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We would like to increase the number of sign ups to a New social network. We need 100% REAL PEOPLE, who will use social network for chating, posting pictures, logging in, playing games They must fill out their profile and do things they do on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace

So if you have a lot of friends

We will be paying per sign ups and you will also have benefit of this people.

This is a long term project.

Your bid should include your plan how to get new people, your ideas how to get this people active…

1 rule: 100% real active people

See ya!

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Need Facebook Accounts


i need 500 facebook accounts with tamilian names and profile picture.complete profile is a very urgent project and low budget too…..

looking for long term relations…..

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10. Xhtml/css/design Project (long Term Partnership)

Hi there
This is a very urgent project and I need it to be done within 24 hours (as soon as possible).
High quality XHTML, CSS markup validated via W3C in compliance with Web 2.0 standards.


The price for this work is 30$. More work assured once happy with work.
Please note: I am an old free lancer and have hired many people in past,
so if you are good and ethical designer i know how to reward you.

*** Mock ups designs on both will be asked for before selecting a bid. ***
please PM for more details, we have many work for right person only 🙂

Happy Bidding

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Bulk Project For Long–term! 300 – Word Articles

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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60 Blog/ Forum Comments A Month – Long Term Project


I need 2 links per week for 7 blogs.

The links CANT be from the same sites. SOme must be to the root domain, some to individual posts, 50/50.

For each 10 links 3 should be forum, 7 blog comment. 3 of those should be do follow.

All comments must be from on topic forums/ blogs (dating)

Had a link builder before that failed at this – you should know what youre doing.

The job is for 3 months = 180 links. You decide the escrow interval.

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SEO PR Boost Project – 55A

I need a strong boost in PR – google Page Rank — for a web directory site I own. It is currently PR1 and need to improve to PR4 or better.

Please make clear and sensible proposals designed specifically for boosting google PR for long term.

All projects will be paid over time, perhaps several months for ongoing work via Freelancer Milestones.

Budget is limited, but I will look at all proposals.

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English Writers! Project For Long Term

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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Traffic Geyser Video

We are looking for a traffic geyser expert. If you have extensive experience with TG we want to talk with you for long term project.

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Web Project-Long Term

S | Technical Writing

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Web Project-Long Term  

Web Project-Long Term is project number 872413
posted at Click here to post your own project.

var addthis_config = {data_track_clickback: true}





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 12/03/2010 at 0:39 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

01/02/2011 at 0:39 EST
(29d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (12 reviews)



Writers who seriously understand the meaning of quality are welcome to bid here.

Other than quality you should stick to timely submissions and original writing.
Payments will be made every week.
Pay structure is $1.25 per 500 words.
Payments will be increased depending upon the consistency shown by you.
Newbies are welcome too but they need to prove their quality.
I will ask you to write a sample of 100 words only thereafter.

Minimum bid amount is $50. Deserving writers will be awarded one year contract with hikes in every 2-3 months.

Please do not let your bid get wasted if you can not provide quality, stick to timely submissions or rates dont entice you.

Happy bidding.

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Drawings For Small Children Book


I need a talented artist to draw a few basic drawings for me. These are for a book meant for young children and would be simple designs. Examples could be a cake, table, chair, pencils, etc.Some designs will need to be in color and other in black and white. Presently, I am choosing the right professional. If you can successfully convince me that you can deliver good quality work, it will turn to long term project with over 10,000 designs to be done over the next 2-3 months.

Please keep in mind that the designs are very basic in nature and therefore would not require more than a few minutes for a talented artist. Your rates should be appropriate for the level of work involved.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Test Project For Long Term Relationship.

I am looking for a larger company to develop a long term working relationship with. They must be able to communicate in perfect English and must deliver work on time. I started working with a larger company that I dont know if they went out of business or what. Their account is now closed with

This is a small job to see how well we can work together. Web site is 95% complete. There are a few areas that need to be finished to be operational and listed below are several areas that need to be completed. There are a few other things that need to be done but we will talk about those if we can work well together on these small areas.

Once web site is operational I will need to start adding many additions to the site.

Payment will be put in milestone account and released when project is 100% complete.

This is a weight loss web site where members will track their weight loss progress. The following are the things I am looking to get done first. They must display properly in all web browsers.

Re-Build the graphing engine to dynamically change lbs increments based
on the total group goal weight. This will ensure that large groups will not
have to scroll endlessly to see the graph results. Ensure the graphs display
correct values in all browsers.

Modify the "User Log Entry Form" to display the proper jpeg. Also give the
user the ability to write their own "Mood" in, if the drop-down doesnt have
their mood. Some wording needs to be changed such as "Better" should be changed to "Normal".

Fix the "Manage Video" in the cms so that the selected video will play on the home page. It needs to show on the home page and pop out and play in 640×480 when clicked on.

Please ask me any questions you may have.

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Project For Suvro4

Hi ,

I need LOADS of Facebook fans from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe.

I have looked at your reviews and like your feedback. If you can produe which I know you can from Feedback I have LONG term weekly work for you :0)

Please contact ASAP.


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Long-term Writin Project

Need unique top-notch articles. Perfect grammar is a must. Starting rate is $ 0.25 for 100 words.
Provide a sample of your unique text

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Project No-02-1000 Bookmarking $30

I need Social Bookmarking in top Bookmarking sites (high PR).

Prices Fixed – 1000 Bookmarking = $30 .

if you can 1000 bookmarking for $30 , please bid here . this is long term project.


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1000 Bookmarking $30

I need Social Bookmarking in top Bookmarking sites (high PR).

Prices Fixed – 1000 Bookmarking = $30 .

if you can 1000 bookmarking for $30 , please bid here . this is long term project.


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Urgent Rewriting Project

Hi All Freelancers,

I have an urgent rewriting project that needs to be completed in one day. Please note that it is required to be done in a single day. If you cant do it, please dont give promises. i dont want stupid excuses. This is really urgent and I want it done on priority.

I am looking for a world-class writer to rewrite 10,000 words (approx. or maybe less) of topics in a single document. This is really easy for someone who knows what they are doing. You dont need to do any research as I have done everything on my end. I need this to be done in perfect grammar. The most important thing is that it should be unique. These will be checked with copyscape premium. Any instances of duplicacy will not be paid. Also, do not try to use any article spinners as you will not be paid.

Please quote your best price. I have a limited budget and I dont want any exorbitant bids. This has to be done on priority and if I like your work, you will be my long-term partner for more work. Please show me samples of your previous work. Please write I read along with your bids. Any bid without this will be discarded. I will be hiring someone by today and I will need this done within 24 hrs of awarding this project. Payment will be made by freelancer escrow and will be released once the work is done to my satisfaction. Once again, please note that I need this urgently and I would prefer quality on a low budget.

More details will be given to the winning bid.

Happy bidding!

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Media & Ad Sales – Commission Long Term Permanent Project

This is a permanent, full-time, commission, telemarketing and sales contract.

The project requires selling:

* banner display ads for websites
* specialized news content to environmental professional
* sales of press release distribution

All sales are directed to companies whose focus is on environmental products and services.

All work to be accomplished via telephone.

Company is an environmental news organization that has been publishing for 20 years. Bidder is to provide a permanent sales force to increase revenues for the company.

Please visit the company websites prior to bidding:

Environment News Service: (display ads & news content)
World-Wire: (press release distribution)

It is important that sales personnel have American or British accents.

Sales are made to clients in major public relations agencies as well as medium and small public relations firms. The company also has many clients in the environmental products and environmental professional services fields.

Company will provide leads and contacts to the bidder. Bidder may also work from their own client lists.

Company will provide start-up and ongoing training and consultation to keep bidder informed of all market changes.

This is a commission-based contract with payment every two weeks. Expected revenue gross to be $500k – $3M annual.

This project requires a professional sales group with ability to make a large number of daily calls and build long term relationships with recurring clients.

Bidder will be chosen by lowest commission offering as well as compatibility with company.

Please include your commission rate in your bid.

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Website Translation

I have a real estate website that I need translated into Chinese. I know there are many people who simply use translation software but this is not acceptable due to the nature of the business. I will require proof of quality of work in the form of an example of one of our pages. Please feel free to view the site and we require all of the site eventually translated and continual updates afterwards so it will be a very good long term project. Please quote price per word…based on 10,000 words. SERIOUS BIDDERS WHO SPEAK ENGLISH AND CHINESE PERFECTLY

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Real Magento Expert

I need an ecommerce expert specially in zen-cart, magento, cre-loaded,oscommerce, x-cart,open-cart etc.

— should have hand-on experience in zen-cart,magento.
— should have hand on experience in joomla,wordpress.

design,html…of home page,inner pages,product pages will be provided.

I need a really strong developer.

individual preferred…..let me know your price per day, per week,per month.

Note: no upfront, no escrow…..only upon completion and once client will be happy with your work.

this is LONG TERM opportunity to earn more and more !!!!

I need only REAL developers….not time waster……please.

also I need you to be online everytime during work…Ill be here whatever your time zone is.

No Excuses required if I hire you.

Note again: I need a magento developer who can join my office..

Cheers !!!!

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SEO Project – BIG Long-term!Pay On Your Terms!

Im looking for someone with extensive knowledge of SEO to help me with a couple of projects, mostly content SEO, link building,backlinking, establishing content authority, pay is negotiable as per your request and long term work available. Show me sample websites of your work.

All payment via Paypal. No plagiarism!

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Twitter & Facebook Fans/Friend Adding LONG TERM Project

This is a 3 part project. This will be long term if all qualifications are met. Lowest bid will win ad after completion receive 20+ similar jobs over the next 30-60 days.

First part, I am looking for 50,000 Facebook fans very fast for a specific Facebook fan page
Please bid only if you have worked with USA Facebook fans and have access to them quickly.

We will be selecting multiple bids and providers and will send information to winning providers via PM.
Each provider will be required to get their fan page to 50k fans.
Each provider will be promoting a different fan page.

The added Fans must meet these requirements:

* All fans must be real people with active facebook pages (no fake accounts) or accounts at risk of being suspended soon-NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
* All fans must have 50+ friends and a minimum of 4 photos
* All fans must be aged 21 and over and live in United States
* All fans must have status updates that go back at least a minimum of 30 days
*Fans will be required to have specific interest


* Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.

* You will be paid 30 days after you are done just to see that fans are real and not disappearing.
* Any fans that are suspended in that time period must be replaced, or will not be paid for.
* Please use only good practices for inviting fans (Facebook account must not be banned for your actions and kept active). You will not be paid if the Facebook fan page is banned/deleted.

Second part: Adding 5,000 FRIENDS (not fans) to facebook profile. Must be done over 30 days to avoid deletion

Must meet same qualifiction as fan page + friends will be added with certain requirements (will provide)

THIRD PART: ADDING 100,000 twitter followers
same requirements as above

Please provide for all 3 combined
* Price
* Accurate date of delivery


Remember this will result in long term work with over 20+ more projects. Keep that in mind when bidding.

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Good Filipino Writers Needed; $1.25 Each

I am looking for talented Filipino writers.

Must have excellent English.

I will pay $1.25 per 400-500 word articles.

This is going to be a long-term project. Bid $30.

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Assignments Project for long term

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Academic Writer

I need Academic Writers. i am willing to pay 2-3$ per page. Its long term project

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Long Term

Dont mind the "simple project"…this is not simple. It is infinite.

On my command you will get facebook fanpages urls that need

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Replicate Website In WordPress

I need to replicate a website in wordpress. The site runs currently on a different CMS and consists of 20 pages (contacts removed by admin). All content and images will be provided.

I have more sites to build (also Magento) so I am interested in a long term relationship.

What I would need is:
– estimated time for deliveries
– [contacts removed by admin]
– examples of work

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Seeking Professional PHP Developer For Long Term Project

We have a shoppingcart solution to off to our clients for their already made websites., if you would like to see more information on it. The main website is still in the works and it is not done, but it does give plenty of information on what we offer.

We are looking for a skilled PHP developer or two to complete tasks for this job. The main script is already done, we are just looking to have some bug fixes and new features made for it.

To start the project off, we are just wanting to get bug fixes and one new feature add in. This would start off the oppurtunity to give you long term relations with our company in completing more tasks for this project of ours and future projects of ours.

Bug fixes – The script was recently transferred to a new host. Path files are needing to be updated to match new host. Easy fixes.
New Feature – Add in there where users can sell digital products. If they are selling a digital product, it will give them a option to upload their ebook, software, etc to the product item they add in and when successful payment goes through with their customer on that product, it will be delivered to the customers email address where they can download the product from.

We have MANY new features to add in after these are done. Consider this more as a application process project to work with our company. Salary positions are available to those that qaulify.

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I Need Experience Cl Poster

i need experience cl poster.for my sale section. top city, i will provide you ad, must be you used your own ip and pva, i will pay you per live ad .40 this is long term project,

thank you

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Project 07072010

Details on PMB. I want to see Your flash, javascript portfolio. Long-term opportunity.

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Captcha Entry Project For Long Term

Hi, this is an Captcha entry project for long term. Need hardworking team/individual for this project. Server is 24/7, fast at night time. Rate is 0.7$ per 1000 correct entry. Please check the server before bidding-
id: hasan01
password: 123456

Need minimum 1000 entry daily. Payment is only via GAF, for Bangladeshi worker Cash payment is available. Who need work PM me. Without PM all bid will be ignored. Bid only if you need the work.
Happy bidding…

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Fluent English News Blog Writer/Rewriter – Long Term Project


Please dont send me generic PMs that you send to all projects.
Read project description before bidding on this project.


Im looking for a long term blogger who will provide content for my news site.

You need to provide 3 news articles (200 to 250 words each) every day for some of categories (Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Shopping, Travel, Business, Health).

You need to find news, rewrite it, find free image and post news with image to my wordpress blog.
This work have to be dove every day (7 days in week, 30 days in month, all year).

Submit a bid for 3 news (research, rewrite, image, post to blog) x 30 days.

Posting 3 news per day shouldnt take you more then 1.5 hours per day, if you think you will need more, then please dont bid on this project.

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