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Need 10 PR5 Dofollow Links

i need 10 PR5 links for my webdesigning website.
All links should be dofollow
every links have 80 obl maximum
each should go to my site with proper indexing in google ,yahoo and bing.
all link muct come from pages related to my site.

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Yahoo Store Link With Coupon Code

We want to know how to create a link in a web broswer for our Yahoo store that brings the person directly to the shopping cart for the product (our book) and applies a discount coupon code.

The store is

The discount code is SB20

A link that goes directly to the cart with the book:

A link that goes to the book with the coupon code applied:

Once a coupon code has been added to the cart, further links will still use the discount code.

All we need is a sample link that works and a brief explanation on how to change a product code (the discount code applies to all the books).

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Get On Google Within 24 Hours

I am an Internet Marketer for small and large companies and affiliate looking
to network with a SEO experts who knows how to get my clients listed on the major
search engins like Google, Yahoo, etc.within 24hrs when an order is submitted the same day.

If its possible what are the requirements I have to give your from my clients?

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