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Excel Macro Conversion To HTML

I am requesting a Macro file that will process an Excel file with a list of events and provide me HTML code for this list with appropriate formatting that I will then place in my online website.

The list of events is approximately 200-300, spread over 3 columns.
Each event row will have to be parsed for Title, Date, Time, Location, and price.

The Macro should parse each event row, reorganize columns based on a predetermined structure, then generate HTML code for the table that can be manually pasted into my website.

Please pm me for sample of the excel file or with any additional questions.

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Modification Of Excel Macro To Automate Dashboard Creation

I need somebody to modify a macro that generate dashboard.

Will give detailed instructions to the winner bidder.

Max bid $50

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Excel Macro For Simplifying A Tool Generated Excel Report V2

We are currently using a tool, that generates a complex excel reports.

We are interested in writing a macro, that simplifies the reports.

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Repair And Add To Macro.

I have a macro that was working fine untill I tried to change the name of the sheets. I changed the names back again, but the macro would no longer work.
Also I would like the macro to list the Trainers on the final list according to highest average to lowest.
Also I would like there to be no zeros (just blank) if the trainer had no entry in the race. (Last sheet)
And finally, I would like the macro to clear the contents of sheet 1 and sheet 2, after data has been used.

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2 Macro Economic Problem Need To Be Solved

Im looking for someone with basic skill in macro/micro economic that can solov 2 basic problems, involving demand and suply curve and government subsidy. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you more detailed information.

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Excel Macro To Compute Some Averages And Draw Charts


I need a very good Excel Macro writer to:

loop through a csv file and separate data by account number
once its done separate first time orders from the rest (basically the first occurence of an order number on the spreadsheet(
once the first time orders are identified put a flag (1 or 0 or Y or N) in a column

From there i would like to create a one spreadsheet summary for each account.

The spreadsheet summary will have some averages as well as a couple of graphs.

I need this project completed very quickly so do not bid on it if you dont have time to work on it right away.

(Max bid $50)


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Scripting/ Macro In Excel


I am not sure which type of skills needed for programming. But we would like a macro made in excel that will sort out new business listing automatically. Highlight old ones and leave new business listing and will automatically update the other file. Please let me know if you have an idea.

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Outlook Visual Basic Script Macro For Automated Email Forwarding

I get automated emails daily, i need a script that will strip out some of the standard text of the email and redirect just the portion of it as a new email with no subject.

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Excel Macro

I will like to change the Mail merge on an excel file. I need an Excel Macro professional

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Equity Portfolio Construction And Backtesting Strategy

I need to design an equity portfolio based on a fundamental strategy and back test the performance. I need somebody with good knowledge of portfolio construction and back testing. Person should have a sound knowledge of how portfolio and equity indices are constructed to be able to prepare a calculation template to calculate and back test the strategy.

For this particular project you will not need to be an expert in VBA as I already have a working macro that was designed by somebody else but I want somebody to show me how to use the macro, prepare the data for entry into the macro and maybe edit the macro to use for this particular strategy.

Since I already have a working macro I estimate this will only take a few hours of your time to figure out the macro and prepare the data for entry into the macro and maybe a couple of hours to explain it to me.

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Excel Macro

Create an excel macro to sort results.

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Excel Macro To Import Data To Quickbooks

I need to have an Excel macro written that will process data downloaded from PayPal and my credit card processor and format into the format that can be imported into Quickbooks (tab delimitted file). I have all the specs needed to do the job but I dont have the skills to write the macro. I will give you a very clear description on how the project needs to be done. All files processed will be in one Excel file (multiple sheets). My budget is $30.

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Excel & PDF Expert Needed For Quick Macro Edit

My business auto-generates proposals in Microsoft Excel. We put in the Qty value, and it runs equations to auto-generate results. The results all appear on a summary tab of our excel file.

We then open up a .pdf template that we made, and hand enter the results 1 by 1 from the excel file to the .pdf though Adobe Acrobat. There are about 20 records from the summary page that are hand entered into the .pdf proposal.

We then had someone make a macro that auto-exported the excel records into a word template, then saved it as a .pdf. I need to make a few edits to the order of the template export macro.

This should be a very quick job, I just dont know how to make changes to Macro. Please bid $30.

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Excel Macro

I will like to change the Mail merge on an excel file. I need an Excel Macro professional

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Excel VBA Macro Need.

Excel VBA macro need.
Description : As per discuss.

02/06/2011 at 9:48 EST:

This project based on previews project with binaryromel . This project description done on PM with binaryromel .so its private to mr binaryromel and expected to finish in no more than 3 days.

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Write A Simple Macro

I need somene to write a very basic script to copy data from an excel file paste into a website, get the result and paste the same in the corresponding cell in excel…..This needs to be repeated for 100,000 times…

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In MAC Excel on sheet one, I need someone who can write a macro that filters through a LOT of numbers with duplicates in Columns A,B,C,D etc etc and then the macro transfers ONLY the original numbers from the entire sheet 1 (ie no duplicates at all because there will be a lot) onto sheet 2 of the spreadsheet in columns A,B,C,D. I need to add numbers to this on a daily basis and there are a LOT so I need someone to write a macro that works that I can just keep adding to and running with no fear of duplicates on the master sheet 2.
So numbers in sheet 1: A,B,C,D,E,F,G etc etc get filtered into sheet two where only original numbers are (no duplicates) and Fill up Column A, when that

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Macro Using Macro Express 3

I am using Macro Express 3. Want to copy & paste from excel to QuickBooks and have been able to do everything except keeping the macro going in excel. Need somesone with experience in above to insert repeat/ end / pause cmmands.

Only experienced users need apply.

Thank you

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Excel VBA Macro To Convert Text Formatting Into Html Tags

I need to have a script which converts text in bold for example to <b>bold text</>
I need this for:
bullet points
new line (carriage return/new paragraph)

thank you

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Excel Vba Macro Delay

I have an excel VBA script that uses google translate to translate a one cell to another language.
I can translate aprox 100 cells at once before google blocks me (i guess too many querries).
I need a macro that will delay the translation after every 100 rows (probably has to fill 100 rows with my formula, execute, delay, fill again etc.).

Budget is $30. Thank you.

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Macro For MS Word 2003


I am in need for a macro to be written which should be able to search and calculate number of characters from a set of files and should get listed in an MS Excel sheet. Like for e.g. if i want to search for the word Adam in 1000 MS Word files it is existing, the macro should list the file name and the total characters in Excel sheet. The macro should be an exe file.

This will be one of the first requirements and only if satisfactory performance and adequate support given and macro written without bugs the next project will be awarded.

I need series of macros and small regular use softwares to be written which will follow this project as is where is basis.


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Macro Used For Website Lead Extraction

I need a macro built to extract lead informaiton from 4 different lead websites that I use regularly.

The ability for the application to open and login to each website and extract the information into a set excel file would be optimal. If the candidate performs well at this project others will be available in the future.

Only programmers who have written similar code in the past please.

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Expert In Macro Programming Automate 8

Need someone expert in Macro auto8 programming to write me a simple macro. That login email and parse the files and save in excel.

Looking for $30 budget, any more than that will add more money.

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Excel Macro Time Stamp

Develop excel macro for picking date and time.

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Programmed Mouse Macro (using A Free Of Paid Program)

I designed a program in MS Excel with VB to calculate a betting strategy in online roulette. Unfortunately because of the amount of bets & the time taken to place them when playing with a live dealer, its very difficult to place them by hand. I need a programmer for any of the automated macro mouse softwares, that on pressing a hot-key, it could be programmed to read cells in Excel or notepad & then place the bets on screen at some speed. Id need to get Excel to display the number of coins for each denomination (50, 20, 10, 5, 1) corresponding to the mapped coin location on the screen to be placed accordingly to the mapped on-screen bet location. Obviously once this is programmed I can simply change the mapped mouse locations according to the computer or roulette software used.

There are hundreds of mouse/ keyboard macro softwares available. Below is a list of a few of them. Basically I just need advice on the software to buy & the programmed code to fulfill my objectives.


PAID- May include free trial

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Bloomberg Api And Excel Macro Project

This project involves adding a new macro to an excel workbook which already incorporates a couple macros and connects to Bloomberg via their API. I will supply details of the project to qualified professionals. You must me an expert in Excel, Visual Basic and the Bloomberg API for professionals. Please do not bid on this job if you do not have a live Bloomberg connection available to you.

The macro I need created is not complicated, and just involves automating a few thing the workbook does already. A couple hours work I would estimate.

Thank you.

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Need Macro For Excel

Macro is needed to convert one type (excel) of report where data is not easy to manipulate and sort, to a report in excel where data will be easy to sort by different columns.

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MS Word Macro To Create A New Document

I need a simple macro that will do the following:

Enter Title of Paper
Test length of title. If it exceeds 50 characters, truncate title to 50 characters, show warning message, and show input box to allow for edit of title
Enter Author name
Default is John R. Patrick
Enter School name
Default is University of Phoenix

Process steps
Set margins at 1

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Selenium Web Automation, Integrate With Datasources.

I have built part of a macro in Selenium IDE.
This macro needs to connect to two different datasources. Perhaps CSV-file ?

Here is the general flow of things. In example I use a CSV-file

1. Log in to site with USERNAME and PASSWORD stored in data1.csv

2. Goes to 10 different urls stored in data2.csv

3. Goes back to 1, logs in with next username and password of data2.csv

4. Goes to the next batch of urls listed in data2.csv

Now what I need is someone to help me how to integrate the macro with two different datasources.I know that someone must have done this before. According to the forums, It seems fairly easy with Java .

Selenium IDE seems to be quite nice, I would accept macros built in other tools as well . I need to talk further about this with someone, and if I find the right person, recurring work could be possible.

Please express your interest by sending me a message stating what your experience with Selenium IDE is.

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Macro VBA For Excel

I am looking for a skilled person to assist with automation of periodic data transfer form a CSV/Excel file into another excel file with standard template.

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Excel Macro Creation

Build a macro to combine existing results.

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Excel/VB Script/Macro Guru

Looking for VB Script & Macro specialist who can:

– Extract data from MS Excel and convert them into a CSV (create new worksheet with macro is sufficient, we will save the CSV manually from there).
– Extract/parse data from Excel to CSV using criteria such as cell background color, text font, font style (bold/italics) etc.
– Use string functions – search, replace, etc. in VB Script
– Use regular expressions in VB Script

We can send you sample of excel file with more details.

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