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Joomla Jobs

I have a job list that have to be done. Everything have to be done in good way and work well.

This is for an Joomla webshop in virtuemart

This are the main things out of the list:

– Get the terms out of the automatic generated order email.
– Get my artciles inside my XML sitemap
– Redesign of the frontpage / homepage -> I want my latest products to be loaded inside my frontpage, latest 3 articles, and latest 3 newsletters.
– Acy mailing newsletters must come in the website under the articles section
– New Comments / review system , the standard joomla one sucks
– Install Virtuemart autoresponder module properly
– Change the autom. generated email for new registred users
– Add the share for Facebook button
– If possible i want to have an waiting list somewhere to be shown. Now people can add themself to the waiting list when a product is sold out but i cant see who is on the waiting list.

Everything need to be fixed in a maximum of 2 weeks.

Let me know if you can do it .

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Create A SMS/Text Message Bulk Mailer Website

On the Frontend: I want people to be able to enter their first name and their cell phone number and automatically receive my messages (auto-responders) for free.

They can also text a certain word and it will automatically add them to my mailing list and send them the autoresponder.

On the Backend: I want to be able to upload a large list of cell phone numbers (all over the world, not just United States).

I also want to be able to upload large documents such as novels or books and it automatically sends them one page at a time, or one chapter at a time until they ask for more or it can send it once a day. Id love for these to be able to be sent out for free.

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Excel Macro Conversion To HTML

I am requesting a Macro file that will process an Excel file with a list of events and provide me HTML code for this list with appropriate formatting that I will then place in my online website.

The list of events is approximately 200-300, spread over 3 columns.
Each event row will have to be parsed for Title, Date, Time, Location, and price.

The Macro should parse each event row, reorganize columns based on a predetermined structure, then generate HTML code for the table that can be manually pasted into my website.

Please pm me for sample of the excel file or with any additional questions.

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UK Residential Directory Numbers Database List Required

We require someone to provide a list of UK residential directory numbers for our Groups Market Research division.

We believe that there are 32-34 million of these residential numbers and so will require all of them, ideally in a spreadsheet format, divided/arranged by towns and cities.

A discretionary bonus will also be given for a good job. Please note that full payment will only be provided at the end of the project following successful and satisfactory completion.

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OsCommmerce Add-on Charity Donation

I need someone to fix and re-package an existing oscommerce add-on that allows a shop owner to donate some of the sale proceeds to a list of charities, groups and associations. Most of the work involves putting all the previous existing contributions into one updated package with an easy idiot proof installation guide. In addition, the shop-owner must have the flexibility of being able to offer different donations amounts (% or $) to different organisations on the list.

The existing addons to date can be found at:

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IPhone Dynamic Questionnaire App

Need a dynamic questionaire app that ideally does the following:

1) has a reusuable view for top half of the view that contains a scrollable text label or similar that is read only for a question.
2) a answer type can be defined of the following:
a. free text (single line)
b. larger comments text (multiple lines and scrolling)
c. numeric value
d. picker view with a fixed list (only can select from list given)
e. picker view with "other" option where if required answer is not provided an other option may be selected and added to the list
f. picture selector (existing pictures) or capture a new picture
g. date/time picker
h. yes/no picker (segmented control)
i. signature (capture signature and save jpg, png, or similar)

idea is I would read the questions from a text file which would have the text to populate the question label (#1 above) and also the type of question which would load the appropriate view (#2) and contain any required values for picker select lists, etc.

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Bug Fix On Existing Group Buy Website

I have an existing group buy website which has several bugs that need to be fixed. The original developer can no longer continue working on the project so Im looking for some experienced php developer to quickly fix these problems so I can launch my site. Time frame is no more than 7 calendar days. Budget $200.
Please review the site and the list of bugs require fixing. Once you have won the bid, I will give you access to the backend as well as server files and db for you to directly implement any changes. Also if it helps, the site is based on the Couponic template on yii framework.

Site URL:

Bugs to be fixed:
1. Header and top navs
a) Visit More Cities, Get Deals by Email, Refer Friends, Get $ not formatted very well.
b) Please move Visit More Cities to just next to the city name.
c) Upon click on these links, the drop down is still below the main nav bar. Please move that also back to the top of the header.
d) Long city names do not display properly on the View More Cities list. Please review and fix. Please sort city names alphabetically in the View More Cities list.
e) Please also sort the Province/State names alphabetically in the Get Deals by Email drop down list.
f) Please remove the submenu strip to save header room.
g) Change header background graphic to just pure blue. No wavy pattern.

2. Remove the 3rd thing in the Share option list.

3. Slideshow auto slides which is good. However, if I play the video in the slide show, the slide show continues to scroll, which is not good. It should allow the video to finish playing before sliding over to the next thing.
Also the video doesnt show in Google Chrome. Please review and fix.

4. In the More Local Deals right nav, the Save xxx % green box cuts into the left margin. Please re-align.

5. Highlights and The Fine Print should be 2 columns of equal width below the picture.

6. Change background color for Buy it for a friend! to blue.

7. For a user buying with credit, once the balance is $0 after redeeming all credits, checkout process should not send to paypal anymore.

8. Gift card option should allow users to purchase with credit too.

9. Mobile page needs a little tweeking:
a) Logo appears too small.
b) Price/Discount/Savings section not formatted very nicely.

10. Need assistance configure newsletter. Either do it from my own server or integrate with mailchimp.

11. Make footer area into a CMS and can be edited in multiple languages.

12. Use local image instead of image from another site: (currently configured in /deals/themes/classic/views/worklets/deal/side/about.php

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Research Project

I need somebody to do a fairly small research project. You will be experienced and able to complete the task within the next 7 days.

I need a list of UK Journalists to be produced that have written on a specific topic.

The spreadsheet will need –

publications their work has been published in
their status (staff writer or freelance)
position (editor, tech correspondent, etc)
twitter handle
phone (not essential, but handy)
link1 (link to at least one recently published, relevant article)

I can supply an initial spreadsheet with a bunch of contacts already included, and I can supply details of where to find more if needed – I need you to quote for finding 100 fresh contacts to include on the list I already have..

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Adding Google Map Feature To Existing ASP Site

Hello freelancers!

I have a fully functional asp site containing a parts database. (see attached zip file for all source code)

All of the data is stored in XML files.

The existing functionality will be self-explanatory.
Basically, you browse the navigation tree and select a product line and the parts are displayed from the xml file.

For this project, I would like to add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file. one for latitude and one for longitude.

Then, on the main page, add 2 radio buttons that allow you to select "Parts List" or "Locations".

When "Parts List" is selected, the parts list will be shown just as it is currently.

But, when "Locations" is selected, the lat, long coordinates from the XML file are used to map all the corresponding parts on a Google map.

Requirement 1
Add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file, one for latitude and one for longitude.

Requirement 2
Populate lat and long with random US locations.

Requirement 3
Radio button functionality on main page which switches website function from parts list to location on google map.

Requirement 4
Map multiple parts locations on Google map when selected from Menu in "Locations" mode.

Thats it!

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Basic SEO Services Required

Hello, I need an SEO expert to do a basic strategy on one of my websites.

Website is an Organic Yoga Fashion business.

– Keyword Research (i will provide a basic list, you need to build and refine it)
– (Re)Submission to Major Search Engines
– Submission to related Directories
– Link-Building on related websites
– Modification of Main Pages in Magento Site (optional!)
– Anything else that will help, within the budget
– You must provide a list of directories/sites/submission on competition of project.

Budget: ca. $80 – $120 plus $40 – $80 for modification of Magento Site Pages (optional!)
Deadline: 1 Week

IMPORTANT: Please make a bid and also list exactly what you are offering, eg. how many directories and their PR etc.

The winner will not be the cheapest, but will be the person that offers the best proposal!

I will require services like this all the time so repeat work is guaranteed for high performers.

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* atlanta
* austin
* boston
* chicago
* dallas
* denver
* detroit
* houston
* las vegas
* los angeles
* miami
* minneapolis
* new york
* orange co
* philadelphia
* phoenix
* portland
* raleigh
* sacramento
* san diego
* seattle
* sf bayarea
* wash dc

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Expert Wanted To Setup A Craigs-list Proxy Server

I need an expert who can remotely setup a craigs-list proxy server to post ads in US cities…..
Ill provide the PC situated in USA and also the remote PC access….
Or if you r a Craigs-list server provider also can bid on this project….
Plz PM me about details…..

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Targeted Email List

We need someone who can harvest a targeted email list. What we want is an email list of flat roofers across the southern USA. This has to be targeted so you cant just simply type "flat roofer" into your email spider as it will grab so many unrelated emails. Whether its done by hand or not doesnt matter to us, as long as the list is targeted. If it is targeted enough, we will avoid being labeled spam.

We need this list in one week. The list should be greater than 1000 emails. We will not pay for any or unrelated emails.

looking to spend about $25 in total for a direct targeted list of 1000 emails


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B2B Social Media Telemarketing – USA ONLY!


We are looking for someone who can work full time on referring companies. We will give you a list of companies you need to contact and you will go down the list and call + email each company regarding our services.

MUST BE LOCATED IN THE USA. Please do NOT bid if youre located in another country. Serious bidders only.


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Need Proxy List

I need New Zeeland socks5 list daily (10 – 20 socks5) ….. a software or something to get them.
Please contact me with any sugestion……socks5 rdp vnc vpn nologin…. any sugestion.

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Database Input Of Product From Pdf Parts List

we have an os commerce website and need to import data to it but do not want to do this
line by line , i have the catalog pdf of the items
and need to be able to import the data so the customer can brouse to find the correct
part no within the list and select it to buy , the catalog has some 300 pages , we need
to be able to sort through it to select the clutch kit type
engine size
sub model (ie BHP)
there are about 6 colums of data to import and needs to create an individual item for each
line with correct description so the search engines can also find the items
send pm for sample of the pdf

we need this completed very quickly and any bids must conform to the deadline of 7 days

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Looking For A Posting Service To Jobs Section In Craigs List

I am looking to post ads all over Craigs.List in the Jobs Section.

id want to post about 2-4 ads per day as a beginning. If it works well, Id increase the number of posts and post it in more cities.

I need an expert who can post ads in the Jobs section without a problem.

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Getting Data From Google Finance API

I require someone to write me a script to extract the following from google finance using the google finance API (

Open price
Close price
High price
Low price
Volume traded
Share code

This needs to be done for every stock in the asx (australian) stock exchange which I can supply as a list and should ultimately be stored in an online table.

Every day I want to run this script (cron job) and have it dump the end of day data to a mysql database so that I can build up historical data for share prices in the australian stock exchange.

All of the information on how to interrogate the google finance API is supplied by google in the link above and I will be suppling the list of companies for which the data needs to be returned, therefore I dont see this as an overly complicated job.



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Excel Expert Needed Asap

I need to compare "order management" list against "netbilling" list Every time you find a file that exist in order management but NO exist in netbilling you highlight in Red as i have already started doing. The you make seperate excel list of only files in red and send to me. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank u for bidding.

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Email Marketing Campanign 500.000 Emails


We are looking for an experienced and serious bulk email marketer.

We want to send 500,0000 emails.

We will provide the list and also the template.

Within the list there will be 50 email adresses of our own, so we will now if youve done the job right.

– emails must reach the inbox.
– a complete transmission & statistics report must be provided.

Please give us a good price for this campaign.

Happy bidding!

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Forex And Currency Traders Email List

Looking for someone to write an email campaign for a Forex Signal service company. We need someone who has experience in the field of marketing and is familiar with the forex markets. We need someone who can provide us with a good Subject line for the email and also the email itself that will go out to nearly 100 million email addresses.

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Need Craig’s List Poster

WE need EXPERT(s) to post ads on the website Craigs list in Las Vegas, NV only. Its very important that you read this from top to bottom! We are looking for someone who can post ads in the real estate for sale section at least 4 days per week on Craigs List. The successful person will need to:

1.) Post ads on craigs list twice a day. The first grouping of ads must be placed online between 10:30AM and 1:00PM Pacific Daylight Time. The second grouping is to be placed online between 4:30PM and 7:00PM Pacific Daylight Time.

2.) You must have good knowledge of Craigs List terms of service to avoid ghosting and flagging.

3.) You are responsible for creating and maintaining the Craigs List account.

4.) You are responsible for creating and maintaining the email addresses.

5.) Bidders should have have IP addresses that DO NOT GET GHOSTED (If you are not sure what this means, DO NOT BID / DO NOT CONTACT ME .)

6.) You are bidding on a one month project and if it is successful we will in turn this into a permanent project pending your progress and results within the first seven days (trial period).

7.) You must be able to rotate Ad titles, post image ADS, rotate IPs, Monitor ADS, prevent Ghosting .

8.) All ads must be search-able and verifiable

9.) You must supply us with a spreadsheet listing the links to the live ads you posted.

10.) Payment will be made every 50 posts through PayPal (ghosted / flagged posts will not be paid for.)

11.) We will pay up to $.50 per LIVE Ad. Ghosted, deleted or flagged ads will not be paid for.

12.) We will provide all of the content needed as well as a detailed list of where we would like the posts placed.

Please reply with samples of your work and pricing per post.

Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

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Data Mining


I need to extract Name, Designation, Company, Phone from a GIVEN web page to a CSV list.

The list size is about 12,000 records.

The information on the webpage is already organized in a format so its a very simple job

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Youtube Multi Comment Thumb Up Bot

the bot will thumb up my comments on couple videos (multi), and will work like that

Settings: Comment id (or a way to identifying my comment), also to select a time break between each thumbs up (5 seconds, etc)
Connect to proxy from a imported list **
Login to youtube account from a imported list
Thumbs up my comment on that video
Reconnect to new proxy **
login to a different account
thumbs up
– it just will repeat until its done all the accounts

**- PROXY- I will have the option if i want to use proxy or not.

basiclly, i will load list of yt accounts (100 for example) and will load list of videos (20 for example). it will thumb my comments in all the videos (20 for example here). – it will do it in the same time. (MULTI) – means, it wont thumb up 1st video, then 2nd.. etc. it will thumb up all the videos in the same time.

also as a note, the comment will get flushed off the first page very very quickly so it needs to find my comment even if its not on the first page, and thumbs it up

1. I want this done in C#.
2. I want to see a working demo in a video before payment is made.
3. I want to see records everytime thumb up made


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Craigs List Expert For Canada Housing Posts

WE need EXPERT(s) to post ads on the website Craigs list Canada ( BC Only ).

This will be an ongoing partnership if the first trial week is successful.

You must have ALL emails .
You must have IP addresses that DO NOT GET GHOSTED (If you are not sure what this means, DO NOT BID / DO NOT CONTACT ME .)
You will be responsible to manage your own IP addresses, and verified accounts if/as needed.
You will need to monitor your posting to verify no ghosting, etc. (If you are not sure what this means, DO NOT BID / DO NOT CONTACT ME .)
Payments will be made weekly, NO MONEY WILL BE GIVEN IN ADVANCE.

You must be able to rotate Ad titles, post image ADS, rotate IPs, Monitor ADS, prevent Ghosting .

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Please only those who are interested in ad posting apply.

***WE will not supply email addresses or remote ips to use for this project. You deal with those issues.
***Dont wing it. WE need results.

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Extraction Of Data To CSV


I need to extract Name, Phone numbers from a GIVEN web page to a CSV list.

The list size is about 37,000 records.

The information on the webpage is already organized in a format so its a very simple job.


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Posting Ads On Craigs List With (experience).

You will post ADS BETWEEN 9AM AND 7PM
You must have your own IP addresses , CL accounts, Anti flagging scripts

Additional Requirements:

No Ghosted Ads – I do not pay for ads that do not show up on CL

Ads must be search-able

You must supply me with a spreadsheet listing the links to the live ads you posted.

Oppurtunity for ungoing business

Thank You

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Simple List View, And Buttons

I need a very simple app that will have a home page, some buttons along the bottom to access some other pages… one of the other pages will be a list. The list will be scrollable with the ability to click each item in the list. this will access a page with more details about the item. then some back buttons. possibly an add to favorites page button. i have more details drawn up in a file, showing the exact setup. please email: and i will show you the file of details.

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Excel Data Entry — Mine "Inc. 5000" Website List

We need to mine this website — — for ALL the companies

How you can do a great job:

1. Click on each company name (ex. Lexicon Consulting #4, WDFA Marketing #5, TheFind #12, etc.)
2. Copy/paste info from each company page into the attached Excel, with all 10 columns we want labeled on attached template (Columns A-J)
3. Email us your completed Excel file, and youre done!

There are a total of 5000 companies on the list (100 pages of 50).

Feel free to ask me any questions, and happy bidding!

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