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Convert CRE Loaded For Greek (UTF-8) And English

Website is using CRE Loaded Pro – 6.4.1a

Greek language files have been added to website.

Project is almost complete but having issues with conversion to UTF-8 for Greek Language.

Help mainly needed with database and file conversion for Greek language.
This is a very small project for those who are experienced.

Greek/English speaking Freelancer would be a bonus as more similar projects are coming.

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FDIS Payment Module For Cre Loaded Pro 6.4

We have a cre loaded pro 6.4 eshop and we want to configure a payment module for FDIS bank to make payments

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**Custom Community Site For Aviation**

We are trying to develop a Web site for the entire aviation industry. Pilots, flight schools.

It will be a community site, with forums, private messaging, and more. There will be separate databases for users, aircraft/aircraft fields, etc.

We will be pulling data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Admission):

Pilot Database loaded as master file
Airport Directory loaded as master file
Aircraft Type loaded as master file
Flight Schools: Loaded as master file
FAA repair stations by type: master file
CFI/CFII (certified flight instructors) loaded as master file


This community site, when someone logs in, will see their local airport conditions, weather, notifications for PMs, etc.

Custom modules/functionality needed:

1) Access NOAA API or FTP site to retrieve latest information. Parse and show in module airport Wx information
2) Access NOAA Weather charts (4 times/day) and update radar of regions they cover, and Weather depiction charts.
3) Need module for getting area Wx (4day forecast)
4) Need module for getting airport information.
5) Need module for message boards/forums: Ability have members only forums.
6) Need user to user messaging (PM)
7) Facebook logins/connect
8) Online chat room
9) Ability to post articles and material with profile properties that if matched can be use on page.
10) Need module for selling airplanes: Searching by aircraft properties (lots of properties, and must be standardized because this part can become confusing if you are not familiar with the aviation industry)
11) Need module for business account home page and information
12) Ability to search for services by describing properties, or distance (to rent planes)
13) Need module to post aviation job listing, search for job type based off key fields
14) Need module for member site, payola subscriptions


I will be working along with you throughout the entire project, explaining how things should work and how it should all come together. We wont be doing much in terms of design until everything is functional. Then we will provide you with custom design to implement.

As far as using CMSs and Frameworks. I will accept any of the following: CodeIgnitor, Yii, MVC, Zend, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal or DotNetNuke. I am open to suggestions as far as you can explain WHY you want to use a particular framework or CMS.

I need well thought out responses in regards to what we will use to build this. Even if its Ruby on Rails.

I am open to bids now. We would like to Interview people through Skype – vinautomatic

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UK Google Product Search, Feed Update – Cre Loaded

I am looking for someone to make some changes to my database, admin pages and website to accommodate the new conditions to the new product search criteria;

I currently have the feed duplicating products that have a promotion price, this needs to stop.

I would like it that the feed is automatically created and stored in a file on the server to allow it to be picked up by google weekly.

New Attribute to include in the feed.

color [color], shipping [shipping], availability [availability], product type [product_type], mpn [mpn], brand [brand], gtin [gtin]

Tax and shipping fields need to be added.

any fields need to be added to database and to admin and also be included in the Easy Populate.

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CRE LOADED- Malware Clean-up And Security Enhancement.

Our CRE LOADED site is being prompted with a "Reported Attack Site" warning from google.

We are seeking an experienced developer that can fix this malware issue, clean the site of all hack codes and then secure it so that the vulnerabilities are removed.

With your bid, please let me know exactly what you will do and what you will be implementing to accomplish this task.

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Drill Down Search Menu For Auto Parts CRE Loaded Shopping Ca

Looking for a custom search menu for an Auto Parts CRE Loaded V6.4.1 store. The search functions will enable the customer to drill down to a specific part by 4 parameters. Year, Make, Model and Engine Size.

We would then need every possible part that fits those parameters to appear center screen for our customers to shop and eventually purchase. In many cases there will be multiple brands to choose from and even multiple part numbers for each of those brands

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CRE Loaded Template Needed

Hello, I have CRE Loaded B2B shopping cart that I need a template for. I will be selling helicopters (mostly the 335, 340, 333 models). I just need a template, nothing else 🙂 Thanks so much

About Us

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CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

CRE loaded 6.2 site has been hacked on a number of Attempts, We have 4 Sites Linked to one Database. All 4 are bening Hacked. We need to Remove Malicious Codes and Virus and Patch Security and to Prevent Further Attacks.

CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

Project Budget $150

(tux admin please rebid)

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CRE Loaded Bugs

Hi Hoang

I cannot seem to get a hold of you. I hope everything is OK?

Please can you place your $200 bid against this project please.



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CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

I have 6,2 Standard CRE loaded, which is being hacked constantly wth a code injected on site. I need to remove all codes and fix the security to prevent further problems occuring.

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Cre Loaded Fix (PMI)

I have a cre loaded site that had a custom template installed. The admin parameters that control how many columns are displayed does not work properly and I need this fixed

Project is to fix the site so that the configuration for Product Listings Columns work.

Simple Job which needs to be done today

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20 PSD To HTML Pages


I have 20 PSD that need converting into HTML Pages. most pages use the same content with changed headers.


W3C Validation:

Browsers Compatibility: I.E 6.x / 7.x, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 2.x/3.x, Opera, Mac Safari, Mozila, Google Chrome

20 HTML pages


All 20 pages need to be loaded on your www so I can test them from all browsers


Full payment will be loaded into escrow and only released when testing is 100% successful and I have the archive.


Please message me if you would like to see the PSD pages. I will then send these to you in jpg. Lastly so I know you have read this put the code word Purple Mouse into you response on the first line.

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Quick OsCommerce (Fantastico) & CRE Loaded Installation

– Installation of CRE Loaded 6.2 standard edition

A template of TemplateMonster will be added to this shop. TemplateMonster CRE Loaded templates are compatible with the CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard only.
My hosting company has installation of osCommerce available through Fantastico cPanel.

No design needed, just the basic installation of CRE Loaded 6.2 Standard.

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GWT UI And RPC Implementation Into Existing Project

The main thing is to integrate gwt-dispatch with mvp4g framework using
the above toke security. The examples are already functional in the
com.iteezy.client package.

here is link to gwt-dispatch:

Basically I need widget that will do basic CRUD on Suggestion Object.
I already configured Dozer so following code will take care of the

Suggestion loaded = suggestionService.getByStringId(id);
DTOSuggestion dto =, DTOSuggestion.class);

and vice versa

Suggestion suggestion =, Suggestion.class);

On the UI side there is no need for pretty work. I just need Private
checkbox, Title field and Textbox that will be instrumental to the
CRUD operations.
If new suggestion is created the widget should put HTML up above the
the input fileds. I can explain this later for each CRUD operation.
The UI has to work with UI builder. It is in the mvp4g samples that
are loaded in the client package.

I just want this to work on /secure/test.html page no need for full
implementation. Just create the JavaScript RPC framework with mpv4g to
gwt-dispatch with token security that performs CRUD via GWT widget on
Suggestion object.

I use ANT deployment script since intellij gwt support sucks. Lest
time I check even eclipse had a lot of problems with it.

This is just to give you an idea of what I will want.

I plan on doing separate widget for each object to keep them lightweight.

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Finish CRE Loaded V6.4 Site 90% Completed

I need my Cre Loaded B2B 6.4 site completed.
My current coder has gone missing and I have been unable to contact him for 2 weeks.
i need this site completed ASAP.

1. I need some final touch ups done to template and integration
2. Image processor configured for size of pictures
3. Live chat added
4. Make sure all Cre Loaded functions are working correctly
5. Email domain configuration

I can give your further instructions once you contact me.

This site was 90% finished so should be easy for an experienced CRELoaded coder.

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E-comm Site – Inventory Bug Fixing

I have a e-commerce website created in CRE Loaded. We have had a programmer customize a mass inventory download/upload function from excel. There are some bugs in the download/upload that need to be fixed.

Please bid something, and I will send more details on private messaging. Then you can change your bid according to the work.

If I like your work, i will give you more work in the same field. We need to modify some other modules in CRE Loaded to function better.

*Please only bid if you have extensive experience on CRE Loaded.
*Please only bid if you have feedback on Freelancer.

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Our site is currently running CRE LOADED 6.2 Pro B2B – we require an update to Series 6.4.1. Only those with thorough knowledge of this update need respond.

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CRE Loaded / Pearl Site Update

I have a site in CRE Loaded (CRE Loaded v 6.2 with patch:06) and had a custom programmer create a business card creation tool. It works fine but I need some updates.

I had the site duplicated and switched to a new CRE version (CRE Loaded PCI B2B v6.4.1a RC 3). The switch that was made was successful but some of the features are not done.

I need someone to do the following:

1) Make the new site work properly
2) Make some changes to the functionality on the site
3) Make some changes to the functionality of the business card creator tool

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Joomla Site Construction

Im looking for someone skilled in Joomla 1.5 to help in the construction of a professionals website. It will contain no ecommerce… but may be heavily loaded with social networking extensions, widgets, etc. The site will already be in place, with basic information loaded, but will need to be modified with specific demographic data, google map location, photos, articles, etc. Milestone payments can vary with the amount of work required. I am looking more for a qualified, trustworthy person than a rock-bottom price or work rate.

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Freelance EXT JS Form

Looking for a freelance Ext JS expert. I have a basic Ext JS form layout that needs to work with a MySQL database.

I am looking for someone with great feedback and communication. Id like to see examples of your previous Ext JS work.

Here are some details on how the form needs to function:

-The form will need some Ext JS validation on individual form elements (required fields / number validation / etc).
-Some form elements will need to be disabled based on the selection of other form elements.
-I have 2-3 simple javascript functions that will also need to be incorporated into the form. One of the functions builds a URL to an external website based on form elements. Another calculated an amount based on form elements.
-Once the form is validated and submitted the information needs to be stored in a MySQL database.
-The form data will be loaded from MySQL by passing an HTML GET variable to the form.
-When the form is loaded, if data is loaded into form elements inside a FieldSet, those FieldSets will need to be automatically expanded.

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OsCommerce CRE Loaded Expert – Small Changes – 2


There are two things I need done for my clients website:

1. He tells me that his UPS shipping costs are too low and that UPS charges him more. Not sure how it works but either we need to increase the prices by 20% or add a new plugin with updated UPS rates.

2. I would like the newest products that we upload to show up first. Currently, when we add new products, instead of showing up on the first page, they get added to the end of the category and show up at the last pages.

I can give you the website backend login for you to check it out. The website is created with CRE Loaded, which I believe is a kind of OsCommerce software.

Of course I will choose who gives the best price along with the greatest expertise and experience. Thank you.

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OsCommerce CRE Loaded Expert – Small Changes


There are two things I need done for my clients website:

1. He tells me that his UPS shipping costs are too low and that UPS charges him more. Not sure how it works but either we need to increase the prices by 20% or add a new plugin with updated UPS rates.

2. I would like the newest products that we upload to show up first. Currently, when we add new products, instead of showing up on the first page, they get added to the end of the category and show up at the last pages.

I can give you the website backend login for you to check it out. The website is created with CRE Loaded, which I believe is a kind of OsCommerce software.

Of course I will choose who gives the best price along with the greatest expertise and experience. Thank you.

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Install New Cre Loaded Template

I have a cre loaded site and template that needs to be installed. Very simple and straight forward project

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Mobile Shopping Cart

I have a website that has been developed in CRE Loaded and i need to have a mobile version of the same version to be built. Please start bidding and i can email you the website in a private message.

Andre Media

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Use Selenium Or Other Method To Get JPG Img From JavaScript

This is a continuation of a project that another coder had written in Perl, however he was unable to finish this final part.
The project involves scraping an image file, however this image file is loaded with javascript. Simply grabbing the URL of the image from the javascript is not acceptable because doing so will cause a new (different) image to be generated. Therefore, I believe some type of web testing suite where the javascript can be loaded, and then we can grab the image file, would be a good way to solve this – however if you think of a better/different/simplier way, that is fine by me.

Once again, you will be staring with the code that someone else had written in perl. You will have to edit it to solve this problem described above that my previous coder was not able to do.

I have a Linux server.

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Convert OS Commerce/CRE Loaded Website To HTML Website

We need a designer to convert a 15 page OS Commerce/CRE Loaded website to HTML Website with a suitable shopping cart.

The website is a very small website, it only has 8 products. Due to having issues updating pages through the CRE Loaded interface we need it changed back to a static HTML website with a shopping cart intergrated into website so that we can accept payments through out merchant account. We want to change to static webiste as we want to be able to make changes ourselves via Dreamweaver. We also need the website optimized for seo.

We need the following clarified at bidding time:

1) What shopping cart would you recommend?
2) Do you have experience intergrating a shopping cart with a merchant account?
3) Do you have any experience converting a website like this?
3) We need this completed quickly, please give timescales?



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Fedex Module CRE Loaded PCI B2B V6.4.1a – Minor Modification

"Successfully integrated fedex shipping module to CRE Loaded PCI B2B
v6.4.1a returning correct value in INR"

Modification required:

"Fedex returning INR freight value must be converted into US$ based on currency conversion setting as defined in admin>>localization>>currency>> INR "

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Convert CRE Loaded Website To WordPress Platform

I would like to convert an existing CRE Loaded v6.2 B2B website to the WordPress platform.

I would like to keep the existing header or as close to it as possible.

I will not be needing the new site to feature a shopping cart or paypal option – the new site is going to be an affiliate site."

So, basically what I need is to keep the existing content (images and text).

Will need to have old site URLs redircted to new site pages (using redirect plugin).

If interested in the project, please post examples of previous work.

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CRE Loaded Sanjay2004

Cre Loaed Fixes

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