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TAC Lite Help

I want to quick fix a bug in my site. Its related to TAC Lite module. Its very simple, so please bid at 30$. Thanks!

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Customise Drupal Module – TAC Lite

The winning bidder must be very familiar with the interface of TAC Lite, one of Drupals contributed module for access control based on taxonomy. This module allows per-user access control which can be configured through its own settings tab in the users profile. Users of my site need to access different nodes tagged with different terms. Currently, I have to select the taxonomy terms from the multi-select menu. The problem is, my site has a vocabulary with more than 85000 terms means loading the page results in frequent timeouts.

What I want to be done is to modify the interface from using the default multi-select menu to an auto-complete, comma-separated text field to select the terms, similar to the text field that can be found in the node editing form.

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Convert An Existing IPhone SQL Lite Application To Core Data

We have a current iPhone/iPad application in the app store we would like to get converted from a SQL Lite app to a core data application. The sql lite database has approximately 65K records.

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Convert IPhone SQL LIte App To Mac Application

We currently have an iPhone app in the store that is a database of car prices that we need put into a mac application for inclusion in the mac app store. It is currently a sql lite application with approximately 65K rows…. We would like the mac application to be built as a pre-populated core data application that you can search the data.

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Nokia Flash Lite 4.0 Video App Completion

Looking for an experienced Flash programer that has worked with Flash Lite and Nokia devices. The app is already written and I have the source code that I can provide to the chose developer. There are a few bugs that need to be addressed and I need the app packaged up so it will run on Nokia devices that support Flash Lite 4.0 = Nokia N8 for example. I can test the app on my end but it would be great if the developer could also test on an actual device.

Overall for an experienced Flash developer this should be a very simple project. Ideally Id prefer to work with a developer that is based in Europe or the USA and their English is very good. Also I require daily progress reports so we can keep on track with the project.

More details on what has to be completed with the project will be provided in PM for interested developers.

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Full Time Silverlite Developer Needed


I need a silver-lite Developer for full time position, we have a website developed on and would like to convert the whole website in Silver Lite.

Preference to candidate having using framework like MVP, MVVM or PISM.

Please share your silver Lite portfolio.


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Android Expert To Help Fix App Problems

I need someone who is extremely familiar with Android Apps. I have an Android app that is a video dictionary. There are just over 300 videos. They are arranges in alphabetical order as well as categories. There is also a quiz game included in the app that has the option to select the number of videos per quiz as well as the number of answers from 2, 3 or 4. The app is already made and uploaded but users have been having huge trouble with it. Im wondering if there is someone who is VERY familiar with the Android market that can look at the app and troubleshoot the issues. I would need the full version as well as the lite version fixed.

Here is the LITE version of the app

Please have a look and let me know if youd be able to help.

I have the same app on the iphone and have zero problems with it.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the app to help you bid correctly on the app!

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Flash Lite Video TV App

I need a simple Flash lite video player app that will play on internet enabled TV sets from Samsung. All of the graphics are created and the video rtmp live streams are ready to be plugged into the app. All that needs to be done is put all of the pieces together compile and test the app. For an experienced Flash programer this should be a pretty simple project.

Id prefer the developer to be located in the USA but will consider other areas if your English is good. Also I require daily updates on the progress of the app via email or on the phone to make sure we are on track with the development. Links to past Flash video projects would be great to make sure you will be able to complete this project on time and in the budget amount.

Payment is based on 50% once the first beta is sent and the balance once the project is finished.

I will also provide all of the support docs that are needed to complete the project and will do testing on my end of the app. Thanks!

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Java Project -export Features, Tweaks, Lite Icon

Add export function, icons etc to Java program; final tweaks.

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Flash Lite Frontend Prototype Project

This is to cover the prototyping phase of

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Flash Lite Frontend

We are looking for a skilled Adobe Flash developer who can build a production solid Flash Lite frontend application. The application will run on a non-PC device which will require AS2 and Flash8 compatibility.This application will implement all display and all navigation/control logic and will mostly pull data from a set of RESTful services. We have an inventory of 22 simple screen mockups, most of which share their basic layout.

We would first like to do some prototyping (3-4 screens where wed like to evaluate several layout options and test the basic widgets and interaction wed like to use) and then start the final development.

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Application For Nokia


I want a mobile application for nokia phone which can take a photo and upload it to server. I will require Source Code also. Please write I can do it in your message, so i can check youve read complete details. You can use whatever language you want to use Java , Flash Lite or any other but Flash Lite is on High Preference.

Lowest and Best proposal will be considered.

Happy Bidding.


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Adding Aple IAD To Existing App On IPhone App Store

This is a very simple project. I have a LITE version of my app on the iPhone/iTunes store. I want to do the following:

I want to add the new Apple iAD feature to the LITE version of my app so users of my app can see ads at the bottom while using the app.

Secondly,I want add a button at the bottom right of the app page with words "Upgrade." This Upgrade button will simply link to the Standard version of the app on the iPhone/iTunes store where users of the LITE version can choose to purchase the full version.

Lastly, this LITE app sells for $1.99 presently on the iPhone store and we are changing it to a FREE app. We want to give the users the option of removing the iAD Ads for $1.99.

We are looking for a developer that can do this in 3 days and have a budget of $50 to do this. We are looking to build a lasting relationship. If we can find a developer to do the job well, rest assured we have other projects lined up.

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Help Me Get Warrick/PERL Software Running!

Dear GAF,

My project is unusual yet easy at the same time. I lost the content of my website due to a mess up on the part of my web host. I lost my domain name and had to buy it back, and in the interim period the website went down.

In my pursuit to salvage my website (I dont have any access to backups), I came across a piece of software called Warrick ( It works by automatically piecing together what it can find from search engine caches and archives. Its worth a try for me.

I am struggling to get it installed and running on my windows machine (the creator has confirmed it does work with Windows Vista so I am clearly doing something wrong). Please see instructions here:

I downloaded ActivePerl, and tried to install SOAP-Lite 0.712. It tells me SOAP-Lite is marked for install, then says warning: Cant find any package that provides Apache:: for SOAP-Lite. It then generates a bunch of bold messages saying SOAP-Lite depends on MIME-tools, FCGI, MIME-Lite, and so on.

Once Im in command prompt I try entering the full and correct path ….warrick or and it says cant locate SOAP/

I am looking to hire someone who has a bit of experience with PERL, and general computing competency to get this piece of software running. TIME is really, really important because the software works by salvaging my content from search engine caches which are being cleared and updated constantly!!

Thank you and HELP!

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WebOS – SQL Lite Database And Back End Coding

I need a sql lite database added to the application as well as the coding for all the buttons (IE Variable / Function Coding). The app needs to be able to add/delete values into the scheduler as well. Total price negotiable, please include your hourly rate. Thank you

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Flash Lite Project

We need to develop an interactive browser in Flash Lite for a TV platform.
This project should take a few months to complete.
Please bid only for experienced people in Flash Lite, able to show portfolio. Further info for short-listed candidates.
Thank you.

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Message Board Lite Version For IPhone

The app to be developed is a simple application based on a particular message board which will be revealed at a later time. The following is needed:
-log in and out
-post easily using optional custom bold, italics and link tags.
-take photo, upload to public server and post as a link
-read message board contents (without extras like headers and googleads)
-bookmarks section

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Flash Lite Integration With C++ Symbian

I need developers for my future project.
one should be very good in symbian development.
Consider this as a hiring opportunity.
for a start i need to test if u can integrate flash lite into c++
it should be very basic application which play different swf files in cycle on full screen when any button is pressed on(you can decide any button on phone).
Only serious bidder are welcome.
If you are not serious and never worked on symbian SDK and flash lite then please dont waste your time and mine, as i m looking to build a good team.

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Flash Lite Promotional Voucher

We are looking for FLASH LITE experts who can develop mobile applications. The task is to produce a high quality promotional voucher using Flash Lite, with animation, a picture and a table with data. It is important, that the voucher works on all Flash Lite devices with excellent appearence. This project is to build a simple proove of concept (50$), the main project will be 200$. Upon successful completion of this project, the main project will be awarded to the best developer.

Developers need to send the approach for developing the POC and timelines for the same. Please send us your past Flash lite and action script project details on PMB. We will send the project information upon reviewing your work.

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Flash Lite 2.1 Mobile Application POC

We are looking for FLASH LITE 2.1 experts who can develop mobile applications using Flash cs4 professional ande device central CS4. The application requires consuming of java xml web service which is already developed.
This project will be a big project and to begin with programmers need to show their FLASH LITE 2.1 skills. For this we are posting a pilot project which will be simple proof of concept (POC) for the final project. We may award this POC to multiple developers. Upon successful completion of the project, the final project will be awarded to the best developer.
Please refer to the project specification document for POC. Developers need to send the approach for developing the POC and timelines for the same.
Please note that only $50 will be paid for POC. Final project will be approx 800-1000 USD.

Please send us your past Flash lite and action script project details on PMB. We will send the project documents upon reviewing your work.

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Need To Design Flash Lite Widget

We are interested in building a small app that displays sound when buttons are clicked. This must be designed and exported as a .swf file, or flash lite file. If you can do this quick job, please PMB us to begin work immediately!

If you can hadnle this fast job, please PMB us.

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Simple IPhone App With Camera, Settings, Leaderboard

I would like to have an iPhone app created with 2 versions. A lite version which will only include a limited number of features and a full version which will be the complete app.

The app will have the following functions:

– Allow users to store images (up to 10) [take photo or use from library]
– Crop the image and use it on a background image in the app
– Drag an item from the screen and place it on the image
– Sound effects and image effects on screen
– Track usage statistics and post in an online leader board for 5 categories
– Allow for email, twitter and facebook sharing
– Have a settings screen to import and crop the images
– Settings screen to enter photo information

Please note that I am expecting the developers to find the images.

I will provide full details in private.

thank you,

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Flash Lite – Sudoku Game For Window Mobile – URGENT

Seeking coder to debug an existing Sudoku game using Flash lite 2.0 32 in Adobe Device Central CS4. Source code will be provided.

Bidder to present relevant portfolio in Flash Lite or Mobile game development to be shortlisted to receive bug list.

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Teach Me How To Make An Simple Iphone Photo Application!

Hello, I am looking for someone to teach me how to make an iphone photo app, like the one that is in the app store now called (Boobs Lite 2) The only difference between my app and theres would be the photos,name and some color changes. I do have a mac computer and I have already joined and downloaded the SDK! I am in the process of learning but im working long hours so i said why not try to pay someone to teach me! We can use the team viewer and go step by step on how its done! You will actually make the app but you will just do it on my computer, using the Team viewer so i can watch! I know this can work if we plan out the time! I also need this to be submitted to the app store! I just want someone that can show me how its done! Im not really worried about learning how to code in a few weeks but just to watch and go though the process would be very helpful Im sure! If your willing to take out 2-3 hours a day to teach me i am willing to pay you for it and learn as well! Please let me know your thoughts! Thank you

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Flash Lite – Sudoku Game For Window Mobile

Seeking coder to debug an existing Sudoku game using Flash lite 2.0 32 in Adobe Device Central CS4. Source code will be provided.

Bidder to present relevant portfolio in Flash Lite or Mobile game development to be shortlisted to receive bug list.

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Small IPhone Database App

I want to create a simple iPhone app using a database. Ability to create and work with an iPhone app is required. Longer experience is a plus!

This app will involve a database of about 700 terms and definitions. It is a Flash Card app, which will show the term and definitions, separately, and at together, for ease of studying.

Check out USMLE Lite in the App Store for an idea of what this app will involve. I have a design outline prepared for you if you are the winning developer.

I will also provide the database for use in the app.

Max Budget: $80
Time Frame: 5 Days

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Implate HITS Algorithm

I want to implete Hits algrothim by C#. web appplication is better. 2.0 or 3.0, if need database u can use acess or sql expresss.

here is reference link…
if any question ask me.

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Facebook Lite RPG

We are looking for someone to create from scratch a lite RPG for facebook. The main purpose besides a fun experience is to incorporate advertisement. This is not a full blown RPG.

What is not needed:

What is required:
*Passion for games
*Experience with text or flash internet based games
*Experience with MySQL
*Experience with database design and its principles
*Experience with facebook apps

What will be provided:
*Non UML design document with clear and concise rules for the mechanics
*Host with available DB for testing before intigration with facebook.
*Example of a lite facebook RPG

When you bid, please DO NOT use a copy paste reply, I want to know that you have read and understand the requirements. Please PM me with any past work that is applicable.

Note on RPG elements that will be needed:
Basic inventory
X,Y location (tile based)
NPC Fight
Player Fight
Upgrade character attributes
Upgrade character abilities

I will also be available to work on these elements with you from beginning to end so we will be partners sharing the work load.

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Link An IPhone App To Database

What I need or require:
I need a SQL Lite database designed and built and then utlimately linked to an iphone application.

Job Requirements:
1. Design the Layout and format of the database
2. Develop the database using SQL Lite
3. Properly sinc the database with an existing iphone application.

The database will need to be properly linked to the iphone application in order to allow the application to be constantly updated with a newer version of the database each time the application is opened.

What I already have versus what the provider will build:
The iphone application is 90% complete and needs a corresponding SQL Lite database to accompany it. We have established the information and format in which the database should follow and simply need an experienced person to build the database using SQL Lite and link it to the iphone application.

Other context/requirements that providers will need to know:
The database needs to be efficiently designed and allow for us to update and maintain the database ourselves.

Specific expertise that I am seeking:
You should have experience designing and developing databases using SQL, MySQL or SQL Lite. The job also requires prior knowledge of Cocoa and Xcode to be used when linking the iphone application to the SQL Lite database.

Timeframe for delivery:
I need to have this up and running within 3 weeks.

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GIPS VoiceEngine Lite (req)


I need GIPS VoiceEngine Lite with complete source code.

For details please contact via PMB.


Awais Zahid

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