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Custom Myspace Script/macros

I need a customized Myspace script built ASAP. If you are good at incorporating macros into scripts please bid and i will give you the details of what i need in the script. Thanks

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Exel Expert Macros

im looking for an expert in exel who can use exel macros to pull data from the internet and importing the results back into a exel document.

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VBA Excel Macros

I need someone that is very skilled in writing VBA excel macros.

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Automate Excel Sheet With Macros/vba

Have an existing excel spreadsheet that we use to schedule service calls weekly. The sheet requires automation to enable easier data entry, sorting/filtering, selecting of customer/jobs and batch work order printing. It requires a more friendly UI. Will have other projects but lets start here.

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Vendor Price List Excel Macros Needed I – Revised

Revised version of the Vendor Price List Excel Macros I. Same Vendor, they just changed their price list format.

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Excel Macro VBA Assistance


I am an Australian software consultant specialising is supporting a package that is unique to a particular professional services industry segment.

I want to be able to provide to my clients customised analysis of critical data that is extracted from the software package. At present I extract selected data in Excel format that I manually manipulate to make that data far more useful to my clients.

The extracted Excel raw data is consistent in terms of its structure however is variable in length and various subtotalling that I require depends on some of the data contained in the raw Excel file. I have started to work on the Excel macros (Excel 2003) but I do not have the time or VBA skills to be able to finish the task in a timely manner.

The data requires macros to subtotal the data based on the change in content of one field, with additional formatting over and above Excels sub-total functions. Two additional columns are added to the data to assist in the usefulness of the data. These extra columns are all formula driven. Then the data is printed in a nicely formatted manner.

First Milestone
Complete the macros in Excel 2003 to finish what I have started

Second Milestone
Demonstrate that the macros work in Excel 2007

Third Milestone
Advise how the analysed data can be displayed in a visual manner

AS the data to be analysed is confidential client data I will provide anonymised sample raw data and final output upon request.

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EXCEL Formula(s) & Or VBE Macros

This project is for a MASTER OF EXCEL

Freelancer to provide formula(s) and or maybe VBE Macros for use in numerical spreadsheets EXCEL 2007.

I need this NOW !

Please PM for details.

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OpenOffice Calc Spreadsheet Macros

We currently have about 20 employees submitting their offline BillQuick timesheets exported in csv format to our admin office by email. The field names for each column is defined but we receive the sheets for different individuals with the columns in different orders and not always the same columns, eg columns A, B, C, G, P or C, D, E, S whilst the complete list should be A-Z in that order.

As we have moved to OpenOffice we need a template or macros to automate the task for getting the received spreadsheets into the correct column order in OpenOffice calc. Im having trouble getting the process into a single click operation for use by an admin lady. The format of some of the columns also needs to be changed for specific date/day formats. The formatted sheets will then be imported into a BillQuick sql or Access database.

This is a simple project for which I dont have time or the OpenOffice skills.

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Vendor Price List Excel Macros Needed V

Follow up to this post:

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EXCELL Macros Required – Small Job

Hi and thanks for your interest

small project

need a word document to be able to link to an excell spread sheet

the excell spreadsheet which will store conditions with check boxes besides them

i.e. check box with free form next to it (about 20)

once selected it will put all the conditions into the word document in a certain position

I will provide the word document

just need the macros setup

in anticipation

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DTMF / Software Modem Project

This is a much simplified version of a previous project I posted but due to the feedback I have received and rather high bids, I

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Web Site Development In Umbraco

I have the designs in psd format for a site that will contain up to 5 different templates. The psd will need to be cut and coded in an umbraco cms. The project will be complete when the templates / doc types / macros / xslt and css are built into the umbraco instance and deployed, ready for a content editor to begin populating the site. The site will be pretty static but will need the ability to be wrapped in google analytic code/script for testing. There is at most two levels of navigation. The site will have to pass W3C validation. There are two macros needed: 1) hooking up a youtube video channel feed. 2) displaying a contact us form that is built as a .net control.

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Simple Macros Visual Basic Script

I would need somebody to help me with a macro. It is actually a very simple task, Im using imacros on fire fox. its about editing a little box updating it and moving to the next edit. its actually a whole list of word to be automatically edited or inserted

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MSN Mesenger Message Sender

I am in need of an application to send msn chat messages to msn messenger. This will be used for a mass invite for one of our clients. Must be fast multi threaded and stand alone.
Will need to

1. load accounts from a file to send from
2. load accounts to from a file to send to
3. save account sent to with sucess
4. have ability to remove the sents from saved file from the master to send list
5. allow for macros in the message

Extra options would be a chat bot that would reply to incomming chats with a text file script and read each line as it is chatted with. Would also need to use macros in the messages and replies.

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Data Sort, Macros, Templates


I am running a foxplus sustem and I have imported a dbf file into excel. I need a few reports to be created using this date. It involves vookup and sorting. I will provide the data and the report templates. Just need the macros written so I can run them with the click of a button.

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Statistics Person With Excel Macro Experience

We need a person who understands statistics at a deep level and can effectively use Microsoft Excel to create macros between various sheet. This will ultimately become a large database. We will need statistical analysis to be done on some detailed areas. Explained in Interview.

Clear understanding of statistics, Excel Macros, Independent thinking to complete the work without much guidance.

This will be ongoing work as we will need someone to run our stats on a regular basis.

Need to have skype and microphone and good English speaking.

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Developers Needed For Game Project


We are currently looking for two developers who has a wide knowledge in C++/C# and SQL. You must also have previous knowledge with databases and game engines.

Please keep in mind, that this is a very serious project so we expect you to state your questions properly. Do not use your macros when you contact us, that will be an automatical denial.

– We prefer if you arent working for any company, this is a standard that we have for several reasons.

Send us a PM and we will let you know more about this project.

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Resume Parser

Project Description :

Overview: The Parser extracts all key information from a candidate resume in multiple formats (ie. Word, PDF, etc.) and puts into an HR-XML file.

The INPUT into the Parser can be one of several sources including
1. Single Document in Word/PDF/TXT format
2. Folder containing multiple documents of type mentioned in (1)
3. Single emails in Outlook email folders
4. Outlook Folder containing multiple emails
5. HTML page being viewed inside a web browser (meant to parse pages )
6. Raw Text

The OUTPUT of the Parser will be a structured HR-XML document/stream.

Key Features :

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Excel Spreasheet (Heavy Macros – And VBA Refactor)

This project is to refactor an existing scoring spreadsheet for Gymnastics scoring. I am looking to accomplish the following:

1. Make it easier to use. Simplify the input, be able to add more teams and more gymnasts per team.
2. Split out MAGA league scoring from the High School Scoring into different Tabs and label accordingly.
2. Keep the ability to view individual rankings and scores.
3. Make a new tab for outputting scores to be updated in the web.
4. Create an instruction sheet on how to use the scoring spreadsheet.
5. Make sure that it works with the latest version of Excel and MS office 97-2003

Requirements are already in the spreadsheet.. How to rank the scores of the gymnasts by age group and add up all around scores are already in the spreadsheet. Those rules are in the spreadsheet and it is expected that you will be able to understand those rules from the excel spreadsheet.


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Excel VB Programming – Stopwatch Macro

I need to create a series of macros in Excel that will perform stopwatch functions. There will need to be eight buttons. When one is pressed, it will start the stopwatch associated with that button. When any other button is pressed, the first stopwatch will stop and another will begin (the one associated with the second button). The macro should drop the time difference between the two button presses in a cell in a column associated with the first button. The same functionality should exist for all the eight buttons: Whenever one is pressed, the previous stopwatch ends, a new one begins, and the time difference is placed in a cell.

Looking for someone who is an expert in Excel, Visual Basic, and has worked with timing functions in Excel before.

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Integrate Excel Output With PDF Maker

I have an Excel template that is set up to create individual pages of output with stock charts and information. The Excel macro takes a list of stock tickers, downloads the data from a remote database and produces a page of data for each stock ticker. I need a macro which places the individual output of these pages into a single page PDF and then when the list of tickers (pages) is complete I need to "glue" the individual PDFs together into a book. The purpose for this is to view the pages quickly.

Everything is built on the Excel side and some integration for PDFs is in place but it was for an older version on of the PDF Distiller.

Once this simple project is complete, I will have other similar projects utilizing existing Excel templates/macros and then future integration with updated pages (un-glued) to become searchable in WordPress and updated automatically once a day.

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Microsoft Powerpoint Customization

1. I want to customize the shapes / graphs / layouts etc of Microsoft PPT leading to standardization
2. I want to create a toolbar thru which the user can access any of the above customized shapes / graphs / layouts etc.

Part 1 above is being done internally. However, there are some for which we will need your help – e.g. when the user shrinks the pie chart, the font of the lables does not shrink along with it.

Part 2 is where we need your help. Just to let you know, we already have done this for a few shapes using Visual Basic + Macros. You will need to enhance the same.

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Create Macros

I need a macro created. I need the address copied from website A, and then the pasted to website B. I have created a short video that describes in detail:

Thank you.

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Write 10 Original World Of Warcraft Articles


I am looking for a writer to write 10 original World of Warcraft articles. I am ONLY looking for someone that is an avid World of Warcraft player and who knows their stuff about the game. The articles all have to be 100% original and pass all copyscape tests. The minnimum word count for each article should be around 350-400 words. However please do not fill the article with rubbish information to make up the 350-400 words nor limit it to that amount if you have more information to provide.

1. I retain ownership and copyright of the articles. You will not be given permission to use articles as samples, for sale to other clients or for personal use.
2. I reserve the write to reject any article that does not meet the standards of quality original content.
3. Articles must pass copyscape tests. Articles found duplicated will not be accepted.
4. Regular contact during the project is required (preferably skype).
5. Proper grammer/good english is a MUST.
6. In depth knowledge of World of Warcraft is a MUST.

If the project is successful I would like to used your writing skills on a regular basis.

Type of article subjects I am looking for (but not limited to):
1. New boss strategies in the ICC dungeons and raids
2. New gear in the ICC dungeons and raids
3. Gearing for arena (class specific or broad)
4. Introduction to arena/pvp
5. Arena/pvp tips and strategies (class specific or broad)
6. Essential arena/pvp mods (class specific or broad)
7. Essential arena/pvp macros (class specific or broad)
8. Build changes for patch 3.3
9. Best arena/pvp/pve builds after patch 3.3
10. Introduction to duelling
11. Strategies in duelling other classes

Screenshots/images would be preferred within articles.

Please submit a sample article/paragraph of your writing style to be considered for this task.

Thankyou for your time

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Access/SQL DB Support

I am looking for regular support in the field of access and sql databases.
– You play with tables, querys, macros as a child with toys.
– You are available for contact in the day and evening and are able to respond within hours.
– Most of the work to be done will be datasorting and creating automatic processes with queries and macros which only takes a few hours every time.
– We pay by project at completion.

Please provide the days you are available and your 4 hour rating. So the price offer you make on this project is for a 4 hour access DB support block.

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Macros/VBA And Access


Need an expert on Excel, VBA, Access and SQL. Small budgeted work but could potentially have steady workflow.I require someone who is avail to commence project now and return completed work in quick turnaround time. Need 3 examples of previous relevant work.


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In Need Of A Professional Game Website.

Greetings, I am currently in need of a website for the game "World of Warcraft" I dont want an exact theme of the game, it should be mixed with a professional look along with some awesome themes from the game as well. I do need web developers for a long term relationship, so I prefer if you arent a company who signs up for this, because they usually charge alot more than a freelancer does.

Our budget isnt the best right now, but its doable to work with.

Do not reply to this if youre going to link your macros, I want developers who speak fluent english and knows how to satisfy a customer to get the best outcome. So spammers, dont waste your time.

More information will be given upon interest, prefer if we use the "PMB" method to talk.


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Microsoft Word 2007 Link DLL

Need update of DLL to an VB6 program that uses macros in Microsoft Word. The DLL currently works and needs to continue to work with MS word 2000, 2003, under XP. It needs to be updated to work with MS Word 2007 under Vista and Windows 7 as well.

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I-Macros – Web Scraping And Upload To Database

An experienced writer of Macros required (using I-Macros software) to write specific Macros to webscrape residential property information from a variety of websites (eg Zillow) utilising a CSV list of property addresses (upto 500-1000 properties per run).

Collected data is required to be placed onto same csv (xlsheet) for uploading using a suitable I-Macro onto a CMS database for a real estate application.

Addresses where data is not available (or address is incorrect) must be exported to an exception list for further clarification.

A series of further Macros would be required following successfull implmentation of this initial macro.

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Facebook Bot

This is a multi-stage development project which pays a portion of total project fee (equally divided) at the end of each STAGE of development, once that stage has been beta-tested and proven to work

Development Specs
* multi-threading
* use advanced winsock technology
* windows platform (.net) or linux (apache)
* C#, C or PHP

Admin Configurable Settings:
* ability to load multiple FB accounts
* works with proxies; import list of proxies as text file
* rotate new proxy for each account
* integrates with and for captcha cracking

Stage 1: Confirming friend requests
* auto-approve friend requests
* time-delay between approving each friend request (between X and Y seconds)
* option to send message with each friend request
* messages use macros for randomization

Stage 2: Auto-Add Friends
* search by name (i enter a text file of names)
* join groups (random / keyword / load list of groups)
* auto-add members from groups

Stage 3: Send Messages
* option to only send private messages to existing friends in each account
* option to not send 2nd message if mssg has already been sent
* use macros in messages for randomization
* ability to post on group walls and fan pages
* keyword search for people to message
* change proxy after every X messages
* pause after every X mssg betwee Y and Z seconds
* reply to messages sent (also using message rotation and macros, time delay,etc)

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Convert Word Document To XML Tags


I m looking for someone who is exprienced in this work. First timers are no-no.

I have few documents (in word) . It consists of bullet lists, pictures, and so on. I want the documents to be converted to XML tags. This has to be done in vba macros which is available in word.

I dont want any new software installed or using new languages like java, c# and etc.

Pls think before you bid.

I shall share files with the person who wins the bid.

Serious bidders are only invited.

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