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Magento Customization

I urgently need a Magento coder for setting up three custom attributes / fields on the registration-, edit- and onepage checkout-form.

One of the attributes needs to be a simple dropdown menu where customers can choose their customer group (layout is done in the reg- and edit-form). Registration is working and the correct customer group shows up in the backend but its not working properly in the edit-form.

The second attribute should be another dropdown menu which

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Minor Change On Magento Site

This project is for Parul.

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Presta Shop – Mods

I am looking for someone to complete a few mods to my site witch are beyond my low level programming skills, they are as follows:

1.) I have a rotating banner on my home page and both the header and footer divs are fixed, but when I scroll down the page the slide show scrolls above the header rather than behind.

2.) I would like me site doc to appear in the footer to the left of my news letter, as per the image provided.

3.) I have a newsletter mod installed, but when the customer signs up, the following error appears "Error during subscription". So would like this rectifying.

4.) I have a category filter mod installed, which also has a bug. When you select the filters to want it doesnt remove the irrelevant products (doesnt remove any products at all). I also want the appearance to be changed at the moment the filter groups are listed in a column, but I would like it to be a row with them side by side. Similar to the site docs. This also scrolls in front on the header a posed to behind.

5.) Also within my product view I have images for my attributes for example colour swatches for the colour attributes, but also I have a drop down, but I would like the drop down removing and that when they select a attribute by clicking the image that it becomes highlighted so the customer knows that they have selected it and the same goes for the sizes and that this attribute is sent to me via there order.

6.) Finally I would like you to get the SEO friendly mod working.

Only bid if you can provide me with examples of your work, and are competent and feel you can complete the tasks above!!!

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Product Change By Time

In Magento I want to change products daily at a special time (example 7 oclock everyday). If one product is displayed today, it has to disappear tomorrow at 7.00 oclock and the next product has to be displayed from 7.00 oclock. Is this possible in Magento or can someone make a extension or script?

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Magento Project

For a magento project, I require a custom module to be built. The client has sales every 6 weeks so they need to be able to activate & deactivate the shop. I need to be able to have 2 date fields – start date/time & end date/time and also a couple of text fields. This module needs to be setup so that it can be applied to more than one store. The site will be be live, however, you will not be able to view product information.

I have created a few extra fields which we need to be displayed on the shopping cart & emails.

Also, an advanced search form needs to be setup.

There is also about 4 hours of html changes to do.

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Magento Small Feature

Hi need a small fix for my magento, under the product view ( admin ) I want to have a link to a remote site, where I include the product sku. Example : A button with the name "More info" that openens up a link like this :,pass=blala,showid=SKU in a new window.

Further more I have installed the module custom stock messages, this show the simple products that are out of stock on the configurable product page with a text out of stock. I need to add a due date after the out of stock message. I have the field as an atribute on each product. From the developer I got this info on where to change it :

>> where the $status variable is defined. This will for for all products
>> except configurable items.
>> For configurable products you should modify:
> appcodelocalAmastyStockstatusBlockRewriteProductViewTypeCon
> figura
>> ble.php
>> where the $stockStatus variable is defined.

Finally I need to get the shopping cart in the top of the right side of
my template.

Small things.

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Edit Layout And System View Of A Team Collboration System

Improve system speed, Change system theme and layout, Budget$200

and draft a document, Budget $50

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