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Ubuntu FTP Server Help

One of our Ubuntu server has the FTP service down. Our system admins are unavailable to work on this issue. If you have the skills to fix it, please bid. It may be a simple issue but we wouldnt know. Seems like service is up & running, but is not responding. Firewall port 21 has been opened.

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Asterisk Server And Gui Admin Repair / Installation

I have an asterisk server on my dedicated web server (Linux Centos OS) with a php admin gui, however after a recent move to a new server, the asterisk server is no longer working and needs to be modified or reinstalled along with an admin gui.

I need asterisk to:

1) Play a pre-recorded message (and possibly give 2 options for the user to leave a message or click a digit on their phone to forward to a cell phone number or any number I specify)

2) The messages will be stored on my server, and also email the message to my email addy in .wav format

The gui admin panel needs to:

1) Allow me to delete old messages from the dedicated server

2) Allow me to easily change the pre-recorded message, by uploading a new .wav file

3) Allow me to add new numbers to the service (if possible)


I may also want asterisk to give the user the option to send a fax which would be emailed to my address for viewing.

Notes: I have many voip numbers with an established voip provider which I use in conjunction with the asterisk server. I do not need a graphically appealing gui for the admin, just simple, easy to navigate and to get the job done.

Thanks for reading.

I need this job done right away.

Please PM your experience and any questions you may have and also the time frame it would take to complete.

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Employee Evaluation

Need separate quote for an employee evaluation system to be developed in .Net or Java with SQL backend.

3 level approval process (Employee, Manager, Senior Manager and HR) with options to approve, reject and resubmit

Ability to attach the evaluation in various forms (word or excel document)

System security to ensure edits to the proper approver, reads only to the stakeholders listed since the evaluation will contain specific employee financials. Admin sees all the evaluations irrespective of the stages.

Able to track the approval flow as shown below
Transaction History (Date ~ Name ~ Status Change)

Able to track changes to data field (20 in total) once the evaluation is submitted by the employee as shown below
Audit Tracking (Date ~ Name ~ Data Field Change)

Able to store comments made during the approval process as shown below
Comments Summary (Date ~ Name ~ Comments)

20 data fields with data types ranging from character to number

Able to search on the evaluations based on any of the 20 data fields

Separate section for administrators

Administrators manage basic data fields lookup such as location, department etc.

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Game Server Administrators Creators (Cabal Online)


Is going to launch the game server Cabal Online.
Becouse I cant do all myself, I am looking some people forward to working on the server along with me.

All resources under the server will be given by me.
It will be a fresh new server that we need to configurate and make it a thing attracting users.

Please contact only the people who have already had to deal in this area and experienced or understood from what will have to do.

Olso we need *nixwin programmers.

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C/C++ Linux Embedded Help Required.

We encounter a problem and need your help. In short I have a daemon program AAA that is launched when ARM embedded device is booting.

Once its started, AAA program needs to call another program BBB when an even xxx occurred ( we use execl(“/bin/sh”, “sh”, “-c”, BBB_command, (char*) 0); )

This BBB program works perfectly when we launched AAA manually (login by telnet and type /usr/local/bin/AAA & ). But if AAA is launched during booting time (Daemon service ), BBB is not launched (child -1 returned)

If we use AAA in x86 env, it works fine in all scenarios.
Please sorry for this dummy explanation as Im not developer. If you dont clearly understand, or need further info, i can give you the code in PMB.


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