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2500 Targetted Facebook Fans

2500 Targeted Facebook fans

Indians living in United States, you need to target the profile of Indian people who lives in United States.

– All fans must be real people with active Facebook pages no accounts at risk of being suspended soon – NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
– All fans must have 20+ friends
– Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook account is banned/deleted.
– If the page is banned because friends are being added too quickly, you wont be paid.

Very Important ; Only Need Indians living in United States.

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API Job – Daily Deal Api, Groupon, Yipit, Living Social

This is not a daily deal or deal aggregator website job.

I need someone to pull in details of all beauty salons and spas running daily deals on Groupon, Living Social, KGB etc into a database that can be extracted into a spreadsheet.

I need the following –
1. Business Name
2. Telephone Number
3. Website
4. City
5. Source (groupon, livingsocial etc)

It should of health and beauty deals all over the US (and if possible UK) regardless of what city.

It might be easier to pull this through Yipit API as they already aggregate and sort deals into categories, you will just pull data from the relevant categories.

Let me know how you will do it, cost and timeframe.


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Groupon Type Daily Deals Site

I would like to create a groupon type site. The awarded developer should be able to build this entire site, as I do not want to hire anyone else.

The developer will create all necessary pages for the site. There will need to be different aspects such as affiliate programs (maybe in the future), but a referral program is a must, such as invite 5 friends and get yours free.

Also the design of the website should be fantastic. I want even a wealthy person to visit and say the site looks great.

Deals will have to be easily changed and the back end should be easy for the admin to update.

A nice logo and with a matching website design would be best. Also, all the graphics must be professional looking like groupon and living social. A simple wireframe can be sent, but all aspects of groupons pages will be implemented. So please study Groupon and living social before bidding. The e-mail opt in list is also crucial.

We will only be doing business in the Los Angeles and Orange county areas so the site will not be too extensive until later.

If you feel you qualify for this job, please send a pm or bid on the project. I am looking for professional quality work, so if you do not have experience in this field, please do not bid. Thank you very much.

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Write A 15-20 Page Report On Simplicity

I need someone to write a 10-15 page report, on how to simplify your life.

Topics to include: selling your unused possessions, getting rid of clutter, reducing the amount of possessions in ones life, and living on small amounts of income.

Must write in perfect English.

Please include some examples of stuff youve written before so I can tell if youre a good writer!

If you dont know enough about the topic, here are a couple links to help your research. Dont plagiarize or copy – I will know!

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Groupon/Living Social Type Site


We would like a site making that would function in a similar way to Groupon or Living Social.

We would like Facebook login for fast account creation or the option to sign up by email.

The user selects their town and every day we have different offers on the site.

There would be a backend system to administrate the offers and send out the redemption codes to customers.

There would also be payment integration.

We would prefer to work with someone who has made this type of website before.

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Arabic Providers From Tunisia& Algeria


I am looking for two Arab providers from both Algeria and Tunisia ……..for onsite information mining…you will go by yourself to the place required ……I will tell you later.

today and tomorrow maximum…..

the Arab provider from Tunisia should be living in Ariana ….or very close to

the Arab provider from Algeria should be living in the capital ….. Algiers……

your flag should show any of those two countries only !

good luck !

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Facebook Fans Living In Cyprus 2

My business is based in Cyprus and my facebook page today has 1450 members. I want to have additional 10000 members by 31.01.11 and the new fans must :
– be real people with active facebook pages for at least 6 months
– be living in CYPRUS
– be female and age 20+
– have minimum 50 friends

If my page gets banned from Facebook for too fast friend adding or any other activity then the freelancer will NOT
get paid ! so please make sure your software works in way so that my page is not banned.

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Asian Live Cams

We are in process of launching Indias Largest xxx live cam site, for this we need female / male models living in asian countries, or with asian ethnicity living abroad. Please send some proof of your age (that is you are of 18+ age), specifications of webcam / internet speed and the number of hours you are willing to work per week. you have to work from home.

You also have to specify your measurements at the time of bidding. And you also have to provide samples of your nude video / photographs, which may or may not contain your face for this initial process. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Hourly pay is $10 per hour. In your bid only mention $30 only.

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Groupon, Daily Deals, Social Living, Web Site

Im looking to build a daily deal site similar to groupon/living social.

I am looking to have the site built quickly and professionally, so please only make a proposal if you have completed similar projects in the past.

A more detailed brief is available, and will be sent after I have seen examples of similar sites that you have previously completed.

Send me link user and password ( DEMO )


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A Research For Living In Ukraine

Market research for living in ukraine
Salary report annual wages
Cost of living
Food prices
apartment prices
apperal prices
and more
Overall knowledge of the country bidder has to be native ukranian living in ukranie
(i will confirm that maby by phone )
I will send a list with questions and msn chat regarding the subject
This is not much work just be very speficific and detailed
Thank you
after project assistance finding apartment etc
and respond on msn
i need this as soon as possible.
i am looking for a individual ukraninan
its possible more work after this one are partnership

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Research For Living In Ukraine

Market research for living in ukraine
Salary report annual wages
Cost of living
Food prices
apartment prices
apperal prices
and more
Overall knowledge of the country bidder has to be native ukranian living in ukranie
(i will confirm that maby by phone )
I will send a list with questions and msn chat regarding the subject
This is not much work just be very speficific and detailed
Thank you
after project assistance finding apartment etc
and respond on msn
i need this as soon as possible.
i am looking for a individual ukraninan
its possible more work after this one are partnership

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Copywriter Needed For Assisted Living Free Report

Have a 4 page report written in MS Word on the 5 things you need to know before entering an assisting living care home.

Need someone to work some copy magic and make it more interesting and exciting.

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Data Mining Job – Gluten Free Sites

Hey all,

I need someone to search the net for websites relating to gluten-free living. Here are the job requirements:

1. Find the top 100 websites/blogs etc. based on the keyword "gluten-free"….living/diets/lifestyle etc.
2. Go to each website and find the contact information. Email is preferred.
3. Fill out all the details on an excel spreadsheet (Will be provided)
4. Put the websites on the list ranked according to the highest alexa ranking.

I am expecting this job to take 1 day so please bid accordingly.



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Traffic For Assisted Living Center In Las Vegas

Need to aggressively market to consumers around the US. Social Media(get facebook users, etc), off site SEO, and quality link building..and any suggestions are also welcome.

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French Translation, Assistance Tasks.

Looking for a person for whom the mother tongue is French (living in any country), for some translation and assistance tasks.
Please tell me via PM something more about your experience, where youre living (if youre selected, your phone number would be asked).

Please only bid if you have a rapid communication and are looking for a long-term opportunity.
To avoid spamming, please put in your bid the word "FRENCH".


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Groupon/Living Social Type Site

We are looking to purchase a built site that has all of the functionality of groupon. We have a developer that can customize it to fit our needs. You will need to provide us with full access and administration rights as well allowing us to host the site.

We ultimately want a fully functional application that we can do whatever we want with so we will need to be able to modify the code.

Before you bid please answer the following questions:

What is the code written in?

What kind of database are you using?

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Article, Blog Writers For Photography/freestyle Living Site.

We need thoughtful writers for a natural art site. The topics range from lightweight nude photography to freestyle international living and everything in between.
Writers must, of course have and use perfect grammar and punctuation. The articles will belong to us and we will have full copyright. You may not resell or reuse these articles in any way.
Articles should be around 350-500 words and will be checked with Copyscape or other software programs.
This will be an ongoing project.

….on a lighter note!
If youre a good writer and excited about waking up every morning, send us an example of your work.


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Assisted Living Database

I need to purchase a database that includes all assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, residential care facilities, alzheimers care facilities, nursing homes and retirement communities in the united states.

Ideally would include name of facility, address, phone number, email

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Realistic 3D Rendering Of Living Room (example Provided)

We need our own version of the photo of the living room seen at the following URL:

Were looking for something very similar to that. Please see the following bullet points for additional details.

– Remove the windows.
– Need a plasma tv there as well. Preferably a TV that looks like a newer model
– Would like a media stand below the TV or in the left corner ( ) as seen in the pic, but need the media stand to be "open"
– We like the flower pot, feel free to experiment with other things though.
– We like wood flooring
– Also like the rug, but thats not a must.
– Would like a table by the couch for a remote control to be placed

06/09/2010 at 18:20 EDT:

One window is OK for nice lighting

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Article Writer Needed- Renewable Energy, Off-grid Living


I am in need of some high quality, knowledgeable, and informative content relating to off-grid living. The readers of my website will be interested in how to make the lifestyle change of living off the grid less daunting. They will be looking for tutorials, information, and other useful content.

There are a myriad of subjects to write about. A partial list of things that I am interested in are subjects like: How to make lye soap, how to shop for the right piece of land for your homestead, how to preserve meats and vegetables, how to build a homemade wind generator, how to decide how many solar panels you will need for your cabin, recent laws affecting off-grid living, homeschooling and raising farm animals.

If you need further explanation of the types of articles that I will need, just Google "Off-grid living" and read some of the content on the top-listed websites. Thats the kind of stuff Im looking for.

This is a cross-section of the type of content that my readers will be looking for when they come to my site. I definitely dont want to bore them and (most importantly) I dont want to mislead them.

I will be looking to purchase approximately 75 (possibly up to 200) articles relating to all things off-grid. The individual subjects you can choose yourself, according to what interests you. Before you accept this project, you need to consider these four requirements:

1. The content must be unique (All articles will be checked by Copyscape Premium.)
2. The content must be informative (Dont tell them moving off-grid is easy; teach them a skill!)
3. The content must be accurate. I wont risk the credibility of my site by publishing inaccurate info.
4. The content must be easy to read. The articles must have proper grammar and be punctuated correctly!

When considering this project, please save us both a lot of trouble and keep in mind these requirements. I will not accept any articles that do not fit into these general guidelines.

I will also be interested in future work, depending on the quality of the articles that you submit. Please send samples of previous tutorials, informative articles, or an explanation of why you would be good for this project.

If you are interested in alternative energy, outdoor living, or just being a modern-day Macguyver, then this could be a great opportunity for us both.

The articles can vary in length, but for the bid submitted, I will consider an article to be at least 500 words. In other words; if you multiply 75 articles by 500 (the number of words in each article), then you end up with a total word-count of 37,000 words. If you end up writing 100 articles with each article averaging 370 words, then you arrive at the same total word-count. This is also acceptable. If you can cover an entire topic in 370 words, the feel free to do so; however, you will still need to write ON AVERAGE, 500 words per article.

Please be prepared to do some research on the subjects you are writing about. It doesnt need to be extensive, but you certainly need to be informed about the subject which you are writing. A simple web search will bring up all types of information.

About me:
As you can see, I am new to this site. I am not familiar with all of the "Ins and Outs" of hiring content writers. I havent had a need until recently.
I am a very honest person and I would hope that you would be the same. I am very busy with my job and I simply dont have the time to write all the content myself or believe me, I would. I feel that life is too short to cheat someone and I give you my word, you will be paid in full for the work you do. I havent had a chance to see different payment options, but I am sure we can work something out; be it Paypal,, or some other means of which I am not currently aware.

I hope that I have provided you with enough information to accurately bid the job. Feel free to message me with any questions that you may have.


Casey L. M.

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Looking For Short Story Writers

I am looking for a couple of people that can write well. I need short stories, original relevant stories. You should have a sample ready to proof read etc. The topics are the following:

Relocating to a new nation

Opening a business overseas

Unusual ways to make a living on the internet

Global telecommuting

International Real Estate

Retiring Overseas on $500 a Month

Unusual lifestyles in unusual locations

Homesteading overseas

Banking offshore – Economic citizenship

Offshore Investments & Strategies

Tax Exile stories (anonymous bylines okay)

Living on an island or onboard a boat or barge

The innovative or unique – Antarctica, being a courier, etc.

Overseas jobs – working overseas

Any subject that is unique and internationally applicable

I pay well but need good honest writers and ones again original work.

Overseas travel is very good, Italy, Germany, Holland, Egypt, Africa, China.
Island living is also good.
Let your mind go but make it your work.
We will check your work against any short stories published and if there are no problems we pay the fee.

If you could include photos they would get first looks.

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Living In Italy

Writer/researcher needed to update information on a book about living and working in Italy. Writing experience necessary and applicants must live in Italy. What is required is an intimate knowledge of daily life in Italy. The selected person would become the co-author/editor of this book to be published in the fall/autumn.

Writer also needed to proof/edit book about Italian culture.

Peter Read

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Living In Holland

Writer/researcher needed to edit/proof information answer queries on a book about living in Holland. Writing experience preferable but isnt absolutely necessary. What is required is Dutch residence and an intimate knowledge of daily life in Holland. The selected person would become the co-author of this book to be published in the fall/autumn.

Due to a family illness of the previous writer, this job is urgent and needs completing within the next few months. The successful writer will also be eligible to work on another book about Holland to be published in 2011.

Peter Read

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3 Articles – Studies On Living Patterns Of Social Groups

Hi everyone,

Im requesting a writer to produce 3 articles:

1) Study: Students – how do they live
2) Study: Professionals – how do they live
3) Study: Workers abroad – how do they live

each article will be:
– authored by you (no scraping pls)
– written in English for general public
– 700+ words long
– pointing to relevant sources (datasets, statistics)
– giving examples of living patterns for students/professionals/workers in South East Asia (ideally Philippines), West Europe (France or GB) and USA
– estimating trends in living patterns (eg students are preferring dormitories to apartments…)

By how do they live I mean describing (supported by facts) the typical type of accommodation (dormitory, boardhouse, apartment etc…), accommodation location (city centres, suburbs), ownership (owned, rented, shared), living with family members etc…

Feel free to PM me for further information.

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Turkish Living Forum

To recreate and rebrand and also have a classfied section similar to

Also to have a user base of 1000 genuine people.

also to undertake basic seo to be above on all key words.

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Iphone App

I need an app identical to Living Social Deals. I will have RSS feeds for the application. Everything that is in the Living Social Deals app I will need. Please send me past apps that you have completed. Thanks!

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