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Bingo Game Live


casino/gambling experts needed for both client and server side programming

kindly open PMB for more details!


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Basic GPS Live Tracking Program

Need a live tracking app to send GPS positions from mobile device to my server (url and port) in a configurable time interval from 2 sec and up.

Only need a "Start" and "Stop" button and a time interval chooser that can be set within a predefined interval.

Sample of the communication between server and unit (the server is working now)

1: (phone) LOGON,3100129011 (Id)
2: (srv) ACK
3: (phone) UNITSTAT,20100208,120903,3100129011,N55.30.2276,E8.27.5605,…….
4: (srv) ACK
5: (phone) UNITSTAT,20100208,120937,3100129011,N55.30.1288,E8.27.5118,…….
6: (srv) ACK
7: (phone) UNITSTAT,20100208,120944,3100129011,N55.30.1304,E8.27.5117,…….
8: (phone) ACK

I need a program for Nokia/symbian phones, Android and Iphone. Further development would be to be able to talk while live tracking.
You will get exact details of the dataprotocol to be sent but it is not more complicated than above.

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