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Adding Google Map Feature To Existing ASP Site

Hello freelancers!

I have a fully functional asp site containing a parts database. (see attached zip file for all source code)

All of the data is stored in XML files.

The existing functionality will be self-explanatory.
Basically, you browse the navigation tree and select a product line and the parts are displayed from the xml file.

For this project, I would like to add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file. one for latitude and one for longitude.

Then, on the main page, add 2 radio buttons that allow you to select "Parts List" or "Locations".

When "Parts List" is selected, the parts list will be shown just as it is currently.

But, when "Locations" is selected, the lat, long coordinates from the XML file are used to map all the corresponding parts on a Google map.

Requirement 1
Add 2 elements to the "parts.xml" file, one for latitude and one for longitude.

Requirement 2
Populate lat and long with random US locations.

Requirement 3
Radio button functionality on main page which switches website function from parts list to location on google map.

Requirement 4
Map multiple parts locations on Google map when selected from Menu in "Locations" mode.

Thats it!

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Typing Up Of Handwritten Notes & Updating Googlemaps

This project is a combination of two of my previous projects:

Typing up of hand written notes 2 is (Project Number 975105)
Updating Googlemap locations for website (Project Number 981570)

The project will be divided into two stages as I will have to upload the typed up notes into the website. This will then make the Googlemaps available for updating.

There are approximately 50 pages (9 batch files) of notes to be updated. I have attached a sample of a batch file so you can see the handwritten notes and presentation of Googlemaps. I have also include a file showing the instructions so you can see what is involved in updating each Googlemap record.

****Typing up of hand written notes****
I need the data typed into seperate columns in Excel so that they can be uploaded into a website.

The are 4 colums required:
Column 1 = Location Name (these have been written inCAPS and small-letters, however need them in Title Case so that only first letter of each word is capitalised)
Column 2 = Location Position (will typically look like C1, A3, B12 etc and will be written in Pink)
Column 3 = Street Name (appears at top of list of locations in the centre)
Column 4 = Street Type (e.g. Street, Boulevard, Lane, Road)

****Updating of Googlemap Locations****

The aim of this exercise is to update the marker position on the Googlemap for each location.

The website is an online retail directory of locations around the city. The correct position of the marker on each Googlemap is critical as many streets and locations are not sufficiently signed or labelled in real life! Many web visitors will print these maps and take them in the car with them or search them via Blackberry/SmartPhone while in the car.

When a new location is established in the database it automatically defaults to the following:

Latitude: 6.450088719070919

I have recently loaded a number of new locations and need someone to manually edit and update the marker on the GoogleMap

In the files that will be sent though there are 26 maps showing a total of 780 locations.

Each update should only take 1-2 minutes, once the updater is familiar with the streetmap. All the locations are in a local area covering approximately a few miles.

The instructions attached are based on the easiest method I found when updating the records. I have included a screen dump of what the website will look like after each action. Please use this to estimate how long it will take you to complete the assignment and the work involved.

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Google Map Customers Schedule Appointments By Location

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

This program needs to be accessible by 3 different groups of people:

1. Admin – control all aspects of the program
2. Customers – Be able to rate different locations based on their experiences 5 star type system, be able to schedule an appointment and their information is sent to the location(s) closest to them. a TOS would also need to be accepted.
3. Locations – People can become locations by clicking a button and registering. They put in their information and create a profile which is automatically viewable (or i can approve it before it is) and customers can begin seeing it. They must also agree to a TOS and enter a payment form to be charged for every customer referral given. It would also allow them to request a refund and enter a reason for the request which I would be able to look at and process. They can add a picture of their location and other information in their profile. The area that a provider can service would need to be a fixed radius such as "within 30 miles". when a customer wants to purchase from a location and they put in their address, if no provider is close by, either the closest will be notified or the customer will be told that there are not currently any providers in that area and they will be notified later if there are any.

I would like for this to be available for the entire world, not just USA…(easy to implement)

A user account system needs to be made in order to better track customers and locations.

googlemaps.jpg is a custom image i made
akai1.gif is just an image i found online that may give inspiration to what im looking for
google-maps-related…is another image of what i imagine this should look like, but based on locations of providers.

This should be easily accessed via iPhone as well.

Similar to this website:


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Automatic "check In" App

Im looking to use the automatic check in feature thats used in apps like Loopt and foursquare. This check in is obviously only used in certain locations on that map that we chose. I want people to be able to see who is currently checked in at these locations at the current moment.

Obviously more details will follow but the main focus is being able to use an automatic check in with a map feature.

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Interactive Map For Customers To Schedule Appointments

It needs to have a map of the continental USA and a zip code field. Users can either type in their zip/address or click on a state and zoom in. The interface would allow me to add the google "places" dots to indicate where our current locations are even after you have finished the project. The customer would select the location they want service from and type in their contact information, notes etc. It would be sent to the locations email address as I have defined in the location profile. I would also be CCed on the email. This would need to be a good looking project that could fit on my website and be accessible by every customer. Simplicity and beauty is key. The online database of locations would also need to be editable by me easily.

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Mobile Application – GPS Based

I am looking for a company that can write an application for my business. It will be a GPS based app where different locations on the map are marked. Customers will also be able to mark locations of their own that will be uploaded to the main app for everyone to see (once the loaction is approved by the admin). Marking locations will will be a part of the interactivity of the app and they will also be able to write reviews and make comments. Each location, once clicked, should have the name of the business, a photo (optional) and a comment section. Example: Pizza Hut, 123 Main st, Ghongszhou, China, Rating 5/10, Comments: food was good, service was ok, etc…
This application will cover all the major metropolitan areas of China. Ideally I would like to have this application work on all the major smartphone platforms.

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Time Picture Webstie Project

I want to create a website where users can login a upload a photo against a certain hour of the day and location
(There will only be 2 locations)
e.g 2pm – London or 4pm – New York and tag with some very basic personal information e.g. Tom aged 22 from Australia
Those just visiting the site should be presented on the front page 2 pictures from the 2 locations. This can then be adjusted via a selection to show either – The same time in both locations e.g 2pm, The time it is currently where you are and the corresponding 2 pictures, time difference between the 2 locations, and random selection.
Users show also be able to jump to each individual locations gallery where they will be presented with 24 pictures 1 for each hour that populate at random or by most favourite
Users should be able to like or unlike a picture in any gallery or page.

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Membership Program Software Needed Asap

I run a discount membership program and in dare need of a software that can be used to verify membership at merchant locations…This system must also be downloaded on desk tops (ability to work online and offline) want my clients to be able to view and verify member name and card number online and offline…as most of the locations may not be connected online at all times.

please hurry and bid for this project asap.

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CMS Website For Real Estate Company

We need a website for a real estate company that showcases the properties that the company has available. The website needs a CMS so that the details of properties (pictures, locations, number of bedrooms, prices etc) can be updated through an admin panel. The website must be modern and well designed. Look to this website for inspiration:

The website needs a search function so that users can search for specific property types, locations, price etc

Apart from that just a few pages with company information and a contacts page is needed.

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MEP Engineering

I need a list of all of the MEP Engineering companies in the U.S. especially in California, that have more than 10 employees.

MEP is (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing). These companies do building engineering/sustainable design. Examples of the type of companies I am seeking are:
Buro Happold
Enovity –

For the list, I need the following:
– Company name
– Locations addresses
– Phone number
– Website
– Brief company description
– Number of employees (if known)
– Engineering contact at the company (i.e. Engineering Manager, Engineering Director, VP of Engineering, and/or Engineering Principle.)

I need this information to be current within the last 6-8 months because companies change locations, merge, etc.

If I like the results we will have additional similar work in the future.

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Android Test

This is my first post…I own a contract warehousing company (3PL), we run a warehouse management system that stores inventory (codes, descriptions etc…) against locations (the WMS app sits on an SQL DB)The locations all have barcode labels.

I want an application on my Android (Google phone) that can scan a location talk to the SQL db and return the product code(s) and qty(s). It only needs to work within my network.

Id like to own the source code and understand how it works. Id like to be able to ask questions about the code and be guided as to how to connect and retrieve the data from the db. I want to be able to understand how the code works. Im an enthusiastic hack who can do little bits of this and will probably drive you mad with dumb questions, Im likely to change the scope (e.g. ask for something I can use on my desktop to play with the application). Im happy to pay for time.

If this experiment woks I want to explore other applications including a sales force automation solution.

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Google Map Integration With Flash

I am looking for a Google Map Expert

Phase I
Integrate Google Maps API into existing website,, under

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Geolocation Based Mobile App

Mobile app to work on iOS. Ambitions to launch on Android as well.

There are 20 separate pages of information (already created in basic html) relating to 20 different locations. The app will ask to access your GPS location and if you are near one of the 20 locations will display the relevant page.

When GPS is not available user will be able to select this content from a menu.

The content is specialised so some words will need to be in a glossary. The definition would pop up or toggle when the user selects a word they dont know.

Job requirements:
Build GPS functionality to display posts based on location
Build glossary to launch on highlighted words within text
Build menu as an alternative way to access posts

To be supplied:
Content for pages and glossary
GPS locations to correspond with pages
Design elements and buttons
Detailed wireframes and mock ups of layout

02/15/2011 at 23:40 EST:

Just to clarify the items listed under "To be supplied" have already been created and will be given to the successful bidder. Just requiring someone to build the framework of the app & place existing content.

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Google AdWords Campaign


We are an IT Service company based in Thailand. We are looking for someone who can manage our Google AdWords campaign. Please we are not interested in SEO work as we have someone doing that already, only interested for AdWords.

We would like to have a campaign to cover local and global (Excluding Display network). We don

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IPhone Application

Please only apply if you have built a similar application before

Must meet all iphone requirements

The application is

There is a database of locations

When the user is in those locations a notification must pop up on there screen

Basic program to link with location

please send example of similar work

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Create POI File With 30 Locations, Navigation, Map, GPS

I would like a POI (point of interest) file from URLs I provide you with. Each locations should show opening times, a URL, phone number and a picture. You will extract the data from the URLs I give you. Images will be provided.

Locations are in Europe, mainly Germany.

Please provide files usable for all main navigations systems like TomTom, Garmin etc.

Additionally please provide a way how I can update the file myself at a later time through a website or similar e.g. or

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Sobi2 Geo Category Overview Module – Modification

I need to add Geo Category Overview Module to my site and customize it
At the moment Im using sobi2 radius distance search(that works) and Id like to add a map to display the results on search result pages.
I have set to show only 8 results per page, so the Geo Category Overview Module will have to be customized to show only those 8 locations on the map per page. Next page shows another 8 different locations, so the map will show those locations and so on…

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Flash Google Map Integration

I am looking for a Google Map Expert

Phase I
Integrate Google Maps API into existing website,, under

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Simple Customer Feedback Application With Geolocator

I want to create an application allowing users to select a place/location (using geolocation) on which to give their feedback.
The solution would need to
1. be scalable,a llowing me to add new sites over time (the where).- starting with just a few locations (say 10) and users (about 100 concurrent users and not more than 1000 per week) for piloting purposes
2. allow ausers to offer their feedback on a 3 types of issues (the what) that they can select using a simple dropd down menu and the selecting a score (0 to 10) – I should be able to add items agains each of the 3 issues (add to the dropdown with each dropdown with a total of about 5-10 items)
3. Have a simple reporting to extract to Excel where the analuysis would be made to start with.

So simple app for iPhone (possibly Android and Windows too if extra cost not tto much) with simple short intro/instructions (that I would provide) geolocator, linked dropdown lists (select what out of 3 issues —> choose issue specific item from dropdown list and vote on that) + backoffice to add locations, items on dropdown lists and to extract data and export data to xls compatible format.
Later, potentially, this would grow to more locations and more users and online analytics for other to access to create their own reports. So small project now but there is scope for more work after pilot.

Any questions?

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Graphic Designer Needed For Signs

We need someone to create 14 table signs (14 x 10 or close to that – preferably 2 sides because tables are round) which will have the names of locations from the Harry Potter books printed on them in a gothic font – creativity is appreciated! Examples of locations include: "No. 4, Privet Drive", "Little Whinging", "Surrey, England", "Diagon Alley", "The Forbidden Forest", "Gringotts Bank", "Hogwarts", "Hogsmeade", "Kings Cross Train Station", "London", "The Quidditch Pitch", "The Shreaking Shack", "Dumbledores Office", "The Ministry of Magic".

We will also need 3 larger signs that say,"Welcome to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry!", "Platform 9 3/4" and "The Leaky Cauldron" and a one sided table sign that says "Kids, which house will the sorting hat select for you?!".

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Developing Web Site Showing Different Graphs

Hi there,
We have an exe based ERP which is installed at multiple locations and we need to develop a website which fetches data from all these locations and give us a compiled MIS.
It will be a our main project but to get actual project we need to do a Pilot project (Paid).
Pilot Project is not supposed to be linked with ERP but just to have certain options like login screens for multiple user.
Data entry screen where data will be put manually and it will be presented in form simple graphs.

Freelancers having experience of similar work need to share link.
Pilot project is budgeted around 20$.

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Joomla Google Maps Geolocation And Rating System

Im using the Joomla extension WebMapPlus, I need to add Geolocation so that it automatically loads with the closest locations to that particular IP address. I also need to add a rating system so that you can rate locations and search by ratings. I need this done asap.

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SEO Problems

I will give $30 to the first person who can solve my SEO problem.
keyword = cape town property
search engine =

Position 8.

Cape Town Properties (24) – CAPE TOWN PROPERTY | REMAX | CITY BOWL …
There are many wonderful locations around the world to buy property. However, not all locations are equally wonderful and Cape Town properties are proof of … – Cached

The heading has not been used by me and I have not used (24). It has been stuck in position 8 for some time while links have still been loaded.

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Research Australian Store Locations

Task: Using a list of approximately 150 clothing brands that I provide, determine which of these brands have store locations in Australia.

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Virtual Assistant Google Places Project

Hello all we need to put all of our UK locations on Google places, Thomson Local and Qype

We have 120 locations and although we can do this in house it may be beneficial to allow an administrator who understand Google places/maps to do this for us.

We believe this task will take about 7/8 hours total and we have budgted $40.

We have all google accounts set up for verification purposes and full instructions of what you need to do,
you will have to return the excel sheet that we will suplly with a note of all work done.


Please message me with you experience and rate

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Google Maps Data Mining For Distances Between Locations

Our objective is to identify the number of "locations" that have another "location" within a distance of X meters.
Where X is a variable that we wish to vary to have different scenarios and "location" is a branch of a same company (i.e., stores of a same brand)
the "locations" appear on google maps and there are around 3 thousand of them within a country

We wish to do 5 scenarios of distance

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Mobile Website

An HTML5 mobile website is needed for a small national branded restaurant chain/microbrewery.

The site should be designed to be both visually appealing, as well as functional across all line of modern smart phones.

At the current point, the site only needs to be an informational portal, for minor portions of interactivity, please quote out separately a like/stars/review/comments feature so that users can share with each other their favorite menu items and beers. Eventually, the site will be used to place online ordering and reservation, but this functionality is not necessary at this time.

The project is for 26 locations, and each will need to be customized depending on copy for the local menu, contact, info, etc. Graphics should be very minimal and many will be provided in the form of logos and menu photographs.

– Splash page with Geolocation suggestions (cookies to remember selection?)
– 26 Separate locations with each location sharing basic layout, but with copy changes where necessary.
– Approx 22 pages within each locations site
– Please quote for Comment/Review feature
– Also include in quote the PUSH Message functionality

Please provide a sample of your webdesign work. If you have done previous mobile work, please share that as well.

Thank You!
Proposed Site Map:

HOME/Pick a Location (geolocation to suggest nearest restaurant)

12 submenus


google map API








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Mobile Application – Store Finder

I need a mobile application designed to work separately on iOS, Android, and Blackberry.

The application is rather simple in that is allows the user to find the location of a store or club that carries a certain product. It should interface with Google maps or other mapping product.

The UI would basically be as follows:

The user starts the application and can select language.
The user can then find either 1) a store or 2) a club that carries this product based on their current GPS location
The user can click the closest store or club on the map that is rendered and get an address, phone number and see reviews of this store or club
The user can then get directions to the store from Maps
Alternatively, the user can also buy the product through the application as well if they would like to

You will not need to enter the location of any of the stores, however, we will need a login to a database where we can add the store locations by ourselves. Users will not be able to add store locations – only us as admin can do it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

We will pick the bid with the lowest cost that has respectable experience in mobile development.

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Random Fans From All Locations

Hi Freelancers,

I need some fans on my page from random locations. If you can do the job please dont invite from Asian countries. Preferably from USA, Europe, etc.

Message me with your rates.


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