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Application Icon For Mac Desktop Program

I need an icon for a Mac desktop program we are developing. The icon should have the Mac look and feel, and conform to accepted Mac icon guidelines (

Were looking for a style similar to these:


In your response, please post a link to other Mac application icons you have designed, so we can see your style.

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I Need Professional In Java Programming


I have created previous project which is :-
(I need a java and php page to get remote user mac address , the visitor should accept java to run on his machine and then itll get the mac address and send it to php page )

the previous project has done perfectly but java was sending many hardware mac addresses to php page and I want only network mac address. so I asked him to fix this and he did it but another problem came out and he couldnt fix it. The problem is when the user enter the site , pop up java message come out(see attached file) and user must press on run button to receive mac address otherwise if he press on cancel button nothing will be received. It was worked fine on the first time he programmed (receiving mac address whether pressing run or cancel button)

here what I need you to do:-
Fix this by receiving mac address whether clicking on run or cancel button
or receiving mac address without showing pop up java message (it will be much better if possible)

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LB TaskControl

I have developed a VB.NET software for tracking time and tasks for people who work on internet jobs.

Now I need a MAC version of my software.

My software is called Lionbridge Task Control (now only LB Task Control) and more information can be found on

It tracks time per tasks and how many tasks the user has worked on. Then it finally generates a report so the user can keep records.

Besides the creation of a MAC Version, I will need from the developer a partnership for when the program gets updated, I will be able to cantact him to update the MAC version also.

This program is a freeware and it survives only by donations, so I do not have a good budget, but Ill accept offers.

Please share some history off applications already developed.


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Need A MAC Objective C Developer For A Legal Collection Appl

Hi Im a amateur Objective C Developer that is looking for a Professional MAC Developer to Develop a Legal Collection Document Application that will enable users to View, Browse and Print a Collection of Legal Documents for the Apple Mac OSX 10.6.

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VirtueMart / Joomla 1.5 And CheckoutApp (MysQL / PostgreSQL)


Running CheckoutApp POS that uses PostgreSQL database ( and Joomla 1.5 VirtueMart extension using MySQL (

Job is, instead of duplicating databases, write a glue code that will allow the applications to use a different database adapter if and when data is required between PosgreSQL and MySQL. A simple specs will be provided for your guidance. VirtueMart will only pull data from postgreSQL to display on VirtueMart when required. VirtueMart will push data to save to CheckoutApp postgreSQL if a sale is completed from VirtueMart. Then, it also displays the sale on a list on designated CheckoutApp workstations.

Host is OSX Leopard running MAMP on an Apple Mac Mini
All databases (postsgresql and mysql) reside in the same mac mini

Requirements: Proficiency with PostsgreSQL and MySQL (Joomla / VirtueMart), PHP 5.x.x and SQL, JavaScripts, Ajax, Linux, HTML.

Prefer code written as a Joomla or VirtueMart extension.

Required delivery: 10 days after agreement.

Specs will be provided to qualified vendors only.

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GUI For Mac OS X Application (Obj C Or Java)

This project is for the following:

– Create GUI for Mac OS X Application which will be launched from a CD
– Using either Objective C or Java
– The GUI will launch numerous Shell Scripts (.sh) in
– Variables will need to be stored and sent to desired .sh files
– Mac OS X Look & Feel

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OSX Server Address Book Integration With Capsule CRM

We need a script / daemon written which will play nicely on Mac OSX server and constantly synchronize our CRM system ( ) and OSX Address Book Server on our OSX Snow Leopard Mac Mini server.

We dont mind what language although for high level scripting languages we prefer Ruby, Python and Perl in that order. We rather suspect that the best solution would be in Objective C so it could run as a true Mac OSX service, a bidder offering such a solution (or who knows a better way!) will be highly favoured.

The Capsule CRM API is here:

.. and the contacts bits here:

Wed want all contact fields available in the CRM syncd both ways, with a customizable polling interval or even better using push if supported by Capsule.

We will fully own the IP of all systems and code developed for this project by the successful bidder.

We cannot provide access to either our CRM account or OSX server, however there is a free account option on which can be used for testing.

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Uploading An IPhone App

Hi all,

Just wondering if someone can upload a app to the app store for me?

I unfortunately need the latest Mac Operating System, and until I get it, my Apps going knowehere fast.

Ive created the App in GameSalad and basically need it to be published and then uploaded to the App Store.

Ive an Apple Development account that I can send you and can also send you all the files for the app.

If anyone could help me with this I would be so greatful as I really would love to get this moving, but unfortunaterly cant afford to upgrade my MAC this month.

I know the process and how you upload the app, but unfortunately cant move forward for a couple of weeks.

Even though I dont have much money to pay you, I will of course be willing to pay you something for your time doing this for me.

So, basically:

1: The game has been created in GameSalad (on the MAC)
2: It needs to be published (unfortunately my MAC is a little old and wont support the latest SDK kit) 10.6.6 is required.
3: I can supply all the project files and details
4: I will only pay 100% on approval on the apple store (MAX budget is $30 – no bids above this will be accepted).

Many thanks to you all for reading, and I hope to hear from some of you soon.

Cheers all,


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LinPhone Compile Project

I want to compile Linphone for iPhone:

Source can be downloaded from here:

I am getting lots of errors, starts from missing framework, Gcc4.2 error, files in non-unix fileformat, etc.

I did resolved lot of them, but still unable to compile linphone-sdk. I know I am new in Mac, therfore I thought I might be having old MAc OS, then I try on my NEW mac. Unfortunately some extra-brilliant guy saved and checked-in the files in non-unix format. And I am still not able to compile it.

I am looking for someone, who did compiled LinPhone and can compile on MY mac too. I will share my screen by some 3rd party remote sharing desktop for you to work.

Please sure that, I will not pay for your r&d. Please bid ONLY if you are sure, you can compile.
Try on your mac first 😉

This is NOT a hourly project, I am looking for Final BID amount.

Please note that, you have to compile it on My mac, not yours.

Happy Bidding!

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Facebok Desktop Application

We are looking for a programmer to write a simple facebook desktop application both for windows and MAC OS.
The application should be a stand alone executable file, no install is needed. the deliveries for the project are:
1. The code + well written documentation
2. The application – executable file
3. The code and executable file will remain under our IP after the job is completed
4. BUG fixing – Any BUG found within 4 weeks after delivery

If all goes well we will be happy to use your services for software upgrades.


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Custom Mac OS X App Development

We are accepting bids on the upcoming project for the development of a software application on Mac OS X platform.
This is a porting of the existing program originally written in VB for Microsoft Windows. The project can be done either using Cocoa/Objective-C or Java. The job will be awarded to a programmer who has done desktop application development on Mac OS X in the past using these technologies.

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Setup Mac OS X FTP Server

I need help setting up my Mac OS X FTP Server, so I can serve my files to people outside my network. its not allowing me to connect.

Also if you can help me out with using the mysql command from any command prompt terminal. ".profile"

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Setup 2 Magento Stores In MAMP Mac Os X

1. Setup 2 Magento stores
2. Setup 1 user account FTP

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IPhone / IPad Media Access App

You must build a media access app for the iPhone and iPad (both resolutions) and a JAVA or FLASH based transcoding application for the PC / MAC.

The transcoding application will allow the user to search the files on the PC / MAC and make them accessible on the iPhone or iPad for viewing them streamed. The app will also allow them to save the files on the iPhone or iPad. The PC / MAC application must be capable of transcoding any source file on the PC / MAC for the iPhone 3G/ 3GS/ 4 and iPads.

The communication will be via WIFI and 3G.

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Augmented Reality 3d Animation IPhone/PC/Facebook/Mac App

We would like to develop an iphone/ipad app which would allow users to "wear" our rings via augmented reality.

It should work in the same way as these:

Please include bid for creating this for 4 ring designs and price for each additional ring. We will also require the app to be made in Hebrew as well as English (we will provide translation for everything, so it is just copy-paste)

In addition, we would like this to be made compatible for PC and Mac use as well as as a Facebook app.

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Software In Objective C/C++ For Mac OS X

Theres a need to write a small piece of software in Objective C/C++ for Mac OS X.

The software needs to implement the following functionality:
1. Launching the jumping Dock icon(for notifications) in Mac OS X(an analogue in Windows OS is a flashing taskbar window) – windows name is an input parameter, void on exit.
2. Stopping the jumping Dock icon in Mac OS X – windows name is an input parameter, void on exit.

The software needs to be built as a shared library(dylib).

The library must export the following functions:
1. startFlashWindow(char* windowName)
2. stopFlashWindow(char* windowName)

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Need A GREAT Mac/PC Developer (Adobe Air Is OK!)


Im looking for someone to make a piece of software that will work on PC and Mac.

Im OK with Adobe Air (or if you want to port it over then thats ok as well).

Ill give COMPLETE details in a PM after I review your application.

But heres the skills youll need:

– The software will load a file format for both Mac/PC
– Then the software will convert the file format to the other platform
– That you can do a VERY quick turn around. If you are swamped with other projects do not apply.
– Finally someone who takes PRIDE in their work.

Heres what you need to do next:

– Please reply with your name and links to past projects you have made including any conversion software and/or design examples that you have done before.

– Tell me how quickly you can start on this project

– Explain how long you think it will take to develop this piece of software

If I like your previous work I will contact you with more information.

Important, you MUST start by writing the code word "Jalapeno" at the beginning of your reply or I will not even read your response.

I only want to talk with people who take the time to read my full job posting 🙂



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Mac Screensaver

I have several flash animations and I need them to be added in a mac installer for multiple screensavers. You can offer writing an application or using already written application, its your choice. Either way the application must be with a valid license in the U.S. Please post your price and the price for the license (if any). The smallest price – the better.

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Display Photos From MAC To Apple TV

Basically I need an app that can stream photos from a designated folder on any number of connected Apple TVs on my network using AirPlay, I need for the app to refresh constantly the folder contents as photos will be added constantly to the folder and need to be displayed.


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Mac OS Server Programmer Working Within PHP And MySQL

Need to hire a PHP coder looking to be involved in a interesting project. Must be US based.

We are hosting our program/web site on a Mac OS Snow Leopard Server Xserve, so its vital that our prospect has experience with this OS.

Xcode, Unix, and Java Script are other skills needed for our project.

We are looking to hire a consultant that can work at least 20 hours a week exclusively on this project. We will pay hourly and will mail you a check at the end of each weeks payment cycle.

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MAC OS Software Utilities For HOME Users And Small Business

I am looking for Apple MAC OS software utilities for HOME users and Small Business users using APPLE computers and laptops. The Developers who have already Developed MAC OS software that are ready to be sold can contact me.

Software should be in completely readymade state as I cannot wait for development period and interested in instant purchase.

Any Developer, having Any software tools and utilities (even the small applications) that may be useful for home users or home based small business users can contact me

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Social Networking IOS App/Website — CODE & DESIGN

Im looking to write an application/website for the iOS devices mainly (iPod, iPhone, iPad, -Maybe Even Mac-), then later add other smartphone platforms, in which you can log on and see a series of information on someones profile page, add and accept friends, and view a friends list. It gets a lot more in depth in which content and things you can do and see on the profile, and thats for serious inquirers to respond and find out what kind of information it will host. Its super simple and easy, just starting up a little social networking site/app for my small Oklahoma community.


Nick Brown

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Mac OSX Objective C Download File

I need Mac OSX program written in Objective C which will download a file from a website. The file is 3 to 5MB in size. The file is in the webservers protected area so you will first have to authenticate with userid and password (supplied).

Before downloading, your program will check if a new version is available. I will provide a url which returns the most recent version of the file, which will be an integer. This url is on another webservers protected area and the same userid and password will work to get in.


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We are looking for a a tech writer who can write about mac, ipad etc. Articles should be about tips for specific tasks that people might not know about, simple and advanced guides, news and reviews. There will be a minimum each month and pay will depend on the quality and quantity of the articles submitted.

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Easy Picture Uploader For PC & MAC Platforms

I need a easy picture uploader application as a plug in , similar in function to the Flickr easy uploader

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Mac OS Style WordPress Theme

We are looking for someone who can create WordPress theme based on Mac OS Style

The theme should have navigation bar, header image, category listing, social bookmarking icons & other elements required for standard WordPress theme

Home page articles lists should have read more, date, author & category of posts details.

Theme must include search function, widget ready.

Theme must not use any deprecated functions, tags or hooks

100% W3C compatible

Two Column or Three Column


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Transfer Form MYOB To New Accounts Package & Setup

I have a my accounts set up with MYOB on my MAC and want to transfer all data to another system and set it up probably for basic invoicing. purchases for my company

I also need advice on the best and cheapest accountancy system to use for MAC computers.

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Transfer Form MYOB To New Accounts Package & Setup

I have a my accounts set up with MYOB on my MAC and want to transfer all data to another system and set it up probably for basic invoicing. purchases for my company

I also need advice on the best and cheapest accountancy system to use for MAC computers.

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MAc Repairs Website

We currently have our website

This site is built using wordpress the content in the site is ok we would just like a new design for the site.

Please can you send me your designs for the site, and we will review them and choose accordingly. We would like the project to start this week dependant on the design

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Support To Uograde Company Word Template For MAC & PC Users

We are a group of 80 consultants wroking in 8 different European cities who produce reports for clients using a word template that meets our corporate branding criteria.

We are looking for a software service providor who can develop and enhance our Word Template which is used primarily by c60 Mac users on Office2008. We anticipate upgrading shortly to Office 2010 and would like support in the introduction of this version with its enhanced functionality. We are disatisfied with the current serivce providor (particlaruy as they do not appear to test on an Apple)

Please drop me a line so that I can answer your questions so as to confirm we might do business or quickly agree not to waste each others time

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Create Wireframe For Mac Desktop Application

I am in the process of creating a desktop application to run on Mac, and I need a service provider to create a wireframe for my application. I currently have all the specifics (including features, user capabilities, pages, etc), but I need a service provider to put it all into a wireframe and make it look nice for a Mac Application. I am on a short time frame and need this wireframe done in the next 2 days. The application is relatively straight forward and simple, it should only have 4-5 different types of pages.

Along with your bid, please include some examples or your portfolio including wireframes youve previously created.



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