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Link Building For Poker Client

I would like to build links to a poker website. The links need to be theme related, and they need to be sourced from sites within German language and hosted on German IP addresses

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Search Engine Submission, SEO, Link Building Required

Link Building, SEO, Content optimisation, Search Engine Submission, Keyword Analysis Required for US based Real Estate Site.

Google Analytics already set up. Daily reports to be submitted.

Experienced professionals only. Ongoing work for the right team or freelancer.

Please submit a detailed plan and keyword analysis for consideration.

Bidding will run for only for today and immediate start required after bid acceptance.

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Experienced Poster For Classified Sites Required (Urgent)

I need an Experienced Poster for Classified Sites. All details will be discussed in PM.

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Link Building 100 Links

I need 100 links for an auto dealer website.

No link farms, bad neighborhoods, etc.

Angela and Paul links are fine.

I will supply anchor text to the winner.

Sites need to be PR 5 and up.

Im looking to get started with this project right away.

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On Page Optimisation And Link Building Required

My new site – requires work to improve its ranking.

My key phrase is back pain lower back (the same as the domain name)

I am looking for someone who:

Can change the website to make it more google friendly.
Can add links etc to improve its ranking.

Is prepared to receive payment (or part payment) when the site reaches certain pre agreed points in

I look forward to your answers!

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TOP SEO SERP PR Link Building Required

We require SEO work for our entire service and products website; must be the best SERP, SEO methods that you can bring to us.

* To be listed in Top SERPs for Yahoo & Bing and #1 to #7 position of first page on Google search for our keywords and terms
* Build our Website Organic Traffic (detail)
* Build our PR, Alexa Rank
* Proper Listing in Dmoz for entire website

* Complete and comprehensive analysis report with detailed SEO recommendations and suggestions plan for websites.
* Detailed plan for execution
* 100 – 400 PR2 PR3 PR4 PR5 – PR8 Permanent Quality Authority backlinks (list details of what and how many we will get for budget)
* 25 Articles for topics related to everything web development + other categories to be discussed in PM (will be used in website blog and article submissions such as EzineArticles)

* The format of the report we expect to receive from you unless you have a system already in place that is better than what I suggest
* Keywords for articles (suggestions welcomed to achieve objective)

* Fixed bid only. No hourly bids!
* No black hat, grey hat or any other SEO techniques related to SPAM or will penalize our websites
* White hat techniques only
* Pages must be in English and must relate to our site topic and content
* Our links must be visible, readable, able to index and dofollow
* Free One way links only! no reciprocal!
* Our website MUST get listed in DMOZ
* NO "nofollow", "noindex" or robots blocking backlinks
* No link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, adult sites, link exchange programs, web rings
* No under construction pages, jump scripts, redirects, framed pages, redirects, dynamic links, flash, cloaking, hidden links, java links
* No paid traffic sites, violent sites, banned sites, porn sites, illegal sites etc
* No rented links, pharmacy sites, hate content websites, ffa website, hacking cracking related websites
* No scraped content, mirror sites, classified sites
* Absolutely No use of automated software or bots!
* article directories (for articles only other wise NO article directories!)
* Technical writing for software
* current keyword density suggestions for web pages
* future keyword density of 3% max
* copywriting
* Maximum of 20 links on page FOR backlinks
* Links must be PR2-PR8 websites
* Links must be permanent, low altering content websites
* Domains must be from different IP addresses with no more than 2 links per Class C IP block
* Must accept paypal or GAF payments
* Must meet deadlines
* Must be experienced in SEO

– be Fluent in English and make sense
– be Error free
– have Perfect English Grammar
– have good copywriting
– be Original, Unique content (pass copyscape)! No plagiarism!
– be Minimum 500 words + 100 word description
– come with title, description, keywords
– be written by you and/or your company or the company that you represent, you must have exclusive rights to transfer all copyrights and ownership to us

You must accept that we and/or our clients will have full ownership and copyrights to all writings that you produce for us! That you will nor duplicate or re-use any of the works produced.
We reserve the right to reject links if they do meet our requirements; any links not accepted must be reproduced or replaced.

You agree that you will not be paid if the work has been copied or plagiarized, found to be not original or if work is not done on deadline.
No Payment will be released without work first being completed.

If you do not agree to these terms and requirements DO NOT bid!

Your reply must be specific to what we asked for with schedule and details of what we will receive.
This is a competitive market we will choose the best price with the best quality reviews, services and communication.

So that I know you read this entire post PM me with replies with the word "ATTN" included in a proper english sentence.

Happy bidding!

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Link Building 2

-All link are one way and manually submitting
-500 Manual Social book marking back link with pr3 to pr9
-200 one way CONFIRMED LINKS with targeted Anchore text/Keywords.
-5 SEO friendly Articles posted on 75 different C classes IP sites. (that means aprox 10 one way links coming from the same site= 5 article posted on a different site). -Each article contains two achor text link of my site.
-Price includes 5 original articles by you.

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WordPress Based Adsense Sites Required

This is what needs to be done:

1. Keyword research
2. Install wordpress on 20 sites on my server
3. Set WP settings
4. Install WP theme (provided)
5. Install WP plugins
6. Set plugins up
7. Set widgets up
8. Add unique articles to pages
9. Write meta title, tags, and description for each page
10. Install Google adsense and analytics via plugins
11. Check everything works
12. Backlink building

This must meet the specs below:

* It must be legal.
* All copyright belongs to me.
* Nothing that will get me banned from google, yahoo or any other SE.
* Unique and not stolen content which I will get in trouble for later.

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Adsense Sites Required Which Earning $5-$10 Per Day

I am looking for someone who can build an Adsense site which consistantly is earning $5-$10 per day. I have the following requirements:

– Dont care about the niche but except pharma, gambling and adult
– Must be 100% within the Google TOS
– Traffic driven must be 100% whitehat real people no bots
– Should earn consistant money for at least 12 months

I would pay $150 per site if I see a consistant income for 14 days (can setup milestone payment). If you apply for this project please also tell me how you plan to drive the traffic because I dont want to risk an adsense account ban.

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Link Building PR 2 To 5

We have 2 sites, 1st required 50 links 2 to 5 PR and other required 30 links : 3 to 5 PR. We need contextual links with relevant sites only. Please share your past experience and best price. We will prefer Bangalore based link builder for immideate start.

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100 PR 3 Sites For Link Building

Will pay $100 to someone who can find 100 PR3 sites (to link on) with not many external links on them. Websites preferred over blogs.

Sites need to be relevant for cruise links, auto links, home links, business links, finance links, appliances links, fashion links and caravan related links.

Not looking for spammy created websites made for links – good quality needed. The better the quality, the more we pay.

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VA Required Full Time Link Builder

I am looking to hire someone work for me as a VA building links. you must be experianced in the following areas

Article Submission
Directory Submission
Bookmark Submission
Press Release Submissions
Blog Comment
Forum Posting

This is a full time position paid weekly. I expect 5 days work and at least 1 to 2 hours per day building quallity links, I am not looking for black hat link building no spam from scrapebox or xrumer just good quallity oneway do follow links.

I have a 4 projects I need links building for you will spend a week on each project rotating through the year. I will need documentation of any links you build as proof. This is a perminant job. I need to see past projects/ portfolio of your link building work.

In your application please discribe to me how you will work for me, how many links you think you can build each week, what methods you use for building links. Please start your message with “I love Links” so I can see you have read this project remember this is a long term job please tell me your weekly rates for 5hrs and 10hrs work and tell me how many links you will be able to provide per week.

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Link Building

I am looking for someone to get me 50 one way PR 3+ links, the links are for a photography related site. Choosen candidate must supply the list of sites which have the link placed on at the end of the project.

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Link building Professional needed

Link building required for

You must have experience and feedback for this job.

I would like to start ASAP.

Links need to be related to civil engineering or land surveying services.

We need 100 one way links of the following Google Page Rank:
50 – PR 1
25 – PR 2
15 – PR 3
10 – PR 4 or above

– Links must be permanent, free, one way, non-reciprocal and static to our website
– The page our link is placed on must be related to civil engineering or land surveying services.
– Links should contain the target key phrase as a text hyperlink – I will provide a spreadsheet of Keywords and corresponding links.
– Link page shall be only from English language sites
– Link page must be search engine friendly, i.e. no redirects, cloaking, framed and page must be static pages
– Domain must be over 1 year old.
– Permanent and static links only. No rented links or ongoing payments.
– Single pages only, no framed pages.
– All most be follow links. Pages will be checked for nofollow and robots.txt exclusions.
– Absolutely no link exchange programs, link farms, gambling or web ring, adult sites, etc.
– Links from sites that already have a link to us will not be accepted.
– Link must be visible on page. No hidden/same colour as background links.
– Links must be placed on web pages of related content **Important**
– All links must be verifiable.
– All links must be related to the website
– NO links from blog comments, article directories, link farms, forms, blog farms, classified, directories, social bookmarks, spam sites, link directories, link exchange, guest books, web rings, FFA

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SEO Link Building

Link Building Required. SEO Keyword Phrase "Reverse Mortgage". Please provide qualifications, price per, experience and Site references.

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30 Link Building required

I want 30 quality backlink
Link should be on blogs and forum pages of decent quality. I dont want links from super spammy pages. Links from DO-FOLLOW and NO-FOLLOW are okay. I dont care if a link is NO-FOLLOW. I also dont care too much about Page Rank, but obviously links from sites with good page rank are fantastic. If you can get these, that would be great.

The best thing is that these pages are not related to some other theme. I dont wants links from blogs and forums about dog treats, hair styles and womens shoes. I want links from sites related to business in general: trade, finance, small business, lawsuits, lawyers, politics, etc. You dont need to be too specific on themes because there are not many legal blogs, but just business, news, politics, etc in general is OKAY.


Comments should be good enough to get approved. From my experience, it helps if the comment is useful, informative or just joins the conversation. Youll find blogs where there will be MANY comments approved. Those are easy. Youll find blogs where there are 0 comments approved (on other posts). Those are probably impossible and not worth spending time on. The good ones with 2-3 comments per blog post might take some thought in order to get approved.


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link builder

hello i want to a cheap creative link builder.

budget 2$ for ever PR4 links. we required 50 backlinks.

hardworker is wellcomed with firm commitment.

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100 non-zero links

We need 100 link page PR1+ Links, from search engine marketing industry. Our intention is to achieve rankings in

We have 5 anchor texts.

Only Via GAF Escrow, and released if and only if, and after the completion of work and the approval by our team. You must send Excel sheet containing the following and then if approved, we will release escrow:

1. Anchor Text
2. URL of page the link is placed on
3. Page Rank of page the link is on(must be the page rank of where the link actually is, not the home page of the site)
4. If Not on homepage, # of clicks the link is from the homepage
5. Keywords the site is associated with
6. IP Address
6. Google Cache Date

We reserve the right to refuse any links that is not following the guidline below (We Use automated software, and personel to check every single link):
-Non-reciprocal links only.
-Links should be all from different class C IP ranges. One link per domain and should not be spread across sub domains.
-Links must be from free, permanent sources. (no ongoing payment sites)
-All sites must be in English.
-Linking PAGES (not just site itself) must be PageRank 1 or higher
– Links must be placed on web pages of related content **Important**
-Links must contain target keywords and/or phrases which will be supplied
-All links must be text (no graphic) and static html links to our website (not dynamic with query strings)
-No link farms, or blacklisted or spam sites.
-All links must be verifiable.
-No redirect links (we want direct html links only).
-No directories, social sites, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, gambling, or adult sites.
-Links must be built out gradually over a minimum 30 day period.
-No links from pages with more than 20 outbound links MAX!.
-No Javascript links, Links cannot be from framed pages, Links cannot be through a redirect script, Links cannot be on Flash sites or pages, cloaking, frames
-No links with "nofollow" attribute in the link tag (must be search engine indexable).
-No links to pages blocked by robots.txt.
-No link exchange, web ring, or automated posting techniques.
-No blog or forum comment spam.
-Links cannot contain rel=nofollow attribute.
-Links must be manually submitted ONLY(e.g., Zeus, Arelis or others) dynamically generated links
-Links must be from related websites (Real Estate)
– high ranking sites verified by Alexa
– Links must use different anchor text. Anchor text cannot be same for all links)
– Links from US english
– Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google within last 60-90 days.
– Links on blogs, forums, and article submission sites are NOT OK.
– No Link farms, No internet directories or article submission websites
– No Scraped content, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, intrusive advertising, etc.
– No links from FFAs, guest books
– No African, Indian, Chinese IP address
– Alexa rank of the donor site less than 10mln
– No link exchange programs, link farms, or web rings such as,,
– etc. The old co-op advertising sites are no good as well
– No hidden links. All links must be visible and readable
– Links from websites that already link to our site will not be counted
– No links from .info website domains or cheap domains
– Links must not be labeled, sponsored links, or ads
– No scraper or mirror sites: No Scraped content, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with contextual ads, popups, intrusive advertising, etc.
– No blacklisted or Spam sites or spamming techniques like hiding JavaScript tag or hiding frames tag or meta refresh and redirects
– Link page must already be indexed and RECENTLY cached (within the last 3 months or so) by Google.

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Serious SEO and Link Building Required .Immediate Start


I am looking for a full time link builder work for us. I represent a well reputed company and would like to work with some great link builder who knows what

kinds of links are good for SEO.

We will need PR3+ links for various websites.Only one way links. let us know how many links you have give us in a month for a website and how muh time you

will put for this everyday.

I am looking for very long term relationship if the results of this project is good. So everything depends on this project. Be Real and Genuine because Fake

people cant make long term relationship.You will be caught as we are very good ourselves.

happy bidding time. contact me in pmb for any information you need.

Note : We will not escrow for this first project because we feel whosoever is serious to be in our preffered partner for long term will prove us first .But

still lets we are open to discussions.

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