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Video Audio (P2P) Live Streaming App.

We are seeking an audio/video peer to peert live streaming application.

(1) Requirements
(a) Audio/Video on Browser. We need to have audio and video where at least one endpoint is using a browser. The 2nd endpoint does not necessarily have to be using browser but may also use an installed application.
(b) Quality. We seek to have a quality that can be compared to skype or better – without using headphones! Speaking in an industry standard we seek to achieve MOS quality 3.8+. (
(c) Idiot-proof. We wish to achieve the above mentioned quality without the need that the customer adjusts anything (e.g. microphone/speaker level finetuning), which in our prototypes currently is a must.
(d) Stability. We are seeking a solutions, that shows a high stability in terms of quality. Currently the quality varies strongly: Whereas one conversation is good enough, the next one is no-go at all.

(2) Our status
We did tests and whole applications with FMS/Wowza and Adobe Stratus/Cirrus. With both options we have not been able to master the echo cancelation problems. Hence we did not reach our quality requirement.
We did most of our tests with a self developed Wowza application and the Adobe Stratus/Cirrus example from the Adobe Stratus/Cirrus homepage.
From our gut feeling Stratus/Cirrus seems the better options – latency is lower, which is obvious since it it closer to P2P.

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My Project, I Need Help !! Flash Live Video/Audio Streaming


I need some help with my project. I created a live Audio/Video streaming function ( two way and four way webcam) using Flash cs3 and Flash Media Server and when I tested the application, it did not work at all.

I am sure that I have done everything correctly but for some reason I cannot make the application to show my webcam just to test it!!

I need someone( a flash expert ) to have a look at the codes and to see why it doesnt work?!?

All the codes are written and ready and all I need is your advise… I dont need any more coding at all. (maybe)

Please bid if you only know what you re doing and not just to test your abality.

I repeat again, this is a very simple job and I only need your advise.. thats all

Thank You
Kind Regards

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