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Linux Webserver Compiling And Performance Expert

We operate our own dedicated Webserver that is running Ubuntu 10.10
– 64 bit with the latest versions of a MySQL compatible database, WebServer
and PHP. From time to time we need to compile from source for performance
and or compatibility reasons. Should be familiar with the various
compilation switches and the optimization of size and performance factors.
Should have good English verbal and writing skills, e-mail and Skype.

At present we are seeking a price for the following:

1. Compile and Install php 5.36 with fastcgi
2. Compile and install APC 3.17
3. Install and configure Cherokee 1.22 Webserver
4. Compile and Install Maria 5.3 x64 from source (MySQL Compatible Database)

We will test in a live environment for performance
and compatibility. So there may be several iterations. In this
case we are seeking the absolute best website performance.

Deliverables are a live Website with our Shopping Cart and WordPress 3.1 running.
Both are live now – we are just building an updated Webserver platform for
performance and security reasons.

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Need Linux Expert Who Will Fix My Degraded Software Raid.


They have added a new disk in my server which belongs to a software raid1.
I need someone to rebuild this raid for me from the commandline with MDADM.

only experts please 🙂


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Custom CMS & Front End Development. EXPERT NEEDED

CMS will include:

1. manage user
2. manage products
3. manage orders
4. change order status
5. change password
6. manage contents

Front end development will include:

1. my account screen
2. wishlist
3. payment gateway
4. order process

please give me examples of previous work including cms

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Linux / Ngnix/ Apache / Php Expert Needed

I need a person thats an expert in Linux / Ngnix, Apache, and php.

I would like my server to be setup with ngnix and apache. I have heard that I need apache to handle the php since I have a php script on my server. I had a couple other linux installers try it but, it didnt work correctly the server started going offline sometimes probably due to the large amount of traffic thats being sent probably and also our php scripts stopped working correctly.

If you can do this let me know your experience. You must have extensive knowledge in ALL of those categories, Linux / ngnix, apache, php,mysql (since the php script also uses mysql databases). Must be able to optimize the server to handle very large amounts of traffic.

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OpenLayers, Routing, Fleet Tracking Expert Needed

Dear coders,

Looking for someone with experience with the:

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ClickBank Pay Per Click Expert Needed


I need someone who is an expert at making money with clickbank using ppc. My adwords account got suspended for having a poor quality landing page, so you must use yours unless you can make yahoo publisher or msn PPC convert since I have an account also with those places. You will need to provide the landing pages, and know which products/keyword combination in the clickbank market place converts best with PPC. I want stuff which is already tested and proven ONLY! If your not certain you can make each campaign turn a profit without testing and losing money do not bid. If Im paying $1.00 per click and get 100 clickthroughs and make only $30-$40 on each average affiliate product then I expect you to be able to get at least 10 sales, a 10% conversion rate or better. So a 300-400% ROI. Anything less then that is a gamble when it comes to reinvesting profits. Before accepting your bid I will need to see proof of existing affiliate products your advertising through PPC and getting a 300-400% ROI.

My terms are you start with 1 product and $100, and after that is making me a profit, Ill then pay you to change the daily budget and add as many other affiliate products which make a profit that you can manage.


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Phpfox V2.0 Latest Version Expert Needed

I need to see latest versions customized I need expert to work in customized theme and items

I need portfolio of phpfox 2 only o see what you did any other site that you show will be ignore and place on list not to be contacted.

Also I will take small paid test depending how fast you can work and do it.

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Fusion Charts – Widget – Dashboard Expert Needed

Hello bidders,
Please review the requirements below and bid appropriately.
If you have any questions, please use PM.
Bid quickly as i will select someone before bid end.

========================== Requirements ============================

We need a set of simple widgets, that retrieve data from an xml web service.
You can use fusion charts trial version as we already have the licensed version.

The XML response will look something like this:

<webstat>true</webstat >
<date>2010-11-06 14:32:03</date>
<date>2010-11-06 12:22:42</date>
<date>2010-11-06 08:54:32</date>
<date>2010-11-06 19:29:28</date>
<date>2010-11-04 12:12:58</date>
<date>2010-11-04 04:18:36</date>
<date>2010-11-02 09:54:04</date>
<date>2010-11-01 15:25:15</date>

Based on this response, 6 widgets will be populated.

1. The first widget uses systat. If true, it will display an image

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Exim / ZendFramework Email / SMTP EXPERT Needed


I have a small issue on my server. The following is the situation.

OS: CentOS
MTA: Exim
Panel: Cpanel

I have a php script that sends an email with SMTP using zend framework. The script works fine and the email is send. But, the email always lands inside the spambox because no "From Field" and "Return Path" header is being added in the email.

I need someone to locate why this is happening and bring a fix for me.

You will get $50 ONLY if you can 100% fix it for me. If you can do it cheaper, bid here.

only experts please.


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Exim / ZendFramework Email / SMTP / Cpanel EXPERT Needed.


I have a small issue on my server. The following is the situation.

OS: CentOS
MTA: Exim
Panel: Cpanel

I have a php script that sends an email with SMTP using zend framework. The script works fine and the email is send. But, the email always lands inside the spambox because no "From Field" and "Return Path" header is being added in the email.

I need someone to locate why this is happening and bring a fix for me.

You will get $50 if you can fix it for me. If you can do it cheaper, bid here.

only experts please.


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Cisco Expert Needed (preferably Ccna, Ccnp Certified)

I need a Cisco expert (preferably ccna or ccnp certified) to write content for my Cisco related websites. I

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Magento Expert Needed For Minor Customizations To Exist Site

Programmer must be able to chat over the phone or skype! Must be available to talk and reply to emails promptly.

These are simple task and I do not expect it to take more then 1-5 hours to complete.

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DRUPAL Expert Needed To Expand 2 Modules. Personalize Them

I have interest on personalize two DRUAPL modules.
There are the Flickr Nodes and Flickr FileField.
I need that when this modules have been instaled and configurated works like I explain.
When I add a CCK imageField on a CCK node I need appears a expecial field to can add my own tags to the images to be uploaded to Flickr. Also if I add a unlimited field for the images when I add more images this images be uploaded to Flickr with the same tags on the special field adeed.
I prefer later the pictures be uploaded to Flickr also be deleted from my server.

The other modification is for the module Flickr Nodes. I want this module show on the item node view the images on flickr with the same tags we put on this special field on the cck node field.

If you are interested on this proyect and you understand all I need please put GWFC in the first word of your bid. If anyone are interested and have any question, please write to me.

I provide a clean DRUPAL instalation with Flickr API module and this two modules instalated and I want to see own works on my site before pay all the job. I can pay one little advance to start.


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Linux & Website Security Expert Needed

Hi Guys,

We have few dedicated servers which runs our website. Currently we need a security expert to provide advice regarding Linux & Website Security.

Before you bid on this project, please ensure,

1) You have lots of experience of Linux & Website Security; ( We also have some knowledge about Linux & Website Security, so please dont waste your time if you are NOT a expert at all )

2) You will be required to do one test before you hire you. For example, we need you find few weak points from our system.

Btw, this is long-term cooperation. If you are really good at Linux & Website Security, we are sure there are lots of opportunity in the future.


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Wal Mart Or QVC Supplier/Buyer Pitch Man Expert Needed

I need someone who is experienced with pitching products to Wal Mart
or QVC to help me get my products to them and have them buy from me wholesale.

PM me for details.

Thank you.

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CSS Expert Needed

I need a CSS expert to rewrite 1 CSS doc. and 1 xhtml page
Your code must be perfect and concise zero bloat, cross browser consistent & compatible with extreme attention to SEO.

I am looking for a flawless version of my current docs.
Only the best coders should apply.

I know what I am looking at and will be able to judge the quality of your work to check to make sure you have met the above requirements.

I need this done as soon as possible.

This should be an easy project and easy money for those experts in CSS / XHTML

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Magento Expert Needed On Contract Basis.

I am looking for a experienced Magento Developer who must be able to work on any Magento template and changing around some of the design, and programming a few new features. We are also looking for a team to create an iphone application for us.
The candidate must have good communication and time management skills and should be able to work according to my Clients time zone-MST (UTC – 07:00)…This is full-time job and candidate must be able on skype according to the given time zone at least 40hrs/Week.
If you are interested please send me your hourly rates with your best Magento projects you have worked on and your Resume. You can also contact me on Skype at – brandchimp is you have any question before bidding.
Note- please start your bid with the work Magento- bid without this word will not be entertained. Thanks

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Support Staff For Seedbox Company -Linux Expert

We are looking for a part time Qualified individual to join our support staff!

Applicant must have a minumum of 1 year unix experience and be comfortable using the interactive bash shell.
Debian experience is a plus, but any unix background is acceptable.

Applicant must understand basics of installing software on a unix system, from source, and with the package managment system.

Applicant must be familar with the rutorrent webui. Installation experience is a plus. Above all else, if the applicant
doesnt already understand how to install and support rutorrent, he or shee must be a quick learner.

Utorrent knowledge is a plus.

Trouble shooting skill is important, as are people skills.

He should be patient with customer, polite in talking and Good command over English.

Should be able to work around 8 hours a day.

Duties include:

Answering support tickets from customers.

Giving online support if needed

Troubleshooting issues.

Fixing stalled clients.

Basic unix admin duties.

Interested Applicants should send their Resume or Application Via PM.

Please mention your Full Name, location, Time Zone when you are willing to work,payment expected and mode of payment.

Payment will be monthly.

Warm Regards

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Jooma Expert Needed, TroubleShoot Deluxe Mp3 & Other Changes


– Re-install JFB Connect and JFB invite on website and make sure this component is working. Please have experience in dealing with this component, as my current programmer was not able to make it work.

– In my footer, the facebook logo link, I need to create a subdomain in my site using it as my main promotion URL with a 301 direct to my facebook page here: That URL is just ugly and I want to keep it

– Troubleshoot Deluxe MP3 player. Currently mp3

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Magneto Expert Needed – Move Existing Site To Platfrom

Hi bidders,

Need the following

Build steelclassic . com based on Magento.

Please go through steelclassic . com for all the functions, and identify the parts that require customization. We definitely hope most functions are native in Magento. But if customization is necessary we need to know what they are. pay special attention to these functions:

—– multi-language & currency
—– products are configurable in at least 2 ways – e.g. quality of leather, colour of leather
—– relevant product components shown on corresponding product page, & vice versa
—– relevant designer photo & description on corresponding product page, & vice versa
—– main pic, detailed pic, in-location pic
—– pic zoom (we dont like the default Magento one)
—– member login
—– People can sign up to get catalogs, newsletter
—– Free gift for certain amounts of purchase. Need to show corresponding options automatically in shopping cart once the purchase reach the amount.
—– Coupon Code

Only experts in Magneto. Please only show portfolio with Magneto in PMB. Thanks

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Security Expert Needed, Find Exploits, Get Hired To Fix Them

We operate a number of websites, some of them need some serious security testing
many of them are joomla 1 sites, so the exploits are easy to find on the web
winning bid will depend on how many security holes you can find and of course proven experience in web security, do not fix any issue you can find until you win the bid and you will be hired to fix them

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Moodle Instal, Config And Mods – EXPERT NEEDED


I am looking for an experienced MOODLE person to:

Install Moodle

Install the specified Plugins/modules

Configure as specified

Create the Lesson Flow with Activity Locking 1.9

Debug and fix any errors


Install and configure Moodle 1.9.5 stable (You must install this version only as the Activity Locking Module will only work with this version – do not use the daily builds)

Install Aardvark SVC Theme –

You will need to add logo image to header and custom footer

Additionally slight CSS mods are requested – color change

Activity Locking 1.9

Get File here:

There are some discussion on this plugin module, please review

Additional modules to be installed and configured:

Auto Upload Users
Autoview Presenter
Course Tracking Module (needs Ajax tracking filter installed as well)
Forum NG
Report My Certificates
FN Tabs Course Format
FN Announcements
Course Dedication Block
Resource Zipper
Ungraded Assignment Block
Administration Alert

In addition you will create a course that contains 20 lessons.

The user/student willbe able to view lesson outline but will not be able to access any part of the lesson until either they have completed the previous lesson and / or a certain number of days has passed, typically 7 days.

You will be required to set up each of the 20 lessons typically with the following:

#1 – OVERVIEW – An overview of the Lesson

#2 – THE LESSON – Using the Autoview Presenter module set up a "dummy" lesson so that the admin/teacher can change out for the actual lesson plan. When the user/student views the lesson they will need to watch the entire presentation and the Course Tracking Module (needs Ajax tracking filter installed as well) will track time on lesson. Ideally this timing of lesson would be nice if it could be integrated with the Activity Locking 1.9 so that until the entire presentation has been viewed the user/student can not access the activities that follow.

#3 – Resource download – a pdf work book for the lesson

#4 – Post to fourm for the lesson – a forum will be created for each lesson and the user/student will be required to become active in each forum, by posting X number of posts before being able to move on to the next activity.

#5 – Quiz, Test – each quiz test will be very small and should have no more than 5 parts to the quizz/ test.

When the student/user completes the quizz/test, the next lesson will be unclocked by Activity Locking 1.9. Here is maybe a bit of a custom config — ideally the user needs to complete the quizz, but should the user/student complete the test quizz immediatly after watching the lesson we want them to have to wait a minim of 7 days from the first date of begining either the course or lesson.

As an example a student begins the first lesson on day 1, the second lesson would not be available to them until day 7, lesson 3 on day 14, lesson 4 on day 21 and so on.

THE CERTIFICATE – after the student/user completes a lesson they need to receive a certificate of completion upon answering the quizz/test. You will need to modify the certificate design slightly ie add a logo.


Deliver a fully functional and working turn key installation of Moodle.

You will have 10 days to complete this task, we will need 5 days to test and request any fixes or tweaks.

We work to tight time lines and expect you to do the same, open communication with Skype and prompt payment.

If you have a good work ethic and have experience with Moodle please bid.


Also please provide in a PM links to a minimum of 2 other moodle installs you have completed.


In your bid, type the words " MOODLE EXPERT A1 " so that I know you read and understood the project, failure to do this will result in your bid being excluded from the project.

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Ejabberd Expert Needed To Configure My Xmpp Abber Server

I have installed and configured an ejabberd server on linux debian. and I need an expert to finish the following tasks:
1-Until now, jabber Client receives the full JID :

We can get the user Connected Resources with the web admin interface (online user:
# 3072914908126831501297299 (plain://

I want that ejabberd returns full JID in this form: (plain text, not hash)
2-Add optional module mod_ctlextra for ejabberdctl: add-rosteritem, ban-account ..

Please do not bid if you are not experienced in this domain and Please read carefully my project description before bidding.

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Python Expert Needed-Install Trac on my server

I need to install Trac urgently on my web server.I have PHP/Linux Host available..Please check requirement to install Trac below:

Apply only if you know python and prior Trac Install experience will be recommended..

I will provide all the access of my web server to selected candidate( I host on 1and1).If you have installed Trac before please provide links.

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Handshake 3.7 expert needed

Show me the work you have done after that project details will be given

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Q&A Yahoo Answers – Other Q&A site expert

Need someone to search for open questions in yahoo answers…and post replies to specific questions that my sites cator to.

I need this person to also seek out other sites that have Q&A forums so we can get our sites mentioned on those sites also. We need high PR sites with backlinks to many pages of our sites.

If you have experience in this please PM me with details.


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Q&A Yahoo Answers – Other Q&A site expert

Need someone to search for open questions in yahoo answers…and post replies to specific questions that my sites cator to.

I need this person to also seek out other sites that have Q&A forums so we can get our sites mentioned on those sites also. We need high PR sites with backlinks to many pages of our sites.

If you have experience in this please PM me with details.


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Job board development expert needed!

Im looking for a programmer to help me code a job portal.

Im not looking for ready made software but a customized job board.

Please bid only if u can deliver within dateline, and done give me all those promises that u cant actually fulfill.

Waiting for your sincere bids.


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Affiliate Sales Expert Needed

We are looking for a marketing genius having good knowledge of affiliate sales system. Must have excellent knowledge of this industry and should be able to prove that by his work. Income is unlimited if we get a correct person for this job.More details in PMB.

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Linux expert needed

Since a couple of days the load of our server has increased dramatically. We need a server admin who can find what is causing the load and fix the problem.

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Webmaster Server Experts – Linux

Need Webmaster who is expert of Server Technology & Cpanel in Linux Server.


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BookMarking Demon expert needed


I am in URGENT need of someone who has working experience of "BookMarking Demon" tool .
It would be a longterm contract, and I can easily judge if you really have experience with this tool or not..

Pleas eprovide yiur bid. Initial contract will be of 1 month and can extend upto 9 months.

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JasperReports EXPERT needed

Okay I am a developer myself. I am nearing completion of a project, and I have planned all along to do all the reporting with Jasper Reports. Well, I have a basic amount of reporting working but Im having trouble understanding how to really get the reports I need. This is a very specific problem that needs someone with very specific skills. I will here explain:

I have a database driven java application that uses hibernate. Most of the entities in it descend from a single entity called BaseType with a @OneToMany List<Property> on them that holds most of the real data of the object.

Property is another persistent hibernate object which has two properties: type (is the key of another object of a different type, EntityType.

I have it where Im storing report xml in the database, and the user is able to use a dialog to drag objects from a tree into a JTable and I use it to populate a JRBeanCollectionDataSource to fill the report and this DOES work.

What I cant figure out, is how the hell to access the various Property objects from inside the report xml, how to assign as a field say:

property.value where = foo

or even generate a subreport that has all the properties of that object. So far, I have been only able to generate static fields.

What I need is help getting a few reports built, that is all I can take it from there after that. If this makes sense to you and you want to do it, please bid. Thank you.

Thank you.

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