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Link Building For Poker Client

I would like to build links to a poker website. The links need to be theme related, and they need to be sourced from sites within German language and hosted on German IP addresses

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Link Building 100 Links

I need 100 links for an auto dealer website.

No link farms, bad neighborhoods, etc.

Angela and Paul links are fine.

I will supply anchor text to the winner.

Sites need to be PR 5 and up.

Im looking to get started with this project right away.

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Link Building 2

-All link are one way and manually submitting
-500 Manual Social book marking back link with pr3 to pr9
-200 one way CONFIRMED LINKS with targeted Anchore text/Keywords.
-5 SEO friendly Articles posted on 75 different C classes IP sites. (that means aprox 10 one way links coming from the same site= 5 article posted on a different site). -Each article contains two achor text link of my site.
-Price includes 5 original articles by you.

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100 PR 3 Sites For Link Building

Will pay $100 to someone who can find 100 PR3 sites (to link on) with not many external links on them. Websites preferred over blogs.

Sites need to be relevant for cruise links, auto links, home links, business links, finance links, appliances links, fashion links and caravan related links.

Not looking for spammy created websites made for links – good quality needed. The better the quality, the more we pay.

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Link Buyer Or Link Exchange

I want to buy links from sites in medicine and health with PR4 or higher. Sites should be in English.
priority to .ORG or AC suffixes.

I preffer a footer links or Homepage link, but open to suggest.


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Link Builder

We are interested in finding a proffesional link builder,I am the owner of a seo company in the uk and are in house link builder has had to leave due to personal reasons.
We offer a service to are clients were they only pay us when one of there selected keywords get to the first page ,we have a 90% success rate.So we need someone who builds proffesional links on and off topic we have regular work I have 6 sites i need links for and have the opportunity to take on 20 more but have put this on hold until we find the right link builder.
If you think you can do regular profesional links then thats great.

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Link Building

I am looking for someone to get me 50 one way PR 3+ links, the links are for a photography related site. Choosen candidate must supply the list of sites which have the link placed on at the end of the project.

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Link Partners Wanted

Looking for several link partners to provide White hat Do-Follow Oneway permanent Backlinks compliant to SEO and google standards. Will pay $8/link.

PR 3 or higher. Relevant to topic. Cached by Google within the last 30 days. On pages with 70 outbound links at most. One link per domain. All links must be from different Class-C IP addresses. Page containing link must be reacheable using normal flow navigation from home page and sitemap (if present); no more than off from home page. Links must be permanent, static html links.

Acceptable extensions ONLY: .com, .us,, .net, info, .biz, .tv, .edu, .org, .mil, .gov, .au, .ca from US / English language sites only.

Not Accepted: Links on – framed pages, through a JavaScript, hidden links, redirect script, flash site, no follow tag, robot excluded Free For All websites, hacker, illegal, or generally black hat sites. commercial link exchange programs/ web rings/ link farms/ exchange programsdomains less than 1 year old. automated links, blog comment spam, referrer spam.

Must send us weekly updates of links.Links must be guaranteed for replacement for a period of 6 months. Links that violate these terms will be declined. Declined links are not counted. Payment upon receipt of complete order.

Sites relating to Casinos, Teen, Gambling, will not be accepted. Links from Websites that already link to our site will not be counted.

Please tell me how many links per month you can provide and how long it will take you.

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PR2+ links

I need PR2+ good quality links for a couple of campaigns.. Total aboout 50 links spread over 4 campaigns. theme – health, finance and IT/business.

Please bid only if you can create links on genuine sites.. not on bogus sites which are online only for link building purposes and are run by link building companies only to benefit their campaigns.

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Link building, travel site

I would like to have a number of links to my website, related to travel (about China). Specify how many links you can get, in how long time, and your price per link.

– No directory listings
– One link per domain
– Links should come from different C-class IPs
– All links must be permanent
– All links must be put on relevant pages (travel, china, asia)
– Links must have different anchortext and text combinations
– No links from pages with fake PR
– Links should be text links
– Page must be indexed by Google
– No flash sites or pages
– No free webhosts such as geocities, tripod, etc
– Links from pages that already link to my site will not count
– Links must be manually submitted, no use of automated software is allowed
– No scraped content sites, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with ads, popups etc
– No illegal sites, no porn sites, no religious sites, no forums, no guestbooks
– No link-exchange programs, no link farms, no FFA sites
– Page should not have more than 20 other outgoing links
– Link cannot be rel="nofollow", or blocked in robots.txt, framed, cloaked, etc
– Link must be static and direct using anchor text and title tag
– No "sponsored link" or similar
– No sites using dynamically generated links, MouseOvers or similar
– All links must be visible and readable. No hidden links.
– Links must be one way links
– Links must be from a page in English
– Link page must be navigated to directly from the sites homepage
– I only want quality links. I will only pay for links that meet my requirements.


I will require an Excel file with the following info:

1. Site Title
2. Site type
3. Site URL
4. Site PR
5. URL of page with link
6. URL Page PR
7. Anchor Text
8. Date Submitted
9. Date Accepted

I reserve the right to reject sites that do not meet my terms and will require you to add suitable replacement links.

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