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Ebay Sellers Needed Worldwide – £100 Per Sale

Looking for experienced ebay sellers to sell items on a regular basis.
Items are mainly t.vs.
Excellent commission rates.

You must meet and agree to all of the criteria below :
1. Ebay account must have 100% positive feedback
2. You must be an experienced seller
3. You must have a fully verified paypal account
4. No selling limits on ebay
5. No limits on paypal – you mut be able to send and receive funds immediately
6. Excellent command of English
7. You must forward all questions from buyers me and liase with me on a daily basis via messenger
8. You must fill out a simple report after a transaction is complete
9. Must agree to send 50% of payment to me on every sale made immediately and the other 50% once tracking number is sent.( Only accept paypal to protect me and you.)
Delivery Time is 2-5 working days.

If all of the above sounds interesting and you meet the criteria please bid now with Ebay Selling as your subject.

Thank you for your time and good luck !

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Openvz / Xen VPS Monitoring And Security Applications

We need a set of scripts / tools to do the following:

Monitor and Report:

monitor and log server resources being used by each virtual environment (VE)
create hourly summary of resource usage by each VE
create daily, weekly and monthly resource usage summaries
email summaries to system admin (hourly, weekly, monthly and on demand)
generate and email a daily top ten list for VEs by:
Disc I/O
Bandwidth I/O
Web based graphs of the above would be very nice to have

Rapid Reaction:

Send alert email if a VE uses more than defined resource limits for defined length of time
Adjust VE limits in reaction to same using predefined rules –
If CPU Load is over x for x minutes set cpu i/o limits to "this" & send alert email
if bandwidth use is over x for x minutes set network connection to "this" & send alert email
If resource x usage is over x for x minutes suspend VE & send alert email

Abuse Checker:

1. Conduct scheduled search of the server for files which match a dictionary configuration file, email alert if match is found with path of the matching file (cron job scheduled)

2. Check running processes against a dictionary file, email alert if match is detected (cron job scheduled)

3. Monitor VEs / server LAN connection for outbound email traffic, send alert email if more than a predefined limit is being sent

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Create An URL Submission Script


I need a PHP script that is database (MySQL) driven and has the following components/features:

– A user control panel.

– The option for a user to register a username and password for the website, after which he can login with the registered username and password to the user control panel.

– The user control panel needs to have the ability to submit/remove a string (in this case, a URL) from a database. Users will also have different limits on their account – for example, User A has 10 points, which allow him to submit 10 URLs, User B may have 20 points, which allow him to submit 20 URLs, etc. Well also need to be able to manually edit the limits for each user.

– The last feature is the ability to automatically add/remove limits to a user account. Example, if a user pays $39, the script needs to add 50 additional points to that user. For this feature, well be using instant notifications (or IPN) for a payment provider.


If interested, Ill send more detailed information and a sample via PM.

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The Dutchman

We are looking for well-written articles of various lengths. The articles must provide an in-depth treatment of whatever subject they are dealing with. Writers must possess a solid knowledge of their topic, and offer a new perspective on it.
We are not interested in generalized articles that provide the reader with little or no real information. It is therefore important that the writer have a passion for whatever it is that they write about. If it is bread-baking, we want the whole pumpernickel, not just the recipe. What is the history of pumpernickel? Where did it come from? What makes it so wonderful, and what are the little known facts about it? If your passion is demonology (dont laugh – we take our name from the legend of the Flying Dutchman), please dont rehash the old what are they hiding in the Vatican rumors – unless the article itself is about the wild and wacky rumors and conspiracy myths out there. Id rather see a good treatment of the historical beliefs and/or legends and hierarchies based on solid sources.
We are open to suggestions as far as topics go, however there a certain ones that are off limits, and others that we are definitely not interested in.
Off-limits: Politics and modern religions (primitive, indigenous or ancient religious practices are admissible)
Not interested in: Celebrity gossip, the latest fads in health, clothing, music, etc…
We cannot stress enough that the writer must have a feel for his or her subject, and that the article must come from both their heart and mind. Submissions from new writers and aspiring writers are very welcome.
Because this is a work in progress, take whatever time is needed to produce a quality piece and enjoy writing and researching it.

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New Scheduler For The Linux Kernel – Per-user CPU-limits

Hello, I need a new linux kernel scheduler that limits CPU usage per user.
For instance, I want to be able to say that no user should be able to use more then 50% CPU.
It should work for the centos5 SMP kernel (2.6.18).

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We need an experienced Developer / Plugin Developer who will be able to assist with the following – please advise during the application procedure what is or is not possible.


We have a plugin which is currently utilised to delete posts when it expires. The user sets the date when posting and the post is thus deleted when this date expires.

However, the client would now like the following:-
– Administrators should be able to change expiry date of posts, with no limits (As currently implemented, but only for admins)
– Users should be able to change expiry date of posts, with a limit of 30 days.
– When messages expire or are erased, associated library files should also disappear.


Establish size limits for files: thumbnails 300 kb, Images 1 Mb, Video 4 Mb. (Can the admin adjust these parameters?)

Only experienced Developers fully versed in WordPress and plugin creation need apply. All applications without a cover letter covering the issues above on what is or is not achieveable need apply. All other applications without a good cover letter will be ignored.


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Web Designer Senior And Professional

It is required a new website to be designed from A to Z
If you can make all programms and database and hosting
for a very big international website like (ebay , amazon)
having some millions of members and online services and
every member has account with flexible data updating .
Then tell me .
If you have your own team for making this project of shopping site
Then tell me about time and limits to complete this project .
Regard .
You must PM with your preceding webs that you designed before.
every one with its limits of bandwidth , members , hosting , costs , time .


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Penny Auction Website Urgently Needed

I would like to have the scripts same style as

I can provide the Design if you need
I need the script written in PHP,AJAX and I need it to be secure with no bugs.

– easy management
– Must have a cms system for us to manage our products users etc. Just like ThePerfectBids admin panel
– SEO is a must
– demo is required, need to test before buying it
– Beginners Auction like (quibids)

graphical design will be provided by us. For you to implemend to the script

After website is up we will be wanting to do iphone application for the auction site for users to bids on their handphones (*NOTE This is a different project )

no high ballers please.
happy bidding! Looking forward for a reliable and affordable business partner to work in future projects.

The paymnet will be made only when we have tested the script in real mode.
There must not be any limits on the auctions that we can create and also no limits on users!!

Our budget is not more than USD$250 if your bidding is over this price please do not bid.

Thank You

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In-Kernel Power And Scheduling Control Of Processes Android

Develop a module that controls the power consumption of each process by allocating quotas to each process that runs on the processor.
This project will fcus on LKM module that will control the APM and API functionality of the kernel and will allow for power limits defined
by the user through a userland utility. This power limits can be calcuated by using the scheduled time for each application
(i.e. compute how much each process utilized the processor)

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Coldfusion Issue 1

This work must be done by Tuesday at Midnight United States Eastern Standard Time.

Its coldfusion work. It involoves Mura. Im breaking it down in to parts so that I can get the work done on time.

Im wiling to pay $30 for this work.

3. Add packages to the initial page of the set up so that users can choose between Occasional, Moderate, and Serious Accounts. For now Professional can just bring users to a page that tells them they need to call. Limits needs to be set depending upon which account they choose. To see what Im thinking for packages and limits.. Go to Remove the XXXXX

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Quick Scraper Project

For the results to this Google query: (show all 442)

create a csv with the fields shown in the example below for this result:

Title: Austin City Limits Music Festival
Date: October 2-4, 2009
Location Austin, TX
Official Website:

note – not all pages will have all the fields (and some will have none) just leave these blank.

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I need Friends Digg/BallHype

I need roughly 500 friends 250 in on each site. I will give you additional details in PM.

Time frame is really irrelevant Im not sure if there are limits on how many friends you can add.. I am looking for someone who is experienced in avoiding going over those limits!

Again looking for 500 friends between these two networks.. I know how easy it is to get friends, so budget will be limited! Thanks!

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