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SEO Work For PC Repair And Web Design Website

Hi Freelancers,

Great opportunity to show off your SEO work for a UK based company looking to maximise there SEO work on-site and off-site. We are looking for the following keywords to be optimised:

Web Design London, London Web Design, London Web Designers, web designers london, web design agency, web design agency london, web designer london, website design agency, web design company uk, web design company london, web design north london, web design

pc repair keywords would be on competition with the following site:

Looking for a expert to complete this work in the initial stage of 90 days with continued work on various other projects if all well.

Looking for reviews in your SEO work with a portfolio, must be able to contact via msn messenger and phone, must be in contact with myself everyday to get a guideline of what work you are doing so we can track your progress, as I said these need to be top 10 positions, and we know by completing one of these keywords can optimise the rest so let the bidding commence and we will only accept fair bids.

P.S All methods must be White hat and not Black Hat any black hat techniques used will be sued for under our company legisilations.

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Actionscript/HTLM5 Game Programmer

We are producing a game for a Museum in New Zealand.
It will be very similar in size to to this:

Developed for Port cities of London and the London Museum.
The game will involve a small portion of animation and would essentially be a point and click game.

We are going to develop the game in stages, in total there will be 8 levels but we are focusing on the one for the time being.

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Website Changes And Redesign

I need an experienced website designer and coder to make changes to my website

Im looking for a redesign to make the site look and feel more like this website but with my branding and social elements (such as creating a user profile and also leaving ratings and reviews). Please type "confirm" in to your application so I know you have been on both sites and read through my requirements.

The site will need to keep certain aspects of what users can currently do on my webpage, but using many of the design features from

My whole site will require a redesign, but for your idea, this is what I need the main pages to look more like.

My homepage:
The homepage to look more like:
Note: I need a similar navigation area. An area for the top 10 rated things on the site. A search box like the one described below. A banner advertising box on the top and bottom as well as square advertising box through the site on the upper right hand side.

My category page: /cat-4-shops
The category page to look more like:
Notes: I will have 4 category pages in total. Each category page will need the Top 10 rated places in that category and the latest reviews in that category. The "recommended" box on will need to be "features" which will be enhanced listings.

My places page:
The places page I want the site to look more like:
Notes: I will need the google map box. An easy to write in area, which I have the option to write in or not. The social bookmarking element where people can "Like" on Facebook or Tweet about.

Some of the features that arent on that I would like on my site are:

– To include the "Latest Reviews" on the homepage.
– A tag system. Where each place has certain words that can be associated with it and searched upon. This is tied into the search feature below.
– A new search feature where users can type in "What" they are looking for (such as cheap drinks, the ivy, pizza, etc) and "Where" they are looking for it (such as a Postcode or place). These tags will need to be on each place with a maximum of 10 tags to describe "what" the place is. These tags will be visible on each places page.
– An area where users can "Review" each place and leave a star rating followed by their written review. To appear on the places page.
– A blog where I can write articles and features (this will need to be visible on the homepage)
– An area for people to suggest a business to the site. Like this page:
– A members area on the homepage, randomly displaying some of the users who are on the site
– A Facebook login feature, so people can link their profile to their Facebook account
– Updated URLs so they read like this name/place name or name
– SEO enhanced in the coding and to keep the SEO features I already have in place such as Meta descriptions, page titles, etc.
– Easily updatable and manageable in the CMS

As the site is a modification of what I have already, I will need to keep a lot of the articles and information I have on there. Some of the features are also already coded into the site but will need to be used and displayed in a different way. Please keep this in consideration in your pricing.

Thanks for bidding.

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Review Fun Activities For is a website and email newsletter which provides ideas for fun and interesting things to do around London.

We are looking for entertaining writers who enjoy doing different things around London and then sharing those experiences with our readers.

You can review anything from a local restaurant, cafe, or nightclub, to a good bush walk, a beautiful picnic spot, or your favourite beach. Your imagination is the limit.

This is a casual position with flexible hours. Write as few or as many (within reason) articles as you have time for. Work from anywhere with an internet connection.

Pay is on a per article basis and is set so that productive writers will make around £14 per hour.

View for example articles.

To apply submit an example article of no more than 400 words (or another example of your writing) through Freelancer or the website (contact us link).

We are looking for a relaxed, entertaining, and informative style of writing which still observes good sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.

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500-word Articles About Higher Creative Studies

I need articles with the following subjects:

Why study fashion design in Milano (approx. 500 words)
Why study fashion design in London (approx. 500 words)
Best fashion design schools in London (Ill give you the name of the top 3 schools) (approx. 500 words)
The best media school in London (approx. 500 words – Ill give you the name and some facts)
Higher Creative Education in the UK (approx. 500 words)
I need a rewrite of a thisislondon article (approx. 500 words)
Skillset Media Academies (approx. 500 words)

Ill pay $5 per unique article.

I will consider more writers. I will need more articles in the future.

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Sales Manager

I have a business in LONDON and I want to expand my business.

I provide energy reports for my clients.

I would like to find someone based in London who can arrange the meeting with clients talk to them and get new business. you can find more details about business on

Do not contact me directly.

Send your CV and details and if I was interested I will call you.


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Promote Live Comedy Show In London

Hello Fellow Freelancers,

Promote Live comedy show in London

Looking for a freelancer to promotoe a weekly live comedy show in London.

Previous experience in online promotion an asset.

The comedyshow is geared towards a young crowd (University students.)

HAppy Bidding

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Sales Needed For Global Product, Great Commisons, Easy Sale

Storewars in the World

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Cool Website Designer


I am looking for an experienced designer to help me create an HTML screen layout of a site with annotations that comprehensively covers all the sites features

Im only interested in responsed from people that are living in London or south of London

Please respond with some samples of your work



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1. Add contact us to top menu
2. add Serviced office link to top menu (to work like other menu )
3. Remove compare products (bottom of this page )
4. Call to action forms for properties (basis form going to 2 x email addresses) Name, company, email, telephone number.
5. Contact form alignment – email is not in line.
6. Allow for second image on the main product page (browse upload, logo)

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Scanning London Online Press Articles On Art And Performance

The London Awards for Art and Performance 2011 will take place in July.

There are 10 awards and each award has a nomination list of highly rated reviews in the various art forms. Here is an example for the London Best Play Award:

We are looking for someone who can scan the UK online press and pick out the five-star reviews of events/shows in London in the various art categories:

In other words, we need someone who can use a blog reader to follow online articles on events and shows that take place in London and pick out those with the highest rating.

Will need to be UK based.

This is ongoing over the next three or four months.

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Telesale Lead Finder

The telesale support we require revolves around the generation of warm leads for our team of field sales managers in London and the South East Region.

We do NOT supply data.

25 deals closed (appointment booked). (£10 per lead)

Candidates must be native English speakers and have a proven track record.

Our business provides cleaning service management support in London and South East Region.

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OpenX GeoTargeting Fix

I need some assistance on an OpenX ads server. We have the entire server setup, however, the Geo Targeting is not completely functioning. I believe the fix is probably a simple one for someone with OpenX experience. Were so close to having this done by ourselves, I almost hate the idea of asking for help, but the last little bit is making me crazy! Heres the problem:

We purchased a MaxMind database (GeoIPCitygb.dat) for United Kingdom and installed it into the directory of our server. We installed and configured the MaxMind plugin with the correct path.

We have followed the instruction here:

also we applied this setting, as we are not based in US but in UK:

The delivery limitation by UK City still doesnt work tho, Im based in London (demo of GeoIPCity on maximind confirms it), however my ads are still not being served when set to "contains London" in delivery limitation.

The tricky part for you will be testing if youre not based in UK – you can however use UK proxy server or Im able to test it for you to confirm if ads are being displayed or not.

This is urgent project, and I believe if you can fix it then it shouldnt take you more than few hours max.


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Restaurant Menue Pos App Ipad, Iphone

Developer to create an in restaurant menu system that also acts as pos system. The customer should be able to view the items of food, place the order, which is transferable to the kitchen, then pay for it, Perhaps we can purchase a ready made ipad pos ordering system, but tailor it to fit graphically to what we want.

The order can be placed on multiple ipads used as menus.

The successful bidder will be brought to london to develop the app, but must first show the ability to develop such an app and a proposal of how this would be done.

Visa and accommodation in London can be arranged.

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Restaurant Menue Pos App Ipad, Iphone

Developer to create an in restaurant menu system that also acts as pos system. The customer should be able to view the items of food, place the order, which is transferable to the kitchen, then pay for it, Perhaps we can purchase a ready made ipad pos ordering system, but tailor it to fit graphically to what we want.

The order can be placed on multiple ipads used as menus.

The successful bidder will be brought to london to develop the app, but must first show the ability to develop such an app and a proposal of how this would be done.

Visa and accommodation in London can be arranged.

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Small Creative Company Website Design

Gumption Productions is a new small-scale creative company, specializing in decorative design and party-planning in London.

To date, we have several large clients, including a central-london restaurant chain with 14 sites for whom we designed and supplied all christmas decoration. We specialize in seasonal festivities including Valentines, Easter, Halloween and also theming for private functions.

We aim, with the website, to advertise and expand our business, whilst providing testimonials, portfolio and an inspirational list of services.

We have a strong visual idea in place for a website, but need an expert to build it and publish it on the internet. We have a basic website plan, including our desired web-pages and logo etc.

We would like to be in direct contact with a London-based website designer who could be available for face-to-face meeting. We will provide all copy and images. Thank you.

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Park Life London

I want an app that guides someone in London to the nearest park

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A2billing Message Queueing

The concept is I have a Singapore and a London pop. London is the master site. From London I replicate the a2billing database to Singapore site. The asterisk boxes in Singapore read all a2billing configuration data from the Singapore a2billing database i.e. all the rate tables etc.

The project is to
Configure message queueing for the Singapore a2billing to update the London cluster
I think this will involve splitting the read write agi script in a2billing. I will
take your lead on how to do this.

I know this can be down with mysql master-master replication. I do not want to do it this way

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Clipshare Expert In London

I am looking for a Clipshare expert in London. I need to sit face to face with somebody to discuss this project. There are several things I would like to integrate in to my site. A love of Spain or a native Spanish speaker would be helpful but not necessary.
There is a requirement for some new databases to be written. Once we decide the order to do these thing in, we

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Copywriting – 10 Articles About Photography Courses


Need 10 SEO articles of 150 words each about digital photography courses in London. They must be optimized with the keyword "photography courses london".

Sample article must be provided.

Happy bidding.

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Website For West End Restraunt (london)

I want someone to create a website for a family restaurant, it needs to be very professional include images videos. This restaurant has been in the Sunday times and metro newspaper. I will need the website to appear on google when searching keywords. The budget is £100. I can provide more information personally such as the name and other links about the website.

I would like it to be on Facebook & Twitter too. I want the website to provide information to customers about food, reviews, open times, contact. They should also be able to book a table.

If you have any other ideas about the website please let me know this would be good. The budget can increase depending on how professionally it is made.

It would be great if you are in the London area and can meet up in south kensington where the restraunt is based or hounslow. The website is already on tops table and other food websites.

Serious bidders only!

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Two SEO Press Releases

– must pass copyscape 100%
– no plagiarism
– perfect english ( no errors )
– The PR are for 2 websites ( I`ll send the url`s and the contact details via PM ) and I need them for SEO purposes.
– The titles must contain the keywords ( business language training and language courses for the first PR and spanish courses in London for the second PR )
– The summary must have max. 240 words and the body text must have at least 350 words
– body text must have those keywords:
– PR 1
– "Business language training"
– "Language Courses"
– "French Course"
– PR 2
– "Spanish Courses"
– "Spanish courses in London"
– "Spanish lessons in London"
– Please send me a PR from your previous work.
Lowest bids wins ( I`m expecting bids lower than $30). English native coders and coders from Philippines are preferred.

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Mailing List Compiler For Art Galleries In Greater London

Looking for someone to supply an up to date mailing list (Excel/CSV format) of art galleries in Greater London. List to include: Name (of owner or manager), address, email address and telephone number.

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IPhone App

App needed for iPhone / Generic 3G smartphone.. Our client is a drinks distillery – launching a brand new test product to the market. They would like to test out an iPhone app that would help drive users into London bars.

There is an app that is very similar to the one we would like to recreate – "London Bars" developed by Rippll Ltd..

It features all the type of elements we would like to put into an app – geo-location, cocktail ideas, bar listings, client loyalty, facebook / twitter linking, favourites, user profiles, friends, messages etc etc.

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Drupal Training

London (UK) based experienced Drupal developer is needed to provide one-on-one tuition on website development using Drupal. Will meet at a mutually agreed central London venue. PHP knowledge is desirable.

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London Taxi Airport Booking System (in Joomla)

Hello everybody

We are running 4 joomla websites in 4 different languages where we get taxi bookings to and from all 5 London airports.

We need a system for automatic rates calculation based on the London Postcodes and the system should be integrated with paypal for the payment of a deposit to confirm each transfer.

We have 2 different taxi operators with different rates, the system must calculate what operator should receive a transfer.

This system should send to the customer an e-mail confirmation (in his language) when the operator confirms a transfer on its panel by simply clicking a button.

This system should have 3 folders representing the bookings status, for example: to be confirmed – with problems – confirmed.

We need a single control panel interface with user and password for each operator.

Based on the number of people to transport the system must display the category of vehicle that will be used for his transfer and the customer should have the chance to upgrade to a higher category vehicle paying an extra fee.

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URGENT: Polish Translator In London. Easy 100 Pounds Job

Hi there,
I need an interview tranlated from Polish to English as soon as possible.
You will receive the audio file where I taped the whole interview. It is 100ish minutes long.
However, the effective time lenght that must be
translated must be around 70minutes. In my personal experience,
its a half a day job, but a lot depends on the translator (Im a non-professional
translator). I need the work done by the first of december.
Better for people based in London.
I have 100 pounds immediately available for anyone that applies for the job.
write me at

speak you soon

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Ad / Classified Posting On 13 UK Classifieds Sites (gumtree)

Hi there,

I have an event to advertise in the London area, so adds have to be placed in the corresponding section of the sites listed below (I will provide sections). Ads should be placed there every 4 days. Every new round of ads placing needs a new email address. I will provide the text, image (with syntax alternatives you can use in the text body), sign up details, URL and Poster will then use details what each sites allow to use.

Ads need to stay up for at least 2 days ( I will check with the link provided in the email then). Please bid for one round of ad placement. So in other words, to place 13 ads and each time register a new email how much is your fee? Please note, to post in sections where theses ads will go, there is quite good protection, for example keywords, IP addresses…… (special attention is given to craigslist and gumtree). Please do mention your fee for the 13 ads in a PM, I can only choose from 30-250 ( I am not sure but I think 30 is the minimum bid then).

With the successful freelancer I will try one round, and, if that is succesfull, then this goes on untill February.


http://www.gumtree com/london
www.loot com/
londonpbb com/

NOTE: Please write into your bid the words "Email/Gumtree/IP" if you fully understood the fact that a crucial part of this project is that the adds are successfully posted on ALL (especially Gumtree and hence work around keyword, IP protection) the ads and for every round of ad posting I need to be provided with a NEW email address from where I can answer all responses to my adds. So in a nutshell, this is a job for someone who will post manually, just like a real person.

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