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Advertising / Sales / Marketing Letter Needed

I need an ad writer or advertising / sales / marketing expert for the following:

A professional written letter (full page 8 1/2 x 11) with design to sell a website to potentials clients.

My target market is new entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses.

We know, there are thousands of website companies out there, so we need to be the one that stands out. What would inspire a business owner to redesign his existing site? What would inspire an entrepreneur to come to us for his website to be developed? Why us? Thats your job, to inspire someone to choose us other than our competition.

If the client already has an existing website, I want them to upgrade to what Im offering.

The advertising will be used as an insert in a small local advertising print magazine.

I will provide more details upon request.


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PHP Form – 2 Pages – With Paypal Payment


I need somebody to program a PHP form with approx. 15 fields – separated in two pages. With a validation after page one .

The form have to be related to a nice and clean CSS Style, easy to modify.

The form also have to include a Paypal payment option ( but not mandatory ) and two confirmation letter, one if the person sent money by paypal and the other if he didnt .

– Also need a box than the person have to scroll to the bottom. ( Term and condition )
– The confirmation letter have to include variable ( Dear *name of the person* , )
– I receive the form by e-mail – no Database
– Please, plan an hour to comment the code in details
– I would like to have it ready in 48 hours if possible

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Hand Written Letters For Marketing Mailer

I am looking to have 1,000-10,000 copies of a letter handwritten on yellow legal paper. Each sheet is to be divided into 3 pieces. each letter is 4 sentences (113 words). i will also need the corresponding amount of handwritten envelopes with individual adresses being provided by me. Must be written clearly with a nice handwriting.

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Css Html Invoice Design


I need some printable invoice templates to be make with css html

a good receive note – fit to a letter size page
a delivery order – fit to a letter size page
a bill – which should fit to a 11" x 5.5" paper

i need this as soon as possible and if you can do it please bid.


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About Me Simple Letter

Its a very simple project and I need someone to write at least 2 pages about me. Which means Ill tell you about me and all you have to do is write it out in a very good English because Im applying at a very good college and they want me to do it before I apply to their college.

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SEO Writing For Sales Letter

SEO Writing for Sales Letter
Budget: $39.00

Will Pay IMMEDIATELY upon approval of the finished project!

I am looking for an online sales copy writer with perfect English skills to write a sales page for a Product and 2 Basic Squeeze Pages that go with the Sales Letter.

Sales Letter SEO Key Friendly
2 Different Basic squeeze Pages SEO Key Word Friendly

I will provide you with basic copy, keywords, Bio of Author and testimonials. Youre required to create a high quality well written Sales Letter with corresponding Basic Separate Landing Pages.

The Sales Letter and Squeeze Pages must have good grammar, sentence coherency, bullet points, benefits and be Key Word Friendly!

Must be able to provide it to me in 2 days!! 48 Hours SHARP!

The Sales Letter and Squeeze Pages must be 100% unique Copyscape passed.
NO plagiarism or low quality please.

You must be able to write perfectly in US English and pay attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation and should also have excellent research and direct sales copy writing skills.

You can ask questions and start bidding with a sample immediately. I will choose the winners within today.

*The Sales Letter must have good flow, smooth readability and a strong call to action.
* Please submit a SALES LETTER you have written.

*Bids Without SALES LETTER sample are not able to be considered.
*Bids over $39 are not able to considered at this time.

Lets Start and see if we can build something great and be hired more in the future with more $money$.

Thank you!

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Technical/Medical Writers Needed – Full-Time & Long-Term

Excellent oral and written English required. In the beginning you will be assigned existing articles on the subject of autism to shorten and turn in to more friendly yet authoritative and less technical articles., PowerPoint scripts fact sheets and FAQs for a web site.

Writers in and around the UTC+8 are encouraged to apply.

Must be proficient in written and oral English.

Research skills are a must.

Must be reliable as we have a lot of work with little time to get it done.

Ability to communicate with team leader on a regular basis is essential.

No sample, no interview. It doesnt matter if the sample has been published, but it must have been published by you.

A live interview is mandatory – Skype, YM or MSN.

State work/educational experience in the cover letter.

State your salary requirements in you cover letter. Bid by the hour, not by the piece.

No detailed and personalized cover letter, no interview.

Failure to address any one of the bidding requirements will result in your profile being moved to the trash folder.

All that aside, our company is a fabulous opportunity for the right person who wants a long term assignment. I personally love working here and cant imagine that you wont feel the same way.

I look forward to your bids!

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Need Copywriting Assistants For My Copywriting Busine

Hello Freelancers,

Im looking for talented Copywriters for my Copywriting business. I have a big business
with many customers, truth is, there are more than I can handle.

Im currently paying $30-$100 per sales letter. You can complete a sales letter in a few hours of work, so it should be profitable for you.

Ill provide all the information for each sales letter

Ill be happy to hear from you if you have some good samples to show me.



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Group Buy Website (working Template Plus Customization)

Im looking for a fully functional group buy script with the following mandatory features delivered within 7 calendar days. So Im not looking for you to build something from ground up. I need you to have an existing and functional script and add in whatever is missing from my requirement list below.

Please include a working demo for both front and backend. Only serious bidders please and lastguru need not apply.

1. Functionality similar to Groupon with a different look and feel. Color theme and logo configurable from backend.
2. Discussion board for each deal.
3. Deals time left must show # of days left as well as hours/minutes/seconds.
4. There can be an unlimited # of side deals.
5. Email campaign integration with templates for various features such as for the daily deal newsletter, new user welcome letter, deal achieved confirmation letter along with coupon, deal can celled notification letter, etc. There must also be a preview function on these emails from the backend.
6. Facebook connect
7. Country/State/City management
8. Payment gateway integration with Paypal and Elavon (
9. Easy and user-friendly interface for adding and administering deals.
10. Past deals must be display with the most recent showing first.
11. Footer area a CMS with configurable page titles and page content.
12. Multiple languages (English and Chinese at a minimum) configurable from backend.
13. Referral program configurable to a % of sales as commission rather than a flat fee.
14. Affiliate program integration with Post Affiliate Pro (

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SWF PDF Viewer For Publishing Co, Print To A4 And Letter

New, small print music publishing company needs help getting a SWF PDF viewer up and running. Need to take our SWFs generated in PDF2SWF/SWFTools and combine them with a good viewer (preferably something like FlexPaper) so only one SWF file is uploaded to the server.

— Main feature: we need to make sure the documents can be printed on both A4 and Letter sized paper, so may need some editing to the print architecture of the viewer.

Happy for an HTML 5 suggestion as well if someone has a good solution.

Well handle the PDF to SWF conversion if you can help us sort out getting the viewer up and running.

Small budget, but keen for ongoing relationship with someone knowledgeable in flash and PDF to SWF publishing for future projects (mobile apps, etc.)!


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Resume/ Letter Of Interest/Portfolio

I am currently working on two things and hoping to have one person work on both for me. I need my resume updated for a particular job/ and a letter of interest attached- first off

Secondly, (my passion) I am working on my own personal website. So I need my skills, work experience, and education turned into a portfolio to include years of services in each area of expertise. Its basically going to be my bio for the company to describe the experience I would bring to their team.

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Hypnotize Ebay Sale Letter

I am looking for a skilled writer to write hypnotize sale letters for acne products for ebay.

You must have excellent written communication skills and have a solid (if not exceptional) grasp of the English language.

If youre interested, please provide the following details in your job submission:
– Resume
– Cover letters
– Samples of your best work, pdf or word
– What you need to start work

Thank you, and I look forward to reviewing your submission

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Destiworld Follow Up Letter

Private for Rocking Graphics

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Specialist Doctor’s Letter Template

I am searching for a programmer/graphic designer who can alter a standard medical letter to become a template letter with drop-down rapid-fill form fields, embedded calculations (e.g. patients age, body mass index, etc. ) and attractive graphic design.

The purpose is for a specialist doctor to be able to type a letter to the referring family doctor in real time – i.e. while talking to the patient.

The letter will be in MS Word.

Please only bid if you have active references.

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Experienced Bulk Email Expert

I am looking for an experienced bulk email sender to send out 270K emails! The emails

I will supply you with the subject header, letter template and email addresses

Must be able to personalize each email for both the letter and the subject header (i.e., hello John, hello Mary, etc)


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Write 3 Sales Letter For B2B – $30 Project

Write 3 Sales Letter for B2B. I will provide you with overview and website URL You will write 3 variations of letter to target B2B.

Sales letter should be around 400 words each and must be in good English.

Self starters preferred. I wont have time for hand holding.


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$100 / 1 Super Hypnotize Long Sales Letter For A Minisite

My name is Khalid Abdullah. I am new comer in freelancer. Hi 🙂

Honestly, My business in link building service and SEO provider for website, blog, or minisites.

Sometimes, after I service my client ( minisite ), they told me that they need me to make great salesletter for their minisite, because their sales is suck. I cant do it ( make great sales letter ). So I came to this place now.

So, I am looking for a great copywriter to make super hypnotize sales letter for my client.
My clients budget is max. $100 / 1 long sales letter for a minisite.

Bid And Send to my PMB with this detail :

1. Your price And Your "Turn Around Time".
2. What the details usually you need to make a sales letter.
3. Portofolio [ word file or html file ].

Maybe one or two Your best portfolio in make a great sales letter for product or service. So I can compare. Tell your experience or description of your skill in copywriting is better for me to choose you. So i can say in my heart : " this guys is seriously to do this job ".

if your portofolio and your description are well, I will choose you.
And if your work is well, I will make a long term business with you 🙂

I really really appreciate for you all ( which wanna bid this project ). And I say "Big Thanks" for you to give me your time to send me your portofolio.
But I really really have to say sorry, if I dont reply your PMB one by one.

Best Regards
– Khalid Abdullah –

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CV, Cover Letter, And 5 Writing Samples


I want to apply for an Internship with Dow Jones or Bloogberg. For this Ill need a very good looking CV, cover letter, 5 articles related to financial markets etc. and about 500 words to why Im interested in the internship.

I will provide you with the basic seed of what to wirte and you have to expand it make it attractive.


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CV, Cover Letter, And 5 Writing Samples


I want to apply for an Internship with Dow Jones or Bloogberg. For this Ill need a very good looking CV, cover letter, 5 articles related to financial markets etc. and about 500 words to why Im interested in the internship.

I will provide you with the basic seed of what to wirte and you have to expand it make it attractive.


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Health Care & Delivery Systems (Letter) Due ASAP

Draft a letter to your local congress person in which you (a) express your concern about one issue related to each topic, specifically, the overall health care delivery system; beliefs, values and health; and the evolution of US health care services. (b) Suggest a resolution for each of your concerns. The letter must include an explanation/resolution of the three issues below.

1. Reasons why despite public and private health insurance programs, some US citizens are without any coverage

2. Main objectives of public health and success in attaining them

3. Why reform efforts to bring in national health insurance have been unsuccessful in the United States

This project is due on Tuesday evening 2/8/11. This project calls for a LETTER only. Please have knowledge of the US health care system.

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Video Sales Letter (powerpoint Video)

Im looking for top-notch Copywriters to create 10 – 15 minute video sales letters (powerpoint video with voice) for a service offering. Do you think youre capable of providing us with a sizzling video sales letter that ACTUALLY gets results? If so, continue reading…

These video sales letters include:

1. Creating the PowerPoint presentation.

And after approval…

2. Recording the video with your own voice.

Please provide me with your examples of your previous work.



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Sales Letter Required ASAP

Create a long sales letter/copy for a landing page for the service offered at Id like it to include not just the words but the design and layout and graphics, fonts, etc. Id like someone with a track record of good sales copy. After this is done I will make a video to go with it, and I have video landing page templates.

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Copywriters Needed For Video Sales Letters

Im looking for top-notch Copywriters to create 15-18 minute video sales letters for products in various niches. Do you think youre capable of providing us with a sizzling video sales letter that ACTUALLY gets results? If so, continue reading…

These video sales letters include:

1. Creating the PowerPoint presentation.

And after approval…

2. Recording the video with your own voice.

Youll create the video sales letter based on a pre-written sales letter so you are not starting from scratch. Most of the
content and ideas will be already available for you. Youll just need to take what youve been provided with already and make it into a high-converting video sales letter.

I also expect you to model the videos sales letter structure of the top selling products on the Internet. I hope to hear from you soon and if I see your a good fit, I look forward to working with you.

Thank You,

– Mitch

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Flash 3D Rotating Object

The object of the project is to create a user-rotating object using flash. Please check attached file.
It must be that object, a square glass with a gray object inside. The user must be able to rotate it freely.

PS: If possible, i would also like to know the possibility of allowing the user to change the letter that is inside the box (Letter B in the attached picture).

I will model the object myself and convert it to papervision, if needed.

I will also want the .FLA source files for posterior edition.

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Sales Letter Required ASAP

We require 2 x Sales / Marketing Letters targeted at B2B companys in the United Kingdom to accompany our 2011 Promotional Merchandise Catalogue. will give you an idea of who we are and what we do. Both letters will be printed onto 1 sheet of letter headed paper.

Letter 1 will go to clients who have ordered from us in the past 12 months, and generally aware of our services. We want these people to receive the new catalogue and buy from us again

Letter 2 will go to prospects, these companys will have had other marketing communications from us, may have been quoted or enquired about our services.

Letter 1 is needed within the next 7 Days, with Letter 2 to follow within the next 2-3 weeks.

Marketeers and Events Managers are the people we target.

The copy has to be in United Kingdom English and will be signed off by individual Account Managers. I would appreciate sample sales letters you have previously written.

Many thanks

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CV Resume Service Site

I want to set up a site where I can sell CV / Resume services to candidates (job seekers). The site will need to include pages with information about the different services and also a very basic E-commerse solution where every service will be a product they can purchase.

We will offer services such as:

Resume analysis
REsume translation
Resume creatiion ( perhaps in 3 different levels, basic, professional, executive)

Cover letter analysis
Cover letter creation
Cover letter Translation

Career Coaching
Interview training

For candidates that are interested in this, they will select product (service) and we will then need to gather information from them ( like a normal CV registration on a job portal), allow them to upload current CV in a word/text/pdf format (perhaps also a picture).

Payment method is to be decided together with the developer. There are several possible solutions, integrations with a payment solution or an order that will be created and the candidate will be invoiced by us at a later stage.

We need the site to be in Swedish – We can translate from English our selves. We can either make the entire site in English first and we can do the translations trough the CMS or we develop the whole site in English, make a copy and translate and then have the site in both English and Swedish.

We need to be able to edit/add/remove products and services. Add/Edit/remove general text and descriptions.

Site also needs to be done in a way that makes SEO easy.

To give an idea of what we are looking for: ( not very nice looking, but still about the same services) ( not very nice looking, but still about the same services)

1. Can I see some relevant samples of your previous work in E-commerce and/or Job portals/CV registration etc.
2. How do you handle revisions?

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I Need A Skilled Copywriter

I need someone who can write sales letters to help me with a few projects Im doing. I can pay $100 per letter at first. Please show samples of work. If you have never written a sales letter please show me examples of other writing projects you have done. You may have to write a test letter. English proficiency is a must. Might go long term.

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Please read this first to learn about :

-> Two press release for journalist – 500 WORDS

-> Two Emails letters for our past clients to propose them to buy again and to offer them a 20% off coupon code – 250 WORDS

-> Two letters to introduce to the Art related sites, to propose them to exchange reciprocally a logo/banner with us – 250 WORDS

Please read this first to learn about :

-> One letter to introduce to the artists, and to propose them a free subscription – 250 WORDS

-> One letter to introduce to the artists, and to propose them a paid subscription (Artist Level) – 250 WORDS

-> One letter to introduce to the artists, and to propose them a paid subscription (Premium Level) – 250 WORDS

-> Two letter to introduce to the Art related sites, to propose them to exchange reciprocally a logo/banner with us – 250 WORDS

-> Two press release for journalist – 500 WORDS

-> Improve the text "Exploring ArtsCad" displayed on the home page , (we need to keep the same links) – 250 WORDS

-> presentation of the site, this will be displayed and replace our current About US page : – 250 WORDS

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