages
-We would provide the current code of the app
-No elements can be used from Apples default SDK. This means we provide all images for button, tabs and icons.
– Play a video when opening the app instead of an image

See attached for more info. NDA will need to be signed if project awarded.

Work may begin Asap, Questions? PM me

PS: Check out my iPad project aswell

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PHP Fox Design Changes

I am building a unique social networking site on PHP Fox platform and need someone with experience changing and deleting items from the home page, navigation bar and profile page. Am also requesting help to create a warm but simple design layout for the home and profile page. I will provide the content, just need help in the layout. If satisfied with design and implementation will also be needing additional programming help to create add-ons within the profile page.

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Catering Menu Graphics And Changes – No Concept Work

A corporate catering menu for a Bagel store.

Concept 90% complete – a template has been purchased from stocklayouts

Template is for an american diner, but the theme / layout remains the same:
( as this is for New York style bagels – we like the layout )

Changes are:

change pictures to bagels and our coffee brand etc
insert menu text
insert our logo
change to our business colours

The layout is one menu folded in half to make a four page menu

Template available in many formats, PC and Mac

Would require I imagine two rounds of minor alternations.

End result is finished art for a printer , and also a PDF for a website.

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Expression Engine Developer Wanted

We are looking for a developer who is confident with building templates and creating custom modules for the CMS Expression Engine.

The design has been done and the layout requires content modules on the page to be activated / deactivated which will change the layout itself.

All frontend HTML/CSS will be provided so its just the build of template.

Please enquire for further details / queries.

Only contact us if you have EE experiences and confident with your knowledge.

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Zen Cart Website Completion

-Need Someone To work on my layout need to add 3 banners on specific location, change slighlt Layout of product views
-Need to have the pages ready for the 2nd language (translation will be done by myself, just need the correct pages in place)

-fix ez-populate (not working properly)
-need to copy customer Database from old zen cart and add it to the new Zen cart Database
-fix layout for pdf
-add search productin edit order functionnality(when adding a new product)
-need a specific type of report to be available or custom created
small minor layout work

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Voting/poll 2 Page Basic Layout Site

Looking to have a very simple two page voting site created. I can sort out the design and layout so just need it it to be the bare bones and working.

First page will have the option to click a button stating "YES" or "NO". This vote is then carried over to the second page revealing the results in a 3d pie chart with the percentage amounts stated below it.

Id like it so that you have to vote to see the results, and you can only vote once. Would prefer the information for the votes to be stored on a database but its not totally necessary, as long as the data is secure.

A little animation might be nice, with the two pieces of the chart bouncing in.

Thats it, let me know if you have any questions.

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Torrents Search Engine

create a torrents search engine where it displays torrents host the seed leech size there should be 2 ads layout the script should pick 1 ad at a time and the page is reloaded it should pick 2nd ad and display it on the same layout . torrents search engine should work like . back end there should be option to add and remove host facebook comment should be there . it should be seo friendly. there should be sitemap generator

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Quick Enhancement Of Flier – Design Layout Skills Required

This is a small quick job for someone who wants cash today. Its to redo or enhance the layout of the attached file.

I want the first page only enhanced – not the second page with the mind map.

View the attachment and tell me your price.

Then complete and submit back to me as PDF or JPG

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22,000 Word Book Typeesetting Project

This is a cancer survivor story with a workbook component. Approximately 22,00 words to bulk out to around 112 pages 5.5" x 8.5" provided in WORD format. Primarily text and some halftones that will require some adjusting for print.

I show a sample layout to the author for approval – before we typeset the entire book. This book may require two files – one for LSI, the other for an offset printer. The only difference generally is the spine width and occasionally the presentation of the print pdf.

This book will be used to launch a speaking career and the designer receives a copyright page credit as well.

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Layout Graphic Designer, Excellent And Fast!

Looking for an excellent Graphic designer to design layout for my Events and Daily Offers website, Coming soon/Sign up page, E-mail marketing template, Facebook and Twitter page layouts.

Designer should be professional with the graphic language.

I already have someone for the programming so this is for artwork and layout only.

Also, there will be a video illustrating the complete procedure of how we work (if you can do that I will have to find some other video creation team for that purpose).

I am quite new to this so I would need very good communication so I can be guided in the right way.

Find the reference template design in the below link: (I liked this design, but looking something equal or better than this)

In your bid please show links to your actual work being used.

Only competitive bids.

Must be available via Gmail daily.

Put Design Layout in your bid message. I will not respond to automated bids.

Thank you.

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Sell Sheet

I need a professional layout and design for a sell sheet.
The sell sheet will be a minimum of 2 pages.
There is a lot of content so Im looking for someone extremly creative that can provide recommendations and a unique layout.

The ideal person is very creative
Has access to graphics
Provides sleek corporate designs
Can work wtihin an identity that has not yet been created.

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I have a basic layout designed for a accessory designer website. Simple function and clean design similar to the layout of I need someone who can execute my web design layout into a functioning website including purchase/order programming running in the next two weeks.

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Redesign A Magazine Layout

I am looking forI am looking for a talented designer to redesign a magazine / catalogue layout.

I am looking create a demonstration version of the publication for tablet devices. I would need somebody to redesign layout to a different page size so it can be used in tablets. I would probably need 3-4 spreads to be redesigned. As a designer you dont need to have a knowledge of tablet publishing, if you have it is a plus. But mainly Id appreciate a experienced magazine designer.

Once I find a suitable designer I will give detailed information and based on that we can negotiate the price for the job. I would assume that it will about a 1 or 2 days work. This might lead for additional work if the demo version is succesfull

Please send some examples of magazine layouts you have designed and if you have any iPad magazine layouts even better.

Deliverable: InDesign CS4/CS5 document

Timeframe: within a week after the selection.



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Magento CSS Layout Correction

We have a working e-commerce website in Magento.

The margins of the header section are great, but the margins of the body section (left column, middle, right) are too big. So it doesnt look right.

I have searched, but can not find the right settings in the CSS files.

This should be extremely easy and quick job, if you are an Expert in Magento.

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WordPress News Blog To Look More Like Tech Crunch Layout

I want to turn my word press blog into a similar layout as tech crunch blog, I want it to have a layout look like the tech crunch website(white background, with links to facebook, twitter, stumble upon and digg for each article-if that makes sense) and subtitles something like global grind(home, news and politics, entertainment, celebrities, videos, life. while I am publishing test articles I have discovered I am not really a fan of whole article or video coming below previous article.-rather have it squared up like tech crunch and have the option to read more…just like tech crunch.
Keep the logo and heading as it is .The idea I have in my head is for someone to click on an article and be taken to another page, just like tech crunch. Can anyone do this for me and if so how long would it take and the how much would be the price. I already have my logo designed, as you will see on the blog website.
On each article I would also want links to twitter, stumble upon, facebook, and digg, so that the articles have the possibility of being shared and a like and dislike button.
Would also like an RSS feed for the website.

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Api Set Up Website

need to set up an api code with new layout for a deal aggregate, its simple code with new design layout,

bid if you free and can do quick turn around

thanks you

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PSD To HTML Simple

its easy psd:

– jQuery in home

– drop down menu

– simple internal layout

– home and 8 internal, but its the same layout

$ 30 – $ 100


[Removed by Admin]

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Create E-commerce Site With In-built Cart Pointing To Paypal

I need a site created which will feature a shopping cart that is hosted on the site.
It needs to be able to have multiple selections like, colour, size, QTY, etc… also possibly feature discount by quantity.
Once payment is required, checkout, then it diverts to PayPal, but would be good to have a checkout page hosted on the site without leaving, but payment is through PayPal.

The background needs to be gold, The client already has a design and the key elements are gold and the lace feel. The logo cannot change. They layout that I have attached in the link below can change as I mentioned the key elements will have to be the logo, the gold background, and the lace/masquerade theme.

This link contains their site layout and even their shopping cart layout and their product page layout with the options they need. This cannot really change, the design or layout of where these options are located on the page is OK to move about where ever you see fit.

They sell wrist bands, and they need to be able to have the user create their own design with text and then submit that design with their payment.

Please only reply with ecommerce links and zip/rar files with images of carts and relevant ecommerce site you have created in the past. Please make sure that any links are actual working sites.

Please note that I do not want an open source software solution like osCommerce or Zencart, as I know my way around OpenCart but is not what the client wants.

They need to be able to have a CMS or backend where they can add the products themselves.

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HTML/CSS/INTEGRATION With Xfileshare Code This Layout

I have a designed layout that is very simple 1 navigation and 2 content boxes. Html/css knowledge. Just code this layout so that it works with the script xfilesharepro which comes with a styles.css and is very easy to do for a coder.
is the preview

Very basic and shouldnt take to long

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Page Design/layout

I require mock up page images ( sizes are 520x 650, 520×90 and 250×250) for 5 individual facebook pages.

Each FB page will include the pages(tabs/image pages) below.

1. Welcome Page look and feel
2. Email Sign up page
3. Sign up page thank you page
4. Shop banner page
5. to be advised ( along lines of above)

Examples of the look and feel can be viewed at links below.

also – look at!/pages/The-Pureskin-Clinic/10150099779495215

This is an initial project that if look good and feel of the pages is of a high standard will be hired for further individual pages and customising the initial mock ups. ( not comlicated but professional )

Company website URLs will be given and then mock up pages will be made with that look/feel/ branding/ colours.

This project is for 5 companies (approx 25 pages/banners in total) initially

Project preference will be given to lower bids of $30 – once again, if work is good there will bwill be opportunity to have further work.

** note – key skills are fast accurate designers who want to build portfolio and experience ***

Thanks for viewing

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3D Model – Outdoor Restaurant

We need a 3D rendering of a simple layout done asap. Consists of cabanas (eating areas and a bar) and shipping containers, textures, overhead view, supporting files for styling are provided. Out of the 3D rendering we need still images and 3D video walk-throughs from multiple angles. This is for a presentation and needs to be incorporated into Power Point layout. Needs to be modern presentation, solid modelling, and impactfull video. Only those truly capable apply please. This project needs to be completed within 3 days of briefing.

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Virtuemart Product / Category Layout Problem

I am experiencing a layout problem with my product pages on virtuemart, I recently restored Gantry, but seems it blew away my flypages. I do have a backup site from which the needed stylesheets can be copied to restore it, so I dont expect it to be too much trouble, just dont have the time to do it my self.

PM me for more information regarding the page

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FMyLife Clone/FMyScript

I am looking to develop a site similar to FMyLife with the look/layout of . Ideally, I would like the exact layout of where I could just customize the design where I want (bg, header, menu bar, etc.) .

I just purchased FMyScript and would like to run that script on the page.

I would also prefer to have this page be a WordPress page if possible.

Thanks in advance!


*Im also willing to pay if someone is willing to just help me figure out which files of the FMyScript to edit to change these layout options.

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Build-up A Site Similar (layout) To One Already Existant


I need an expert to build up from scratch a website very similar in layout to
No FLASH, only jascript libraries (like jquery or FX() ), no audio.
I can provide most or all of graphic needed.

I can extend budget up to 1000 $ also.

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Design For A Daily Newsletter

Dear Freelancers,
for this project I need an experienced designer for my newsletter. I have already a finished version of my newsletter that shall be improved with a professional layout.

So it is your work to finish this project in a way that you prepare a layout that can be daily changed by me. You also have to make some graphical design for my newsletter.

Please send me some samples of your former work, where you designed a similar product.

You should also have at least 10 feedbacks here at and a high completion rate.

The project shall be finished within 3 days.

The max. budget for this project is USD 50,–

Thx for bidding

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