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IPhone Location Tracking App

I need a basic app for iphone where user should be able to click on one button and that will collect users current location. Then this information can be sent to a datebase.

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Typing Up Of Handwritten Notes & Updating Googlemaps

This project is a combination of two of my previous projects:

Typing up of hand written notes 2 is (Project Number 975105)
Updating Googlemap locations for website (Project Number 981570)

The project will be divided into two stages as I will have to upload the typed up notes into the website. This will then make the Googlemaps available for updating.

There are approximately 50 pages (9 batch files) of notes to be updated. I have attached a sample of a batch file so you can see the handwritten notes and presentation of Googlemaps. I have also include a file showing the instructions so you can see what is involved in updating each Googlemap record.

****Typing up of hand written notes****
I need the data typed into seperate columns in Excel so that they can be uploaded into a website.

The are 4 colums required:
Column 1 = Location Name (these have been written inCAPS and small-letters, however need them in Title Case so that only first letter of each word is capitalised)
Column 2 = Location Position (will typically look like C1, A3, B12 etc and will be written in Pink)
Column 3 = Street Name (appears at top of list of locations in the centre)
Column 4 = Street Type (e.g. Street, Boulevard, Lane, Road)

****Updating of Googlemap Locations****

The aim of this exercise is to update the marker position on the Googlemap for each location.

The website is an online retail directory of locations around the city. The correct position of the marker on each Googlemap is critical as many streets and locations are not sufficiently signed or labelled in real life! Many web visitors will print these maps and take them in the car with them or search them via Blackberry/SmartPhone while in the car.

When a new location is established in the database it automatically defaults to the following:

Latitude: 6.450088719070919

I have recently loaded a number of new locations and need someone to manually edit and update the marker on the GoogleMap

In the files that will be sent though there are 26 maps showing a total of 780 locations.

Each update should only take 1-2 minutes, once the updater is familiar with the streetmap. All the locations are in a local area covering approximately a few miles.

The instructions attached are based on the easiest method I found when updating the records. I have included a screen dump of what the website will look like after each action. Please use this to estimate how long it will take you to complete the assignment and the work involved.

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We need a site, thats very similar to
It is a location-based/aware dating site.

We already have a complete HTML design, so we just need a backend to be developed (user+admin) and integrated into our design.

Please create an account on the mentioned site and see for yourself, what is expected.
We want a fast, secure and scalable site, based on an enterprise-class CMS (such as Liferay, ATG, etc.), not crappy one (like Joomla, Wp, Drupal, etc.). It can be PHP or Java lang, with a LOT of Ajax.

Most important features are:

– location-basis (see the top of the site, city-set dropdown)
– matchmaking (by location, interests, gender, etc, etc, etc.)
– personalization (see the loggedin user homepage center – my matches, my visitors, etc.)
– user roles & permissions (paying members/free members plans, granular perms, for each and every function, such as Who wants to meet me –> paying members only)
– SMS funcs (payments for memberships, gifts, etc., live notifications, such as alerts, news, members near me, etc.)
– Gmaps (show users near me – live, etc.).

There is also a local business review section, which needs to be added (Lovestruck doesnt have it), but we have PHP scripts for it, so just integration is needed.

Please state your quote and (shortest) time frame.
NO advance payments, or placeholder bids.

Please answer the following Qs, before you place your bid:

– What CMS would you use?
– Your best references?
– How reliable are you?

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XML/JSON & Getting Location Based On IP Address

I am working on a website that has to deal with daily deal websites such as Groupon and WagJag.

For this job I need someone who is familiar with JSON/XML to connect with 2 website APIs. The websites I will need you to connect to will be revealed when the project is awarded.

What I will need from you:

1. automatically get users location based on their ip address
2. send the users location to each websites api
3. display the deals specific to the geographic location that are returned from the api.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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Google Map Customers Schedule Appointments By Location

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

This program needs to be accessible by 3 different groups of people:

1. Admin – control all aspects of the program
2. Customers – Be able to rate different locations based on their experiences 5 star type system, be able to schedule an appointment and their information is sent to the location(s) closest to them. a TOS would also need to be accepted.
3. Locations – People can become locations by clicking a button and registering. They put in their information and create a profile which is automatically viewable (or i can approve it before it is) and customers can begin seeing it. They must also agree to a TOS and enter a payment form to be charged for every customer referral given. It would also allow them to request a refund and enter a reason for the request which I would be able to look at and process. They can add a picture of their location and other information in their profile. The area that a provider can service would need to be a fixed radius such as "within 30 miles". when a customer wants to purchase from a location and they put in their address, if no provider is close by, either the closest will be notified or the customer will be told that there are not currently any providers in that area and they will be notified later if there are any.

I would like for this to be available for the entire world, not just USA…(easy to implement)

A user account system needs to be made in order to better track customers and locations.

googlemaps.jpg is a custom image i made
akai1.gif is just an image i found online that may give inspiration to what im looking for
google-maps-related…is another image of what i imagine this should look like, but based on locations of providers.

This should be easily accessed via iPhone as well.

Similar to this website:


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Basic Simple Iphone App

Hi, I need an app for iphone ios 4 or above. It runs in the background and checks the users location once every (say about) one minute. It should be simple to it doesnt get killed by the IOS when it is in the background mode. This app would track the location of my girl friend and store the x and y locations every minute as long as the app runs. Once I end the app, it would send a pair of saved x and y coordinate in a simple text file to an email address of my choice.

NO fancy login, NO fancy screens, basic working app with two buttons:

1. "Exit this app" to be put in the upper right hand corner.
2. "Start Log" in the center of the screen.

To re-iterate, once the "Start Log" button is pressed, the app runs in the background and save (to a location.txt file) the longitude and latitude once every minute and once the exit this app is pressed, the app would send the location.txt file to an email. I would then use any free online service such as google to translate the coordinate to a location on a real map to see where my girl friend went on that day.

All bidders of all programing levels are welcome to bid since this project is extremely simple. I need you to comment your code clearly so in case I need to make a minor change. This is not a big project but I am sure one of you out there wouldnt mind a few extra bucks from producing this simple code (that may already have been developed generically on the web somewhere).


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Iphone Application

Handheld, Mobile, iPhone, iPhone App, GPS, BlackBerry, Android, Mobile Application


Android phone / i-phone application / Blackberry application.

Application requires several screens of basic data input – either in the form of selection boxes or basic data entry fields. The app relies on GPS technology to source potential matches based on location. There will be no website backup and the application should be functional without human intervention. Simple entry and toggle options to return resuts based on GPS location of handset or set perameters by the user – basic data entry fields.

The app also need branding with logo (design brief assistance provided) and introducing to the global market-place for commercial purposes.

All intellectual property is under copyright and must not be re-sold to 3rd parties or used in conjunction with any other application platform.

This is a great opportunity to showcase skills and flair for design and ingenuity.
Repeat work under negotiation and based on performance.

The application premise is one of internet dating. there is no website and the application will be completely stand alone and free from human intervention once complete. the user will be able to download the application from reputable i-app dealers and register details in the initial log-in screen used for the database which returns the matches – this will also need constructing.

From there several multiple choice question screens using multiple choice tick boxes; or drop down list options; will help define the characteristics of the user. it has been anticipated that no more than 8 screens will be needed.

Following on from this the user will again go through a similar 8 screens to set the parameters for their date.

The GPS function will then be used to source potential matches to those field entries based on set parameters in the GPS screen. Most likely based on �miles from current location� and �miles from registered zip code� which the user entered at the registration screen.

At present I am not authorised to release the specific details of the fields but when it comes to building the applications this information is secondary anyway.

To clarify:

Create an i-phone and android app (themed)

App will be able to grab GSP data and search matches from application users; most likely from a database

Database will also need constructing; it should automatically populate from the multiple choice questions the user inputs from the application. this will store user data and how the application pairs potential matches

The app will use Google maps for easy of use and GPS location fields

App will grab geo-location data based on your phones location or address you enter upon application download and registration.

There should also be a method for member to member secure communications within the application

There is no website for this application and the application should be stand alone without human maintenance.

Good luck coders and please place your best bid and best timeframe

The brief contains all the key aspects required for the application development. A document containing screen wording and options; including app pathway; will be delivered to the successful coder once the project has been appointed. This document contains only the wording requirement for the screen questions. The project brief states the key aspects and what is expected of the final functional application across iphone / android and blackberry user channels.

The final application should be launched for commercial retail across iphone / android and blackberry user channels. If you are unfamiliar with a particular coding language for either iphone / blackberry / or android handsets please state this alongside your bid and timeframe.

A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) will be a requirement alongside the development of this application.

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Geolocation App For IPhone Android Java


This is a three (3) part project, please do not bid if you are not capable of eventually completing the entire three parts.
The first part is the most relevant and is to be accomplished ASAP. If successful, the following parts will follow.
The code can be written using Titanium appcelerator or native code, whichever is easier, faster, and cheaper 🙂
Please place a price bid on each part separately.

Part 1
Create a client app for Android, iPhone, and Java which normally runs in the background.
The app

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Small Self-help App

Self Help Application
To flash a series of customized subliminal self help messages and images on the computer monitor.

Key Features:
– Download and install on multiple machines
– User Account login
– Server side back-end, which holds all settings online
– Client-side User interface for settings
– Cross platform compatibility (Starting with Windows XP, Vista, and 7)

1. Language and Alphabet selection
2. Pre-set but editable categories of self help topics
3. Pre-set but editable motivational messages within each category
4. Upload desired photos from computer
5. Insert images from the web
6. Speed setting (display for 10-1000 milliseconds)
7. Frequency setting (every 1-120 seconds)
8. Font size, type, color, and transparency
9. Location of flashes on the monitor
10. Randomize location and order
11. Restore default settings button
12. Self-launch with OS option
13. Task bar icon with Sign out, stop, start, and other quick options

Interface design:
Simple, clean and fresh
Colors: white, light green and pink.

Scripting Language:
C++ / Qt / PHP / MySQL

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Iphone & Android Api

We need application developer.
Our application will work on Iphone and Android phones and will gather data through GPS.
Goal with this application is to find like-minded people searching for various events and activities through
profiles chosen in api. On this application you will see your location and location of others who search
events and activities you search. It will run with synchronization on Google maps navigation showing your location.

We have all databases needed for this application.

We will hire only serious developers with option on future cooperations on our projects.

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Android .apk Program

Android .apk program

*Knowledge of .apk design/UI/Location awarenes/Contact database management and graphic image importing.

Need developer for android application that will incorporate a contact/address database that will link to navigation (gps); also application should be location aware and be able to show location of all people using app when in use. Users will also be able to upload images into contact address database like pictures, etc.I have design and template to base application off of. More details will be provided once contacted. After creation of application, all rights will be handed over to me."All bids" are encouraged and portfolio showing "related" .apks that you have created that demonstrate your proficiency in creating this project. If you are needing more specifics please PM me.

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Interactive Map For Customers To Schedule Appointments

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

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Outlook 2007 Customized Appointment Using Vba

Project is to generate 8 Outlook appointment templates to allow for entry of data (~10 text/date/custom fields).

Calendar entry template should incorporate all fields in the body of the entry, and specific data (defined within template) from within the body entry to fill the subject and location lines.

Furthermore, a dropdown menu for the location line should be available with choice of ~10 preprogrammed choices.

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I need a website that allows users to upload video and pictures directly to the website from their personal computers or mobile devices. the users need the ability to label specifics about the upload, i.e. date, location, subject. the uploads then need to be grouped by similarities so that when a visitor searches for a specific date, location, or subject all videos matching the search appear and are able to be viewed on the website for free and without the need for a visitor to log in or subscribe. need the ability to have visitors comment on videos/pictures as well as rate the quality of the video or picture so that when a visitor searches for an upload the highest rated ones appear first. ease and simplicity are crucial. thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing back from you.

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Integrate Google Map Into Data

We are looking to integrate Google Maps API with the results of our data.

We want our event listing to show a map with the "Location" on the google map.
We want it to be picked up by google map API as we have name of location example "new delhi, India", "Los angeles, California" in our data.
Whereas when we click on an entry on map, it shows data of it.
If you have prior experience, please bid, we will then show the site, and the data. Thanks. Bids only under 100 USD.

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Contact Us Form Change And Google Maps Location Change

Change contact us form slightly and change location inside displayed Google Maps on the contact us page.

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I-phone Travel App

We want to develop and app that will be a fairly simple travel database with a location name, description, possibly a photo and gps location. We are looking for someone to develope the framework and we will load the data.

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Android Location-Based App Development

To develop an app that

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Develop Iphone App

I need an iphone app designed from the ground up. I have existing code but some of the functionality is missing. Rather than patchwork what I have I would rather use it as a model to help a new developer see my vision of the what the program should do. I also had a graphic artist design the UI already so you will not have to do that. I have all of the elements in a .psd file ready for use. The artist has already done the mockups of each screen to help the developer put everything in place. You will need to be very proficient with GPS and location based programming. You must be skillful with the coreLocation API . If you are not please do not waste my time with a bid. I would prefer to see examples of prior GPS app work. This program is very straightforward. There is no webserving of any of the data. There is a database of about 100 locations that I will need incorporated into the program. I have them in an .xls file with the info and lat/long of each location. I need someone who can attack this project, make it a priority, and deliver it fast. If you can create code for my UI and add the GPS capabilities I require please bid.

Also, I will need integration with the adWhirl SDK as I will be seriving banner ads at the top of the program.

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Location Based Spatial Querries

Location based spatial queries are spatial queries whose answer rely on location of inquirer.Our approach is based on peer to peer sharing.

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Website Mobile Version

Looking for someone who can make the mobile version to our website – using of course HTML5 – we need the website to be able to work on all mobile phones that have web access without having several versions. Our website is built using PHP and all done in house on our own custom framework. The site will depend a lot on geo-location. So it will show you content based on the location you are etc.

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Educational IPad App For Kids

* an educational ipad app will be developed for kids of age range 5 – 9 years.
* the application will be of different locations.
* each location will be composed of several objects.
* each object should be featured separately to give details about it.
* the design should be cartoonish, clear, clean and slice-able.
* 6 location will be needed.
* a small character will be designed to fly around each location to guide the kid through that location.
* 2D or 3D graphics are needed.
* each location should be drawn in a panaroamic view in order to view different sides of the loaction.
* navigation: user will be able to move around, right and left. user will be able to zoom in and out.
* each object should be viewed separately and gives a 3D feel, it might get rotated or has a simple animation.
* chosen locations (for now, might change in the future): house, circus, zoo, spaceship, theme park, school
* details will be given after approving the designers quotation.
* some samples will be needed before making the final decision, designers portfolio might be useful.

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Small Facebook Application

Simple Facebook application needed programmed in classic ASP. The application should save the location (city & country) where the user last logged in (traced from IP-number) and then present a list over your friends and their current locations. If a location of one of the friends is not the same as his/her home location this should be shown with bold text on the username.

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Blackberry Chat & GPS Location

I need to create both the client and server for Blackberry, for a chat.

Only two features required.
1) Chat among friends
2) Location GPS

basically, chat is going to be developed on push notification api of blackberry. So a java push server will be created. Push Notification API can be used as on this link.

After Applicaiton needs to be send to RIM for approval.

Details of Currently Running website:
Chat is already functional on a website. Now it needs to be expanded so if one user is on website and the other logs in from black berry, they can chat as well. Website is already operating and users can chat, share photos, comments etc etc. Backend for this website is in php.

Pls also note, that website chat is on a php script. we need to integrate the above push server with existing php based backend server of website.

Budget is US$ 450 but if someone can do in less, he will be prefered, as i have alot of different platforms and tasks after this…
If anything unclear, pls ask.


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Airfare Quote Request Form

We are looking for someone to create a simple two pages web quote request with joomla

Page 1

The page project/request quote form and process of receiving and sending customer request to merchant via email. So we will need some location based database matching by city, linking people to services in their local area. In other word once the user pick a city an email request will be sent to merchant previously entered for that location.

Our easy-to-use forms will include;
Location (that will determine to wich group of merchant to send to) a drop down menu
Departure location
Departure date
Arrival location
Return date and location
Email to friend so users can refer
No duplicate request

Development Details

Some basic social networking features which both customers and professionals can utilize such as: register for a newsletter to receive price drop or new price, create, leave comments on profiles, rate and review profiles. We also need some interconnection with our Facebook fan page and a way to link customers profiles on our site to those facebook.
A way to automatically store and organizes information from our requests.

Nice and very attractive design and look

Arabic will be a plus

The user would see a nice looking animation showing them that their quote is being

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PHP Location Based Social Network Site

Development of a location based micro blogging social network Site which will include a mobile web site for the main PHP site.

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Geo Location Script

We want to be able to show different ads for different regions from one web page – we need the option to set content to show for a particular country – It should be setup so that if we have a page and we only want people from the US to see that page and all other people see a different page then it should be able to do that.

We have our own database that we get from that you can use.

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JAVA Project

Small Project : To scan the wireless network and find out all available devices in the range. With the help of beacon techniques find out the rogue access point in the network and its Location.

Then we can track the location of the Access point on Google map or Google earth.

Bids your Value on this project. and for Further discussion

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Lost Blackberry Tracker (Urgent)

Should be relative simple app for blackberry to track the location of another blackberry (The lost Blackberry).

An general idea could be
1. Blackberry cellphone periodically track its own location through GPS and/or Cellid
2. Send location to another Blackberry through SMS message or through internet (for example, email)
3. The cellphone received the location coordinates can retrieve the location and display it on the google map

1.experienced blackberry app developer
2.can get the project done as soon as possible (willing to pay more if the project could be done real fast)
3. we own the right and source code to this project

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Savvy Webdesigner That Also Can Develope In WordPress!


I am looking for a very good designer that also can program in wordpress.

I have a lot of projects and need the right candidate to start right away.

Private persons only and location either US or Europe – no other location excepted.

Need someone that works quickly and dedicated.

I would offer work over longterm.


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Customisable PDF Template With Web/php Interface Again

I have PDF templates or in word doc format that are often exactly the same except for a date field. I would like, initially, to be able to enter date information on a form and have the PDF document generated with the date section filled out.

The documents are fliers for events and information evenings, and are for various locations. The main thing that changes is the date, as we have templates for each speaker in each location, and generally just change the date. Hence why a form driven date customization is useful.

As an extension, I would like the following system.
Select speaker, select location, enter date and automatically create flier. With biography, location details and photo of speaker.
A simple backend to edit this would be useful. Sample documents are on our website, under events.

Further on, I would like to have the entire PDF customizable from the form.
Sample PDF with be forthcoming. Information includes.
Date – variable
Main speaker – variable . Also has a bio about speaker.. Perhaps this should be kept as a separate text document so easily changed if need be..
Photo of speaker
Location . Constant, but changes occasionally.

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Basic Twitter Tool

We need a basic tool that will display all the people you are following in lists based on their location/country they have in their profile with the option to unfollow them.
It would also be good to have the option to unfollow everyone from a particular location too.

Lowest priced with experience will get the job!
Happy bidding!

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