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JP Link Building

Were a company looking to work with a remote freelancer experienced in link building in Japanese – also contacting Japanese websites only.

Your job will be:
– finding relevant websites in Japanese that match the clients subject
– acquiring links in those websites
– updating an internal links database

11/30/2010 at 10:49 EST:

This is an ongoing project in Japanese so we are looking for someone who will start collaborating with us for long term and also we will be offering more Japanese work should you like to have more.

We just need someone who is reliable and does the work on time.

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Profile Link Building For Jai

I need 5170 forum profiles created.

You will need to create 11 email addresses (yahoo, etc.) and register 5170 forum accounts. You will then need to confirm the email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email. After that you will need to post the following information to the forum profile: name, address, birthday, picture, as well as 3-5 links.

I will give you the websites where you need to register as well as all of the information to add to the profile.

Ideally you should have some experience building forum profile links, but this is not absolutely necessary.

This project should be completed by December 7. If your work is good I will need you to complete similar projects for me every month.

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Backlinks Building On Pages With +2 PR

Hello dear all..!!

We are looking for some professionals in Backlinks Building..

Our target, is to get a 100 posts on pages with page rank 3 or higher.. DO FOLLOW..!!
Thus, if the pages where the posts are, apply the HTML TAG rel="nofollow", then they are unacceptable.

You can find the exact links, with anchors that we need to use on the page below:

Websites, where those links are placed should be encoded in UTF-8, for the links to show up properly.

If you want to bid and have the chance to be accepted, please.. send us a sample of at least 1 post with the links mentioned above.

– Hasan

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Longterm Link Building Service Needed For 10 Websites.

This is the start of a long term business relation. we own more that 10 micro niche websites most of them are under development. I need to find link builders for our websites.
The niches including dentistry, medical, cooking, games and automotive.

we will start a small task in this project just to discover good link builders and later there will be much work.
######## please send your prices for blog commenting, forum posting, articles submission, pr distribution, web 2.0 creation, link wheels and any other link building services you can make in the pm#######################

task of today,
25 blog comment, 25 article directory submission and 25 forum post.
blogs and forum posts should be on pr2+ and relevant pages

1-only dofollow, permanent links on related pages will be paid for .
2- no spamming the comments should be related to the post.
3- any links on pages with more than 8 links including ourlink will be neglected.
4-each link should be in a different domain, ip address.
5-excel sheet report required that contains the exact url, pr ,ip addres, number of outbound links,

No link farms accepted. One link per domain will be counted .

Links must be static html links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text
Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.

nooooooooooo black or Grey hat at all, just pure white hat.

this is only a test project there will be much more jobs once we find a good link builder.

################ no milestones, payment on finish. #############
################ keep your bids low the budget is limited so price matters ############

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Link Building And Article Writing

We are an online marketing company having more than 500 websites live. We are looking for link building and article writing for travel in India and international for our websites.

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Link Building Project 2010

Link Building
We have researched and have approx 6000 webpages we wish to link with. We are Educational (school) sites) and ALL the intended web sites we wish to link to this are also educational sites.

Your job:
To email the 6000 web pages and ask for link exchanges
To upload and manage those webpages who accept the link exchanges
To provide us with a database of those webpages who have 1. accepted 2. declined 3.not replied

Please note
1. we have the list!
2. You must sign a contract that you will not use this list for any other purposes
2. We have three webpages ourselves – so the approach is for all three websites AND that three way linking is possible
3. If you are a good worker and successful, this can become a long term position. (Please read my evaluations, I am a very good employee)

Happy bidding

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Backlinks Needed

I need back links for my network of websites.

I can only pay .10-.20 cents per link.
I need daily links made every day for the next 6 months.

PM me.

Thank you.

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Two Websites Link Building

Two websites link building

Each website:

– Directory 120 per month (pr situation and approved rate is same important)

– Social Bookmarking 200 per month/10 per day (one bookmarking website on link)

– Article 160 per month/40 per week, each week 5 articles are given.(back link necessary)

1. Directory Submission: Submission Website should not all with lower PR, Category 1 is the best.

2. Detailed report are necessary, which contains submission website URLs, PR info, Account info, final result URLS.

3. Weekly report and I will check it and give you feedback.

4. Payment after all the project items is ok.

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Link Building For 12x Websites 12 X 10 =120 Backlinks

I need 120 inbound PR2, 3+ one-way, permanent, manual, one-way backlinks from quality, relevant websites to our sites. Our sites are for car hire in a number of countries and cities worldwide.

I have 12 x car hire websites, so I need 10×12 = 120 links into total.

I do not want the the links to come from just 12 souces, though there can be some sources where two links are possible. Ideally they would be from 120 sources. Must be English Language

We will provide the anchor text.

Upon complete of the project, an excel sheet will be required that indicates the following:
1. URL link was submitted to
2. Date link was submitted
3. Date link was accepted
4. PR (Page Rank) of the page the link is on
5. Anchor text used for the link
6. IP address of page it was linked on

Here are our requirements for one way permanent links:

– All links should come from PR3+ pages. The page rank requirements refer to the page rank of the actual page the link is on, NOT the homepage
– All links should come from websites RELATED to our website. More details will be provide if hired.
– All links should come from pages cached in Google.
– All links should come from websites with different C Class IPs. 1 link per 1 IP address.
– All links should be static.
– The linking page cannot have more than 35 outbound links on link backs page.
– No “free for all” websites.
– No redirects.
– No link farms.
– No no follow tags.
– No links from frame, iframe, java script, hidden text or flash sites.
– The site must be indexed by Google, Bing, and Yahoo and be crawled within last 30 days.
– No links from article directories, link farms, classifieds.
– Not link exchange programs like,,, etc.
– No directory submissions, blog and forum posts, article submissions, links from guest books, within newsgroups, yahoo groups, CL sites, social bookmarking sites or from profiles of social sites, comment links, etc.
– no rented links
– Located at English language website only (can include links from sites about the country where the car hire site refers to – must be English language though)
– No links from rel=

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50 PR 2+ links for travel site

I need 50PR2+ links for my travel website over the next 30 days.

white hat techniques only
blog commenting must be done manually and provide usefull comment
no reciprical link
no linkfarms

be specific about what you can offer.

long term work available

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Link building, travel site

I would like to have a number of links to my website, related to travel (about China). Specify how many links you can get, in how long time, and your price per link.

– No directory listings
– One link per domain
– Links should come from different C-class IPs
– All links must be permanent
– All links must be put on relevant pages (travel, china, asia)
– Links must have different anchortext and text combinations
– No links from pages with fake PR
– Links should be text links
– Page must be indexed by Google
– No flash sites or pages
– No free webhosts such as geocities, tripod, etc
– Links from pages that already link to my site will not count
– Links must be manually submitted, no use of automated software is allowed
– No scraped content sites, mirror sites, link schemes and sites overrun with ads, popups etc
– No illegal sites, no porn sites, no religious sites, no forums, no guestbooks
– No link-exchange programs, no link farms, no FFA sites
– Page should not have more than 20 other outgoing links
– Link cannot be rel="nofollow", or blocked in robots.txt, framed, cloaked, etc
– Link must be static and direct using anchor text and title tag
– No "sponsored link" or similar
– No sites using dynamically generated links, MouseOvers or similar
– All links must be visible and readable. No hidden links.
– Links must be one way links
– Links must be from a page in English
– Link page must be navigated to directly from the sites homepage
– I only want quality links. I will only pay for links that meet my requirements.


I will require an Excel file with the following info:

1. Site Title
2. Site type
3. Site URL
4. Site PR
5. URL of page with link
6. URL Page PR
7. Anchor Text
8. Date Submitted
9. Date Accepted

I reserve the right to reject sites that do not meet my terms and will require you to add suitable replacement links.

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