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Looking For A Joomla Expert For A Long Term

Looking for a joomla expert for a long term and below is the description of the first project.

1, Migrate Joomla 1.0.15 version to the latest
2, Change a new template.

1, You will need to show the proof of your previous work
2, Bid only if you are expert.
3, Prefer the lowest bid but will consider offering more projects if you are best.
4, Should be available in skype

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Qlink Admin Panel

Hello freelancer,

i want to buy qlink admin panel with the highest rate. If you have, please PM me!
I prefer to buy from the lowest bid.

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Job Description

If you take weekends off this is not the project for you. I need someone whom is experienced with commission junction and wordpress. I have a wordpress website and I need items added to this website from commission junction. It is a very simple project, I need the pictures placed on the website as well as the specific codes that are affiliated with my account. Each item will be added by hand. There will be no api used on this website. I have three different advertisers that I have been a proved for. I will not pay multiple escrows it will be one payment at the end of the project. Experience is a plus and the lowest bid get the first look. there will be no more than 150 items to be added. Provider will also need to provide website with a cool looking favion. Facebook and twitter icons will be added also. Serious bidders will have examples of their work.

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Ongoing GIF Banners Designer

Due to high demand I need an assistant for animated GIF banners to display clients products in an attractive manner. The designer should have experience in creating banners that generate click through.
I will pay well for the right candidate so lowest bid not the deciding factor, These need a quick turnaround so only apply if you can do banners efficiently.

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File Uploads Using Cgi

Dear Freelancers,

I am looking for someone to help me do the following:
1. CGI/perl script with progress bar to upload large files (500MB+)
2. Rename the uploaded file and store the new filename in the database.

1. Able to do this within a day
2. Able to deliver promise
3. Lowest bid will always be considered FIRST!

Many jobs available.

Long term programming jobs available. Bid away!

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Bot For Giving Likes In FB


I need a bot which can give likes on FB pages. If any one has any idea and could design a bot pm me with your offer.
One more thing the bot should even check the accounts too.

lowest bid would be given preference.

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Facebook Fans

Description: I want 1k Fans added to my fanpage. 75% fans should come from USA . The fans should have atleast 25 friends in their profiles and they also should have atleast 3 photo each. I will appreciate if someone can do it by 3 days. Lowest bid wins. Happy Bidding…


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Teach me How to post in US CL


I need an experienced CL Poster to teach me how to efficiently post at US based CL.

Till now I have never posted at US CL, but, in Indian CL only.

So, you can teach me:
1. Where to get best working US Proxy from(NOT anonymous & free Proxy)
2. How to use Proxy
3. Which Section of US CL needs PVA
4. Which Section is PVA-free
5. How to use PVA
etc., etc. including all good and silly details.

No need to say that lowest bid will win this Project.


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Unique lowest bid auction // extended swoopo or clone

multiple auctioneers with configurable max. count (0 until unlimited) of auction items
multi-lingual with backend administration
email notification at 2nd bid of same amount (overbid)
multiple categories (swoopo like)
Payment processing / gateways (clickandbuy,paypal)
Tell a friend feature with captcha

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Oscommerce design

I am looking for someone reliable with experience to do me a design for an oscommerce website. You gotta have experience, feedback, and demos to show me. I want a high quality work. You gotta have a demo in PSD ready to show me in the next 24 to 48 hours.

I want someone reliable, good communication, that I can call on phone and so on.

The lowest bid with the quality work will win.

Let me know.

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50 000 auctions added to auction site


i need someone to add auctions to an auction site. you will need to provide photo and text. i need these auctions to be submitted manually. each auction should take less than 1 min to submit using the quick lister. if u complete 50 000 auctions successfullly i will hire u to do five other jobs the same exact way. after u bid an win project please do not ask for more money thanks.

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need 10 000 auctions added

I need 10 000 auctions added to an auction site. i need auctions to be added on a 5 week time range. 2000 auctions per week. lowest bid wins. you must supply photo and text for auction. lowest bid wins

03/07/2009 at 9:55 EST:

All funds will be in escrow until project is finish

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Here is the problem, I have a cloned program (in my possession) of swoopo (auction), I have an account with a host, but i have no idea how to upload or make changes to the program (like my new name and etc), I`m familliar with frontpage, but this isn`t that… This is Apache, MySQL,PHP,Curl, I know nothing, I want my site up and running so what ever it takes, I don`t even know where to start. Let me know if you can do it and how much it will be, lowest bid gets it ,I`m sure some of you can do this in an hour or two maybe even minutes….. good luck and happy bidding it is possible that we could do a monthly percentage of profits if you want to go in for the long haul(daily maintance or show me how to do it myself)…

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