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**Custom Community Site For Aviation**

We are trying to develop a Web site for the entire aviation industry. Pilots, flight schools.

It will be a community site, with forums, private messaging, and more. There will be separate databases for users, aircraft/aircraft fields, etc.

We will be pulling data from the FAA (Federal Aviation Admission):

Pilot Database loaded as master file
Airport Directory loaded as master file
Aircraft Type loaded as master file
Flight Schools: Loaded as master file
FAA repair stations by type: master file
CFI/CFII (certified flight instructors) loaded as master file


This community site, when someone logs in, will see their local airport conditions, weather, notifications for PMs, etc.

Custom modules/functionality needed:

1) Access NOAA API or FTP site to retrieve latest information. Parse and show in module airport Wx information
2) Access NOAA Weather charts (4 times/day) and update radar of regions they cover, and Weather depiction charts.
3) Need module for getting area Wx (4day forecast)
4) Need module for getting airport information.
5) Need module for message boards/forums: Ability have members only forums.
6) Need user to user messaging (PM)
7) Facebook logins/connect
8) Online chat room
9) Ability to post articles and material with profile properties that if matched can be use on page.
10) Need module for selling airplanes: Searching by aircraft properties (lots of properties, and must be standardized because this part can become confusing if you are not familiar with the aviation industry)
11) Need module for business account home page and information
12) Ability to search for services by describing properties, or distance (to rent planes)
13) Need module to post aviation job listing, search for job type based off key fields
14) Need module for member site, payola subscriptions


I will be working along with you throughout the entire project, explaining how things should work and how it should all come together. We wont be doing much in terms of design until everything is functional. Then we will provide you with custom design to implement.

As far as using CMSs and Frameworks. I will accept any of the following: CodeIgnitor, Yii, MVC, Zend, CakePHP, Joomla, Drupal or DotNetNuke. I am open to suggestions as far as you can explain WHY you want to use a particular framework or CMS.

I need well thought out responses in regards to what we will use to build this. Even if its Ruby on Rails.

I am open to bids now. We would like to Interview people through Skype – vinautomatic

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Special For Cheapestandbest

Medication site to link to main site

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Site Like (graphics + Coding)

I want to create a website (both designed and programmed) that is similar format as the website . Graphic design must be modern and nice.


– Guest Story Submission (no need for registration!)
– User Comment Submission
– Story Voting
– Story Moderation
– Comment Moderation
– Top posts (of the day, the week, the month, all time)

I will provide more details upon choosing to work with you. Looking forward to it

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WordPress Custom Template / Site

I have an illustration that needs to be made into a custom WP template. The functionality of the site also needs to be customized. This is a site for a restaurant that has 3 locations.

This is the scope of the work:


– Approved design (illustration with layers) to be sliced and a custom WP skin will be created based on it
– Good, clean CSS

B. WP Development

1. Main Home Page:
— Full window with the animated illustration (provided)
— Main navigation
— Entrances for the 3 restaurant locations
— Floating transparent boxes for occasional Announcements & Upcoming events
— Music

2. Main Navigation:
— Home
— About the company
— Press Page
— Room to add more items in the future

3. Location specific home page:
— Music will change for each location
— The picture gallery will be the main content of the home page
— Header:
——– Logo + Location Name
——– Location specific phone number
——– Navigation
——– Food and Bar Menus
——– Promotions & Specials
——– Events
——– Picture gallery
——– Contact us

4. Footer on all pages including home page:
— Social Media icons leading to Facebook, Tweeter, Yelp, etc.
— Newsletter signup
— Contact info & form
— Copyright and propriety info

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Need Custom Music Site

I am looking for an experienced individual or team of individuals to create a site with the same layout and functionality as the site The only differences I want are:

No user registration is necessary or wanted
Only 5 star option to rate the songs.

I need an admin back-end to add new albums for adding daily new music albums and album covers. It should be very easy and fast to add new music and album cover for admin back-end.

No Visitor can upload music album only they can download and listen with flash player just like on

Background color and theme should go along with my website url and music type. (info will be provided to the winner).

Also i will provide my own music category.

Aside from the above I want the site identical to

We expect a fully functional project, bug free, error free.
The website will be stable and efficient. (They need to be able to run even with millions of people using it at the same time.

I would like this to be complete within 7-14 days if possible.

While project in work i would like to see the demos of the website if their is changes to be made.

We will pay the final project fee amount at the due date of this project via paypal. When it proves that it satisfies our criteria.

My hosting and domain is by go daddy inc
Hosting plan is : Unlimited plan with unlimited space and transfer.

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Translate Webpage Into Chinese

I am looking for someone to translate a webpage into Chinese.

Site is around 30 pages

Translation needs to by human NOT AUTOMATIC. We want proper chinese not a crappy auto translation.

Translation needs to be done on the following areas of the website.

-page text
-META tags
-All graphics (Note: all you will need to do is change the text to chinese in the graphics)

Please check out the website www fruitjuicenow com

you will be translating the main site, not the BLOG or Amazon version of the website.

Please include the phase “Yes I actually read before I bid” so I know you read this entire project.

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Migrate Subdomain To Main Domain

I have set up a new version of a WordPress website on a subdomain and need to replace the website on the main domain with the site on the subdomain.

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