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Editing An Already Made DB Using Access (reposted)


I have a billing system made using MS Access. It is a very simple billing system. I want to make a few changes to fit the requirements. The changes would be:
1. All coding is done using embedded macro, I want atleast some of the coding to be in embedded procedure using VBA.
2. A few changes in the bill form and some of the other forms.
3. I want the tables to be normalized and validated. Some of the fields are validated but some have to be validated.

These are the major problems to be fixed. There will be other monor changes while the changes are being done. So you have to agree to correct all those minor changes.

Budget – $20

Deadline – URGENT so fast as possible.

All payments will be made only after completion and checked. You can see my reviews, I do pay for what I get.


PS: Time wasters and companies please dont waste your time as I want someone to be online for 5 hours atleast and fix everything for me.

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Satellite TV To PC Script

Hi Guys,

I am looking to buy either a ready made script or have one made that allows the user to watch "Satellite TV on PC".

You must be able to show me a working version and be able to offer me full resale rights.

Urgent Project


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Recruiting High Quality Writers

I am here to recruit high quality writer to writer various articles and contents from different niches. I am looking for writers whom can provide high quality articles without any grammatical and spelling errors. Any content or articles with slight grammatical or spelling mistakes will be rejected.

Each article should be more than 500 words.
No copy paste work. Will be checked through copyscape Premium.( I would not work with a writer who plagiarizes)
Original content and no rewrites.
No selling of the content submitted to other person.

Payment: $5 per 500 articles.
Payment will not be made if you could not submit assigned task within 24 hours.

Important: No upfront payment will be made. Payment will be made once 2 days due to many articles to be reviewed and checked before making payments.

Please send me these info if you would like to work as a writer:-

Specialized niches:
Turnaround per day (how many articles of 500 words you can produce):
Time Zone:

Thanks and Regards

Gerald Hudson
QRiteZ Inc.

[Asking for contact details is Prohibited by]
Edited by Admin]

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Zip Code Search Returning HTML File

I need immediate assistance. Im able to do general html/ccs code and understand other code but dont know how to write it. I need a php or javascript based simple entry form made where a zip code is entered and a upon submit an html page (already built) appears based on that zip code. I have 12 different locations. All I need is an example made of the form with the code that I can plug into my page with a few simple instructions if needed. Id GREATLY appreciate the help; I cant find a decent tutorial online. Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions!!

04/04/2011 at 22:08 EDT:

An html file of the form along with the necessary code would be most helpful 🙂

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Market Research (Australia)

This project requires the collection of market research data.

The data needed is for applications for the follwoing services made by Australians to Australian businesses only:
– average number fo credit card application made per month
– average number fo home lona applications made per month
– avergae number of superannuation applications made per month
– average number of life insurance policies applications made per month
– average number of private health care applications made per month
– average number of investment fund (i.e unit trusts, etc.) applications made per month
– average number of residential lease applcaitions made per month

The candidate will need to present a strategy and sound methodolgy on how this data is to be collected before succesfully being awarded the project. Strong knowledge of the main players in the Australian Financial sector and Real Estate market is absolutely necessary!

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Need 500 Twitter Accounts, DO NOT Need Followers.

I need 1000 twitter accounts made from different IPs and should be atleast week old and not suspended. Payment will be made 3 days after the task completion to see if provided accounts are not suspended ones.

I buy new twitter accounts…. the Accounts DO NOT Need followers.

If you have existing twitter accounts that you want to sell, please see if your accounts meet the following criteria.

1- Has user pic
2- Has normal username
3- Has custom background
4- Has bio information
5- Is email verified

need 500 Twitter accounts delivered to me in a Notepad file in this format: username,password. I need the emails used sent back in a separate Notepad file.

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Need An Article Writer

I need an experienced article writer who is good at delivering unique and well-written articles. Payment will be made only if the articles pass Copyscape.

Articles should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. Please let me know how many articles you can deliver on a daily basis. The copyrights need to be transferred to me upon payment and the articles should not be re-used in any form.

Rates are as follows:

Product descriptions(80 words)- $0.20
Article re-writes(150 words)-$0.30

Weekly payment will be made via GAF/PayPal after articles are APPROVED. Please send me a sample article while placing a bid. DO NOT COPY PASTE content on PMB.

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Motion Detection Plays Video.

Hi there,

Im looking for someone to help with coding a project for an art installation. It can be in whatever programming (Flash, Processing) that this will work in perfectly. I am pretty good with technology so I can understand what is going on, I just cant build it.

This is what Im looking for;
-This work will be an installation using a HD television to play a video file (also in HD, 1080p) that I have made.
-When a viewer enters the space, a webcam picks up their movement, at this point the video stops playing and the screen displays nothing but black.
-Once they leave the room, the video image turns back on and the cycle is reset.

So basically its a video you cant watch, you will hear it around the corner, but as soon as you enter it turns off – very frustrating!
The only thing the audience member sees is the video i have made – they do not see themselves being detected.
Also, the detection should be quite accurate as many people will try trick the system.

– I need to be able to swap out the video files so I can use whatever video I want. So being able to edit this is key.
– I need to also be able to use this across platforms (Mac, PC).
– I need to also be able to change what device the video comes from (inbuilt webcam, USB webcam)
– The spaces that this will be displayed in will range from not much lighting to a lot of light so the code should work in both of these (in dark with a infrared lightbulb)

Would like to work with you if you think you can do it…

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Auction Script/website

I am in need of an already made auction website/script (i dont want a bidding website/script).It must have features as that sold at and ebay features,people must be able to buy and sell on it with a very secured payment means.I want an already made website/script that can be made available within 1-2days,not the one thats has to be built from scratch.Nevertheless,it should be a beautiful one.
Your payment
we both become business partner and we both share the revenue from the website (sales & advert).I promise this is going to be profitable to you cos i have the perfect plan on how to make the website big.I will also like someone with SEO knowledge.
You will also help with the installation(i already have the domain and host) and google adsense.If you interested in the project and meet the requirements,bid with your website/script demo and tell me when you will be online.Only serious partner with a demo!!!!!

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Auction Website/script

I am in need of an already made auction website/script (i dont want a bidding website/script).It must have features as that sold at and ebay features,people must be able to buy and sell on it with a very secured payment means.I want an already made website/script that can be made available within 1-2days,not the one thats has to be built from scratch.Nevertheless,it should be a beautiful one.
Your payment
I do not make a payment for this project but we both share the revenue from the website(sales & advert) as long as it is in use.I promise this is going to be profitable to you.
You will also help me with the installation(i already have the domain and host) and google adsense.If you interested in the project and meet the requirements,bid with your website/script demo.Only serious bidder!!!!!

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Convert Two Old Websites To New Design.

I have already had one of my websites redesigned, I would now like my other two sites updated to have the same look and format.

The new design is

The old designs are and

There are a few minor changes I need on the site I would like done first before changing the other two to the same design.

I need new checkout buttons on the products page and I need one of the logos on the right hand side of the home page made a little bit smaller.

I would like it to be designed in a universal type program that will allow easy changes/modifications in the future. No pre-made templates please.

It needs to be designed for IE6, Safari, Chrome and Firefox please.

I will need someone who can commit to being availalbe to make some minor changes in the future such as updating new testimonials and new audio and or video.

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Telemarketing Project For An Expanding IT Company


After dealing with a few incompetent people on this site who disappear after taking money, I have decided to run the telemarketing campaign like this.

If you are bidding for this campaign, please make sure that you have the following expertise:

1. You will need to start working as soon as the bidding ends
2. You are capable of making calls to UK businesses during business hours.
3. You have knowledge of selling IT products, i.e. Web Design, E-Commerce etc.

Commitments I need from you:

– Daily report of calls made – Including name, number and brief summery of the discussion made
– You will have to work the number of hours you bid of every day and provide me proof of that.

I will not pay any money up front, neither will escrow any until the end of the project.



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Convert Smarty Made Website Into WordPress

Hi All, Please PM for more details.

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Need A Mould Made For Casting Urethane/rubber Part

I need a mould (mold) made for casting a urethane ribbed bowl. The bowl is roughly 24" to 30" in diameter and is tapered like a conical "V". I will send CAD drawings of what I need done. You must submit previous molds that you have made. After you show pictures of the finished mold I will pay 50% and when the mold arrives I will release the other 50%. You can see I have excellent feedback.

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Developmet Of Domain And Hosting Control Panel

This project is for the development of new control panel as mentioned in the subject. for which we require 4 individuals(students and persons intresting in creative works)

All resources will be made available by us and a charge of USD 50 provided to each indivdula

A premium of 10% (on net profit) to indivduals would be made.

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Make A Similar Website (Joomla Theme)

I need someone familiar with Joomla to make a website similar to on a new domain that I have. It was made with Joomla using a theme made by You must install this theme on the website (Joomla already installed) and integrate the main major features that they have, such as the support system. Basically, it should be very similar but I can fill it with my own content.

Your bid includes everything including obtaining the theme if it costs money (I am not partial as to how you get the required theme). You will have full FTP access and access to MySQL.

This should be easy for someone experienced with Joomla, happy bidding! I pay very quickly after job completion.

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Simple Animation For Website Made With ~ 20 Pictures. Flash


We need a Simple animation for website made with ~ 20 pictures. ( made in flash, jQuary or other technique… )

We need a funny animation for Pet Website, where Dog and Cat are performing a funny dance by using / mixing ~ 20 pictures. We got over 20 pictures with dog and cat in different positions ( standing, sitting, laying down, dog in the hat, cat with balloons etc.

The audio file is ~ 25 – 30 seconds long, so animation should be ~ 30 seconds long !

We have pictures and audio file ready !
Animation should have a simple intro page ( 3-4 pictures with pop up text ) and thank you page. ( static picture and text + two simple buttons )

**We need this animation ASAP ( 1-2 days ) **

You do NOT have to draw pets for animation, you got to use pictures of real dog and cat for it.

budget $40 – $60

Please provide time, technique and budget to complete this project .

thanks and good luck with bidding

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Writer Required, GREAT PAY!

Need someone to write 30 small blogs (100 words) on daily eating and exercise activity. They should be set out like journal entries. Here is a sample:

"Getting some last minute work done, decided to write in the journal. My husband made French toast for breakfast. I cracked a joke about French people just calling it

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Basic Beat Selling Website Like

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i want a basic member base website were producers can sell beats made in joomla like or i am working on a budget

I want this to be done in Joomla or any other souce code using any components you think will be perfect. But I want this to be unique job and work very well. Basically a site where users can sell their music beats. With membership and SOE
Here are my specifications;

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SEO Link Building From #2 To #1 (beat Wikipedia)

I have a site that ranks #2 for a semi-competitive term on (~11.2 million results on Google). Wikipedia is in front of me as #1. I need to climb to #1. I can PM the website when you request it.

Payment will be made once the site reaches #1 and stays there for 1 week. This is a results-based project – no payment will be made prior to reaching #1. Thank you for bidding. You can use white hat techniques only.

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Video Game Styles Script Made

The custom made script will be a styled script, allowing users to submit content, news, videos, media and the latest gaming deals. Users will be rewarded by receiving points, and their rank will improve as they submit more news and gaming related content, which gets approved by mods, admins and high-level users. To prevent off topic content and spam, the script will use the same approach as Each user who signs up to my website will have a profile page, again the same as N4G. Users will be able to rate any content on the site HOT or COLD, or THUMBS UP or DOWN, giving the content a rating by the user as to whether or not they like it. Contents with the most THUMBS UP will appear on the front page at the top, again like The script must be in RTL (Right-to-Left) for Arabic support

The script should be easily added to if we require adding additions to the system in the near future and easily changed. The layout of the pages must also be simple to change.

We will go into more detail with you once we have chosen your bid, as there are quite a lot of aspects to talk over, however, you do understand the scale of the project and what is required.

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B2B Marketplace Template Design W. PS Or AI. 5 Pages Only


I have a b2b marketplace website that is currently beginning to be developed. In order for the IT company to start coding we need to have some pages designed:
– product details
– review
– escrow
– user landing page
– home page

The IT company will take care of the PSD to HTML process.

For better communication and understanding I already made a basic Mockup of the website Im willing to get.
As features reference, there is already a website that is similar to my project but badly designed.
The look and feel I like could be similar to shop samsonite .com but Im totally open to ideas and suggestions.

I will chose freelancers by their recommendations and by designs they already made.

Creative web-designers appreciated !

Use of Adobe CS5 is a MUST!!!

The 5 pages design should be delivered by April 4th.

Thank you.

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Website Like Another Site

I need a site made just like another site. I have all the designs made. Youll needd to chop those up and make the cms or whatever for the site. Maybe use Joomla and virtuemart for the site. Or magento and fckeditor.

Ill pay $150 for this work. Needs to be done in 18 days or less.

More info is here.

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Data Software

Need Software Made.

software is going to be a simple database.

20 users need to be updating a database real time and be able to search the database fast.
the software on the main computer needs to have 20 costume data entry boxes example Name: box where user inputs data.

currently this is being done with outlook contacts after software is finished need to move over data from outlook contact to the new software made.

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Create A Blog With Adsense Revenue

Hello Freelancer,


USERNAME: blogtest91



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Background Image Needed

I need a good designer for a simple project. I need a website background image made up for me and then the simple outline made up.

In short:

I need you to copy this website:

I need a nice cool background image, but I need it relating to stocks and trading. There are plenty of images out there about this.

I also like how the image stays put as you scroll down, I need you to replicate this as well.

I also need you to replicate the video player and text areas. Please use dummy text as place holders.

this should be quick and easy for a good designer.

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Creating A New Website

I want a new website made for my client. The responsibilities of the service provider would be to register the domain name, create two three web pages, activate the site and so on.

Send me your bids in PMB. Criteria would be the past performances, budget and quality.

NO Upfront payment will be made. I will pay only when you have done the complete job.

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Auction Website Reverse

I want an auction website with a little different logic as provided by standard auction websites like Ebay or Penny auction.

I have seen few of the ready made scripts as offered by phpshop,softbiz etc.So i am fine with those but I need a changed layout of the pages as well as the logic of choosing the lowest bid instead of highest.So basically I am fine with customization on top of a ready made auction site script.

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Holiday Portal Required

I need a holiday portal … just like other holiday portals. I know there are ready made scripts available with good designs and all. Please show me what you have made. Only bid if you already have a portal to show right now … I cannot make it from scratch dont have time really.

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Sports Site Made

I need a sports site made. Ill pay $150 for this work.

More info here:

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Design Small Business Website

Need a simple website design for a corrugated box/carton company. More company information will be provided if necessary. Page content/information will be given.


– Clean, professional, website design with an orange colour theme.
– Professional title design.
– 4 pages (Home, Custom Made Ca, Stock Cartons).
– Relevant images and photographs will be provided.
– Must work in all browsers.
– Design first, wait for approval/review, then build.
– Extra design/page ideas will be appreciated.

Please PM me your portfolio and any questions you might have.

03/21/2011 at 8:04 EDT:

The pages are (Home, Custom Made Cartons, Stock Cartons, and Contact Us).

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