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NDNP Newspaper Pages

The Library of Congress (LC) and the National Endowment for the Humanities are jointly developing the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). Ultimately, over a period of approximately 20 years, NDNP will establish a national, digital resource of historically significant newspapers published between 1836 and 1922, digitized by consortia representing all states and U.S. territories. This searchable database will be permanently maintained at the Library of Congress and be freely accessible via the Internet. In order to create test data to facilitate development of the system architecture, LC will scan microfilm from its own newspaper holdings.

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Windows: Create A COM Wrapper Using UDP, TCP/IP, Bonjour

This project involves creating a wrapper for a COM library to enable calls to be made over a network (there should be a flag to be able to choose between TCP/IP, UDP and Bonjour).

The COM library is basic, and only a handful of calls are to be implemented (< 10). Full documentation for the COM library will be provided.

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Bookstore With MS Visual C++

You need to work out the operations of a library from the point of view of a library patron. As a minium, you need to design and implement these operations.

– Borrow books (patron)
– Return books (patron)
– Renew books (patron)
– Check current loans (patron)
– Add books to the library (library staff)
– Add patrons to the library (library staff)
– Exit

Provide a simple text-based menu which enables the library patron to use your program. Library staff can add books and patrons to the library. Make sure you design a simple menu so that users do not get confused.

STL data structures can be used in this program. You must use the Binary search tree and the STL map data structures.

Your program should be able to save and load data using files. So that, you dont need to enter all the books and patron data every time your run your program. Data can be saved using the CSV format.

As borrowed books have a due date, you can use the date class and to keep track of the due dates.

Book data need to entry and store:
– Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Publication, NumberofCopies

Member data need to entry and store:
– ID, Name

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Effects Library MonoTouch, OpenGL ES 1.1

Seeking a fast effects library in Monotouch C# that uses OpenGL ES1.1 for the use in tile based games and related UI.

You can employ particle effects or clever use of textures and blending.

Show as demos in sequence, where required use a sprite character to demonstrate effects such.

I am familiar with libariries out there and is looking for more than a few days worth of using Google.

Must contain 20+ effects which include the following.

– Lightning effect
– Lazer effects, e.g. shot and beam.
– Force field
– Various pulse effects for position on map high lighting
– Scanner effect on spriite
– Explosions
– Blood and body parts
– Fluid (e.g. water)
– Fire/Smoke/Plume/Clouds/
– UI effects ( highlight texture, sheen, )

Preference but not all necessary towards bidders who show
– Quantity and quality
– An effects library that is fast and scalable in number of instants
– Who can produce a demo (one or two effects) or a video to secure the bid and similar in the first milestone.
– Bonus effects that work on openGL ES 2.0 with shaders

Please contact me if you have questions.

Kind regards.

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SIP API And SIP Library For BB5.x , BB6.x (Audio Only)

I would like to have a voice SIP API and SIP library for BB5.x , BB6.x and working sample codes.
What I need is only voice SIP. I dont need video call.

The developer for this bidding must have experinces in developing Linphone or any BB SIP.

Trial version 5 days for us to test before award the project is preferable

This is what I need
1) API and Library for BB SIP ( Voice only)
I need the API because I need to integrate your BB SIP project with my ABC project together as a single project. In case that you cannot make API, please provide your consultant to make my integration successfully.

2) API and library reference documentation and getting start guide.
3) Working sample application/codes which has following function.
– Log in
– Dialer
– Call status screen
– Account/Connection setting screen
4) The Voice SIP must connect with Asterisk server
5) Support term detail.
6) Delivery in 7 days after award
7) Trial version for us to test, maybe 15-30 days for testing after I ward you and before we fully pay you.

Please quote me the special pricing and term of payment

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Updates To Image Contest Website

Looking for an inexpensive PHP/mySQL programmer to help upgrade an existing Image Contest website.
This upgrade will involve the following tasks:

1. Installing and integrating SEO Board Forum to work with existing user management system.
2. Adding a customized chatroom (that works similar to a Shout Box).
3. Adding additional "User Management" features for deleting contest entries.
4. Integrate and use Image Magick or GD Library to optimize uploaded images.
5. Integrate and use Image Magick or GD Library to shrink and optimize thumbnails file size and dimensions.
6. Creating a basic Preview page for users image upload before posting.
7. Editing the script and database for adding an extra variable for Contest Description.

I can create the HTML layouts and provide graphics. I just need someone to help with the coding.

Please only bid if you have experience working with either GD Library, ImageMagick, or similar server side image optimizing software. Thanks.

I have included a PDF file that outlines the entire scope of work.
All updates are indicated in Red and Green, so you can get a quick idea of what is involved.

There is a hidden message in the comments on the last page of the PDF.
Please post it in your bid. It helps me to weed out the auto-bidders.

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Online Video Library

I need an online site for my video library to display posters of new movies. clicking on poster will show more details of movie including trailer from youtube. users can register in website and reserve the dvd in advance. no payment gateway required. just confirmation id will do.

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Joomla Expert Needed For New Dutch Book Portal

Im in need of a Joomla expert for a new book portal. You have to do some common tasks like:

– Setting up joomla and configuring it. Setting it up as a dutch website & more.
– Adding extensions and configuring them. Auction, news stuff, library, forms and a lot more.
– Adding a book feed (xml) into the book library.
– Make the portal a community by integrating user stuff (forum, cb builder etc. etc.) I will need your advice for this also.

Next, I might also need customized extensions from you.

My budget isnt very high, but still I need a real expert so the most I can give you is $50 per working day of 8 hours.

Communication through Yahoo messenger.

Read the above? End your post with *read*

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JavaScript Developer With DHTMLX And YUI Experience

We are seeking a JavaScript developer with DHTMLX library experience. This is a simple test project to help us find that developer. We are a software startup working on an IT automation platform.

The work will be to add radio buttons to a DHTMLX modal panel and table grid. It is a trivial project, but will be followed by interesting and challenging work.

To respond to this posting, please describe:

– dhtmlx library experience: which components have you used most recently, what version of the library
– your development environment: what tools do you use for development, how to you build and test, how do you manage the codebase
– your development experience: have you worked on remote development teams before; how did you collaborate; did you do code reviews; did you create automated regression tests; what development methodology did you use

Please respond in the PM. We will follow up with more information about the project during the interview.

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Conversion Of VS2008 Lib From 32bit To 64 Bit

I need someone who can convert the library to something that will work in a 64 bit environment. When it is attempted in its current form most of the library variables with regard to call information have funky incorrect characters in them. My understanding is the issue is…

"That means the buffers arent aligned properly – probably because they are all set for 32-bit alignments.. sounds like some work is necessary to convert it over to 64-bit"

This article describes things that may need to be change with regard to pointers and what not.

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Flash Theme Needs Photo Gallery Addition

I have an ignorant flash theme that was purchased and customized. I need to add more photos to the photo gallery,but it is being difficult in not matching up with the thumbnail nav bar.

Project requirements are simple. Add less than 30 photos to the gallery, and ensure it is in proper working order. All of the photos are already resized with appropriate thumbnails located in the library. So no photoshop work at all.

^please note – this template / flash library is from template monster and is poorly labeled, and very messy, however it is how the template came. A true flash wizard should make easy but a little frustrated work of this.

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DLL To Download Music From MySpace

I need a DLL library made in C#.NET 4 that will download music from MySpace. I need a method like this:

byte[] DownloadSong(string songId)

This method gets MySpace song ID and returns downloaded FLV file as bytes array. Of course, method can contain other parameters if it will need them, this prototype is just idea, I need method that will accept any parameters and return song FLV file.

Other conditions:
1. I will need full source codes; if source codes will refer to third-party DLLs (except Microsoft ones included in .NET 4), Ill need also sources of all referenced libraries.
2. I will escrow payment when youll confirm that you already finished job and have the library; after escrow youll have to send this library (and source codes) to me for my tests; and when Ill see myself that sources are compiled well and test them with 10-20 MySpace songs, Ill finish escrow payment.

So, this project is for professionals only who knows ho to implement it.

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QtWebKit Link Extract Library


I need standalone library/DLL based on QtWebKit that will parse DOM and extract all links and forms (with inputs) from given HTML/JS page.

Code must be portable and work on Linux and Windows.

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Windows DLL Library To Backup Data In Multiple Threads

Hello. I need a Windows library to COMPRESS and BACKUP data from FILES and/or FOLDERS. This library must be able to use multiple threads to do these tasks, simultaneously even. This library will be developed in VB.NET or C#.

Developer must create a project to test library too.

Must use Microsoft SQL Server MOBILE Edition (or MS SQL CE) to record each file backed up using the library AND fill an error field (each file backed up implies a new record in a table) in case of error. We can discuss details about database design.

I have the database already. If we would make a deal, Ill send you the database.

Compress format can be any open source/free to use (to personal and commercial use) algorithm like 7zSharp.

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Scheduler Windows Library To Start Any Task In VB.NET/C#

Hello. I need a scheduler Windows library to start any task I want, from executable files to other internal VS.NET processes: this library will be developed in VB.NET or C# to serve an EXE file or another library.

This library must be fully configurable to multithreading (simultaneously even) tasks at any time, considering minutes, hours, days, weeks and months in the future. User must be capable to preset settings that will be executed. If for any reason the task was not executed, must be capable to retry it in a configurable range of time (from 10 minutes to 24 hours), if user want (or not) to retry the task.

I will need a little project to test the library.

Must use Microsoft SQL Server MOBILE Edition to record each task using the library AND fill an error field (each tasks implies a new record in a table) in case of error. We can discuss details about database design.


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Software In Objective C/C++ For Mac OS X

Theres a need to write a small piece of software in Objective C/C++ for Mac OS X.

The software needs to implement the following functionality:
1. Launching the jumping Dock icon(for notifications) in Mac OS X(an analogue in Windows OS is a flashing taskbar window) – windows name is an input parameter, void on exit.
2. Stopping the jumping Dock icon in Mac OS X – windows name is an input parameter, void on exit.

The software needs to be built as a shared library(dylib).

The library must export the following functions:
1. startFlashWindow(char* windowName)
2. stopFlashWindow(char* windowName)

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Looking For A Professional Web Designer

I am looking for a web-designer to design a website dealing in ebooks in .pdf, epub formats. I already have the domain name and hosting package that includes tons of cpanel features.

Following are the things that i would like to include in my website.

A) Nice design

B) I want 3 step process
Step 1 – sign up for free and get 20 credit points
Step2 upload an ebook and get 10 credits with a maximum of 5 uploads/day.(need a system that checks if the book alredy exists in the library or not)
Step 3 Once upload is done members can download any ebook.from the library.

As majority of the site will be free, I want to give members an option for buying credits online.I also want to give visitors an option to read the books they want online

Hope it makes sense!

I am hoping to launch atlleast 1 website every 2 months. If i am happy with your job then, i will give you more work in the future.
Payments can only be made via Western Union and bank transfers.

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Artist Impression Of A Library


i would like someone to create an impression of the following buildings

1) housing (apartment style) pyramid structure as the roof
2) library (about 3 floors). pyramid structure as the roof
3) school (about 3 floors). pyramid structure as the roof
4) parking space for cars and motorcylce

i would like interior and exterior view in photorealistic drawing
total floor square for all 3 building is 100 sq metre
would like a glass structure building if possible. need to have good ventiation as its sunny throughout the year and it gets really hot
would like a fountain in between the 3 buildings. maybe a roundabout?
must show multiple areas of the building eg : toilet + admin area + living area + library checkout + shelves + staircase + entrances to the building
if you have design samples, please shwo it to me. maybe i can modify here and there.
once this is done, i will like a walking animation. as if im walking around. this will be the next project

some of the cool designs i like are

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C# Directinput Joystick

I need the DirectInput from Directx resource working properly, as so I need a library that gives me the acceleration, force feed back and other features that do not work in the direct input library. I example of work is a must.
Please do not post if you do not have a demo or a working example.

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Library Management System

-i would like tom come up with a computerized library where all the transactions can be done using the computer to replace the manual system
-the project should outline the advatages and the disadvantages of the current system

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Joomla Forum + File Library

Looking to create a joomla file library. The functions are as follow:
1) Login users can upload files and write short description. The user would be able to create categories or folders to store these file.
2) The file could be rated by other registered users.
3) The file could be downloaded.
4) All file uploaded needs to be approved by administrator.
Second same site create a joomla forum
1) Help us migrate from PHPBB.
The 2 function should share one URL and user database.

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Cloud Library

Looking someone to help develop a cloud based online personal card database/library. This app should be super user friendly and up to date. I would like this app to be able to reference information to auto populate additional information about cards as they are entered in. Additionally, I would like users to be able to share information about their personal libraries if they choose. Users should also be able to organize information and download list in .xls form. A successful developer will be paid and also offered a residual on profits for 18 months. I would retain all rights to software/website.


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Captcha Breaking Library

I need a program solving captchas of those type:


– effectivness
– work speed
– price

I need:

– Code and copyrights for that program
– I need programmist experienced in similiar projects, there is possibility, that Ill buy finished program. Demo versions appreciated.
– Informations about language

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Captcha Breaking Library

I need a program solving captchas of those type:


– effectivness
– work speed
– price

I need:

– Code and copyrights for that program
– I need programmist experienced in similiar projects, there is possibility, that Ill buy finished program. Demo versions appreciated.
– Informations about language

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Required: .NET Library (which can if you choose-to use Winpcap) to provide similar functionality as URL SNOOPER ( Basically we want to be able to sniff out streams.

So if you take a look at the above program, we are wanting a library we can access from our .NET applications, which can start/stop snooping, with specific search criteria.

Please download the program, run it, you will see how it can detect the url of the media streams, which are required when wanting to get at the real streams of video/audio, with SWF (Flash), both http and rtmp, real media, mms, and so on..

WInpCap driver is the driver of choice for most windows snooping needs (wireshark and more), and has a terrific interface to work with for captruing packets.

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Media Library Data Reader

Need a piece of script/code written that will allow a site to read a visitors media library information (iTunes, Windows Media Player etc) Visitor will be asked to confirm the media library they use, the site then reads the content of (for example in iTunes) the iTunes Music Library.xml file.

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IPhone Photo Filtering Library

I need an objective-c library for applying filters to an image – similar to what Instagram does. The deliverables are:
– an objective C library that takes an image and applies filters to it
– filters must be easily declared and new ones easily added
– create 10 filters that give similar results to Instagrams filters
– filters must perform quickly: must complete in less than 3 secs for a 800 x 800 image on an iphone 3GS
– an example iphone program that allows the user to select an image from the iphone gallery; select a filter to apply; then shows the filtered image

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IOS Accessory Development

Were looking for any iOS app developer who has had experience designing or developing apps that work with an accessory connected to an iPhone or iPad via the 30-pin dock connector (or believe they have the skills to extend into this area).

Were a small medical team who have designed a medical sensor/scanner that we want to be able to connect to an iPhone or iPad to display the results of the scan in real time. This first phase project would be a proof of concept/demo to show a working accessory connect to the iPhone, including development of an app that would show results from it.

More info on the EXTERNAL ACCESSORY programming as defined here in the iOS Reference Library:

Thanks, James

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Campus Library Web Site

I need to design a campus library system with web site. As the below of my requirement:

1. This system is linking for all the library (primary school, secondary school , public library & University..ect)
2. This system is support e-book. reader can borrow a book and online read thier mobile, pc…… (the file format is pdf)
3. This system will store the reader borrow book record with 3 month.
4. This system can online find a book.
5. if user online borrow the book, when the date is expired, the system will cut of the book links.

Design like this one:

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Embedded C Ethernet Library Update

Brief Summary:
To update the Mikroelektronika PIC ethernet library to be able to handle 2 enc28j60 chips on a single board with a buffer in between them. This will basically create a two port ethernet switch.

What I already have versus what the provider will deliver:
The circuit layout is already designed, all that is needed is a modified library to allow for listening and rerouting ethernet packets to two ethernet ports. The goal is to retransmit ethernet packets not destined for the current device on port 1 out to a second ethernet port. It will function like a 2 port ethernet switch.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
Ability to read a schematic. Embedded C programming specifically for PIC microcontrollers is required.

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Pic programming
Circuit design/reading

Timeframe for delivery:
1-2 weeks.

To Complete:
To fulfill the requirements for this project the programmer should return a modified version of the PIC Ethernet library and a sample application which uses it. The application should initialize one port/mac/ip address as its own and set the other port as the output for all ethernet packets not destined to it.

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