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Link Building Campaign For Video Games Website

Looking for 1000 QUALITY links for one of our sites in the tax industry.

Im looking for a long-term relationship with an efficient, cost effective SEO/link building provider. We are initally looking for 1000 one-way, inbound links to start but given my projects needs, this will definitely be increased.

I ask that you provide weekly campaign updates via an excel spreadsheet.

When bidding, please detail your plan for obtaining quality links and time expectations (how long will it take to get these links).

Critieria for links:
– MANUALLY CREATED LINKS ONLY: No use of automated software for link submission. You must NOT use link building programs such as Arelis.
– We will need to pre-approve the text you will use to email potential sites
-One link per domain
-Links must be from different Class-C IP Addresses and geographically varied throughout the United States
-Relevant/related, targeted text links from English language sites.
-Page linking in must have Google PR2+. However, we do expect to see a number of them coming from higher page rank sites. Please include in your bid some guess as to what kind of % you will see of our requested links ongoing that are Pagerank 2,3,4,5,etc.
-All Links must be permanent, static pages.
-Links must be varied, using different anchor text combinations pre-approved by us
-Links must be static and direct using anchor text and title tag.
-Links must be in text, no graphics.
-All links must be indexable by Googlebot.
-All links must be visible and readable. ( no hidden links)
– All links from English only sites
– Linking site must be at least 1 year old.
– Links added gradually, maximum 10 per day, minimum 3 per day.
– Page in which link is placed must be in Google cache.
– At least 75% of links must be from sites within the specified industry

– Links will not be obtained through email spamming.
-No sites banned or penalized by Google.
-No "Black Hat" tactics and similar cheating. Only ethical correct white hat methods
-Page linking in must not have more than 25 links.
-No directory submission, directories, free for all (FFA), guest books, links within newsgroups or links farms or reciprocal link services such as where a Google penalty is incurred.
– no javascript links
-No scraper sites or mirror sites
-No link exchanges
-No freely hosted sites -geocities, tripod etc.
-No link schemes, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups
-No redirects, cloaking or framed pages.
-No javascript, NoFollow links, NOINDEX or robots.txt blocking
-No sites using dynamically generated links, MouseOvers or other PageRank-hoarding tricks.
-No Flash sites or pages
-No links from gambling, porn, pharmacy, warez, illegal or otherwise unsavory sites
-No links from spam blogs.
-No more than 20% of the links may be from blogs
-No "sponsored" links, advertisers, links, ads or similar.
-No – rel="nofollow", , framed or cloaked pages, flash pages etc.


Provide weekly documentation in a spread sheet with the following:
-Date link was submited
– Date link was accepted
-Referring site URL
-Referring URL PageRank
-Linked URL
-Anchor text

1) Provider must be fluent in English and have experience with video games websites and understand the terminology used in video gaming.

04/05/2011 at 5:30 EDT:

This is for the video gaming industry not tax industry sorry for the confusion

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.EDU And .GOV Link Building Campaign

.EDU and .GOV Link Building Campaign

I need backlinks from .edu and .gov



Link can be from forum,, you need to join the forum and create an topic then point the link to my website and the topic must make sentence, all link must sound nature,,,

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Link Building Campaign – P

Need a link building campaign for IT company

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Travel And Health Link Building Campaign

We Need Travel and health Sites.

1) Home page Pr1+
2) Link Need Inner Pages PR-0
3) Monthly 1000+ Links Needed
4) 1 Sites Add Max 10 to 15 Links
5) 100 Link $60 Payment
6) Payment By PayPal

Contact me…..Urgent


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SEO Articles N Link Building Campaign

As discussed for link building campaign

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Project For Webpromotion2

As per our communication on the project posted Quality Link Builders – — about the requirements of links I have opened this new project for Webpromotion2.

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High Quality Projects Of Link Building

Quality links required-

Main conditions…

– links should be on pages having less than 50 outbound links.
– keyword should be added with the description provided. No links added without description will be accepted.
– No footer links (no footer, no sidebar, no nude links)
– No links on pages like – Resouces, Links or Partners.
– The page where the link will be added should have content ( no links will be accepted on the pages which does not have theme related content or have only links on the page).
– The content of the page should be related to theme
– Dont Include Links to the same Webs from related sites (with the same IP or Class C)
– Links should not be from bad neighbours(sex,viagra,diet,casino,religion,pills…)
– Links should be google cached(within last 30days)


– Link should be placed on a highly relevant site (site of same topic than client Web)
– Link should be placed along highly relevant content (content of same topic than client Web)
– No follow links
– 70% content should be page related
– No FFA links
– PR based as per requirements
– Links should include the specified Anchor Text
– Links should be placed ONLY in pages with the specified PageRank
– Only ONE link for every client Website per site (or domain)
– Link should be a direct TEXT LINK (not in frames or iframes, not in Flash, No Image, No Javascript, No Redirections)
– Link should include the TITLE attribute with same text than the ANCHOR TEXT
– Always mix the links group (Dont place links to the same webs always together)
– Only ONE WAY links (no reciprocal links)
– DONT place links in pages excluded by robots.txt or the meta robots tag
– No duplicacy

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Ongoing Link Building Projects PR5+ (pay/month)

I need 10 professionals for ongoing link building projects. must knows all ways of link building. like (one way, two way, three way, link exchange, back links, angela and paul).
please only and only professionals bid here. (no newsbies & no time waisters ).
i need 500 link exchange to be built per day. ( only PR5+ )
payment will be paid after one month EXACT.
after one month, you will get your payments weekly.
i know it is difficult to trust for this project but some time waisters done a bad job and i payed them much money for this.
no links should be changed aur edited. all details with passwords must be provided.
please bid with pm and attach 20 links of previous examples with proofs along with your bid.
all work must be delivered on 4pm (pakistan standard time).
all should have sky-pe id to communicate.
every one should deliver 100+ dofollow pr5+ exchange links.
payment is guarenteed.
please no any software should be used because you if you work through any software (black hat etc). then you will get no any payment.
we are pakistan based internet marketing services providers.
so, that person will be hired who have a good experience and best examples of their previous work.
read following prices.
i can pay $5/link exchange PR5.
i can pay $10/link exchange pr5+ if the work shows his quality.
i will send you the description first after your bid. and you have to build links 20 as a sample work.
have a nice time and happy bidding.

read the descreption carefully and write "uppalll" in your bid. so i know you read the descreption care fully.

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One-Way Quality Link Building Campaign

We are looking for an expert to build us 50-1000 one-way links on PR6 or higher Google ranked sites. Links must be placed on sites related to the electrical construction industry.

Links should be sent weekly as payment will be made weekly after we have received the spreadsheet and verify each link.

Please submit weekly Excel Report with links for approval:
– Date submitted
– Google PR of link page
– Title of link page
– URL of link page
– Number of outbound links from the linked page
– Date link is placed on link page
– Anchor Text used for the link (1 keyword per text, clickable)
– Target URL of the link that has been placed on the page
– Date page is approved by us
-Home Page PR (should be 6 or higher).

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Quality Deep Link Building Project

We need to do a link building campaign for our website to boost website search engine results. We are targeting USA market, so we need links coming from us based high ranked pages & websites. No unrelated directories or trash websites are accepted. Links should preferable come from home page and there should be no more than 50 links on the page. As mentioned before the link source should have high page rank 5 & up. We are looking for 1000 links for this project.

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SEO Friendly Link Building Campaign For New UK Debt Site

I am looking for someone to help improve my search engine viability in the UK. It is a new site with around 200 pages indexed in Google. Only White Hat link building required, NO cheating!! This will have the potential to be a regular job of anyone who has the confidence in achieving good results in a very competitive UK market. Budget may be increased depending on results.

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Ongoing White Hat Link Building Campaign

An on going link building campagin is needed for a new UK house renting portal.
as the site is very new, a gently building campaign over at least 12 months will be required.

Month 1 – 50 links
Month 2 – 100 links
Month 3 – 150 links
Month 4 – 150 links
Month 5 – 200 links
Month 6 – 150 links
Month 7 – 100 links
Month 8 – 100 links
Months 9 -12 50 links per month

a spread of links from pr1 to pr6 pages are required. in a natural order

All links must be built using proven, white hat techniques.

I would also like to work with a link building company, for long term projects encompasing several other websites.

I will pay a bonus of $500.00 for each site which achieves Google Pr6 for a minimum period of 3 months.

– Links must be manually submitted. Do not use SPAM/bots/automated software
– Links from websites that already link to the site will not be counted
– NO freely hosted sites
– Links must be from relevant sites, no FFA
– No expired domains or domains banned by Google.
– Links should be from English domains, hosted in the UK, EU or US.
– Link page must be search engine friendly, i.e. no no follow, redirects, cloaking, framed pages, etc
– Links should be hyperlinked anchor text using numerous related phrases.
– Links must be free, one way, non-reciprocal and static to our website.
– Te site has its own links page, where you can place outgoing links, but only to highly relavent, but non competitor websites. I will approve all such outgoing links

and all the usual stuff


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1000 DoFollow Links + 100 Social Bookmarking links (022)

1000 permanent "dofollow" Directory Links and 100 Social Bookmarking links.

100 Submissions per day only on the directory submissions and 100 per day on the social bookmarking sites. Whole project to be completed within 10 days.


$150 is the budget.

You know the rules, none of the usual black or blue hat seo techniques, just dofollow.

All submission links will be provided back to me an a simple Excel report and MUST include the exact directory URL where my link will be located so I can click on the URL and check myself to see it live. Must also include the PR of the directory and a column that identifies if the submission has been approved or not at time of sending the report.

I will also require a yahoo account setting up so I can monitor the approvals as and when they roll in after job completed.


Future link building campaigns will be given directly to the successful bidder, via GAF.

Website details will be provided upon successful bid.

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Some changes in joomla / virtuemart


Need to change some design elements in virtuemart/joomla template.

Also need to check why getting some errors then sending system info to payment merchant. Virtuemart/Joomla giving good total sum, but in merchant writing another total sum.

Need to check installed sh404SEF module, because getting some errors. Dont work correctly.

Make some futures in virtuemart module.

Here is the link to my project.

Download it.

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Some changes in joomla / virtuemart


Need to change some design elements in virtuemart/joomla template.

Also need to check why getting some errors then sending system info to payment merchant. Virtuemart/Joomla giving good total sum, but in merchant writing another total sum.

Need to check installed sh404SEF module, because getting some errors. Dont work correctly.

Make some futures in virtuemart module.

Here is the link to my project.

Download it.

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SEO & Link Building (TRIAL project for pcwork)

This is a trial project for 8-Links & Please give SEO optimization advice, meta tag and title tags writing for our new design site

– Each Link must be from a unique English language site on a domain hosted in the UK & CANADA.

– Links must be from unique Class-C IP addresses

– Links should be within related content and with anchor text

– The page our link is placed on must have a Google PR 4

– Links should be permanent and one way

– Will NOT accept links from: link farms, link-exchange programs, forums, directories, scraper sites, mirror sites, or article


– No links in blog comments

– Links must be manually submitted, with no use of automated software or linkbots

– Page must be indexed monthly or more by Google

– NO redirects, cloaking, framed pages, JavaScript links, hidden links, Flash sites/pages, or other unethical or black-hat tactics

– Any page restrictions like rel="nofollow", robots.txt blocking, framed or cloaked pages, flash pages etc. are unacceptable

– Links from websites that already link to our site will not be accepted

– We reserve the right to reject sites that do not meet our terms

– As quality is important, only when we are satisfied will payment be made

– Absolutely NO LINKS from bad neighborhoods like Free For All websites, pharmacy, illegal, hacker, porn, violent, or hate-based,

guest books, classifieds, dynamic links, spam sites, blacklisted sites, etc.


We require Excel report with the following information:

1. URL of page the link will be added to
2. Page Rank of page the link will be added to
3. Number of outbound links from page the link will be added to

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200 link building campaign 4 pages PR3+

We require an experienced link builder to obtain 200 PR 3+ links for an Forex Broker website.
Keywords to use and URLs to link to will be provided to the winning bidder.
We reserve the right to cancel any link that doesn

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link building project

Inbound link building project

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We have posted other projects under SEO but I now realize that these are two seperate things. We are launching in Late June/Early July,and need a link building campaign. Only Bid if you have past experience. Please lay out your monthly cost, time period, and overall strategy. The budget selected is just an estimate and may be adjusted down or up depending our your strategy and how effective it is.

Keywords to be targeted:
College Jobs
Career fair
College recruiting
Jobs for college grads
College Placement
Mentoring program
College and Career



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Link Building Campaign

I need a Link Building Campaign (SEO) for a shopping website, the URL of which will be given once posted to serious bidders. Please send me a proposal as detail as possible. All links must be cached by Google.

Payment will be made by 2 stages with escrow at GAF.

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Link Building Campaign

We are looking for 100 PR4 and above Do-Follow Oneway permanent Backlinks at a rate of 25 a week.
This project is for a physician website and health services company.

All links must be on related websites. We will provide a list of keywords for related sites.
The links should preferably be on home page.
Bid ONLY if you can produce. Payment made after proof of this request has truly been done.
Again Bid ONLY if you can produce. Please PM me showing proof of past results.


1. Require One way links only (no reciprocal links will be accepted)
2. Links should contain the target keyword/keyword phrase (we will supply the target keyword/keyword phrase) as text in the link anchor text hyperlink in combination with the link description that we will also supply.
3. Link pages must be permanent and static (not dynamic with query strings)
4. Links must be permanent, static html links
5. Links must be in text, no graphics
6. Links cannot be from framed pages
7. Links cannot be through a JavaScript
8. Links cannot be through a redirect script
9. Links cannot be on Flash sites or pages
10. Links cannot include a rel=nofollow tag
11. No links using any automated techniques or black-grey hat techniques of blog comment spam, referrer spam or ANY other shady tactic.
12. No link exchange programs or web rings such as,,, etc.
13. Page must not be excluded by robots.txt and the anchor text must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.
14. Linked sites must be in production and active. (Developed and not under construction).
15. One link per domain. All links must be from different Class-C IP addresses
16. Prefer high ranking sites verified by Alexa
17. No sites that require ongoing payments
18. No Scraped content, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, intrusive advertising, etc.
19. No link from: guestbook

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Link Building

Im looking for a solid Link Building campaign for 2 websites. The budget range is to cover both sites. In your bid, let me know what you would do for the budget. Im looking for high PR directories, social bookmarks, blog posts, and anything else you might recommend.

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Quality Link Building


To provide 50 unique links to my web page from web pages of Google Page Rank 3 or higher.


Each link must:
1. Be a new one-way back link on pages that are indexed & cached by Google.
2. Come from Google rated PR3 or higher pages where the link appears.
3. Be one-way inbound static links.
4. Be visible to spider bots. They must NOT be on pages which appear hidden by spider bots or use no-follow tag lines or are cloaked. The PageRank value must be transferred to my designated webpage.
5. Be permanent, one-way in-bound links (no reciprocal).
6. For the avoidance of doubt, article submission is acceptable.
7. Be manually submitted, i.e. no automatic software or link submission.
8. Not be placed on mirror sites, link farms, spam sites, orphaned link pages, cloaking, 301 redirects, FFA pages, or framed pages.
9. The link cannot have the No Follow tag.
10. NOT be from sites related to porn, drugs, or any other site penalized by Google.
11. Be only 1 link per domain.
12. NOT be via

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Link Builiding Job for J – 1

Private project for 1000 link building within 2 weeks.

Provider already selected..


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WordPress Plugin Modification

I have a WordPress plugin I use to sign people up to my blog. It allows me add people to my WordPress database (among other things). It also integrates with Aweber and AutoresponderPlus to add members to an email autoresponder script. This is great, but I dont need it.

I have my own email autoresponder script (on my server) and I want it to that instead.

Add integration for my email autoresponder script so that I dont have to use Aweber and AutoresponderPlus.

DO NOT bid on this project if you are project manager
DO NOT bid on this project if you work with a team of programmers
DO NOT bid on this project if you cannot start right away

This project is urgent and I only want to work with freelancers that can work quickly and can get this done right away. PM me if you have questions about this project and so I can give you the necessary links for this project.

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Link building Project

Link Building Project..

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SEO Project 2


I think I will divide our website SEO into two phase, now
we focus on phase 1, We need some internal SEO to increase our ranking :

– Site Analysis
(design, navigation, images, broken links, Meta tags, web copy, html validation, browser and resolution compatibility, loading times, search engine rankings)
– Keyword Research
– Competitive Analysis
– Creation of Meta Information
– WebPages Title
– Links – Link structure, Alt tags, Text link

and any other internal SEO strategy you can propose.

* Please exclude any link building campaign, that will be in phase 2.

We need three report in this project :
1. site analysis report.
2. keyword research.
3. competitor research report.

URL will be provided in PM.

We really need someone experience and professional in SEO to work in
long term relationship. So consider this as a trial project.

Please provide your previous SEO project in PM.

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Link Building Links and directions provided

Need assistance with a link building campaign. This will be a ongoing project approximately 80 links per month, Will provide sites for links to be placed on as well as directions with screen shots and exact instructions on what to do…very easy to follow. Max for project $35-$50

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Hub Creation for PonnarasiBabu

Link building project as discussed.

Looking forward to another successful project!

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Link Building Experts

Looking for good link building freelancer/company for ongoing link building campaign. Our requirements are

– PR 2 and above theme related links
– Industry Specific
– Class C IP
– Pages should be indexed during last 60 days
– Payment will be made in parts as we examine the quality of links

Company/Freelancer should provide examples of past work and references to prove the best ability.

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W3b link building project

W3b link building project. Same link count

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