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Upgrade Magento Site

Something wrong with my site after installed a mod..The Shopping cart page is blank.

* I needs the newest magento version install
* All my products and categories be move without problem.
* Have this new theme install with a classic logo.

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Some Theme Customizations On A Magento Website

I need some assistance to modify my theme. In particular in 3 pages:

A) The product page (

1) As you can see in this page there is a tab system ("1. Indica le tue PREFERENZE" and "2. Fornisci le tue MISURE"). We have this system not for every product, because it depends from an extension. I need a button on the bottom of the tab to pass easily from the first tab to second one and from the second one to the first one)

2) Under "Aggiungi al confronto" I need to put the attribute infos (that actually are at the bottom of the page ("Colore Celeste", "Disegno Tinta Unita", "Lavorazione Tela liscia", "Tessuto Cotone"). Please note that these attributes could be variable and you have to manage this fact. Remove the bottom box "Descrizione Prodotto | Informazioni Aggiuntive | Tag dei Prodotti".

3) The quantity near the "add to cart" button has to be 1 as default.

4) Transform the "Add to cart" button in a text button (using html and css), so we could easily translate it

B) In the checkout page (, as you can see, we have a lot of attributes.

1) We need to compress each them in a single line (so the variable name and the value have to be in the same line and not in 2 line as now). All the variables of every product have to be insert in a hidden div that could be open using a small link like "Show all the attributes choosen for this product") or, maybe, in a popup windows that could recap each choosen variable.
2) Remove the "Laurette Bedroom Set" image
3) Change the "Update quantity", "Apply", "Get quote" in text buttons (using html and css), so we could easily translate it

C) In the contact page (

1) Change the "Submit" button in a text buttons (using html and css), so we could easily translate it, and put it in a better place (near the textarea)

I think that are a lot but simple requests. If you have any question about it, please let me know.

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Upgrade Magento Website

Upgrade a customized version of Magento 1.4 to the latest Beta, keeping a Backup of the current version.

This installation contains an additional extension, theme, and translation, so its no piece of cake.

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Magento Site

Need help to put together a magento site using JQuery menu and JQuery functionality throughout.

This is a repost as I am a bit concerned with the programmers reliability right now and I need to move on this. I will send details on request.

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Accordion Issue With Rocket Theme Menu

I am experiencing problems with the accordion menu on my side navigation bar. I need to get this working again, my site uses a rocket theme base template.


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Multi Column Menu In Magento

Multi-column drop down menu for magento.

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Magento Template Customizations For Rahmancbe – #1001

Change margins of theme and move blocks around.

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New Theme And Migration To Magento From Volusion is currently running on a hosted Volusion eCommerce solution.

We would like to migrate this across to Magento and also give the site a bit of a refresh/redesign at the same time. We currently run other stores on the magento platform and would like to run this website as a new website under the same magento admin panel.

The winning bidder needs to be able to take the existing site and offer all current functionality within a new magento template, importing products, customers, orders, site content and the like. The new design will be based upon the current volusion template but offer a new look and feel similar to sites such as

Payment will be upon delivery of a finished and installed template that will be able to totally replace the current site with little/no downtime.

Given the complex nature of the task we ask that only experienced magento designers apply. Exposure to Volusion is also recommended but not essential. The estimated time frame of such an implementation is approximately two weeks.

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