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Keyword Research-100 Low Competition Keywords

I need 100 EXACT keywords.

Low competition
Minimum 750 local visitors.

Must fall under the following categories:

Weight Loss
Online Games
Green Products (Electricity, Sustainability, etc)
Home and Garden
Self Help
Attracting Women
Background check software
Forex Trading

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Urgent Article Writers For A Very Low Budget Project

Hello, I want a few article writers urgently to write a few 300 words articles..The articles are on different niches..but want it in next 6 hours..will hire 2-3 writers..My rates is $0.3/100 words i.e $0.9 for the complete article..

Payment will be made only via paypal(If you dont accept paypal..dont reply pls)

If you think my budget is to low then dnt reply..I dont have the time to negotiate rates..

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Accident Claims PHP Form

We require a form for our website – the form must be able to make calculations based on the users input and then report the results to the user via a webpage and email the results to an email address for our sales dept.
Normal contact info Name/email /telephone number required fields, aswell as "was the accident you fault?".
next the user will tick boxes based upon their injury.
Head and Neck Injuries (8 subsections)
Damage to hair – Low £1K – High £15K
Facial Disfigurement – Low £1K -High £75K
Torso,Arms and Hands
Legs,ankles, Feet
user will mark their severity based upon 1 to 10 (10 most serious)
If you see you can see all of the figures or the attached document.
I want the output to say something like "based upon your answers we believe
your claim will be X – no lower than X(low figures) and as much as X (high figures)

Form can be HTL.Javasript/php/ ajax or whatever you want to use as long as we can host it.
Dont post if you will cost more than £300

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Turbine Switch

I require a component, similar in size & shape to a PC cooling fan. 3" x 3" Approx.
That allows current to pass through only when the fan blades are rotating.

The fan blades ideally to be made is plastic, low resistance for low air flow situations.
As light weight as possible, and low cost per unit.

I am building a prototype at this stage but will require future volume.

The best description would be a Airflow switch.


04/01/2011 at 13:13 EDT:

I would also consider a similar sized item that generates a small current when airflow is detected.
Ideally around 5v.

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30 PR2+ Permanent Links, Whtiehat, Low OBL

Looking for permanent links here – a deal where deleted links will be replaced , for a set timeframe. This means links should not be spammy blog comments but well thought out ones, so they have less chance of being deleted. I can provide a bit of a guide on specifics.

Low OBL wanted
PR 2+ on the actual link page

White hat techniques only

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Low Cost Linux NetBook

Hello, and thank you.

We are seeking a partner to help us source a low cost netbook that runs a full linux OS. The target cost is $100 or lower.

The specs needed are already found in another product. They are displayed here:

(We may need to make minor adjustments to the design e.g. upgrade the CPU to the same one to the 833mhz Samsung S5PC100. This CPU takes DDR2 RAM rather than the slower DDR1 memory which will bring down the costs and improve system performance).

However, the product above violates the GPL licence and thus dealing with it may result in copyright issues.

We are looking for a partner to help us build OR source a similar device. If need be, we will provide our own custom Linux distribution to work with this machine.

Kindly note that we welcome any other low cost full linux laptops that you may have in mind. The only "must have" feature is:
-3G modem with integrated SIM card slot
-Cost should be as close to $100 as possible

Please note that the price you quote on this project is not the one we shall use if we agree – we will likely change the price as we come to an agreement.

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Rewriting An Existing Sales Page Copy – Low Word Quantity.

Hey i want some talented copywrites to look at my sales page and add some power to it.
it converting about 0.80% wich makes me break even with this one.

since its not a "website" anyway, i belive the problem here is the copywriting since the page is
converting (indicates not to heavy credibility problems are made) but not enough.

check it out

please bid on re-writing each of its sections in the mind of helping me sell better.
if testimonials is a must, make some, calculate everything you have in mind
to make is sell better, then bid.
i wont even answer to bids like "sure we handled hunders of those" or any copy&paste replay.
please make your bid subject oriented – if you cant see how you help this baby, drop it.

looking forward working with you soon 🙂

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Script Like

Need a script just like,, or

The script must be 100% working, with admin section where I can make all settings such as pricing, fees, membership schemes and so on.

I will only pay after successfull installation and testing on my server (I will do the installation myself). Therefore it is imortant that the system´s link address can be defindes within the admin section.

The design must be fresh and modern.

Up on completion all rights go over to me. You must delete this system from your PC and are not allowed to use it any further. The winner of this auction must hand out a hand signed agreement which states, that the system has been programmed for me and that it will not be used any further. This agreement will also contain a penalty fee payable in case it is being used otherwise.

Budget is low, therefore low bids will be considered!

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Word Press / Joomla Theme Custom Required

Heloo All

I have a website in word press and Joomla

I need someone to customize the home page design and some features only according t my requirement
Its a low budget project so keep your bids low.

Will send details on pm


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Change Shopping Cart

I have a new website and i do not like where my customers would have to search through pages and pages to get to the size of the product they are looking for. want to change how my customers can choose their product. basically see the product, chose the size and or color and check out. i am not sure if it the cart that controls that. need help so that the site can get up and running.

Bid is very low because its simple work.

Low bid with good experience will be getting chance.


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Low Cost Wireless Communication

Looking for a very low cost 2 way communication (transmits and receives simultaneously).
Speed: 1kbps minimum
Channels: Have to support at least 2 channels
What you need to deliver are: the solution theory (can be discrete or chip solution), schematic (in the case of discrete solution), datasheet, and vendor.
The quantity scope: 1,000/10,000 pair of transmit and receive
We will be looking for the solution that has the lowest BOM and manufacture cost per pair of transmit and receive, not the labor cost. If you have multiple solutions, it is a plus.

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Share Time Cycle Finder

We Require a program that will read an Excel/csv file, and automatically find Time Cycles in Shares(stocks). The Excel file will contain the HIgh and Low price for each trading day of the stock.

The program will need to cycle through each day, and find possible turn date time cycles. For example, Starting on 4/4/2010 there was a Low, and every 100 Days after that date there has been a High or a Low on that day with a 80% Accuracy Rate.

A number of parameters will need to be customizable in the program. For example

-Minimum time cycle periods to search for (For example, only search for time cycles greater than 10 days)
-Date to start and finish looking for time cycles
-How long the High or low needs to hold for it to be a successful turn date (for example, the high price of that day was not exceeded for (X) number of days.
-Minimum % accuracy required to display in results.

The finished program will have the above parameters plus some others, and will be able to select a CSV file, type in the required parameters, the program will then search through the CSV file and return all of the results that meet the parameters.

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Automatic Voting Program

I am urgently in need of a program to automatically vote and fast in the low-tops with the option to add proxy list I see that many are asking if you have a program ready so I can use it with some kind of change follows the low ups that require voting system

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Sales Expert

I have a great B2B product and great leads.
Low salary, then draw + commissions. I sell TV ads for up to 80% off. If you can sell you will be a happy person.
No beginners. English, little accent only. TImes are EST
10-6 or later.
You must be able to sell something during the interview.
Only If you are good at selling should you apply.

I have a great B2B project. I have a remote call center set up. I need a great manager of the agents. I also need
Super sales people. Low, salary .Higher commissions.
Easy sale. I sell TV ads for a 80% discount.

I can use a manager, the Manager position you must describe me a plan as to how you can oversee this closely. EST/US hours 10-6.
Familiarity with vicidial helpful.

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Install WordPress – Work Now/Pay Now – Low Bids Only

I normally install WordPress without issue, but I downloaded 3.1, uploaded it into a subdirectory where I want it and end up getting a 500 error instead of the configuration page. Have the database details, but cant seem to get this far.

Need it up and running ASAP. Default values are okay, Ill come back and adjust name and tagline, etc, after youre finished.

Need this ASAP.


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Super Sales Person

I have a great B2B product and great leads.
Low salary, then draw + commissions. I sell TV ads for up to 80% off. If you can sell you will be a happy person.
No beginners. English, little accent only. TImes are EST
10-6 or later.
You must be able to sell something during the interview.
Only If you are good at selling should you apply.

I have a great B2B project. I have a remote call center set up. I need a great manager of the agents. I also need
Super sales people. Low, salary .Higher commissions.
Easy sale. I sell TV ads for a 80% discount.

I would also use a Manager position you must describe me a plan as to how you can oversee this closely. EST/US hours 10-6.
Familiarity with vicidial helpful.

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Articles On Low Carb Diet

I need 20 articles on low carb diet

– I will provide the titles.
– 300-350 words NOT LESS
– no duplicate contents
– no grammar mistakes
– use simple and understandable words
– if I do not approve, i will cancel the project without prior notice

All 20 articles will be paid $30, which means $2/article, delivery is within 5 days.

And I need a sample, if your writing is not good with bad grammar PLEASE DO NOT BID. Saves everyones time.

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Linux VPS. Prepare For Job. Low Budget.

So, I have Linux VPS server with CentOS. I need you to install ANY free Web control panel (like webmin), so i have ability to upload/delete files to my server simply via my web browser, also run php scripts.

As this is VERY small job, i will pay very low.

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Web Traffic Needed – Low Bounce Rate


I need global international traffic which has a LOW bounce rate.

By that, I mean, below 40% bounce rate.

I need at least 1000 visitors a day, i.e. 30k+ visitors a month.

I dont care where the traffic is from, or what category it is, as long as its mixed, i.e. at least five/six (or more) different countries. (No chinese traffic!)

The key thing is, it needs to have a low (below 40%) bounce rate.

I will monitor the traffic for a week, and if the bounce rate on my Google Analytics page is below 40%, then I shall place money into escrow.

After 2 weeks I shall release half the money and after another 2 weeks, (i.e. after the month is over), I shall release the remainder.

One more thing – the traffic must not have a source. You need to blank the referrer.

Look forward to bids.


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Intro Video In Cartoon / Animation

We are looking for a person who wants to create an intro video about our company. Unfortunately we have a low budget of this project as this is a PR test. But we want to focus more on this in the future, and will therefore use the same person for future projects.

Video should last for about 2 minutes.

It will create video MUST be creative and able to work independently.

Contact us for more information.

Again, we have a low budget on this one.

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WordPress & Joomla Expert For Long Term

Hi , I need JOOMLA & WordPress expert to work with me for long term , I have lot of projects and my current team dont have time , low rates with good feedback would be highly preferred , send me 5 of your good samples only.

Low price and good feedback only

Currently I have 3 psd to wordpress conversion , so bid for 3 psd now.

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SEO Required, Adult Site, Low Competition Keywords

I require SEO services for an adult website. The endpoint is to be the first search result for 4 low competition keywords. The website has been up for more than 5 months. It is on the first page for one of the keywords already, however it is not the link for the home page. The website has original content with a large number of repeat visitors. I require help with link building and optimising the site for SEO.

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D Project Manager

Hello there,

My name is Daniel. And I´m beginning a small application in my local area.

The project I find is growing, I can not do it alone.

I would like some newbie, with useful experience in project management.

The only way for me to be sure, that you have experience in project management is for you to give me evidence that you can help me manage the job.

This is not a job that is going to be done in 1week.

I require little time over the next few months.

I am looking to find the lowest bid possible, because I am doing this as with my low budget.

Hope I find a friendly person to cooperate.

Can you help me?

Free open-source management application or MS Project needed.

You give me the details on how you do your work.


Joomla knowledge is a plus!
Design and Logo is a plus!
Drawing is a plus!
Everything I need to make my Joomla project is a plus.
Low budget Bids are a plus!

-I don´t put pressure on time delivery.
-You can take your time.
-Fast and daily communication is a must.
-You are willing to learn and maybe grow your experience.
-Newbies with little experience are invited.

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PIC Programming: RS485 Relay Controller


We are looking for someone to write code for a PIC processor. We will want the code to be written as we have specified below, and want to have the source code in hand and the hex loaded onto a PIC and have it working properly before we can send payment.

This PIC will be a RS-485 relay controller, pulse counter, and timer.

Here is what we need the PIC to do:

Operate over serial 2 wire RS-485, 9600 baud, 7 data bits, Even parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control. We can provide a uart to rs485 (such as Maxim Max485) transceiver on the circuit board the PIC will be mounted on.

Each PIC is addressable, address can be changed either with configuration pins on the circuit board or, preferably, over rs485

At least 32 devices on RS-485 string.

At least 8 Digital Out Pins: The pins will be able to be set to low or high over RS-485 to control relays. We need the ability to poll the PIC for the state of each pin (relay) over RS-485, and the State of each Pin must be saved to the PIC internal eeprom so that when there is a power failure the state of each relay will be saved, so when there is power for the PIC again the state of each relay will be restored.

At least 4 Digital In Pins: The ability to poll the PIC to see if each pin has been pulled low or high, by the closing of a contact etc.

At least 2 counter input pins: For counting pulses over RS-485. The number of contact closures will be counted by the PIC and the data will be saved to eeprom, the PIC needs the ability to communicate the pulse count over RS-485.

We are also considering at least 1 timer Pin: The ability to poll the timer pin over RS-485 to see how many seconds it has been pulled low or high. Time values will be either between reads or total time pin is pulled high/low. Time value periodically saved to eeprom.

We would like to send a control string with checksum over RS-485 to change the state of the Digital out pins to either low or high.

We would like to be able to send a request string over RS-485 to each pic, including the address of each PIC and a checksum. The PIC will return all of the above parameters in one response string, including the address of itself, each of the pin states, the timer count, and the pulse count, and a checksum.

Thank you for your time. If you could include a description of your past PIC projects that would be very helpful.

We look forward to working with you on this. Let us know what we need to consider, suggestions about this project, and what aspects of this project will be hardest or not possible. All bid amounts will be considered.


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Creation Of A Credit Card Acquistion Campaign

A local Bank, with VISA international credit cards in Europe:
– Needs to increase the number of credit card clients.
– Market reach is low, and customers have not the brand awareness.
– Is seeking to develop a simple acquisition campaign to increase the number of credit cards.
– Markets product awareness is very low, product knowledge is low as well.

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Low Budget Seo Project

Ok first off I have a low budget $200, do not bid above that or you will not be considered.

I would like my site to be 1st page on google for 3 keywords webcam modeling, internet modeling, and webcam jobs

I understand that getting ranked will have to do with backlinks. I will be checking the backlinks with this site to monitor the progress. Please let me know what we can do because my site is also a flash based site with a forward with masking the actual site is but I would like to promote only.

Please tell me how long this will take and if you can do it for this budget.

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Very Low Competative Keywords


I have 8000 keywords for my website and i planed for make slot of 100 keywords its too low competitive
my budget is $1 for each keywords if keywords come on google first page i will pay you for this and you have to do maintain
these keywords .

i will not pay you any upfront payment and no escrow if you are real seo experts show your quality .

payment tearms : pay you on only result it is one year contract so please seriously bid on it thank you

1) 100 keywords come on google first page i will pay you $100.
and assign you next 100 keywords.

this process will be continue till 8000 keywords. slot 100 kws

thanks happpy bid

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Need To Rank On First Position Of Google For A Very Low Comp

I have a 6 months old website that i need to be ranked on the first page and first place of
I will pay only for results (when i see it on on the first spot) and i need to know the tactics that are going to be used to bring those results …also will expect for someone who can communicate when i need him and will provide reports every week.

If there is someone that can work only for results he will be taken on consideration.

my budget for this project is 75-100 dollars and will be paid only when i see the final results.

as per google keyword tool the keyword is low competition and have 300 exact searches per month.

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SEO Top 5 For 2 Keywords (you Choose)


I am looking for a SEO expert to get my website into the Top 5 for two EASY keywords, you will realize how easy they are, due to low searches and low competition.

The keywords are:

– "Android Game Development"
– "Blogging Tips" -> Harder!

Website URL:

You yourself decide which keyword you will try to use.

The budget is low, due to this project being a test project, there will be many ongoing project that will yet come.

Kind Regards

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