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CL Posting


I would like to post my ad under Computer Service and Creative Service in 20 different cities. 20 ads per day. 6 days per week.

Nothing pay for Ghost Ad but Flagged is ok.

Please PM me your price. I am looking for someone who can do this for us long term. The last guy stopped after a week. Please only reply if you know how to do it. Thanks!

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Craigslist And Similiar Sites Ad Poster


IF YOU DO NOT READ THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS JOB AND BID ACCORDINGLY, YOU WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! READ ALL the below requirements and confirm that youve read them! Without confirmation of all 10 requirements, you will NOT be considered for the job!

I need a reliable and experienced person or company to post 100 – 300 ads per day, 5 – 7 days per week.

I will only pay for live ads, not ghosted. Im only going to choose someone who has experience doing this.

Must be experienced. You will be vetted.


1. You are able to post a minimum of 150 posts daily in major US cities on Craigslist. I will provide the ad bodies, title and info to be posted, and sites and their categories, where I want the ads posted.

2. You have all the systems in place for successful posting (US IP-switch, PVAs, multiple CL accounts, etc).

3. You have to be able to post in USA Eastern at 5:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m.

4. You have to provide an Excel report with ad links daily after posting (all ads will be checked)

5. Must take other appropriate steps to prevent ghosting

6. You must be aware of CL rules, regulations and terms of use as well as other sites like kijiji, oddle, etc.

7. I will only be paying per live ad that stays live for a minimum of 24 hours (Flagged will be paid, ghosted will not). If flagged, you must repost.

8. Each posting will have to include a link to a website, which we will provide.

9. Ads are to be posted in the marketing/pr, general labor, part time, ECT., sales or similar categories.

10. Include in your bid the price per 150 ads posted. Those who do not include the correct bid amount and only include their long resume will be omitted and not considered for the job.

This could be an on-going job for the right individual.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Professional Craigslist Ad Lister "Long Term"

We are currently looking for a long term reliable Craigslist ad lister

We need a professional to post 100 ads per day in the dating section for the USA only.

Work hard, get us results: no black hat techniques, no spams.

Your Responsibilities:

-You must know the main Craiglists of the countries you are posting.

– Backpage and Kijii are also main sites for posting my ads.

-Ads must be re-posted or changed if flagged or ghosted, one Ad must always be running in that city at any given time. All ads are free to post.

-You are responsible for using your own PVA accounts and IP changing.

-Daily updates of active Ads that are running is required via email with ad link.

We are paying $0.30 per Live Non-ghosted ad! This figure will increase overtime based on ad and traffic quality!

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Automatic Craiglist Posting For Long Term

Looking for automatic craiglist posting provider for long term. Same predefined ad should be posted on every hour during day times through out the months… Plz provide more details about your strategies with competitive price in PM.

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Craigslist Ad Poster

I am looking for someone who can post ads on craigslist daily. Please when applying for this job you must have your own PVA and you must be able to post ads without getting flagged or removed. Please quote me for doing 20 ads per day.

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Craigslist Ad Writer

I need an ad writer – 4 titles and 5-8 sentence ad body

I need someone who is able to understand and write English very well. I will not accept ads that do not make sense or which the grammar sounds like broken English.

I have some example ads I can send you if you are interested.

The ads are going onto craigslist. They need to be 5-8 sentences long and I need 4 titles for each ad. I need 100 ads to start and this will be an ongoing thing.

Each ad has to be completely new and fresh content and cannot be like any other ad!!!

So you are bidding on 100 ads with 4 titles and 5-8 sentences each.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Craigslist Ad Posting

Task: This job will require the provider to post (1) Craigslist ad to (1) section in (3) cities, (2) times per day at 8am PST and 1pm PST every day, 7 days a week.

You will be required to *repost* an ad if:
1. An ad is flagged/removed during the day
2. An ad is bumped off within 30 listings

Please only bid if you are an experienced Craigslist poster, you must know how to deal with CL removing listings and flagging the account.

Please place your bids for 1 month of posts.

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Craigslist Ad Poster – Long Term Project

Need Craigslist poster for ongoing CL ad posting campaign in all 30 major USA cities listed on CL, as well as many smaller cities. We only want to post 1 ad per city every other day. This will make posting easier for you. You MUST have your own FRESH pvas with unique USA IP addresses. You will need to provide us with the PVA, CL password and email address information for each account. All responses forward to our email address we will provide you. You MUST be currently successful at posting CL Ads without having them ghosted or flagged. We will have you post in 5 major cities of our choice at first with a test ad. If the ad remains posted and not flagged or ghosted within the first 48 hours, we will begin our posting campaign with you. We will only pay for ads that remain posted and not ghosted or flagged for 48 hours. We will pay you in batches of 30 posts after 48 hours of those postings.

Due to the current CL posting issues, we will not pay for this project upfront. We will pay for each batch of 30 ads 48 hours after they are posted! We want our ads posted in the "For Sale" section, "business/commercial for sale" sub-section. If you do not have experience and success posting in this section please do not apply for this job. We have an image ad that we will provide several variations of for you, along with many title variations.

This should be a great ongoing job for the RIGHT bidder. You only have to post our ads once every 48 hours per city. This will be an ongoing campaign for the next several months. Please ONLY EXPERIENCE, CURRENTLY SUCCESSFUL CL POSTERS NEED APPLY! Please do not waste our time or yours if you are not able to post our ads successfully!

I will email a copy of the image ad for those who are qualified and interested in this project. Have a great day!

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CL Ad Poster Needed ASAP

Post various ads in job section (non-paid), service section, business for sale, real estate, etc.

We want image ads posted and text ads posted.

We are looking to do nationwide USA campaigns.

This can be up to 300 ads per day.

Will pay 50 cents per live ad. Will not pay for ghosted ads or flagged ads.

You must have your own pvas/ip, etc needed to complete the job.

Need to do a trail test run of 50 ads to see if you can handle the amount of posting workload we have.

PM us your details and cost per post.

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