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Cisco Expert Needed

cisco expert needed for small consulting project

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Experienced Programmer Needed!Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 5-6functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1-1.5weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $500-$600 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..
Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Experienced Programmer Needed! Soft Making,Long Term Project

Need a really skilled, yet fast and cheap programmer who would be willing to develop a software/automation bot for several tasks to do. There will be about 6-7 main sections/general huge functions for the soft and each of the section will have itself around 10functions to do.

This is Pretty huge soft to make,and will take some time to do!
Dont bid if you only know how to make something using only visualbasic and use of InternetExplorer- Dont need such an stuff, also if you charge insane prices dont bid.
This could take ~1.5-2weeks of daily work and testing to finish probably.
I have around $800-$1000 budget for this + will pay monthly sum for updating something which have stopped working etc..

Place some bid and I will send you more details of what I need.

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Natural Health

New company launching a new health supplement as our first product.

We need design work on packaging and brand visuals for product and business.

1) Health supplement product packaging visual design
2) Brand visuals, logo or icon for product
3) Company identity visuals,
4) All design is with a view to portability across media as our customers order online and interact with us online.
Launch is April 3

Our product is a naturopathic formulation.
Our customers are mostly 45 years old plus.
Trust is crucial in our customers decision and wants.
We sell online and over the phone only, no retail presence. (website being developed now)
Health products can be challenging as there are legal mandatories that must be included on all packaging and web/brochure info.

We have product attributes and values available on request and some back story on the business owner.

It is important that our products reflect our values, attributes and our owner.

The product is formulated in NZ combining knowledge of Naturopathic knowledge and clinical research.

We are a small company with more product launches planned later this year.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Looking For Flex Developer

Looking for Flex/ Flash developer, a scripter with good knowledge of action script. OOPs knowledge will be a plus.

PM me with your protfolio get get more detail about project

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Web Designer For A Motorbike Joomla Project

Hi all,

I am currently developing a french social network on motorbikes using Joomla and JomSocial. I already installed the website a few months ago and I need someone with design skills to work on the graphics.

My needs :
* A banner with the text "Facebike" and a logo reminding the motorbike world. This is not about old or classic bikes, but more about new bikes. Im a fan of my suzuki gsxr 600 K9 ;-).
* You should start from the Dominion template I installed (copyright RocketTheme) and get rid of the "glossy" effects. I would like something cleaner.

Website designs I like :,

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Looking For EXPERT Magento PHP Web Programmer.

Hello Freelancer community.

We are looking for:

– We are looking for Magento / PHP an web programming expert who can get work done in a clean and prompt fashion.
– we dont like excuses / No you CAN NOT spend a week to create a single PHP page with a form.
– We are looking to edit page titles (simple!), create new pages, hide a navigation button, add subscribe forms, install modules, create email templates (we will send you graphics in PNG and you will create the page in PHP. make use of the existing CSS styling sheets on our site to make the site look good.
– A good sense of graphics design and have ATTENTION TO DETAILS.
– When you create a page, it must look the same on all browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari) if it looks different at each singe browser we will not be happy. and you will need to include include the Page title METAs like every other page our site I dont have to TELL YOU THIS in order for you do it. Common sense!!!. :))
– We will ask you to add a career & Job module and integrate it to our website. Maybe add a video player to play a video clip to existing pages. create new navigation menus and link newly created pages.

This is the type of job we will need from you, maybe more things will come to you as we go. The turn around time will be short, and the results will need to be quick like next business day ( or 2 business days) Other large jobs might take longer but small things will need to be done quick.

Its not a lot of work but you will have to know Magento and be good programmer, and have a nice sense of DESIGN.
Please place a bid for a MONTH of work. If things are going well we will keep you with us for long term job.

If you cant deliver PLEASE dont waste your times and ours. We will test you before we commit.
will need to have Skype account for communication and be available when we need you. we will not wake you up but we need to know you are there if NEEDED.

Please bid accordingly and dont over charge if you would like us to consider you. We will deliver bonuses for job well done.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post.

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SEO Expert Needed For Advice And Work

We need an SEO expert to check our web page content, advise on changes needed to improve traffic, and carry out that work. This is a simple martial arts supplies online shopping site.
This is a low budget project.

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Project 10: Content Writers Needed

A brief about the Project

Pay: $1.25 per 500 words
Quality and original contents is a must. Timely submission too.
This project is for 100 articles. I will ask for a short sample to every bidder.
Min bid amount: $50
Consistency in performance will lead to long term relation.

Happy bidding.

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Looking For An Internet Marketing And SEO Expert.

We are looking to increase our web traffic for our niche jobsite business.
We want as many unique quality visitors (per day) for 30 days to our website as possible within our budget.

We track unique visitors on our website and plan to base the increase on the previous months statistics – unless you have a better method.

If the project goes well, I would like to continue to use your services.

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Web Developer / Designer Needed To Help Fix My Website

I have these websites (( and ((
I have a few small issues that need to be fixed.
The job can be done within 1-2 days.
Example of the issues:
1- Go to this page (()) and place an order. I do not like the design of the pop up thank you window.
2- In many places, the American website says "Canadian". Those links need to be fixed.
3- The American Exports website has 2 different top banners; the last developer did not complete the change.
And few similar points.

I have to warn you, the coding is REALLY stupid.

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TFAN and MOWG are acronyms for mass marketing campaigns. I took the seminars and bought the softwares, but I just dont have time to create the needed applications. I am looking for someone that has working knowledge and experience with this. I have a handful of apps I need written. Please only respond if you have experience with TFAN and MOWG.

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Internet Gamble

Newly setup business. confidentiality a must. good earnings if project develops

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Web Programmer Wanted


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Web Programmer Wanted


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Web Sites Deginer And Developer Needed For Shwapno Duar

Dear freelancer , I need to Deginer and Developer need for my company …I need to Design and Develop my company sites ..please visited my sites

I need same re-Design and Develop my sites …I want to Build there E- commerce sites

who can create Excellent Design my sites , i will pay extra Bonus for him …

Thanks for bidding

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20 Landing Pages Needed

I need someone to write 20 short landing pages about specific college degree programs that will be provided to the writer. They must include a strong headline, intro paragraph, three bullet points and a strong call to action all aimed at the target audience that will be revealed once this project is won. Some research about each specific degree program is also required. When you bid, please send a relevant sample of your previous work.

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Fast Web Programmer

I have a website someone started in asp and didnt finish. I am open to having the site done in any other language as long as it functions.

The site integrates web scrapping ( pulling book photos and information from the web when entering the books isbn number) I need the functionality set up so that the site functions almost exactly to

-the admin needs to be able to upload the excel spreadsheet with qty of books we are willing to buy back of each title and their prices

-once the user adds all the books they want to sell us back to their cart, the user should have an option to print a usps form with the cart information (books they are sending back) and take the form to the post office to mail with their books back to us.

I need this completed within 3 days. Can you do it?

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SEO Experts And Researchers Needed

Hi There

This is my site. I need people to bring in traffic to my site. At present the site and the blogs related to it are all PR2. The traffic flow is around 40-50% through search engines. All i want is to INCREASE the traffic in an organic way. I need SEO plans, but specific one. I DO NOT need those $350 monthly plans for becoming number 1. I need something that can be broken down into smaller tasks and thus looks achievable.

Also, I need data extractors and researchers who can prepare lists by collecting data through the internet. I need to finish off around a dozen lists in very little time.

No escrow. Payment after the project is done, through only.

Maira Sarfraz

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Web Programmer Needed

I am starting a website based on an idea a friend and I have. I dont want to post the idea on the internet because plenty of people could then take it.
What I need, however, is someone near Monterey, California, that can program a semi-complicated website. The site would almost be exactly like but taken a little further. if you have the capabilities to create such a site, then let me know!

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Google Analytics Goal Tracking

I have a project (which has multiple products) for which I am setting goals to track conversions (the trigger for each conversion being the SALE of each of the products) ; but the issue is that I cannot use the URL method as the final url that is generated after each sale is done is the same no matter which of the products the customer buys and although I can track the sale in general; I cannot track the sale of each of the products (which is what I want to do)

So basically, I am looking for someone who can help me set up the goal tracking on google analytics with the above mentioned constraint (I am not sure if its even a constraint per se – might be something very straightforward)

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Drupal Programmer Needed To Help With Some Maintenance Work

We have an ecommerce site and we need some maintenance work on the site. You must be a Drupal expert and be based in the USA. This project have a few things involved but they are all pretty minor.

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Smarty Programmer Needed For PHP Project

We have SocialEngine 3.18 installed on our server and need someone to help clean up the system. We have various plugins out of place, headers missing on some pages, and other issues.

Knowledge in PHP, Smarty/TPL systems, and html is needed for this.

Our site is :

To apply – sign up on our website: & post some information about yourself on your profile.

You may find our various job feeds on our site and apply directly to them. Please include your hourly rate.

Thanks & happy bidding!

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Joomla Or WordPress Expert Needed

I need a site design like mylinkclub dot com, I need 5 pages including a affiliate page, I need the ability to add more pages including articles, I will collect payment through plimus. The site needs to be done in 8 to 10 days. I will provide you with the domain name through pms once I select a winner. I need a web 2.0 design and the site must be very clean. I would like a site simliar to the mention site but I would like some creativity. Remember the site has to done either in wordpress or joomla. the article page will be archive page so each article will be archive after one week of posting.


My budget is 300

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Web Designer /Programmer To Customize/Redesign WP Theme

We have a wordpress theme purchased from Template Monster installed in our website. Source Files, PSD etc..are all uploaded and can be access through FTP. What we need:
1) Redesign the wordpress themes based on the layout which I will give to you
2) Install necessary widget / plugins
3) You will either redesign or do whatever modification to the theme as necessary to fulfill my layout requirement.
4) You need to add value by showcasing your redesign skill rather than doing just simple color changes and settings
5) You must be online everyday and use Gtalk to communicate with me on the project status
6) Maximum turnaround time is 2-3 days
7) You should be wiling to accommodate changes / revision until project is satisfied

If you can show us your good work and reliability in this project we

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Hi I need 10 000 englishe speakers fans .

I can give you 7 days for doing this project.

No fake and bots

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Web Programmer

I need a programmer to build a language learning community. Similar to

The site will have student and teachers profiles and the interface would be in English and Japanese.

The profiles will have different timezones so the user that logs in has to see the availability of the teacher in their time.

The site will allow students to request classes from teacher and they will be able to meet in the "classroom". (integration with WebEx). Also I need to have a payment method set up to collect the fee. And Id like to beable to track how many lessons a teacher gave and create a score for the teachers based on the feedback from the student after the lesson.

If you have any similar experience, please email me previous sites built.

The look I am searching for is "simple and easy to use".

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Web Programmer Needed

Our company is looking for a part time freelance worker to help us with projects on an ongoing basis.

You will need skills in PHP, CMS systems(WordPress mainly, some Joomla) and Jquery. Also skills with Facebook App development, Facebook page development and SEO (backlinking) would be a bonus.

If you are interested, please reply with links to work with jquery apps and wordpress sites.
If you have work with Facebook apps(and pages or events), links to those would be great.

Location is not a concern, but good communication is a must. We are not ruling out selecting more than one individual if the skills are there. Please reply with your hourly rate.


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Web Programmer Needed To Construct Static Site


-I need a website built from an existing design. The majority of the site will be static, and is very basic, with Latest News, Info, Welcome Message, etc.
-I will give you the images and layout, you just need to construct and provide functionality
-A third-party file-transfer (e.g. yousendit) uploader will need to be built in
-Pay is project-based, rather than per hour


You MUST show me websites that you have programmed


-This project is for those committed to deliver their job up to expectations. If you feel you can

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‘Neutral’ US Accent

Please, no spam. If you dont wish to read the job
post below, dont apply. We recognize generic/copy
and paste bids and tend to ignore them.

Hi, Thanks for checking out our job post…

Were initially hiring for a single video but will
be needing to use the same voice talent at least
twice more and then again in February.

The script should run somewhere around 3200
words/14-16 minutes.

Wed be pushing forward with the project around
next week or the week after.

I assume that at this point wed be looking for a
female but a male VO is being considered.

It may also end up that we hire for a few
character lines as well.

If you need any more information, feel free to ask

Thank you for your time,


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