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Bands Directory | DirectoryPress

Dear Freelancers,

Thanks for your Bids, here is more clarification about this project, please review and correct your bids (if necessary).

Project Description + Scope.

A Directory where Music bands and DJs can post there listing, embed youtube videos and mp3 with there listings , the user can select a city and/or a category then search the database.

Weve started on this project a few month ago but have been busy with other project. However the project can currently be viewed at :

1) Signup / Post a listing

This process needs to be super easy 1 2 3 (4) Steps
… Select a Package
… Listing information + upload file and video
… User Information
… Preview listing (optional)
… Payment

2)Packages / Listing Information

— Free
1 location 1 category 60 days Free Trial No audio No Video No Link to website

— Silver
3 location 3 categories Audio but No Video No Link to URL 30 days $xx.xx 6 Month $ xx.xx and 12 Month $xx.xx Silver listing are listed above all free listing

— Gold
5 location 5 categories Everything ! link to website + Video + Audio 30 day xx.xx 6 Month xx.xx 12 Month xx.xx
Gold listings are listed above Silver Listings | VIP Customer Service 24 Hours turn around.

— Premium listings are listed above Silver Listings | All Gold + Plus featured slot on your cities home page. 6 Month $xx.xx 12 Month $xx.xx

3) Media Upload up to 3 Song with Title per listing if available in the package |

4) Video embed from url Youtube or Myspace (if available in package)

5) Users will be able to manage there listing from the back end (we already started this process the Member Area is already created)

6) Design and Graphic | The website need to look and feel fresh and professorial, we ve already created the design element but this need the be enhanced please see the website…

Currently the website is under DirectoryPress and WordPress, but we are open to other platforms if you have done similar work please post it on PM, this will really help us determine who would be the best fit for this project.

Thanks you all!

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Website Rebuild (wordpress)


I am wanting to redevelop our website to a wordpress site, with a
similar look and functionality as it presently has (but better).

Not sure where to start and just looking for some sort of ball park.

The current site is a bit of a hack and extended so many times it
ended up being a bit of a mess, and the SEO it dreadful!

Basic requirements
– Mostly blog with the ability to categorise articles in multiple
– Simple online store to purchase subscriptions and back issues, we
want to later be able to add some other product to this section. This
also has a discount coupon. We want to use an intergrated paypal
gateway for this to help reduce our costs.

– As is (categories and listings of businesses)
– We want to make this better by being able to open listing and get
more info (photo galleries and videos, more text etc)
– Ability for companies listed to edit their listings by logging in

– Wed probably need to find a way of integrating this, rather than
re-doing, its pretty complex. But take a look and see what you think.
– may be good to set this up an another site, that we link to and
link back from???

I know this isnt much info, but should kick us off in the right
direction. Let me know if you have any Qs.

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Need To Promote My Freeclassified Website

I need some one to promote my free classified website to get listings on the website it is free to list on the website and must be USA listings only for more info and the URL contact me.

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==== Immediate Start ==

1) Integrate regional search filter based on area and category into our exsiting site

2) Configure and set up each section based on full JReviews functionality seen in demo-> for example ,->

* Most Recent Listings
* Most Popular Listings
* Most Reviewed Listings
* Featured Listings
* Directory
* Advanced Search
* Latest Editor Reviews
* Latest User Reviews
* Latest Comments
* Top Reviewers
* JomSocial

3) Upon completion test for full functionality by implimenting a few examples for each section

Tech Skills for this project include:

1) Good Familiarity With JReviews Script
2) Familiarity with JA TELINE 4 template
2) Good PHP/MySQL /HTML Skill Set

We are looking for long term relationship with chosen developer and can offer continued projects based on satisfactory completion of this deliverable

————- Max Budget On This Project Is $60 ———

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YellowPages Business Listings

I need batches of local business directory listings delivered in various formats according to a supplied schema. Business name, categories, address, phone and email.

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YellowPages Business Listings

I need batches of local business directory listings delivered in various formats according to a supplied schema. Business name, categories, address, phone and email.

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Amend Templates For Seo

In order to improve search engine ranking on the Owen Shipp website, I would like to tweak the way works. At present, I believe Google is lowering its rank as it sees the different property types as too similar. I would like to change <Title> and the URL of the pages to rectify this.

1. Page Titles
The page title needs to reflect the properties listed on the page. This works fine when a full listing is shown, as it is as follows:
To let or buy – listings of commercial property in Guildford, Woking, Godalming, West Surrey

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Add Popup Intake Form To JReviews Field


I want to set up a "Request a Quote" link inside jReviews Listings for certain Listings only. In those listings, I want a "Request a Quote" icon and link to popup a javascript window with an intake form (Name, Email, etc). The form will save the data into a database along with that Listings ID as well as send that info to that company. After the "Send" button is clicked the windows should say "Thank You" and then fade away after 3 seconds or so.

Must work on Joomla 1.5 and latest jReviews.

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Social Engine Programmer Needed

My site is I own the radcodes SE3 plugins: business listings & links.

I have extensive customization to links plugin already and I dont want to use the business listings plugin anymore so I need to merge several business listing features into links.

1) I need to add several data fields to the links plugin on

2) I need the search box on my homepage to search links, instead of business listings, using existing & the newly added fields. [I WONT need the map or radius features]

3) I need the featured slider on my homepage to show featured links instead of business listings. [This will require changes to admin area to add feature]

4) I need to add GEO targeting so featured links and can show based on viewers location. I have GEO DB already

5) I need to add the payment solution from my business listings plugin to the links plugin so users pay to list their links. See it here:

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Custom WordPress Theme

I am looking to ha a theme created that will be a local business listing directory.

The directory will combine the best features of the following.

This theme is specifically for business listings.

I want to create a theme that is very usable by newbies with complex features to handle thousands of listings.

I would like to also have features of a city portal.

I would also like to look at some of the popular features from other mainstay directory scripts.

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Real Estate Rental Site WordPress

Looking to build a real estate rental web site in word press.
looking for someone that has done this before.
the site will work like this:
able to post new properties by my company or associated agents or other private people
property search features and include cities in canada and USA
show featured properties and below have a list of all listings.
also below all listings a classified plugin would be cool too.

looking to spend about $150 hoping to find someone that has already done a project like this and can just modify it.

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I Need a PHP/XML solution (component) to be able to create an XML file of all Sobi2 listings incl. all custom fields.

You must know PHP / XML
You must know Joomla 1. 0. 15
You must know Sobi2 Component
You must know MySQL
You must have experience designing Joomla extensions

The Goal:
.. is to submit our listings to different search engines like for ex. and others

A lot of search engines allow inserting listings via XML import
check here:

I need also to import xml file into my sobi2 directory

As the search engine uses there own specifications we need to be able to rename our custom fields into their specifications inside the Joomla administration.

What must this component do:
– create a XML file from the Sobi2 listings (database)
– possibility to rename/change names of fields
– Export/create XML file to the root or for download
– Import XML file to my sobi2 directory

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Textbook Exchange Website

I would like to create a Textbook exchange website where students within the same university can list the textbooks they have for sale


1) Sellers must be able to post their exchange by logging in with their Facebook or Twitter.

2) Once sellers have registered, there must be a wall post "(NAME) has joined where students in (UNIVERSITY) can list their textbooks for exchange/sale"

3) When sellers list their books, there must be a wall post on facebook stating "For sale: Biology book by David 5th Edition, £20, Brand new, for second year biology students taking plant biology module BIO12345" and attached a copy of the front cover of the book.

4) I will provide the domain name and will rent a shared server for you to upload, so you need to know the how to use FTP.

5) On the actual website, all available listings must be sorted according to the following. University-> Department -> Year of study
This way buyers can browse directly to books relevant to them.

6) The book listings must not be in gumtree styled where people just post indiscriminately and you end up with a forums of 100 threads. The listings must be similiar to Amazon style where there are products already established and sellers simply register their books against that listing.

7) All listings should expire in 14 days and there has to be an auto-email feature to ask the seller if he/she wants to extend it. This is to prevent sellers leaving their listings up there despite the books already being sold.

8) Buyers should be able to navigate to the book they are looking for and if there are no sellers, they should be able to register their interest so sellers can contact them to sell their books.

9) Similiar to Amazon, sellers should be able to upload a book if it has not already been listed.

Please show me your past works of website creation. And also show me a website on the internet which you think its format and style will be similar to this idea.

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Re-Design IT Services Company Website (WordPress)

We are a small IT Services company looking to re-design our current WordPress website.

The main purpose of our website is informational, and we use it to list our services and products. We also have an about us section, testimonials and contact page.

We are a premier member on, and istockphotos, and we own several customizable WordPress templates ready to be used (e.g. inFocus, Sensation).

Our main source of traffic to the website will be from Google pay per click and later from Google organic listings. An SEO friendly approach must be taken when building the website. (note: we do not require SEO optimization)

We are looking to achieve a clean corporate look, with little to no flash.

To succeed, you must:
– have experience in customizing WordPress templates
– have an eye for creative design in Photoshop
– have excellent knowledge with CSS 3, Java Script, PHP and HTML
– be honest

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to receive further work such as (newsletter design, eBay listings design and business referrals to our existing customer base). Please take this into consideration when bidding for this project.

Example of website look were trying to achieve:

Note: Content, Photos, Icons and most graphics will be provided in high resolution .psd and .png formats

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Programming For Medium Size Event Services Website (Wordpres

We are launching a website dedicated to providing information and services to people planning large scale events. The site is in line (but a much smaller scale) with,, etc.

The site will consist of the following:

– Static content
– Blog posts/content (WordPress)
– Vendor Listings – to include: Vendor reviews, basic vendor information (similar to Yelp)
– Vendor management – backend for Vendors to log in and upload/edit their information
– Planning tools (checklist, seat planning, etc)
– User account creation/management (basic information)
– Facebook integration (posting content to Facebook, possible integration of Facebook login to create user account)

The following assets will be provided to you:

– Design for each page/section (PSD format)
– Functional Requirements documentation

The initial thought is that the content portion of the site will be all done through WordPress, while the vendor listings, user accounts and tools will be done using a database. However, we are open to suggestions as to how you would approach this. The site must be easy to maintain, as well as flexible and scalable to add additional features.

We will be rolling out the site in several phases:

Vendor listings (one city only), user accounts and Blog

Vendor listings (all cities), tools, possible enhancements to existing features

You must have:
– Proven recent experience of developing complex dynamic websites
– Experience developing WordPress sites
– Ability to integrate pre-existing design assets (PSD) and requirements documentation into functional website
– SEO expertise
– An innovative mindset

Bid Process:
1. Please bid based on PHASE 1 only, and provide estimated cost and timeframes. Include examples and details of similar projects you have completed. Also include any information on the approach you might take with this project.
2. We will select a short list of bidders to receive the full spec for further analysis
3. Revised bid following analysis of full spec plus Skype discussion
4. Job awarded

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Create A Program That Notifies Me When New Cars Are Listed

I am an auto dealer in the USA who buys very specific types of cars. I am looking for someone who can take my specific search parameters and then write a program to let me know when NEW listings appear for the cars that I am interested in. It would need to monitor,,, and It would involve writing a program that could search those specific sites every hour or two and then compare the listings from each search to see what is new. The new results would then be emailed to me. I am not a programmer so you may have a better idea of how to achieve the same results in a different manner. I am definitely open to ideas.

Here is an example of what I am looking for. Say I am only looking for 2002-2005 Volvo s60 or v70 R vehicles that are advertised in all 48 states but not Hawaii or Alaska. The program would search the four websites above for those specific vehicles in that specific year range and then email me new listings as they appear online. I would need it to be sophisticated to not email me duplicate listings.

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Website Listings Required

I need SEO, Link building and 1000 listings done on a real estate site.

See similar sites like

Other comparison sites like or

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Data Collection

Collect script listings data from, enter in a prescribed excel sheet and deliver in 1 day.

Data must be organized in the categories as shown on the website. It has to be delivered within next 24 hours else no payment. Data should be complete and accurate (This is MUST).

There are 1337 listings and you will be paid $150, $1 copying for 10 listings.

Apply only if you good in collecting data.

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Restaurant Listing And Ordering System For Magento

Winning bidder needs to:

– have an outstanding portfolio
– strong experience with magento set-up and customisation
– strong understanding of the brief
– the ability to provide ongoing support once the store is up and running


Similar style site to

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Web Search For Listings And Data Entry On My Webaite

I need someone who can Search on web and insert listings on my website. I Have a City directory website. URL will be provided in PMB.

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Web Search And Data Entry

You have to search listings and enter on my website manually. I have Local City Directory. I want someone who can search Listings on internet and enter on my website using web forms. The Url will be provided in PM.

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WordPress Design

I am in need of some design for my wordpress site There is a search box located next to the image scroller that I would like customized. I would like it to read search all listings with a nice graphic of Maine as well. I will have this link to a form they will need to fill out. I would also like a small graphic with a very small map next to the same words "search all listings" that I can place throughout the site. I need it to be assemetrical because everything on the site is so "boxy". I would also like a custom twitter feed icon widget with townsend real estate on it and a unique bird for the footer.

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Web Research & Data Entry

You need to search the internet resources for listings of places and collect names of businesses, telephone, email and contact person. Data to be entered into spreadsheet without errors.

You will be given clear instructions about the types of listings we need. Part of the job is qualitative analysis of listings to assess whether they meet our requirements, however it is simple analysis.

You will have deliverables in the form of quantity of listings. 1,000 listings minimum.

Must have sufficient knowledge of Web Research, MS Excel with good typing speed.

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EBay API Fix For Our Site

At our site we have our site communicate with the eBay API in order to do 2 main things:

1. Post our listings to eBay from our site according to our inventory.
2. Have eBay send order information back to our site so that orders can be downloaded when ready to ship.

It may be important to note that our site also takes orders, and when orders are placed on the site through Google Checkout, those orders are also sent to the order download page on our site so that we can download them when ready to ship.

People can still order on our site and orders are still sent to our download area on our site but…

On the 15th of February something &quot;broke.&quot; We are assuming something simply changed with the eBay API. Orders that were made through eBay sometime on the 15th stopped being sent back to our site.

It wasnt til about 15 days later that I also realize that our site stopped posting listings to eBay through the API. I noticed this when our listings finally ended. Now we have nothing listed in our eBay store at when we usually have a few hundred listings.

Something breaking with our set up has happened in the past, and our guy that helped us set things up was able to go in and see which portion(s) broke. It always seemed to be simple fixes that would only take a few hours to find and finally fix. Unfortunately our guy says that he no longer has time to help us out due to his new full time job.

Basically we need someone that is familiar with eBays API (at least somewhat) that can jump in and find whats broken. If you visit our site youll notice it is written in PHP. Our site is

I believe MySQL databases are being used with this whole site/eBay API integration. Im not 100% sure how everything works though because I am not a programmer. I only know how to put together simple websites. The special features for this site were created by our former guy who now is too busy with the full time job.

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Data Entry

We need somebody to create listings for our web site,
The job is we will provide you with excel spread sheet with SKU numbers and you have to go to and copy Titles and descriptions.
The spread sheet will have about 100 listings maybe less.
You will get templet and all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

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Personal Fitness Trainer Listings Needed

Need listings for personal fitness trainers. Must primarily be US listings.

Name Of Trainer or Business
Email address

Email is important.

if you are scraping, is a good place as it leads to the website of the listing which often has an email address on the site.

Please give your price per listing quantity.

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Data Mining

In your opening bid, simply say "I am interested". Then make a PM with the following details. I will delete all bids who do not meet this requirement.

1. An Excel sample file of the first 3 listings at the link below.
2. Will you accept full payment once project is done

The right applicant will provide an excel spreadsheet with the following fields, gathered from
(there are about 2,000 or so)

Business Name
address 2

Provider will have to go through each listing to determine whether the company has a website. Some of the listings have the company websites/contact details within them.

For the listings that don

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Web Content Writer

We are seeking talented web content writer (s).
You MUST have EXCELLENT English writing skills. If you dont, please do NOT bother applying for this job.
Web Contents and Article requirements for this project:
* Content must be informative, interesting and brief. Not filler or fluff.
* Only unique, original content will be accepted. All content must pass CopyScape.
* Must be written in conversational Canadian, American English, with perfect grammar and spellings.
* All contents must be proofread for errors, grammar and spelling.
* Deadlines must be met strictly.

We are looking for web content writer/writers who have strong and proven skills in web content writing. We have an access to 1000

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EBAY TEMPLATE And CMS Design Required

We need a template designed for our ebay shop listings. Currently one of our sample listings can be found here:

we would like a new template made similar to this item:

and also a simple to use backend CMS for other products that we want to upload to ebay in future

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Data Entry On Joomla


I will need someone to post listings on a website. You will be given PDF files and you need to extract the data and images from the PDF files and upload it onto the website. Because this is a Joomla website, it will help if you do know how to code Joomla – Do state that you know Joomla if you are bidding

This is a monthly job. It means that you will be paid every month which means a basic monthly salary for you!

Current Situation: I need you to post 35 listings in 3 hours. And then Ive 70 listings which I need you to post in 48 hours.

I am unable to predict the amount of listings you have to upload each month but the current first month will have the most as the website is new but subsequently, the amount of listings you have to upload will dwindle

Bid only if you are able to commit to the job. I dont want to work with someone who tells me "oh this is boring" and quit halfway.

You will only be paid at the end of the month.

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