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3 Flash Animation – Duration : 20s Each

I am creating a website that will sell credit card stickers. I need 3 Flash animations to explain the concept to the clients who arrive on the website. Each should be around 20 seconds
The type of graphics I am looking for are like the ones seen on or

The scenarios are as follow:
Animation 1:
A young man takes a picture with his girlfriend. He then goes on to the website, upload his picture, buys the sticker, receive a sticker with the picture he has taken and put it on his credit card. He then goes to a restaurant with his girlfriend, pays with his newly decorated card. The girls sees it, falls crazy in love and jumps on him to kiss him.

Animation 2:
A young woman goes on the website and buys 5 stickers with the logo of a fancy night club on it. She gives them to her girlfriends who all put them on their credit cards. Then they go to the night club, where a bouncer is kicking everyone out. They show their card with the sticker and they get in like VIPs.

Animation 3:
A guy is in a fast food, depressed, order a hamburger and pays with his ugly credit card. He goes home, get on the website, and buys a black sticker. He receives it, puts it on his credit card that becomes a black credit card. He then transforms into a superstar, dressed in a black suit and goes into a fancy restaurant, where paparazzi takes pictures of him.

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Flash Animation01

Ok i need this something like this same story feel because im starting business like this i dont mind if its abit differnet but i need those computers part to perfect

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Flash Animation 3-10seconds Long

We require an experienced flash designer to develop a short text animation for our web design company.

We will require all source files to be handed at end of project.

The animation is 10 seconds or less, and will consist of 3 lines of text being presented on a transparent background, in both french and english (texts will be given to you once we offer you to the job – you do not need to speak french)

We have an example of what we want, it is very basic, so you are expected to make it look very professional, and very beautiful to look at. Your style is what will be one of the main deciding factors in our selection, *so make sure to include examples*


-Examples of similar work you have done
-Good reviews and history of similar projects on Freelancer
-Excellent communication skills and written english
-50% of payment will be deposited in milestone and only be issued upon completion of the job, along with the remainder 50%, please do not bid if this is not acceptable for you
-State your price and turn around time, and send us a PM with examples of previous work, including the word "pizza" to show you have read and understood these requirements
-Refrain from generic copy/paste messages, we will disregard your bid if it does not seem to be written specifically for THIS project

Happy bidding!

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Site Graphics Design / Flash Animation

I need new buttons designed for castlekid . ca for the top menu as well as have the site header redesigned to add logo character to it and make a little more animated/interactive.

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Ninja Combat Flash Animation

I need 4 10 second flash animations done for my game. they need to be 760 x 400 pixels in size.

the background can be fairly simple and does not need to move. some silhouettes of buildings, mountains or something in the back.

the animations will begin the same, one ninja in the middle of the stage, then a second ninja will begin to walk to them, when the second ninja reaches the first ninja it will draw its sword and attempt to kill the other ninja.

the way the animations are different:
1 for a successful kill from the front
1 for a successful kill from the back
1 for an unsuccessful kill from the front (the defending player blocks the attack and kill the attacker)
1 for an unsuccessful kill from the back (the defending player blocks the attack and kill the attacker)

the graphics including the ninjas can be silhouettes, meaning looking like a shadow, but this must look professional. there are 4 animations but as you can see they all use the same graphics and animations and i hope your quotes reflect this.

please only apply for this if you have previous flash animations of this kind in your portfolio.

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Flash Animation

I need a flash animation similar to http://www.onekingwest dot com

Youll see in that animation the pen drawing of a clock which then fades into the actual photo.

Afterwards a slideshow needs to load of other images fading and the slideshow needs to be loaded through xml.

This is a simple project which I can do myself but too busy at the moment with other work so Im putting this up for bidding.

I will provide the .ai file of the drawing (different from the clock) so you just need to do the animation.

The chosen provider who does this project properly will have the opportunity to work on other projects.

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Flash Animation

I need a flash action script of the animation shown in the page:—More-about-us/Core-Technologies/Rotor/

There is an animation in that page which can be seen only in Internet Explorer. I need the same thing, without the title (Munters Desiccant Rotor Principle), with a play button and also it should be download-able whenever the viewer needs it.

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Flash Animation

I am working on a campaign for a wedding chair cover hire company. I need a flash animation, of an embarrassed chair without a cover, it then goes behind a screen to get changed, and it walks back out with a chair cover and a bow. A male chair appears from nowhere and they both start walking down an aisle.

Below is a picture without covers:

Below is one with covers:

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– 2600 For Flashexpert Modify Some Flash Animation

For flashexpert modify some flash animation

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Changes To Flash Animation


We need some minor changes doing to an existing flash animation – you can see the current version here

On the right hand side of the animation are some rotating images, we want to reduce the number of these to 6.

The images and original .fla file are here,

They should rotate in this order


Ive also attached the .fla file to have a look at.


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3D Flash Animation + 3D Rendering Needed

I need you to render a 3D object toilet with animation to show the mechanism of it.

I will show you sample of the animation. Plus I will provide AutoCad diagram for the object.

Note: I dont have any model of the object or something like that, all I have is the AutoCad diagram and the sample video which can not be download, so you have to render the toilet object by yourself.


_Professional 3D rendering.

_Object can rotate 360 degrees.

_User can zoom and pause the video

_I need to get it done in 3 days. The demo must be ready in one day, you must show me something similar to what I show you in order for me to pick you as the provider. Work will be started right away if you provide good demo.

_My budget is around $100 – $150

Please ONLY BID if you know how to do the work. For more details please PM me.

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Flash Animation

I need flash animation like on

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Flash Animation

Take a look at our video of the guy drawing on the whiteboard at

We want to replace this video with a more professional animated flash version.

We have an existing 5min 18sec video on our home page showing a sales rep at a white board discussing our value proposition.
He draws simple diagrams, writes words and explains the value we add. We want this recreated into a professional looking web presentation with voice over.

Wed like a significant enhancement from the white-board presentation. For instance: He draws a cylidnar, writes in it and calls it a silo. Perhaps you could create 3-D silos that are obviously such and find a way for the words layover them. The more professional the better – it represents our company on the home page.

The timeframe needs to come down to between 3-4min

The voice-over needs to be a native English speaker with no discernible accent and the script should follow the existing video script (except for obvious changes like, "you can see here…")

Include the phrase killer video in both your bid and and PMBs you send so that I know you actually read all of this completely.

Final file should be optimized for running within all the major browsers.
In addition, we are requesting the raw file that can be edited on our end.

Our company URL, logo, color scheme and our initial attempt at this can be provided upon acceptance of your bid.

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