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DSD Assignment

i would like a tutor to work on my Digital logic Desgin using b2 Logic Software,
any expert with the software and expert at desgining
can pay 40$

B2 LOGIC software …………………this is very important

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Music Producers Needed

We are a Danish audio production company, working with large Danish and international companies and musicians.

Currently, we are on the lookout for freelance music producers for a long term relationship with paid assignments. We want producers working in Ableton Live or Logic, but are willing to make an exception if your work is exceptional.

Please contact us if you feel you can fit one of the positions below:
Music Producer
Genre: Electro House, Techno, Dance
Software: Ableton Live or Logic
Music Producer
Genre: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop
Software: Ableton Live or Logic
Music Producer
Genre: Dubstep, Electronica
Software: Ableton Live or Logic
Mixing Engineer
Industry-standard quality with a edgy, powerful pop sound
Software: Ableton Live, Logic or ProTools
Mastering Engineer
Industry-standard quality, ability to work with many genres

Quality and professionalism is a must, but we are also looking for competitive prices. Please send demos or links to website and portfolio. Bids without demos will not be considered. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Auction Website Reverse

I want an auction website with a little different logic as provided by standard auction websites like Ebay or Penny auction.

I have seen few of the ready made scripts as offered by phpshop,softbiz etc.So i am fine with those but I need a changed layout of the pages as well as the logic of choosing the lowest bid instead of highest.So basically I am fine with customization on top of a ready made auction site script.

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Calculator Program Logic For C# Website

Were looking for someone to create the program logic for a number of calculaters that will read data from a table, and calculate an answer based on an input field. We could provide excel worksheets with data and calculations to be applied in

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Application Form

We require a student loan application form to be created for a Drupal website.
Currently the client processes the 4 page loan applications manually and needs this application online


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Logic Design(altera Software)within 8 Hrs

Use altera software
budgt 40$

12/15/2010 at 6:04 EST:

check file

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Isomorphic Smartclient Java + AJAX RIA Full Development

We are developing a RIA and want to find some experienced developer in Java + AJAX to help us start the project with the Isomorphic smartclient PRO framework (

Isomorphic smartclient PRO framework IS A REQUIREMENT (not SmartGWT!) as we want to test it!

We need you to:
– set up the JAVA server
– code the model (using hibernate as the ORM)
– implement some logic into the server
– implement JSP services
– secure connection with encryption and login
– layout the smart client
– implement some logic into the client

All this with a very simple use case, for example, customer – order – item

The project is really small BUT transversal: It must go from the database up to the client and back again including some validation and logic.

We must be able to use your work as a start point to develop the rest of the application. If we feel the technology is worth it, keep in mind that this project may lead to a much bigger one and if the work is well done a future collaboration may seriously be considered.

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Convert PHP Application Over To LightVC Php Framework

No canned responses, please read carefully and ask questions.

I have an existing application Status2K over at you can see a demo.

I want to convert the existing source code over to the LightVC framework and CoughPHP ORM framework

Currently the logic is mixed in with the views, so Id like you to seperate the logic into controllers and the HTML into views. And then the database access logic into CoughPHP models.

Id like you to keep the following in mind

1. The Status2K script has an installer, this will need to be converted too.
2. Forms should be protected from request forgery.
3. Use a layout for the admin side and another one for the client
4. Please format the code i.e. pretty print.
5. Use the existing database tables. The script will need to work on existing installations.
6. Make sure the HTML is valid.
7. Test on php 5.2 and 5.3
8. There should be no PHP warnings or errors in the log files.

New functionality

Please add the following new features.

1. XML output. i.e. have a page such as /stats.xml that returns all the statistics in XML format. Ive attached an example XML file to show how this should look.

2. Currently the licence is checked every time the user refreshes the browser, could you change this so it only happens daily as my server is getting hammered.

Development process.

For the winning bidder I will create an account on this will give you access to the git repository so y
ou can access the code.

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Iphone Game;

Building a simple game.

Must be able to produce cute" graphics for a simple app

The game is simple, the logic of the game is this;

You tap the screen to begin a countdown, the countdown starts.
You tap a second time to start a separate, shorter countdown. If the first countdown finishes before the second you win, if not you lose.

that is a simple logic of the idea.

As has been stated we are looking at graphics and UI as a must.

Must provide examples. Paying good for the right person.

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Conditional Logic Form

The job is a fairly simple remake of an existing form. I have just taken over the web duties on the Vaughans website at

Ive had no issue with it apart from one thing.

Theres a conditional logic form which submits as a cost calculator and runs across a few pages, basically you choose one or more of five options then the next set of questions follow up on what youve chosen previously.

So for example if you choose WAREHOUSE on the first page, then the following three options are displayed on the second page;

Full height colorbond wall cladding

Full height precast concrete walls

2.1 mtr precast concrete dado with colorbond cladding above

Although if you choose COOLSTORE

Then you get a different set of questions on the next page;

EPS coolroom panels

This calculator is here if you want to check it out;

I dont know if it would be possible to use any of the existing code that you could rip from the site but if so, that would be fine

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Moving Average Crossover EA + Martingale Strategy

I have a very simple strategy with some additional features involved with this. They all need to be perfectly designed, so they can be benefitted to this strategy.

This involves the moving average crossover for most of the trade principle. You need to open a position just before the new crossover, using some selected method. This will be explained to the winner, So you will open a LONG position when the pair is in short trend. There is no indicator involved in this strategy.

The winner will be given:

1) Entry Logic Long
2) Entry Logic Short
3) Exit Logic Long
4) Exit Logic Short
5) Long Profit Logic
6) Short Profit Logic
7) Long Loss Logic
8) Short Loss Logic

Additional Features Required:

1) Alert when there is a new crossover.
2) Time filter
3) All currency pairs
4) Martingale method apply
5) Automated and manual
6) Money management
7) Trailing stop
8) Breakeven
9) All timeframes

There is one thing very important to note is that the time, which will be given by the winner. They must finish the project on time.
Im willing to pay half when the bid is accepted and the other half when the project is posted to me and tested for a week.

Please only bid if you have done a similar project before on MQL4.

Thanks in advance

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Parser Business Logic Design Project For Rajtuhin1

Deliver complete working solution as per project spec.

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This is a job for a very simple game to be programmed for both the iPhone and iPad. The logic is the same, only the images will be different sizes.

I have included a wireframe and a sample database. You will be working concurrently with a graphics artist; essentially, you will be doing all the back end work where you have the flow of the game and pull in a random selection from the database and then will receive the images/title treatments to overlay all the information.

This is extremely simple logic and there transitions from only six screens (one of which is the splash screen).

Your programming will deal primarily with (1) the logic in transitioning from screen to screen, (2) programming a timer, (3) drawing a "card" randomly from a database, marking it as being "played" and then not letting it be played until ALL cards have been played (both within and across games), and (4) calculating points and determining a winner.

I am looking for this project to be wrapped up in less than 2 weeks.

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Replay All The Melodies In Logic Piano Roll With Appropriate

Replay all the melodies in logic piano roll with appropriate sounds

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Linux Shell Script Development – File Name Parsing Logic

Two sample shell scripts needed:

1) Sample to show how to use conditional logic in a shell script. Logic needed:
If /var/tmp/myfile.txt exists then
echo File Exists
echo File Does not Exist

2) Parse the path and file name into distinct components:
dir = /var/tmp
file = myufile
extension = .txt

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Mastering of a song in LOGIC
Beat + Vocals

Leveling all audio levels so nothing is over loud
and sending back logic file to review changes

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Redesign Site

I looking for a developer to work on an addition to an existing site that was built with Joomla as the CMS. This new section will be about 12-15 pages and will have no more than 4 different template styles.

Most of this site is static content, however there is a 9 question questionnaire which will require drop down menus and open fields for individuals to answer. Based on their answers, we will need specific documents to become available for them to download, so some intelligent logic will need to be added in order for the website to provide the correct information based on the users answers.

In addition, we need a way for users to upload the documents, once theyre complete, to a server and an email to be sent out to a specific email address notifying someone the documents have been uploaded.

i will provide layouts of the 4 different templates in Adobe Illustrator CS3 and an outline of which pages get which template, all the website content, the logic for the questionnaire, and all the documents which can be downloaded after the user has answered the questionnaire.

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Logic Diagram With ALU

Hi I need a assistance in finding information on creating a function 4-bit ALU with digital logic program

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Introduction To Computer Systems And Networks 1007 ICT

Software requirement:
You must use the Digitalworks logic simulator (Version 2.0) to create your circuits. Assignments submitted using other programs(including other versions of the Digitalworks logic simulator) will NOT be marked.

Submission Instructions:

You will be required to submit at least two files, a digital simulator circuit (created using the
Digital Works simulator Version 2.0) and a written report (in MS Word or a compatible format) as
described in the text below.

Individual Assignment:
This is an individual assignment. All work submitted must be your own work. As per the
warning given in the first lecture, you should be careful not to use the work of others as your
own nor have others use your work as their own.
Marking Scheme:
The assignment will be marked out of 100, with mark allocation according to the following table:
Maximum Mark
70 (See Task Description)
Circuit (85)
Report (15)
Neatness, appropriate use of
language and layout.
Task Description:
You are to build (and test) ONE of the following digital logic circuits in the DigitalWorks logic
simulator (supplied on the Learning@Griffith website) and write a short report that describes the
circuit. The maximum mark that you are able to achieve on the assignment will be determined
by the difficulty of the circuit you decide to build.
Circuit Options
Difficulty (Max mark)
Option1: 4 function 4 bit ALU
Option2: 8 function 4 bit ALU
Please note, however, it is better to have a fully functional and neatly drawn simple circuit than
a more complex one that is messily constructed and does not function properly.
You must label each circuit and template that you construct with the Annotation tool (A) and
ensure that the Least Significant Bit (LSB) of each circuit or template is the right-most bit.
Each circuit and template must be labelled with:
1. Your name
2. Your student number
3. An appropriate label for each input
4. An appropriate label for each output
5. An appropriate label for the template that describes its function
Note: Be careful, Digitalworks does not update templates that have already been included in a
circuit. Subsequent changes to a template will not be reflected in the final circuit!
You will be provided with a test harness circuit. The test harness circuit will have interactive
inputs and LEDs for outputs. You must use this test harness circuit to interact with your ALU
and test that it works according to specification. To use the test harness circuit, open it up in
Digitalworks, embed your own circuit into the middle of the test harness, and wire the interactive
inputs and LEDs into your own circuit. You must submit a modified version of the test
harness with your circuit embedded into it.
Report Format
Your report must contain the following sections:
1. Your details: Name, student number, and email address
2. Circuit Name: The name of the circuit you have selected to build and draw.
3. Circuit Function: A brief (100-200 words) description of the function of your circuit.
4. Circuit diagram/s: A diagram of your circuit including all templates and their contents.
You must draw this diagram for yourself using the Digitalworks logic simulator. Copying
and pasting from the lecture notes or other sources is NOT permitted.
5. Truth tables: Showing all possible inputs and corresponding outputs for each component
individually. The column headings in your truth table should correspond to the labels on
your circuit diagram. You are not required to show the truth table for the complete 4 bit
CIRCUIT OPTION 1: 4 function 4-bit ALU (45 marks):
Your 4-bit ALU must implement the following functionality (It is imperative that the bit values for
S1 and S2 in this table correspond exactly to the functions in your circuit):
Shift A Through (X = A)
Logical AND (X = A AND B)
Logical XOR (X = A XOR B)
Full adder (X = A + B)
In addition your circuit must include:
1. A multiplexor (comprised of a 2 to 4 Decoder and 4 input Selector)
Your circuit must use a separate template to represent each of the following components:
1. Full Adder
2. Logic Unit (Shift A Through, Full Adder, Logical AND, and Logical XOR)
3. 2 to 4 Decoder
4. 4 Input Selector
5. Multiplexor (Contains 2 to 4 Decoder and 4 Input Selector)
6. 1 Bit ALU (Contains Logic Unit and Multiplexor)
7. 4 Bit ALU (contains four 1 Bit ALUs)
Your 4 Bit ALU will consist of four 1 Bit ALUs wired together appropriately. You will be provided
with an interactive test harness circuit into which you can embed (and wire) your 4 Bit ALU
template for testing.
CIRCUIT OPTION 2: 8 function 4-bit ALU (70 marks):
Your 4-bit ALU must implement the following functionality (It is imperative that the bit values
for S1, S2, and S3 in this table correspond exactly to the functions in your circuit):
Shift A Through (X = A)
Shift input A Left (X = A Shifted right by 1 bit)
Shift Input A Right (X = A Shifted left by 1 bit)
Logical AND (X = A AND B)
Logical XOR (X = A XOR B)
Logical NOR (X = A NOR B)
Full adder (X = A + B)
Subtraction (using the Full Adder) (X = A – B)
In addition your circuit must include:
1. 3 multiplexors, 2 of these will be a combination of a 2 to 4 Decoder and a 4 input Selector,
the third multiplexor will consist of a 1 to 2 decoder and a 2 input selector.
Your circuit must use a separate template to represent each of the following components:
1. Full Adder
2. Logic Unit (Shift A Through, Full Adder, Logical AND, Logical NOR, Logical XOR, Shift A
Left, Shift A Right, Subtraction,)
3. 2 to 4 Decoder
4. 4 Input Selector
5. 1 to 2 Decoder
6. 2 Input Selector
7. Multiplexor (Contains 2 to 4 Input Decoder and 4 Input Selector)
8. Multiplexor (Contains 1 to 2 Input Decoder and 2 Input Selector)
9. 1 Bit ALU (Contains Logic Unit and Multiplexor)
10. 4 Bit ALU (contains four 1 Bit ALUs)
Your 4 Bit ALU will consist of four 1 Bit ALUs wired together appropriately. You will be provided
with an interactive test harness circuit into which you can embed (and wire) your 4 Bit ALU
template for testing.

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Create DOT NET Program Based On Old Program Done Vb6 C++ 4

The main interface is created in VB. The VC++ OCX handles the sounds/music/pictures. The OCX has the logic for playing composing music, playing the music, drawing the pictures etc..
Recreating this in .NET will be easier. All this complicated logic is not required in .NET to play music/draw pictures.. re-create this in .NET with a cool looking interface and much better graphics/sounds. I ll give you all codes for old softwares.

WE have the code working in windows 98 perfectly and somehow in xp which is not fully compatible reason why we need it in dot net. For this just any .NET tool can be used – VB/C#/C++. But it would be good if the person developing the tool knows a bit about music or else he can check the existing code to understand the logic.

I need a team of developers to make it onto DOT net

WE pay when is 100% done right we are a california base software company you will get our work.

VB. VC++ OCX handles the sounds/music/pictures. The OCX has the logic for playing composing music, playing the music, drawing the pictures etc.. The ocx is not working correctly in windows xp.

Recreating this in .NET will be easier. All this complicated logic is not required in .NET to play music/draw pictures.. I have psd files that cna be used for look

programmer must be familiar with >>> VB VC++ OCX GDI+ C C++

10 days to do it max

Terms of payments > Do not bid if you do not agree below terms. we have 100% payment we always pay for work done.

I will pay 250 when done after provider shows that is done. no escrow will be deposited. We found 2 or 3 people saying they can do it and could not so we do not want to waste your time nor us.
200 extra will be paid after 30 days of testing to make sure that can be installed in windows xp with an installer.

Budget $450 extra 50 usd reward for good work.

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Exchange Level 1 Alert App

I would like to have an android application created that provides simalar functionality to Level 1 alerting on BlackBerry devices.

The Application must:
– Allow the user to enter multiple filter conditions that will cause the application to trigger a "Level 1" alert – examples are:
– Email From a particular address (must be able to enter multiple addresses (OR logic))
– Email To a particular address (must be able to enter multiple addresses (OR logic))
– Subject contains specific words (must be able to enter multiple strings to match (OR logic))
– Body contains specific words (must be able to enter multiple strings to match (OR logic))
– Check each email when it arrives on the mobile device (required to check Exchange emails, optionally Gmail and other services)
– Allow the user to specify a Ringtone, Volume Level, and whether or not to Vibrate on a Level 1 alert
– OVERRIDE current Ringtone settings, volume settings, and vibrate settings and play the ringtone the user specified for Level 1 alerts at the volume they specified and vibrate if they specified it to do so when a Level 1 alert email arrives

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Microsoft Access Date Logic Email Routine

Records are batch imported to a table with an email address and start date. Based on that start date we need an Access send mail routine that triggers transmission of an email based on age for day 5,10,15,20,25 and 30 of each record in the table. The emails sent on day 5,10,15,20,25,30 are stored as HTML somewhere on the file system. Keep in mind that records are continuously added and the routine needs to flag when each email is sent.

For example, if a record is added on 1/1/10 and the routine is not run until 1/12/10 then the logic needs to trigger 2 emails (day 5 and day 10) since 12 days have passed since the routine was last run.

All emails to be sent out are first compiled into a table for verification before sending.

On day 30 after the final email is send the record is moved from the active table into an expired table and no additional processing is required.

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I Need T Modify A Existing Game Logic.

I would like to convert my php Texas hold em game logic from php/ msql/ js/ flash to something more reliable and safer.

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Dynamic Compliance Assessment Questionnaire

Our company needs a developer to build a worksheet of compliance questions that is dynamically generated based on a discrete set of regulatory criteria entered by the user. Based on the criteria entered by the user, the questionnaire would display questions from our library that are pertinent to that user. If different criteria are selected, different questions would be displayed. Once the dynamic list of questions are generated, the user will check-mark those questions which are met, and note any exceptions. From this, a report will be generated outlining the user

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Membership And Courses ( JOOMLA )

Here is the logic steps for what i need:


first of all the user register and pay a yearly fees

the site is for training company

so the user after he register and pay the yearly fees he can get enter to some free courses or so on

and also there is a section called courses which he should pay for it to get it

say koka so i know you have read the project details


thats all


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Transfer Of Existing Sites

2 sites need to be transferred to a new domain. One site is cold fusion and the other site is
Once transferred the site must be modified. a few screens must be changed and some of the logic will have to be changed

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Joomla Developer – Navigation And Search: 2 Small Jobs

We require an experience PHP developer to complete two simple tasks. A VirtueMart Breadcrumbs Fix, and a VirtueMart Search custom alteration.


Our website has a VirtueMart setup with Categories -> Sub Categories -> Sub-sub Categories -> Products.

We currently have the Breadcrumbs module installed and it works fine, until a Product is clicked.

Clicking on a Sub-sub category brings up a breadcrumb of Category ->Subcategory->subsubcategory (this is correct). Clicking on the product detail brings up the same breadcrumb (incorrect).

It should be Category ->subcategory->subsubcategory->Product. We need this fixed.(Please note, some products do not have sub-sub categories)



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Dance Music Producer Needed

We are currently interested in contracting with a Dance Music Producer (not full time employees). Compensation is project-based, depending upon the project and candidate experience. We do not offer benefits, nor do we withhold taxes.

We are interested in candidates with dance music production in the following genres:

* Trance
* Tech House
* Hip Hop
* Minimal House
* Deep House
* Nu Disco
* Indie House

You must specialize in one or more of the following Platforms:

Logic Pro
Ableton Live
FL Studio

Mimimum requirements include:

* At least 3-4 year of experience working in one or more of the platforms listed above.
* Full knowledge of the host applications native plugins ( all productions must only use the host platforms native plugins)
* Any label releases a plus

If you meet any of these requirements, please contact us immediately. You must link to a sound reel or any work online for review. We will follow up with you immediately. Again, the pay is project based and can range anywhere from $150- $500 depending on the project and your experience.

Thank you

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Virtual Pet – Simulation Cattery/Kennel!!

I would like to have the website script from PHP or ASP with MySQL to manage the Virtual Pet Website same as but may need something to change more in detail.

Logic: Get Pet -> Grow -> Show -> Breed -> Sell Offspring -> Become Cattery -> Handle the Exhibition
Logics: Highest Accumulated Scores will sperate in 2 funtions as 1 is Monthly Award which provide the throphy to one of the winner and 2 is the All time rank which will be award annually and some member subscription & upgrade option for better features.

Some more features may add-on to match my local visitor need. Please visit the mentioned site and discuss for more detail.

P.S. If I get the best offer for this script and the feed back of my site is good, I will provide another kind of project which cover variety of animal show like, dog, fish, roaster, rabbit, and etc.

P.S.S. The website may contain bi-lingual language for our local visitor whore not understand english but still can play along with the other side of the world that using English Language.

P.S.S.S If the cost is over my budget, please let me know for the further move.

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PHP To J2EE Porting


I have something like 43000 lines of code in PHP which should be ported onto J2EE.About 30,000 of this is actual code, arranged in classes, with an object oriented design.What we need is a direct port of each class to Java: i.e. a more or less direct line-by-line translation of the code, tweaked where necessary to work in a J2EE environment. The application depends on MySQL and part of it depends on an extension for generating Excel files and some external libraries for HTTP and XML, and it uses the Reflection API to generate its own client code. Most of the existing code is loops, database and string handling. The logic doesn

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Extension For FLEX Application (MySQL+PHP)

Im looking for developer in order to extend existing Flex application. Application is DB driven set of forms. Logic and DB access layer is PHP and MySQL

1. Application has been developed by it is not ready yet. Most of the remaining work is related to use the same logic (as already done) for other forms.

2. Full prototype is available in mxml format (design of the forms, components). It is required to add the logic behind using the same element as already exisiting.

I will provide shortlist bidders with an access to the application prototype on-line.
I estimate an effort as for approx. 10MD.

Im looking for a long-term relation since product will be extended within 2010.

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