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Job Board Website

Looking to create a standard job board website with some additional features.

Login to the site
HR logins able to post jobs
HR logins able to contact candidates
HR logins able to create company profiles
Job seekers able to search for jobs
Jobs displayed in a grid type format with the ability to sort and filter by specific criteria such as location, renumeration. Further statistics regarding each job such as number of applicants would be displayed and collected.
Job seekers able to apply for jobs
Job seekers able to set up email notification of jobs reaching their criteria
Integration with such that you are able to create a job on this new site and have it automatically added to aswell
Tests able to be set up which job seekers can take
Integration with Facebook and linkedin such that a job may be linked with a company and then connections seen between that company and the job seeker.
CV creation tool

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Need A Customized Brute Forcing Program

Hello everyone!

I am in need of a very skilled programmer. There is a game that I need to have a brute force hacking tool created for. This program will have quite a few features. First of all, it should automatically generate a text file containing all possible permutations of the amount of letters that the user specifies when the user clicks a certain button. Then, it should allow the user to click a "browse" button to go to this file which has all possible passwords listed in it line-by-line. There should also be a text box that allows them to enter the name of the user that they would like to brute force hack.

Now, when they click "Go!", the program should start trying to login with the passwords in the password file one by one on the home page – Depending on if the page returns "Invalid password", "Too many failed logins", or the accepted login page, it will return a result. When it finds the right password, it should stop everything and make a message box with the username that the user gave and the password that logged in correctly.

TribalWars does have some protection against things like this, however. If you give the wrong password 11 or so times, it will provide a message above the login box saying "Too many failed logins. Try again later." This is based on the IP address. So, every time this shows up, the IP will have to be changed. The IP can be used again every 10 minutes or so. There will need to be another "Browse" button for the proxy IP list as well, which will also be separated into 1 IP per line. Words that are in the password list should only be progressed from if the page specifically tells the program that that password is incorrect. So, if it says "Too many failed logins.", this is not saying its incorrect, therefore it will have to try that same password again on the next IP.

It should be similar to the Brutus brute forcer, except much more customized. I can put several thousand dollars into this project, and offer you similar projects in the future. In the end, I will need a demo of the program of 10 full successful hacks. If all 10 work, then I will pay you in full at the end for the final and full program.

Thanks everyone. It will be amazing if you can help with this.

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Bridge Joomla Dolphin Logins

Hello, I need the developer to be able to bridge Joomla 1.5 and Dolphin 7 logins so that I could combine them into one login account where they could register at Dolphin 7 and the same user is created in Joomla. When a user who is logged into Dolphin 7 clicks a link that takes them into the joomla part of the site they will be logged in already.

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Interactive IPhone App Needed – Custom IPhone App

Everyone Loves IPhone Apps!

This is a pretty simple yet fun project. Basically we have a company mascot that we are looking for to be the "interactive" function for an IPhone App that is kinda like the Magic 8 ball.

However you will be able to type a question in, and it will give you a response. Then it can give you another "follow-up" response. The program will respond to phone movement and will also be tied into a product search function based on our online catalog. It will kind of be like our own advertising, but unobtrusive.

This is a rather simple App. and you will be provided with graphics and layout. You will be responsible for coding, execution and packaging the product.

The App should be able to be tied into Facebook Logins & Twiiter Logins. So if they would like to show other people the question they asked they can by tieing in their Facebook & Twitter Logins in real time. They should also be able to access other functions like "Top Asked Questions today"

Source will need to be provided once the project is complete.

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Need Facebook, Gmail, Yahoomail And Other Feeds For Website

I have a social networking website, where I would like the member to get the following feeds
1. Facebook, Twitter: Status update, users and users friends
2. Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, other email IDs: Unread emails

The intention is that the person will store their logins in the website, as soon as the person logins into the website, he/she can see all these updates in one snapshot. Need it soon, so let me know if you have a proven solution

The website is coded in ASP, so should the solution be

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Various Projects For LSWEB – Admin And Multi Logins

This project is for LSWEB as per our previous post

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5,000 Myspace Accounts

I am looking to purchase 5,000 myspace accounts, they do not need to have pictures. I will require free account replacement for any accounts which are deleted within 72 hours of my receiving them. And I need the logins for all of the accounts to be placed in this form:

$logins[]=array(myspace email,myspace password);

Also when bidding on the job, please inform me as to whether you make these accounts with or without email access. I will pay after I make sure all accounts are in good standing. Please bid only if you have done this before and are sure the accounts will not get deleted.

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MMORTS – Real-time Strategy Game

I would need a team to develop me game like Travian ( or Tribal Wars ( with new graphics.

When the project is done i would like to have working site like Travian or Tribal Wars with all futures off their site.

Admin area:
1. General statistics page, such as: Total players, active players in the last 24 hours/48 hours/7 days, failed logins in the last 24 hours/48 hours/7 days, most failed logins (username)
2. Change site general parameters: title, descriptions, etc.
3. All general game settings, including, but not limited to: total races number, tribe characteristics/buildings, building images (upload another .jpg)
4. There should be a button to extend all existing plus memberships for a certain amount of time
5. There should be a button to award all members a certain amount of time of plus membership
6. There should be a word filter page (add banned words/view list/edit, etc)
7. There should be a page to read / reply to support requests (from the game)
8. There should be a page to read / take action against reported members (i.e. swearing, etc): this includes temporary or indefinite bans, etc.
9. Editing users: any of the parameters in the database should be editable (except for purchases)
10. See plus user list
11. Check for multis (people with more than one account, see if their accounts are cheating with one another)
12. Send a global message
13. Add/remove/view junior admin rights to users
14. More necessary admin functions will be needed too – see users online, see failed logins, etc.

Support admins:
1. They can only read and reply to support requests

1. Preferences: notify by mail on new private message (default 0), on building completed (default 0)
2. Send private messages / archive / view news / etc.

These are some of the specific features the game should have: it should include all other Travian features (they can be seen in the game)

PLUS system (like in Travian) is required too. This would mean an implementation of a free e-commerce script such as zen-script or oscommerce, or any other shopping system. Purchases should be validated (i.e.: check the PayPal transaction before adding the bonus features to the users accounts).

Payment will be made when the Job is successfully done.
This includes testing, bug-tracking and 30 days public beta testing.

We also need information on what hardware do we need for running this game with 20.000 players playing it.

If you already have a working game/demo, i would like to see it ASAP.

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Multiple Logins Across Multiple Domains

This project is for LSWEB to install multiple logins on 5 website domains, all for the same parent company.

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Need Mass Forum Pm Sender

In need of a software or php script to send mass pm to forum members Here is my specifics

Mass PM to forum members
Should be compatible to work with todays forum boards such as vbulletin, phpbb etc.
Ability to use proxies by importing as text.
Ability to test proxies.
Multiple threads for fast sending.
Ability to save settings, projects, logins and more.
Able to set users access to the software.
Able to search forums by keywords.
Able to search a forum if new users could pm members instantly and not wait.
And automatically create users for forums, verify emails and login.

Just note that this has to be the most powerful mass pm sender. 🙂

Bidders have more than 10 pssitive reviews to bid.
At least 3 years coding experience. And BH knowledge.
Must have Instant Message Usage time.
Basicly I am looking for the pros to make this.
PM me for more details.

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Sutherland Research

This is a Joomla site. I currently have SFG form manager to manage forms and registartions. SFG will create a new user and re-direct them after they register, but I need users to be redirected to a specific URL on subsequent logins.

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PHP Programmer Needed Tomorrow

I am just about to launch an interactive website
and I am in need of someone to fix all the bugs that will
be reported by the user. There are a couple of bugs that are
needed to be fixed as of now.

Since the website is built I need higher level programmer that can
understand logic pretty quickly.

I am looking for one or more programmers
that has a good understanding of

PHP specifically login, registration,
XML API (you must have built one already)
Joomla – specifically logins and tying it with
other logins in database
Website security
Code tuning

Deadline to get the program up and running would be Sunday Jan 31
You can tell me which day / days you can devote to this project SOLELY
and which is your OFF days so I can manage my expectations
When you commit you, you must concentrate on this project until launch

In your PMB please tell me why you consider yourself a "higher level programmer"
and tell me what your are really good at

PLEASE QUOTE ME YOUR DAILY RATE – if your the right person you can start tomorrow

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Joomla! 1.0.13 Template

I want a brand new template for my marriage related site running on Joomla! 1.0.13 and with mossets tree directory.
The site has been made years before and i want to make it for 2010 .
I need only the template.
Further more i want to have the ability to upload and flash banners, until now i use only single images.
I will pay through GAF so i will rate the provider.
After i peek the winner i will send him the current site url, logins and informations of what i want.
Provider should have the ability to show me the template and if i dont like it should change it (even as a single image).

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1000 Myspace Accounts Created, Bulk Myspace Pages Made

This will be a big weekly project! Looking for a team to make bulk Myspace accounts with verified emails and all must have a different profile picture uploaded and the "mobsters" game application uploaded to each of the 1000 accounts. I need 1k myspace accounts to be created to start off with and more after, if this goes well. Please give details about what email accounts you can create and how you do it and how long it will take per 1k accounts and if you are able to just make myspace accounts or you can add the profile pic and the "mobsters" game application..Replacement accounts will be needed if any accounts get deleted within 24-72hrs. Will pay after I make sure all accounts are in good standing. Please bid only if you have done this before and are sure the accounts will not get EVER deleted. Thanks…

when all finished and ready I will need all 2000 myspace emails and logins in this format below:
$myHeader[]=get_myspace_header(myspace email,myspace password);

and then I will need all 2000 emails and passwords to emails in the same format below:
$myHeader[]=get_myspace_header(email,email password);

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Fix Multiple Logins For LSWEB

Hi Alena,

Here is the project as per our conversation.

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Fix PHP/mySQL Problem

PHP, mySQL, runs on Apache server on FreeBSD

We have set up some online education using the open-source program Dokeos. Still the last ver6, upgrading would cause too many problems. For the most part its working fine as it is. For quizzes we use the program HotPotatoes and import the quizzes into Dokeos. When a quiz is complete the score is written into one of the Dokeos databases. Even when this works correctly, which is most of the time, two copies of the mySQL statement appear in the apache error log. Once in a while it does not work and no score is recorded at all. In this case nothing appears in the error log. This is almost impossible to replicate, but the lines in the error log are very repeatable and hopefully shed some light on what is wrong in the code.

We use a virtual server hosted by Verio and we can directly arrange whatever server access is required ourselves, we dont need to have a hosting company separately involved in this.

Right now Id like to get this fixed asap. We are introducing avalanche training this winter and this bug is annoying. However, there is no firm date when completion is essential. Hopefully it is a simple task for somebody with the right knowledge. We are a non-profit with very little money, but if the job can be done quickly and easily we should be able to compensate very fairly. This would include good references whenever you need them.

We have some additional things on a wish-list so this may lead to more work over time. Our next job, if its affordable, will be integrating the logins across a bunch of different scripts we use.

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Fix My Database ASAP

We have an access database that will need to be updated or switched to a different system. We would like to have the data accessable through a webpage, with different logins for different permissions and accessibities. This database can be placed on our VPS server, though it will need to be configured. The access database will provide a great template, as most of the conceptial work is done. We will need upgrades to maximize effectiveness and add features. The current database is on a local machine. We will need this completed ASAP. We are going to commission a much larger IT solution in the near future to include sharepoint and website redesign, but this is an immediate need. PLEASE NO UNREALISTIC BIDS.

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PHP Yoga Sequence Creator

I have created a very simple page to help my wife create yoga sequences. My working Prototype is at

Using CSS it removes the header, sidemenu and footer and prints as a clean sheet for instruction.

I want to take this to the next level. I want to have the ability to put a title in that will Print at the very top of the printout so she can name sequences, I also want the ability to save sequences (perhaps though URL encoding) so she can come back to a sequence and simply edit it. A few other ladies use it as well so if URL encoding or the variable would not work (there might be too many) then perhaps user logins would be needed. It would also be nice to have the ability to add poses without having to rework everything by had like I do now.

She volunteers with folks that have chronic pain so this is a low budget project.

The server it is on is PHP4/MySQL5

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