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MATLAB Project For Machine Learning

I am looking for an experienced MATLAB programmer to do a Matlab project on Machine Learning, which is due on Thurday 7 April 2011 at 20:00 GMT.

General aspects of the project:

– data understanding and preprocessing
– principal component analysis
– clustering
– overfitting
– binary classification
– multi-class classification
– generalization
– linear regression
– priors


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Drawings For Appliance Parts For Kids Toys

This simple project is to design a few components of a childs toy. This project includes both the artistic drawings and the cad drawings needed for manufacturing. All of the created drawings should have the ability to be inserted into a cutout piece of cardboard so that they stay on. They shouldnt fall off a piece of cardboard.

1. A dial that looks something like this,1220891689,1/stock-photo-person-adjusting-washing-machine-dial-to-cold-wash-17160634.jpg

2. An on/off siwtch that toggles, this is an example:

Example 1
Example 2

3. A handle like this

4. Some labels too in the form of stickers:

Label 1 Dishwasher cycles:
Label 2 Washing machine settings:
Label 3 Dryer settings:
Label 4 Microwave Settings:

5. Generic knob to be used for whatever with a label.

6. Any other household appliance we can think of that makes sense for a kid to want to recreate. Id like to leave this open for a little artistic license.

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FTP Client For Automated Secure Backups, Window XP Onwards

We have a clear understanding of what we would like this software to look and feel like. We do not have time to develop it in-house hence we are outsourcing.

Our company offers remote off site backup. The aim is to have a lightweight software package installed onto a customers PC or server which once setup the customer will not need to look at again. all the files and directories that they choose will be automatically backed up as and when changes are made to them.

everything uploaded will be encrypted and password protected meaning they and only they will be able to access them. file name and file type will be visable but everything else will require thier password to be inputted.

the customer will also be able to restore/download using this new software and, if they choose, they can just enter thier password once to unprotect all the files they are downloading.

the list below is not exhusted and we will be looking for the developer we hire to make suggestions and come up with new feature ideas.

we understand that there are several opensource projects available for customising plus there are .net FTP classes available to buy. We hope to make use of these and save development time

please make sensible bids and leave your comments and suggestions.


Either or C++ to be used
Windows XP onwards & Windows 2003 onwards compatible. Possibly MAC compatible.
Long term relationship required to supply updates, fixes, new features etc etc, client side of this project if phase 1. Phase 2 will be server side.
Regular communication!


Automated upload of selected files/folder and or scheduled uploads.
Detection of file changes which activates upload.
Automated password protection encrypted for all files/folders, maybe some sort of zip?
Multiple ports used
Proxy server settings.
Directory browsing on client machine and remote machine.
Usage counters, total sizes etc
Ability to right click any file on the client machine and add it to the upload list which means that file will be constantly checked for changes.
Auto resume function for dropped connections
Multiple revisions stored on server
Auto creation of correct file structure on server.
Detection of client machine name
Optimized for speed and security
the ability to ignore certain types of files extentions for example .dlls

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Experienced MATLAB Programmer For Machine Learning

I am looking for an experienced MATLAB programmer to do a Matlab project on Machine Learning, which is due on Thurday 7 April 2011 at 20:00 GMT.


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Windows 2008 And 7 Audit Tool

I want to create a tool that will extract different information from a Windows 2008 Server (i.e. R2) Enterprise etc, and Windows 7 Machine for auditing purposes.

This tool will be copied on the machine and run locally using Full Administrative Privileges.

When executing this tool, it will begin generating different reports from the auditing machine such as:

– Permisions from a predefined set of folders and files that I will give at a later stage
– Audit Policy
– Advanced Audit Policy
– Password Policy
– Kerberos Policy
– Domain & Local Users (in a list with details such as: last logon date, last password change, groups belongs to, Name, Description, SID, etc)
– Domain & Local Groups (list with all groups, group type, and group members)
– Security Options
– User Rights
– Running Services
– some Local Computer and Local User Policies
– GPResult
– Resultant set of Policy
– The values from some set and predefined Registry Keys.

At the first step, files will be extracted and imported to a folder (that will take the name of the machine and the Audit Date)

At a second stage, values from these files to be compared with a predefined value and provide a report with all exceptions noted. (This second phase is optional)

More information will be provided at later stage

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Need One Hour Of Instructional Time With Linux Server Setup

I have a remote virtual machine that has been set up. I dont quite understand what Im looking at and need someone to remotely connect to my machine and show me how to use this to access my database and setup my site.

I have been able to connect using Putty and core ftp. But I have not been able to access the database, and this is what I need.

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CentOS 5.4+Https+muti IP Solution

We have /24 Ip range in a centos 5.4 linux machine, we need to use https in this machine as proxy. so we need each account has its own IP.

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Voice Needed For Professonal Answer Machine Message

We require a small (less than 200 word) answer machine message creating. This message will be used for an answering machine for our company only.

The text is almost ready to hand over to an artist to produce this, we need to listen to sample voices of similar jobs completed so we know what to expect from the voice before we offer the job.

File needs to be in Wav format

We sell PC related components and our target audience is between 23 – 36 years old so ideally we are looking for a professional, young(ish), fashionable voice.. Not a full on corperate voice.

~We have a budget of around £60 for this but will welcome all bids and listen to all samples for making our final descision.

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Building A Website

I would like a website that looks like and has the functionality of
I have over 2500 products on my list I sell toners, ink cartridges, drums, printers/faxes/copiers.
One major issue is – getting the model numbers of toners to match all the printers out there. Alot of printers may take one particular type of toner and drum so I need a quicksearch tab where you can click on Brand name and another tab where you can click on the model number of the machine and it brings up all the relevent products that this particular machine takes.
Now there is thousands and thousands of machines and a few thousand toners to go with them. I have the pricing of each product and what machines each product belongs to in an excel sheet. But the problem is when a customer wants to find a product for their machine they dont know the product codes so there needs to be some form of connection to all the machine types and products. I want an ecommerce website with shopping cart facility and muct be secure.

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Process Migration

The project aims at developing a utility that will migrate a running process from one system running on Linux to the other machine running on Linux. The architecture of two systems can be assumed to be same. The project is divided into 3 sub parts-

1. Storing of context of a process in a file.
2. Transfer of the file to some other machine connected in a LAN.
3. Resuming the process on this new machine from where it was stopped on the first system.

The implementation will be in C. Kernel programming will be required. The utility should be capable of being added as a separate module using the feature of loadable kernel module (LKM).

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Need Help Installing Oracle On VMWare Machine With XP OS

Need To install Oracle 10g on a VMWare machine with XP OS. Well, we have already done the installation, but we didnt see the sample schema HR. We want someone who can look into this issue and rectify the problem.

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Finite State Machines Manipulation Software

The aim of the project is to design and build software which

i.) given a deterministic finite state machine will find an equivalent machine with the smallest number of states
Let A be a given deterministic finite state machine. Finding an equivalent machine to A can be done by:
1. Construct the dual A* of A
2. Apply the subset of construction to A* obtaining an equivalent deterministic version B of A*. B recognizes the input accepted by A, written backwards.
3. Construct the dual B* of B.
4. Apply the subset construction of B*, obtaining an equivalent deterministic version C of B*. C recognizes the same input as A, and C will have the smallest number of states of any finite machine equivalent to A.

ii. given a non-deterministic finite state machine will construct an equivalent deterministic machine
When a machine reads an input symbol e.g Õ, while it is in a given state

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Web Page / Flyer Announcing Exciting New Product And Service

We seek a powerful and funky copywriter who can convince customers to purchase our new Espresso machine.

We are offering a completely unique way of purchasing our machine and require copy that will excite potential customers about the machine and encourage them to take up the new offer.

The copy will be used on a web "landing page" linked to our website and we want to use the copy in a DL flyer for direct marketing as well.

We have some great images and hope to find someone who is creative, has some design flair and has experience with layout.

Web experience is not crucial but would be considered a bonus.

Regular ongoing work will be available if we can find the right person.

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TCP Reverse Tunnel


Im looking for someone who can code some C# classes for me that provide the functionality of a TCP reverse tunnel.

Basically Im having a server machine A and a client machine B. The first step is that B establishes the tunnel connection with A and telling A on which port it should listen for connection requests that then will be routed through the tunnel to B.

For better understanding an example:
On machine A runs a process that listens on port 6000. Machine B has a process running that listens on port 5000. B connects to A at port 6000 and tells it that it should listen on port 6001. Processes on machine A can then connect to port 6001 and are tunneled through to port 5000 on machine B.

Please only bid if you have experience with this kind of networking stuff.

This is an urgent task, I need the solution for it within 1 day max. It shouldnt take someone experienced longer than a couple hours to create a set of classes that provide this kind of functionality.

Do not hesitate to contact me, if youve got any further questions.


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Android Internet Timer

I have 3 pads I want to rent out internet time on them. I want customers to be able press a surf the net button on the Android tablet. I want an end surfing button which ends session after a code is put in and calculates the charge.I want the net only to be surfed and maybe a number of free games. After that I want the pad locked down and pass word protected. The program must keep a log of time the pad is surfed for and must send this info to me. It must be able to deal with being turned off by users so that it does not reset the machine and we must have a way to restore the machine easily.

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Assembly Line For A Small 4-piece Cartridge

We manufacture a square shaped cartridge which comprises of four parts –
1. Plastic cover bottom.
2. A thin cardboard type piece.
3. A very thin paper-like but (thick as a few sheets of paper) round piece that lands in the middle.
2. Plastic cover top.

The top view dimensions of our products vary and the machine should be configurable to accommodate different sizes.
We will require multiple copies of this machine.

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Photo Recognition Iphone App

I need an iphone app that can recognize pictures (iphone photos) that are first taken and loaded into a database.

For example a picture of a washing machine is taken using the INPUT PHOTO part of the app. it is then given a unique name ie GE 2456 washer.

Then if one of my clients wants a washing machine and sees one they like in a store (or anywhere else) they can open the app and take a picture of it and the app will offer a list of possible matches – the GE 2456 washer being the no.1 most likely match ideally.

Basically like a barcode scanner app that can identify pictures instead of barcodes.

i thought if the picture was first taken USING the app then when it is taken and input into the system it would recognize it easier than just sending in a jpeg??

Any thoughts of a better way would be appreciated.

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Reverse TCP Tunnel In Delphi Or C++

I need a Reverse TCP Tunnel that allow me to connect to services behind firewalls / NAT , it should be a command line tool and i want the source code

it should be consisted of 2 parts , Tunnel and Portal

it should work the Following :

1)Assuming I have 1 machines A (my machine) and B (user machine behind NAT , router ect)

2) Assuming a Proxy on port 3333 is running on machine B

Program Design and work :

1) Tunnel Portal Should Run on machine A , Listening on 2 Ports (C and D)

2)Tunnel application running on Machine B , should connect to Proxy on localhost on 3333 , and should connect to Machine A IP on Port (C) .

3) Browser (IE) should use Socks to Connect to on Port D (it will be connected though the Proxy on Machine B)

to have a better idea please check the following example :

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Professional Flash Designer Is Needed

[ High Quality Fireworks ]

we are working on a project for large fireworks and machine effects company, we need to provide high quality fireworks movies, high reality simulation, smooth motions.

we need that WOOOOW work, mostly about 10 movies, with different shapes ( means you will do the hard work on first movie only, and then you will repeat the actions with different shapes, or different moves like, start fireworks, circles, letters fireworks .. etc )

Also, some movies about machine effects, would be like a machine giving bubbles out ( bubbles machine ) and smoke machine ( smoke goes out from a machine )

Thats it !!
about [ 5 – 7 ] fireworks movies, [ 2 ] movies for machine effects and [ 1 ] intro or website header, in condition with [ WOOOOW ] done


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Similar Slot Machine Needed

Iam looking to make a similar slot machine flash game:

I will need to be able to edit the game in the backend etc.

Need complete asap.

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Tech Writer Machine Vision, Video, Multimedia.

I am looking for a technical writer who can write white papers, web content, newslettters. Subject is machine vision, multimedia, video recording. We will generate the content we need someone to correct content.

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Translate Small .NET Program Into Another Language

I need someone to translate a small .NET program into another language. I need this done and working on my machine within 24 hours. This will require the developer to be proficient in both .NET and some other language.

The program is designed to screen scrape customer sales orders and submit them to my database. I dont have any preference as to which language you use. It is a simple program and I have the exe file for it.

I cannot get this program to run on Windows XP and the developer who originally coded it cannot seem to figure out why it does not run on my Windows XP machine (the program worked on the developers machine, and on my machine, it starts up, but hangs at a particular point, preventing the program from actually being of any use).

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Java Coursework

Create a simple text based network monitoring tool.
Must be able to function as both a host (i.e. monitoring machine) and as a target (i.e.
machine to be monitored).

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Female Voice Needed For Answering Machine Message

Need to record a 15 seconds Greeting message for our answering machine phone.
Perfect English speaking accent. Background music should be supplied as well .

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Allow People To Use My Machine Safely (Not Change Anything)

Ok, so i want to set up a machine just like this one in the video.

I want to allow people to run certain programs on my machine safely.

Imaging people connecting to my computer and wanting to cause damage. I want to completely disable that. For example disable people from being able to change ip address, delete other peoples files, disable people from installing programs. Thats all i can really think of, but you will need to disable as much as possible.

You will need to connect to the server via VNCViewer so i can record what you are doing for future use and monitor exactly what your doing.

I think this is a pretty simple project, i doubt it will take more than 1 hour but then again i dont know anything about this.

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First Futures Linux(Kubuntu)/C++ Requirement

The two requirements are as follows.

1) We are using Kubuntu 10.10 for multicast data packets. We are sending multicast data packets from a windows machine which is listened for on a Kubuntu machine.
With Wireshark we have confirmed that the packets are reaching the Kubuntu machine. Also, we have confirmed on the windows machine of membership addition to the multicast broadcast group.
However, our c++ code is blocking on a receive from ( recvfrom() ) function call, but code is not receiving the data packets at all.
We tried a lot of settings to get it to work. Flushing the IP tables, turning off the firewall and making our code listen on IP address "INADDR_ANY", then it works, but if we bind to a particular IP, it does not work.
We think this is a bug in Kubuntu because the code runs on the windows machine as is.
Also, I need to bind to a particular IP since a LAN card has multiple IPs and each machine also has multiple NICs.
We need a way to make to work his with binding and possibly have this bug fixed/worked around in Kubuntu, using
c++ code to achieve this.

2) Need C++ code and shell scripts that can do the following in Kubuntu in a multi-core setup.
Need to have all processes running on the system(system processes and those of any other user), old or newly spawned, to run on a single core (or between a specific list of cores, eg. cores 3,4), and only processes that are run by a specified user should use one or more specific cores(e.g. 1, 2). We also need to use Kubuntu in a real time setup for fast performance and low latencies.
The following need to hold true,
a) Commands/program to use for moving all processes to specified core(s).
b) Setting hard affinity for these processes for specified core(s).
c) Maybe have at start up/boot time make all system processes stick to a particular core(s).
d) Prevent Linux from shifting processes to our reserved dedicated cores.

We have tried some commands like "taskset", "sched_affinity" but have noticed that after a few hours, things seem to normalize and get balanced out a bit. Also, this needs to be done through c++ code and shell scripts invoked by c++ code. Linux settings may also be included as part of solution.

Good work in this project may lead to further projects.

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Remotely (via Command Prompt) Logon

I need a program that allow me remotely (via command prompt) to logon a specific user locally on the target machine.
Windows 7 Ultimate.

The Windows vista only sends the command to the Windows 7 to log an user on Windows 7 itself and the scripts are .bat files that I put on startup folder in Windows 7 start menu(all programs).

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate with a user named: door, with logon scripts.
What I want is when I execute some command line in another machine (Windows vista)It sends by local network some command to a service or program(to the Windows 7 machine)that logon the user door on the windows 7 machine executing those logon scripts.

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Machine Learning Project Help,

The task is to apply machine learning to the so-called `primate-factors dataset.

The exercise involves (1) analysing the properties of the data, (2) implementing (using Java or similar language) and then using one or more machine learning methods to derive predicted classification values for the final 100 cases and (3) submitting predictions by email and (4) presenting the results of the experiment in a report

please see the project details here

and I need that task done by Dec 14th.

serious bidders only
for the right person, will be more projects coming

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Kaltura On Proxmox Virtual Machine

I have a dedicated debian 5.0 lamp server I am running a number of virtual machines using proxmox. I have installed kaltura but I cannot log into kaltura /start page. I have all dependencies installed on virtual server and install script seems to run ok. I may need a re-install and configure to complete install?

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I need a program that allow me remotely (via command prompt) to logon a specific user locally on the target machine.
Windows 7 Ultimate.

The Windows vista only sends the command to the Windows 7 to log an user on Windows 7 itself and the scripts are .bat files that I put on startup folder in Windows 7 start menu(all programs).

I have a Windows 7 Ultimate with a user named: door, with logon scripts.
What I want is when I execute some command line in another machine (Windows vista)It sends by local network some command to a service or program(to the Windows 7 machine)that logon the user door on the windows 7 machine executing those logon scripts.

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