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Children’s IPad App Illustrator

We are looking for iPad & iPhone illustration for children book.

Looking for an edgy, contemporary illustrator with a good handle on characters and a munny-sensibility.

The concept is about a little boy pet missing from home, there goes the story begin….

There are 20 screens in the app. The characters will include: mother, little boy, some cartoon animal characters.

We will commission in the middle of April and want delivery in four weeks.

Required sound effect: sweet mother sound, charming little girl for some conversation.

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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Zen Cart Integration

I have an existing zen cart shopping cart with a cpanel and a private SSL certificate. I have just purchased an Addon Domain and want to get this working as an independant site as well.
I need:
1) To copy my existing zen cart shopping cart to this new folder on my server. I need this to work independently of the original site with its own database (copy and config). I do not want to start from scratch as I have a lot of extra modules added.
2) I am hoping that I can use my secure area with this site as well. Will I be able to use this cert with both domains? I need someone to advise me and help me sort this. I will need to know if this will work before I start the project.
3) I need a little advice on linking to my payment gateway

I realise that there is very little work in this for someone who is an expert in this so I do not need someone who will give it a go, I need someone who has done this many times before and can do it quickly and painlessly.


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Sprite Sheet


I need someone to design some sprite sheets (animation) for the following nursery rhymes, only a few things need to be animated on each rhyme:

1. Baa Baa Black sheep (e.g. animated sheep and animated master or dame)
2. Dickery dickery dare
3. Farmer in the dell
4. Hickory dickory dock
5. Hot cross buns
6. Humpty dumpty (e.g. sprites for a falling and broken egg)
7. Incy Wincy Spider
8. Jack and Jill
9. Lil Bo Peep
10. London Bridge
12. Mary had a little lamb
13. Mary mary quite contrary
14. Old Macdonald
15. Sailing Sailing
16. Simple Simon
17. The ants go marching
18. The muffin man
19. Three blind mice
20. Three little kittens

I would also like artistic background for these rhymes (cartoon illustration) on which the sprite would be displayed.


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Vocals Required For Nursery Rhymes

I am looking for someone to provide vocals for the following nursery rhymes. I would prefer the accent to be British English or American English.

Requirements / notes:

1) The ants go marching
2) Baa, baa, black sheep
3) Dickery dickery dare
4) Do you know the Muffin Man
5) The Farmer in the dell
6) Georgi Porgie
7) Go to bed, Tom
8) Hickory dikory dock
9) Hot cross buns
10) Humpty Dumpty
11) Jack and Jill went up the hill
12) Jack, be nimble
13) Jack Sprat
14) Little Bo Peep
15) London Bridge is falling down
16) Mary had a little lamb
17) Mary, Mary, quite contrary
18) Old MacDonald had a farm
19) On top of Old Smokey
20) Sailing, sailing
21) Simple Simon
22) Three little kittens

I will require royalty free exclusive rights to the sound tracks.

I am willing to pay up to £250 for the music.

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$20 REAL Cash Almost Everyday With Just A Little Hardwork

MUST Register/VALIDATE here (USA/Canada)

ALL other COUNTRIES send a PM for the EXCITING alternative especially, if you have NO pay pal or credit card HURRY!

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REAL Cash Almost $20 Everyday With Little Hardwork

REAL Cash almost $20 everyday with little hardwork

MUST Register here to receive details to follow

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WordPress Assistance Need

Good day everyone,

I require assistance with a WordPress project. I require someone who is efficient and has full knowledge of WordPress specially when it comes to custom posts / custom pages coding since that is the main reason I am looking for someone who can assist. This is very simple, just a few fields I require within a custom post and a custom little function with that.

I will discuss more in detail with the right candidate. Please provide examples or proof of knowledge in reference to custom posts.

Ideal cost $25 USD

We will require someone for a much bigger project with little bit more functions in a month or so, selected candidate will be also kept on file for this.

Thank you and happy bidding!

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Need Data Entry Little Help


I need some one or team to do little help for me..

Its very simple Job…

But I need to finish this in 24 hours , who have good ability,please PM me

pls for more info please see attachment.

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Little 10 Minutes ScreenCast

Looking for freelancer to make a little 10 minutes screencast for microblogging site

Req. English native speakers

Pleace bid 15 usd.

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Very Little AS3 Job


I already have a complete developed simple game but I need a very little change/correction in a function and I need help because my programmer are on vacation now and I do not dominate this language, anyone with good skills on AS3 will done this on 5 minutes or less. Easy money for good developers.


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Web-Programming Tricks Java-Script

Hey Folks, im looking for someone with some experience who will charge/hour for little customized javascript and html help for a string of web-site Im building.

The question on the go now is this…. whats the java-script to have role-over mouse images, which flip thru thumbnails on a timer, then at the end ( say 3 images afte the original) leave the option of a youtube video with FB Like an Twitter share option.?

Ill have a bunch of little questions of the next while, so if your interested a per/hr gig then hit me up at or add me on skype jamus mac donald , or e-mail me at z.piper.pan at gmail dot com
let me know what your best $/hr is,

thanks so much!
im looking forward to making this happen

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A Little Change In One Php Page

I have one page in Php code and i need to change a loop code. I want to display all the items in different places and not in one like loop code did right now.
It is very simple project.


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Little Seo


i have 2 websites ,
they are ranking well ,but i want them to be more higher in just 1 keyword.
you will make the both sites jump with this keyword.

pelase contact for further information.

Budget is 30 usd

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VBulletin Forum Job

Looking for someone to make my site look a little better Layout and also fix my FB connect feature

I want the same template to stay but need the site to be a little more flashy looking

1.Facebook connect –users should be able to login and also post there posts to FB, the FB mod is there just not working right
2.I need the site to be more attractive, but the template stays (send me your suggestions as the best one will get the job)

The site is done in vBulletin v4

pm me for the site name and then tell me your suggestions to make it look better and what you will do
Note:The template i want to stay just better layout or etc

Easy Job

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Create A 3D "monster" Mascot/character For My Website

I am creating a new website and would like to have a little mascot made.

It does not have to be "realistic", just look professionally done.

Colors (dont have to be exact):
Skin: #9DB5C4
Hair: #75FF19
Gloves/Boots: #7B0099

Big eyes compared to face/body, slightly buck teeth, hair in a small mohawk style. Even though its a "monster" it should be cute/likeable.

Body should NOT be well-defined – just a blob connected to the face, or no body at all is fine too (still need the arms and legs though!!).

If we can get this hammered out then I can also give the same person the job of animating this little guy when the time comes. But animation is not necessary for this posting as Im looking to just get started here. Please put gbh as the first word of your response so I know youve read this.

Id like to stay at or slightly below $250, but if it cant be done then just bid $250 and let me know in your comment how much extra and I can make the adjustment if needed.

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Little Vtiger Theme Customization – 30USD

we custom theme base of softed theme. we would like to change the colors which are more look an feel and we want to left side menu for create new items.

if do you have any custom vtiger theme we can buy if your theme more look and feel

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Simple Collage Of Pictures Of My Gf And Me With Little Text


I´m looking for a graphic designer which can make a collage out of some pictures of my girlfriend and me with some text and a map in the background. Size of the picture should be 1600×1200. The pictures also need some altering to make them look a little more beatiful 😉

I´m always open for more questions.

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J2EE + EJB Mini Tutorial With NetBeans 6.9.1

I need a tutorial that explains in few words, how to implement a project with j2ee architecture.
The deliverable should have:
– Practical tutorial (no more than 10 pages…. (How To)-like )
– A very little example using Entity Beans, Session Beans about EJB (business part)
– A very little example about JSP and Servlets according to the business part

My goal is to understand this j2ee technology.

Im asking this because in my university we have to deliver a project in a very little time and my professor hasnt explained anything about the use of this technology and about the proper installation of the components.

ADVICE: We are student and we can spend at most 35USD (its a low payment but we are desperate!) 🙁

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Google Translate Specialist

Hi Everyone,
We need to find someone who really knows their stuff with google translate.
We have a website

but google translate is not translating the little menu at the top..or the drop down menus..

also. .our main nav buttons are images… so is there a way to make google translate the alt tags?

We also have some flash on the site. I saw that someone made a little APP that you can add to an .fla file and add a google translation.. do you know about this? do oyu have a solution.

please let me know what you propose to do for the site to make it all compatible with google translate.
The Winning bid will be chosen on the strength of these proposal to us.
If you read all this Please quote alpen in your bid so we know you actually read this.

thanks and happy bidding
Russ Law

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Little Javascript Job For James890 Only

To be discussed with James only…

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Little Simple Cms To Fill Form In C# Sharp / SQL2005

Hello everyone, i need a coder very good in c#, jquery and sql server 2005 to make a little so litttle cms to fill a form. The project its very simple and little. Look the project its about a fill one form of many fields (ONE FORM)


All payments will be only via escrow and need demo of project to release it.

Front end:

* Access to the form via login and pass
* Depends of type of user the user can fil some filds not all

Admin end

* Access to ARMs (Add, Remove, Modify)
* Add user
* Give User privilegies per form

This is a veryeasy and little project thats why the budget its little, please dont bid more than 200 $ will be ignored, thx and happy bidding.

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WordPress Theme Developer And Plugin Expert

I have created a them that is very easy to use and has many features. It was built from scratch, but the freelancer that has helped me develop it has taken a job at a new company and can no longer do updates.

Ive built a theme for my clients only, and each month Im adding new features.

The features I need to add now are:

1) I need to resize the layouts. Inside the Theme I can choose 4 different layouts. The problem is that we built everything kinda to big. It should have been 850 Pix wide, but we built the them 950 pix wide. So the layouts of the theme need to be resized a little to make the layouts a little smaller and fit a 850 pix wide screen.

2) I have a bug in my share slider that Ive developed in IE. That bug needs to be fixed

3) I would like to organize my options a little better. I have lots of proprietary options Ive developed, and its getting kinda messy, so i need to organize the layout for the options better.

PLEASE Watch the following video as I will give you a tour of my theme and the updates I need. DO NOT POST OR BID UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE VIDEO THAT EXPLAINS THE UPDATES.


I look forward to working with you.

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GIS Programmer


I need someone who has programming experience in GIS, WMS
and GIS software. The work is to program a little
widget that will analyze placemarks on Google Map
displayed in GIS software. The applicant will specify which
GIS softwares he know. The work is fixed rate price,
applicant will send requested price after receiving
work requirements.

There is no need for digitizing or georeferencing, only
to code a little widget.

Thank you.

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Joomla Fotoslide Hack – Easy Money

I have a nice joomla website I have put little money and lots of hard work into.

The Photoslide Ive selected as my main Banner is free. The website is overpriced for Tec support and does not accept USA Currency.

Their is some words on the Photoslide I cannot Edit anywhere. I need someone who knows they can change this either in joomla or using firebug and editing the script.

Should be a very simple task for someone experienced. I have over 15 hours Invested trying to remove/edit this little bugger and i give up.

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Add Some Little Options To A Video Software



I own a video software (source code Visual C#) that needs some little addons/removals.

A good programmer can do this in about 2 hours.

Ill tell you more via PM.

I can pay max $50 and am interested in future projects with you if you are good!!


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